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Protester says Trump's church photo op was 'a very scary thing'

Protester says Trump's church photo op was 'a very scary thing'

3/06/2020 8:44:00 AM

Protester says Trump 's church photo op was 'a very scary thing'

Protesters in the US have had a 'visceral reaction' to Donald Trump 's staged photo opportunity outside a church near the White House, one protest organiser says.

Police charge and tear gas peaceful protesters near White HouseMinutes later he carried out a stage-managed walk to the nearby St John's Episcopal Church and held up a copy of the Bible before returning to the White House.Protest organiser Michael Sampson II said the display confirmed the worst fears of activists who have taken to the streets every night since unarmed black man George Floyd died in police custody.

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Mr Sampson has been an activist since the 2012 shooting of Trayvon Martin.()"It's been a very visceral reaction," Mr Sampson said."There was already an anger and a tension in air, which is why you've seen all these protests popping up all around the country.

"The fact he would order tear gas and riot police on peaceful protesters … just for a walk to a church to take a picture, that's a very scary thing for us."Mr Sampson lives in Jacksonville, Florida and helped organise a protest there on Saturday night as well as sister protests in more than 25 cities around the country.

He has a number of specific changes he wants to see.These include the release of police body cam footage in officer-related shootings — something Mr Sampson said had never happened in Jacksonville — as well as changes to give citizens oversight of local police departments.

He said until there was systemic change, protests would continue to break out across the country.Mr Sampson (left) led the protest march in Jacksonville on Saturday.(Supplied: Michael Sampson II)"It ends when you have real institutional change. Locally, when you have police accountability for officers who commit crimes," Mr Sampson said.

"When you have structures set up that gives regular civilians a chance to actually have oversight over their police departments."Right now, you have the police investigate themselves and, more often than not, those investigations find the police in no wrongdoing."

The white officer who was filmed kneeling on Mr Floyd's neck before he died has since been charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.The three other officers at the scene have been fired, but there have been no charges laid against them.

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This has fuelled many protesters who say justice has not been fully served.Protests 'escalated after tear gas was used'Alongside peaceful protests and at-times heavy-handed police responses, there has also been looting and violence in the streets.

Mr Sampson said it was a tiny portion of people who took part in this, and the violence often escalated after the officially organised protests finished and police used tear gas and rubber bullets on those still around.Protesters have demonstrated on the White House's perimeter.

(Reuters: Jonathan Ernst)"It causes people to run and be scattered, and situations like that is when you often see the fires and the looting, because it is not a stable situation for the crowd," he said."It's harder to maintain, even for the organisers of the marching and rallies."

Authorities have sometimes blamed the violence on outsiders who they say come from afar to deliberately cause trouble. But it's a theory Mr Sampson doesn't put much stock in."We've seen that in the past couple of days in regards to the rhetoric, not only from the White House, but even in Jacksonville locally," he said.

"We had 25 people who were arrested [at the protests on Saturday] and 23 of them were Jacksonville residents."It's easy to blame it on somebody who lives outside the city or outside the state, but in reality, these are people who live in your city, who are frustrated with how the status quo is operating and has been affecting black lives."

'Don't rely on Joe Biden to change things'Mr Trump has doubled down on his hardline approach to ending protests in the US and has threatened to deploy the military if states don't take strong enough action.LoadingFormer Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele told the ABC that as the November Presidential election nears, he feared the situation could deteriorate further.

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"The President is coming off of, and still having to deal with, COVID-19 and the economic fallout from that — which has been massive," he said."And now these racial and social tensions arising."My concern is that this election turns into a very dark and ugly spot out of desperation to hold on to political power."

Mr Steele fears for how America will move past the current unrest.(ABC News)Mr Sampson said he first became an activist after unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin was shot dead by a white neighbourhood watch coordinator in 2012.It sparked widespread demonstrations and was pivotal in the start of the Black Lives Matter movement.

That all happened while presumptive Democrat Presidential nominee Joe Biden was vice-president under America's first black president, Mr Sampson said."So I don't think anyone has any illusions that simply electing Joe Biden will solve the systemic issues."

"I think it takes a real deep dive into what are mechanisms and structures we can create, such as police accountability."Perhaps Joe Biden proposing something like that and being very, not so much radical, but transformational."Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and right arrows to seek, up and down arrows for volume.

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That are not protesters they are terrorists I don't believe him if he want to stop this things don't used the bible. Because why Donald trump let the police attack the channel 9 Australian news Appropriate call as Trump is a very scarey thing .....for the world! The protester is mentally unstable then at best. TDS is a sickness, seek help!

