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Proposed 80 per cent vaccination goal ‘achievable’

30/07/2021 3:12:00 AM

The Grattan Institute’s Dr Stephen Duckett says a goal to get 80 per cent of Australia ns vaccinated is “achievable”, with “90 per cent” of Australia ns saying they are prepared to get the jab.

33 minutes agoThe Grattan Institute’s Dr Stephen Duckett says a goal to get 80 per cent of Australians vaccinated is “achievable”, with “90 per cent” of Australians saying they are prepared to get the jab.“The surveys show that 90 per cent of Australians are happy to be vaccinated,” Dr Duckett said.

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He says the problem is some of these people are saying they will receive the vaccine but “just not yet”.“They are hesitating literally and so if we can shift those people … we’ll hit the 90 per cent.”He said if vaccines can be approved for two to 11-year-olds, the goal can be achieved by Christmas.

“If not, it is going to take a bit longer, maybe by March.“The goal is achievable, and the benefits are really good.” Read more: Sky News Australia »

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….rubbish… Sure and that flying pig is on track for one too😎 I call BS. Not a chance we get even close here in Australia. COVID pandemic has killed 4 million people so far, China has not cooperated with finding the cause and if the virus was weaponised it will only get more deadly ? I’m more than happy to get vaccinated if I have the right to sue the government and the drug manufacturer if the vaccines are found to be dangerous or cause other health issues

😂😂 We aren’t prepare, we are forced and don’t have a choice! But where are the vaccines anyway🤷‍♀️ Is 80% of the Australian population, prepared to turn its back on democracy, liberty and freedom of speech, movement choice? Democracy at deaths door... why? I cannot believe where is the democracy? Gee I don’t know where they got that 90% ... probably from a 1,000 people focus group 🤦‍♀️

Institute recommends 80 per cent total vaccination rate for reopeningVery weird to set percentages when we has a nation have a right to informed consent without cohesion on a emergency use gene therapy.. “Regarding the percentage of Australians WHO …………” not which


Australia will need to vaccinate 80% of population before it can move away from lockdowns: Grattan Australia will need to vaccinate 80 per cent of the total population before it can move away from harsh restrictions and lockdowns, new modelling shows | rachelclun rachelclun 80% of total population is roughly 100% of the population over 16. Very hard to imagine we are going to get to that level - there aren't many countries of scale that have managed this level of vaccination rachelclun Otherwise vaccine bigpharmas will not pay ScottMorrisonMP , their chief sales rep in the Downunder. rachelclun Why do the rest of us have to wait until we hit 80%? Give people w few months then let us vaccinated people free .

It’s a race to 80: The magic number that will let us live with COVIDOpinion: If 80 per cent of the Australia n population can get fully vaccinated, we can gradually return to what we once considered normal life It won’t happen. Let’s be realistic 'will' not 'can'. 99% can 80% hahaha It took australia 19 months to reach 12% and they are talking about being normal after 80% that too fully vaccinated I guess they should clearly say that we are closed for next 50 years God bless LNP and ScottMorrisonMP for being so optymystic resignscottmorrison

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