Push to cut speed limit to 30km/h in risky areas by 130 nations

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For the first time, about 130 nations have backed calls to mandate maximum speeds of 30km/h in areas where vulnerable road users and vehicles frequently mix, except where 'strong evidence' shows higher speeds are safe

: For the first time, about 130 nations have backed calls to mandate maximum speeds of 30km/h in areas where vulnerable road users and vehicles frequently mix, except where "strong evidence" shows higher speeds are safe.

"We are people, we want to speed," she said. "We are the only species on the planet that wants to destroy themselves," she said. The declaration positions the impact of road trauma as a development issue that should be tackled with the United Nation's broader sustainable development goals to lift people out of poverty, reduce inequality and guarantee the right to clean air and good health.

The declaration also includes recommendations to encourage more people to ride and walk safely; to separate vulnerable users from high-speed traffic; introduce safer vehicles, such as those with autonomous braking systems; reduce emissions; and make government and the private sector report on their safety record throughout the supply chain.

A 10 per cent reduction in mean speeds conservatively translated into a 40 per cent reduction in fatal crashes, said David Cliff, chief executive of the Global Roads Safety Partnership. "It drives the severity of the injury and it drives the outcome. So if you haven't got a safe infrastructure to handle the higher speeds, you shouldn't have the higher speeds limits that are universally the case in Australia."


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New Zealand can’t have signed as we don’t have 30k outside schools. In NZ 100k is unfortunately still acceptable outside rural schools. 30k max should be in place outside every school at peak times, but not in our back yard

If there is something which doesn’t need to be discussed at international bodies, it is the speed limit. Each country, state and council can make this decision themselves based on the conditions of the relevant roads.

Drivers and pedestrians must be vigilant and careful when passing by. enough said.



Please. Let's all just walk because we don't want to hit an IDIOT.🤪🤪

Should have this rule at approaches to and through roundabouts.

Just past Camooweal and the NT Border .....

Except in the Middle East where theyl try and cut it to 130 kph

Total BS. The world is going backwards, let’s just walk and keep Nanny happy.

That’s like continental drift slow.

Australia , its time to push back against the nanny state

why don't we just ban cars or sin tax them and get it over with

oh for god's sake...

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Australia Latest News, Australia Headlines

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