Why? This is a spiritual war. This is now evident with our news reporter being attacked by someone saying allah etc since the bible was displayed in honour to a place of worship was arsoned Did the sight of a bible terrify them? How do they handle sunlight? Crucifixes a problem? No the looters and the scum that are killing people are scary

ABC clowns if you did some proper research, you would know that the officers were attacked when they ask the crowd to disperse and retaliate to protect themselves. It's on multiple news pages. fakenews Maybe you should mention that Michael Sampson is a member of Freedom Road Socialist Action who open their meetings with statements like this.

Perhaps the organizers of these “protests” should take a long hard look at themselves. They should be held accountable for the cost of property and life. A Protetster? But looting and rioting and bashing innocent storeowners isnt? Yet again ABC on the wrong side of this. The real scary thing is the crap the ABC writes.

As scary as when Clinton did it? It was so opportunist. Doesn't show respect for Our Lord at all. We see now ABC showing itself to be a Communist Agitator . We know this media outlets is being used by subversives within ABC itself. This article proves it. Nothing more the ABC would like to see than a law forcement officer killed in Australia. Ita Buttrose should be grilled

Biased media? Easy as ABC.... Wow so hongkonger is pro democracy, US protesters are riots? Wow double standards mate LOL The ABC is staffed by Leftards. What else can you expect from this garbage corporation? A sheltered workshop for like minded socialists Joke. Wasn't scary at all. However the rioting and looting and violence were

But theirABC won’t report this protestor I know right! Sometimes I wish I could blame my violent and inappropriate behaviour on having a bad day. Unfortunately for me or fortunately for community, I have to refrain and be the better person. George Pell your a lucky man, you have been TRUMPED this year.

No surprise TrumpDepression has a: 'little black book with his poems in' I hear BunkerBoy also has a 'bag with a toothbrush and a comb in' Stashed away in his little 'white' house-bunker... Credit: pinkfloyd What utter crap. The ABC is the most useless media in Australia Imagine living in a world where the President visiting a church is scary, but violent riots and mass destruction is no big deal. I knew people were fucked in the head, but this takes the cake.

Drivel... What rubbish... its a sign of strength and resolve in the face of insurrection Every piece of crap leftist biased article you lot print drags you closer to the day when you are defunded and have to finance yourselves. What a different tune we will hear once you realise that no-one will pay for the crap you share.

Nothing more scary than a man at a church holding a bible You lie I resent every cent of my tax that goes to this appalling broadcaster. You have no shame. No ethics. Please stop it. We are support you Mr. President Donald Trump The abc is a biased waste of time Is the ABC reporting news or just advocating their cheap crass Leftist agenda.

Right wing nuts commenting on an article without having read the article... Ok boomers, FaceBook is the OTHER blue app thingy on your touchyscreen phone thingy. There. You're welcome. This is what you get when a joker is elected. Just stop you’re embarrassing yourselves. Dear ABC, any chance that you'll use a soundbite from someone whose business or home was burned to the ground, or looted by your beloved freedom fighters?

TheirABC is Taxpayer funded & a very scary thing too. 🤦‍♀️ they aint seen nothing yet News. I don’t think it means what you think it means. And you get $1.2B of OUR money to know what it means. Do better! Take a Xanax and stop this hyperbole. Just like Covid - scaremongering media . ....said the tax payer funded, heavily leftist news

Too late FAKE NEWS Why don’t you report on what’s really happening? Here I’ll do it for you. ABC continues to promote the people who murder, loot and destroy people’s lives. Any shame yet? Is it even a bible FAKE NEWS ABC!! You have no understanding of the average American. We saw a President who refused to hide in a basement, showed us his courage and showed his respect. To us, Trump holding the Bible means God will help unite our nation. You demean a powerful moment for America We are watching

Fake news you are screwed tic toc What is wrong with you people? The appearance walking in front of the church was televised many times on Japanese television. You’re credibility is diminishing with each rubbish article you publish like this. For your 200 security guys. Even Evangelical cheerleader Pat Robertson has called him out. He'll need a lot more than Russia to win the next election.

1 protester? Wow 😮 Scary for lefties You publish an entire article on “a Protester” s story. Shame on you. When did the ABC become a propaganda machine. I grew up on the ABC, it was the only radio and TV we had in country FNQ. We had no choice & yes we loved Macca as kids. Now I would NEVER tune in. Its so sad 😞

He is disgusting. He is a traitor to his people and the USA. BunkerBoy Hes never read the bible and this was all IvankaTrump s idea. “I know daddy, this will be good to get you all better, smoochie”. epsteinswingman can’t get away from facing his past. Lock Him Up! That protester must be a devil worshiper!

