'Pushed out': Anglican bishop calls for religious freedom bill to be implemented after Essendon CEO's exit

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Essendon Football Club's new CEO resigned a day after he was appointed amid backlash over his links to a controversial church. An Anglican bishop says this shows the need for religious discrimination laws.

to block then-prime minister Scott Morrison's religious discrimination laws over insufficient protections for LGBTIQ+ people.

"The fact that an individual can be sacked from a position because of his religious belief doesn't have any place in our country," he told reporters on Wednesday. Mr Thorburn released a statement on Wednesday in which he said he had received hundreds of messages of support, and declared it a "dangerous idea" that someone's faith could result in them being deemed unsuited to a role.

"That is a dangerous idea, one that will only reduce tolerance for others and diversity of thought and participation in our community and workplaces.Former Essendon chairman Paul Little criticised the club's current leadership for a lack of professionalism around the process that led to Mr Thorburn's appointment.


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Why was he appointed in the first place

It’s not a religion, it’s a bigoted cult!

Resigned. Key word. He chose to step down. Thats all the freedom he needs.

Finally an Archbishop makes sense. I agree, We should legislate discriminatory laws against religions.

Oh please 🙄 Andrew Thorburn's exit as CEO of Essendon Football Club has nothing to do with religious discrimination and everything to do with out-of-step bigotry

Oh yes, let's give these bigots a voice. Their time is running out tick-tock to the grave where they belong.

So this shows we need to enshrine LGBT rights and body choice rights into law now. We need to make our human rights bigot proof.

I wish they would stop saying the problem was with his religious belief.... it was not his belief, but the organisations' intolerant stance to LGBTetc people. Intolerance is what they stood against, not religion!!

The bottom line is ...

Sad day for Christianity in Australia where you get prosecuted and not allowed to have a job because of your beliefs

GOD controls Heaven Earth human pathways. Including election results. Gods perfect plan Australian Christians a silent majority protected by Lord Jesus Watch this space,my website reveals SkyNewsAust bauermedia ACLobby australian canberratimes FAITH

Clubs don't welcome Nazis also, for obvious reasons.

The bigotry actions of the Essendon football club is unacceptable in today’s society. This is modern day fascism.

It shows that some organisations believe a culture of values and inclusion is more important bigotry and discrimination.

By 'religious discrimination' he means the legally protected right to be a hate preaching bigot under the veneer of religion.

The Clan thanks you.

Yes, there is definitely a need to legislate for more discrimination, starting with abolition of tax exemptions.

No it doesn't. Trouble is people of certain politico-religious faith want legal immunity from the consequences of their bigotry, and want their views privileged. Trouble is that is not Australia anymore. They either have to change or perhaps leave this country.

So when does someone’s personal religious beliefs cross the line and becomes no longer acceptable in the public discourse? I want to keep 3 wives or sacrifice animals in my back yard…. Can I become CEO of my local hospital?

Laws that would let them sack gay teachers ?

How this guy was even in the running for this job, given the behaviour exposed by the Banking Royal Commission, is a mystery to me.

What a sad & desperate fight for relevancy from a guy whose average parishioner is 75. What we actually need is laws which ban religions from discriminating, which is at the heart of what they do. We also need to ban the tax concessions which discriminate in favour of religions.

If anything it shows the hypocrisy of the religion discrimination laws.

- Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! Essendon FC: - Hold my beer…

oh how convenient!

He was employed so there was no religious discrimination involved, he resigned not sacked from his position because he had backlash from the general public on his non inclusive / discriminatory views of gay and trans people.

Is he from the Anglo heritage community of Australians too since 1901?

Actually, it shows exactly the opposite. Not news, just noise

What it demonstrates is that Essendon did no due diligence before it hired Andrew Thorburn.

Not just a member but the CHAIRMAN of this Pentecostal cult. So it’s his intolerant beliefs that are reflected by this cult. He was never suitable to be the CEO of any group espousing diversity. He’s an intolerant bigot.

No this shows the need for a better vetting process and procedures that stop board members appointing themselves. 🤦

So let me get this right. We should be tolerant and inclusive of those who are intolerant and discriminatory because they belong to a 'religion/cult' and we should '...embrace a diversity of moral or religious views' while the churches do no such thing and preach against it.

Sydney Anglican weirdos have entered the chat.

Any religion that discriminates against people who don’t share their views should be legislated aainst.

Freedom from religious discrimination?

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