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Extinction Rebellion, Climate Protesters

Protester’s secret video from watch house

An arrested climate change protester has smuggled a phone past police in Brisbane taking to social media with a live recording.


An arrested climate change protester has smuggled a phone past police in Brisbane taking to social media with a live recording.

An Extinction Rebellion protester has captured what it is like inside a Brisbane police watch house after smuggling her phone inside when she was arrested.

“Our lives, our ecosystems are a stake. Every morning I wake up exhausted and terrified of the world we live in and how much worse it’s going to get,” she wrote.

“I am just laying down at a funny angle so they can’t see my phone in the camera behind me.”

“If you have the privilege and ability to do something and you don’t then I am angry at you too.”

At one point she pointed the camera around the room to show what the watch house looked like, describing it as “pretty sh*t”.

Sergeant Kelly opposed her bail but the application was rejected after Dorge explained to Ms Hall the incursion occurred only because police pulled the car in which she was a passenger into a side street that was in her no-go zone.

Dozens of protesters have already been arrested in Melbourne, after Extinction Rebellion members blocked one of the busiest intersections in the CBD.

Police were forced to use power tools to remove them and get traffic moving again.

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Bet ya 100 bucks she ain't got no JOB!.. TheGreatUnwashed

Climate protesters willing to 'sacrifice liberty' as six more arrested in SydneyForty-four protesters have been taken into police custody in Sydney since Monday afternoon, as the global environmental movement stages a week of demonstrations worldwide. natassiazc Arrest them all and stop the payments of welfare recipients, are causing more co2 due to traffic being stationary natassiazc The hidden agenda of XR natassiazc What do you call the jailing of six climate protestors? A good start. Haha

Weapons of 'mass disruption': Queensland Government fast-tracks new laws to ban protesters using 'dangerous devices'Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk plays down concerns about impending laws aimed at removing climate blockades like those staged by Extinction Rebellion protesters, vowing to get the new powers in place as soon as possible. Sucks to be them. they going to ban phones next, because activists use them to organize? Those laws will be in place when the Green Shirted farmers decide to use their trucks to dump produce as one of their forms of protest.

Former senator Scott Ludlam among climate protesters arrestedDozens of protesters have been arrested around the country as the Queensland and Victoria n premiers questioned the effectiveness of the demonstrations. You say that like it’s a bad thing Onya Scottludlam

China slams Apple's decision to allow police tracking app for Hong Kong protestersChinese media lashes out at Apple Inc over an app that tracks the movement of police around Hong Kong. It is pointless blocking apps that have simple functionality that can be webpage based. China is just a big stupid bully. But it's ok for China to spy on all its citizen. Cry me a fucking river Good job Apple 👍 HongKongProtesters

‘Use them as a speed bump’Studio 10 host Kerri-Anne Kennerley has slammed climate change protesters, suggesting motorists should “use them as a speed bump”. She is a truly vile woman. Personally I wouldn't be making those types of comments if I looked like a car had already run over me and the doctors had to patch me back together with skin from the recently deceased. That's just me though. Each to their own I'm liking KAK more and more by the minute.

'Australia is in freefall': Climate protesters cause mass commuter outrage Extinction Rebellion protesters continued disrupting major intersections, buildings and transport routes across Australia in day three of a week of climate rallies. Good job on him

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