Breaking news: anti trump protester says something negative about trump. He can't do anything right can he? He could save a baby from a burning house and you'll pick on him for not taking the baby's rattle too. HOW MUCH IS CCP PAYING U? $66mil? You guys need to just stop manipulating Australian citizens

Peaceful protests my ass! since it is pride month and all that , what do you think of these peaceful protesters beating the living suitcases out of this transgender individual ? Let’s amplify this. I know you won’t. What's scary is that Sky News is already streaming live coverage of the death of the Sun.

glad you got the opinion and wisdom of a professional And are you bothered about what is happening in Victoria with dictatordan and the BRI? 🤔 You are fake news! Your news reporting is garbage - You should change your name to 'ABC Left Opinions' That's stupid. Scared children should stay home with mommie.

Less scary than the church being set on fire ? Did the rioter have a hand in setting it on fire. With the damge to our economy maybe its time to sell off the ABC... Who was this protestor? Damien? But burning the cities and destroying businesses and beating shop owners is not. You in the media have 0 credibility. None. You're part of this insurrection.

And now you know why Putin wanted Trump. Everything going on and this makes your ‘news’ feed? They have no issues burning down cities but a President holding a bible scares them? So democrat of them!! ABC is real Fake news Trump2020 ireadmine Sell abc Very sick indeed to call this any kind of Journalism. As it is NOT!! In fact it is sick. Causing DIVIDE and promoting LIES. As you can see by the attention you have become those ratings are done and most probably ABC unless they start promoting Truth. Love

Ok. So some random protestor said it was scary and a billion dollar news outlet ran an entire story on it? Whadda we get for 2 billion? Propaganda isn’t news FakeNews You are hurting people. Anything about religion is scary to socialist totalitarian wannabes. Defund the ABC NOW! I noticed that Donald Trump has the Bible firmly Closed.

God Wins Q AussieQ TheGreatAwakeningWorldwide Always someone who’s a Karen. First the bible then the guns 🤪 Lol, Trump's holding a bible? He should be holding a poster of the seven deadly sins, he's living proof of every one of them... “He did not pray,” said Mariann E. Budde, Episcopal bishop of Washington. “He did not mention George Floyd, he did not mention the agony of people subjected to this kind of horrific expression of racism and white supremacy for hundreds of years.” bunkerboy fauxchristian

I think the cresitibility of protestors has gone out the window, let alone their thought on what is and isn’t scary. Keep stirring ABC That Bible fires up the LWNJs. 🤯 ABC is the EnemyOfThePeople with their lies and deception. They want you divided. They want you in fear. They want you asleep. Wake up Australians.

This is the reason why nobody in Their right mind watch the ABC Good thing most people in Australia are aware of ABC's disgraceful & abhorrent conduct of always overtly undermining and denigrating President Trump's leadership, just to uphold radical looney left's communist propaganda that can literally cause severe socioeconomic regression.

Poor petal. Quite clearly the orange idiot has never opened that book and those that claim to be christians will do anything to have their agenda put first, despite the caliber of the person they have to enable to do it. Enough is enough Defund this biased nonsense now PaulFletcherMP ScottMorrisonMP This is just laughing in taxpayers' faces with grossly one-sided views Becoming intolerable

he’s holding up the bible like it’s for auction 💰 They will never be able to sleep again, it was such a horrible experience, PTSD for everyone involved, much love and waspect. Of course they would. 🥱 The church he used as a photo opp condemned him, Trumps thugs bashed a group of actual peaceful protestors to do this photo opp

NEWS FLASH: President takes photo with bible - guy said it was scary. How the ABC can ignore history is ass-tounding & really really sad, being on the side of Antifa is even sadder, 😢. auspol I’d say the looting thugs and violent AntifaTerrorist are a very scary thing. Not a man holding a book outside a church.

You know what’s even scarier? Many American evangelicals bought right into the whole charade. They actually believe this man is doing God’s good work. My Baptist Christian Aunt & Uncle actually believe he is the best President in US history. That frightens the h*ll out of me 😱 A protester said that? Gee, ABC have outdone themselves to try to find an unbiased, fair witness.

Stfu Maybe the church being set on fire bit scarier 🙄 Do not believe the Democrats ,,, all the problems of the Middle East are made by Democrats,,,, (now America) Trump holding a Bible is driving the abc and it’s leftist cronies mad. Photo op bad form Would you prefer he held up the communists Little Red Book?

AND THEN HE HELD A BIBLE.... A BIBLE...... A BIBLE IN FRONT OF A CHURCH.....A CHUURRRCHH...... A PRESIDENT.... HELD A BIBLE 'Protest organiser' (AKA thug-in-chief) had a visceral reaction to seeing the President holding a Bible. Like in the movie 'Omen' no doubt. DEFUND THE ABC! Holding a Bible 'scary'. Burning and looting cities for 8 days straight 'peaceful'. 🤔

You should hear what this protester has to say about Michele Obama’s gender too Doing it for the gram. I see that as a peaceful gesture. i like the way he packs his vagina neck into his shirt like that Was this 'clearing' exercise the same one that saw the Chanel 7 journos shot and punched StandWithHK ChinaLiedPeopleDied Listen to this video. Among USRiots, Chinese mobs said in Chinese “Let’s go! Go!” CCP fuel US riots and want to use it to distract world attention from HK and cover its lies on Coronavirus. CCP lied again to public.

So is my c ABC is fakenews “could spark a renewed uprising” So not a peaceful protest? 🤔 Was this Donald Trump gave the order to use force to move peaceful protestor's just so that he can have a photo op that wasn't approved LMAO!! Innocent civilians say the protesters and looters were “a very scary thing”!

Wipe out those thugs! Thank you ABC. Please keep us up to date with what some rando protester/rioter has to say about Trump. scary for the dems/libs/lefties. hay dems/libs/lefties. the truth is coming 4 u. Instant Karma's gonna get you Gonna knock you right on the head You better get yourself together Pretty soon you're gonna be dead john lennon be safe.

The ABC is fake news Had to be done. Stand strong Donald

Donald Trump to deploy US military against protesters, slams 'acts of domestic terrorism'Breaking US President Donald Trump says he will deploy 'all available federal resources' including the military as nation-wide protests against police brutality enter their seventh consecutive evening. clamping down on anti-violence protests with extreme violence. sounds about right What a great President! realDonaldTrump the state governor's are not doing their job. He needed to take control for all the Americans who are law abiding citizens who want peace and civility back in the USA. MAGA by Killing own people?

Trump threatens to deploy the US military against protestersThe US military has readied active-duty troops to potentially respond to protests over the death of an African-American man in police custody. Go back in your bunker realDonaldTrump Anyone recall Tiananmen sq? Will this bring the same amount of outrage & condemnation or just silence from Canberra? No, he supports peaceful protesting. He is deploying the military against looters, arsonists and vandals. The ones currently destroying the cities. But don’t let that stand in the way of a good headline.

Trump threatens to deploy the US military against protesters Trump said he would invoke the Insurrection Act, a 213-year-old federal law that allows the president to deploy military troops within the US to suppress 'civil disorder, insurrection, and rebellion'. He was on their side until they turned violent. Shame. Everyone was united against the same cause but the message is lost in violence and anarchy. Why not being Chattel Slavery back, isn't that easier Donald Effing Trump? USAonFire USAProtest USARIOTS USA USArevolts Instead of being the coward that you are, take a leaf out of the Biden handbook. That is what a real president looks like.

Protester accuses Trump photoshoot of causing shootings | Sky News AustraliaProtest organiser Sean Blackmon says demonstrators were shot and left bloody outside a church in Washington DC just so US President Donald Trump could pose for pictures. \n\n“That street in front of that church where Trump was standing, before that bizarre photo-op, it was filled with demonstrators, and all the police agencies that were there … they all cleared that area and shot projectiles at protesters just so Donald Trump could take that photo,” Mr Blackmon said.\n\n“A colleague of mine that was out there took a pellet to the back of her leg and was bleeding.”\n\nMr Blackmon condemned the police terror, saying 'the authorities are the authors and directors of the violence'. \n\n“It is the police, all of these agencies, who are attacking these peaceful protests,' he said. \n\n“Demonstrators do not have the time, they don’t have tasers, they don’t have guns, they don’t have flashbang grenades or pepper spray or teargas.\n\n“What they don’t have above all else is the ability to kill someone with impunity, but the police do.\n\n“It’s strange to me that no one ever asks the police why aren’t they being peaceful or whether they will be peaceful at any given time when they have been the orchestrators of chaos in DC and all throughout this country.”\n\nImage: AP realDonaldTrump OMG bad press for the Orange Turd? What has happened to the FOX news of Australia? realDonaldTrump Not true realDonaldTrump Don’t know about shots, but they were moved on.

Trump urges governors to 'dominate' protesters after another night of unrestSome conservative commentators are urging the president to address the nation, but the White House said Trump is focused on the far-left 'antifa' movement. Do you know if that includes a side order of a leather mask and whip ? After he encouraged the same dissident response from fully armed protestors against the State Governors about lockdown rules not two weeks ago? He is an absolute joke of a leader. Says BunkerBoy who was busy hiding

Donald Trump vows to deploy military to 'dominate the streets' of protest-hit cities in USUS President Donald Trump vows to deploy the military to 'dominate the streets' of the United States if states cannot deal with riots and looting themselves. Wow! No words to call for peace, only retaliation. ‘We will dominate the streets’. FGS. If this was anywhere else in the world this man would be labelled a dictator. President Trump just put his knee on the neck of America