Prime Minister challenges state leaders to reopen before Christmas

But Queensland does not want to ‘give in’, its deputy Premier said on Sunday.

26/09/2021 8:25:00 AM

'What I’d like Australians to have for Christmas is their lives back': Prime Minister ScottMorrisonMP has challenged state and territory leaders to commit to reopening their borders by Christmas | rachelclun

But Queensland does not want to ‘give in’, its deputy Premier said on Sunday.

AdvertisementThe Prime Minister has challenged state and territory leaders to commit to reopening borders before Christmas, once 80 per cent of the eligible population aged 16 and over has been fully vaccinated.Scott Morrison reiterated the public health measures that have kept the nation safe but separated during the pandemic had a use-by date on them.

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The federal government wants to see internal border closures dumped at 80 per cent fully vaccinated, so families can reunite over the holidays.Credit:Paul Jeffers“Once you get to 80 per cent of your population that’s vaccinated, well, it’s very clear. I can’t see any reason why Australians should be kept from each other,” Mr Morrison said in an interview with Channel Seven.

“My message is more to Australians that what I’d like them to have for Christmas is their lives back. And that’s within the gift of governments. And that’s a gift I’d like to see us give them.”But Queensland’s Deputy Premier Steven Mileshit back at the Prime Minister’s comments

, saying the state’s concern was keeping COVID-19 out - and that could mean keeping the border shut over Christmas.“I don’t think Queensland does want to just give in this close to the end of the pandemic. I don’t think Queenslanders will want to let COVID in for Christmas if we don’t have it but NSW still does,” he said on Sunday.

The national plan would see states and territories increasingly relax restrictions as 70 and then 80 per cent of the eligible population aged 16 and over become fully vaccinated.LoadingThe NSW and Victorian premiers have both said they are keen to see internal lock-outs end, but several states, including Queensland and Western Australia have said they won’t consider reopening until after they’ve vaccinated more than 80 per cent of their communities.

AdvertisementSo far across the country, 75.8 per cent of the eligible population has had one dose, and 51.5 per cent are now fully vaccinated.Health Minister Greg Hunt noted that 27 per cent of 12 to 15-year-olds have already had first doses, less than two weeks into that age group becoming eligible.

The country will also have enough doses of the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines to cover all eligible Australians by the end of October.“We’d like to see every Australian being able to connect with every other Australian for Christmas,” Mr Hunt said on Sunday.

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Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews saidhe “certainly hoped”state and territory borders would open once the country hit the 80 per cent double dose target.But Mr Andrews said ultimately it was not Mr Morrison’s call, and the “the national plan, which we are faithfully delivering, doesn’t really go into these issues”.

LoadingMr Morrison acknowledged that state leaders have the power to keep their jurisdictions shut, but they had to make “common sense” decisions once 80 per cent of the eligible population is immunised.“I think that puts the big challenge on the premiers. I mean, they’ve had the power to do what they’ve been doing. They’re not new powers,” he said.

“But there comes a time when you’ve got to honour the arrangement you’ve made with the Australian people, and that is when you get to 80 per cent vaccination, it’s very clear that you can start opening up.”With Jocelyn Garcia, Ashleigh McMillan Read more: The Age »

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ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun I can't help but think we'd be closer to that now had a certain Prime Minister and his team of equally incompetent nuff nuffs acted quicker on the vaccines. 🤷‍♀️ ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Why do you publish & tweet such drivel? ThisIsNotJournalism ScottyDoesNothing ScottyTheAnnouncer auspol

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun And ScottMorrisonMP out of office, so we can have respect, collaboration, empathy, compassion back…. Oh, and our environmental future..auspol ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Excuse me, I’m in WA and I have a life Scott Morrison. Just because you and Gladys have screwed up monumentality it doesn’t mean we have to open our border and let the pair of you ghouls infest us with Delta covid.

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Does that mean it IS a race now? ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun What is like is Scottmorrison to stop trying to kill kids ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Huh I’ve heard this Xmas deadline before ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Should have committed to getting vaccines ya 🍋 coulda had Christmas in July 🐕

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun This is just media nonsense. The only States without 'lives' are NSW & Vic. Both sadly in lockdown for months & in NSW 100s of lives lost. The non lockdown (zero covid) States can travel between them!! ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun You took our life away by failing on vaccines and quarantine. It’s your fault fella down under.

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun This is a false dichotomy. Premiers agree on a SafeReopening. That's outbreaks low enough for 'effective' trace & quarantine plus 80% 💉💉in every state (new Doherty modelling raises if 80% 12 not 16). Liberal Tassie wanting 90%. The PM misrepresents the Plan as now vs never.

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun He can challenge away, why would they listen to 'I'm going to the footy' 'it's not a race' Scott? He wouldn't let Aus/Indian's come home because of Delta but encouraged Gladys as she let it leak & spread. Thank goddness for Labor Premiers otherwise we'd be so much worse off.

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Is he going to promise to have stranded Aussie overseas home for Christmas? Like he did last year? More lies ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Best way to get your life back? Vote LNP last at next election! Get rid of them. ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun He had the opportunity to not take our lives away. Because he did nothing we lost our freedom. Now he seems to expect us to be grateful that 1000’s will die as a result, but we may get together for Christmas lunch. We will not forget that easily.

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Depends on the science, not arbitrary dates. ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun This is why. ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Human collateral (risk of death) for the sake of winning an election. ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun I’d settle for all my family memeber living to see Christmas next year

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun What I’d like for Christmas is government integrity back. ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun I’d like to challenge Scott as to why he never ordered enough vaccine early enough, why did the Feds not build quarantine facilities in each state for returning Australians still stuck OS & why does he not call out Tas & SA for their boarder closures?

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Time to step up both ScottMorrisonMP and enough of this tyranny we want our lives back ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun We all want our Christmas. This is not something you get to spin the PM for NSW. You stuffed up quarantine and vaccinations and the damage of your inaction and the general LNP approach to the pandemic has harmed all parts of our community.

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun All I want for Christmas is a new Prime Minister. ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Why would ' The Age' publish rubbish statements from Morrison when we all know he is the problem. It is simply pre election LNP propaganda and it endangers lives. ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Would it be classed as schadenfreude if Scotty & Murdoch’s ongoing attacks on the covid response meant we never actually reach the magic 80%?

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Phft to education. The population may think. The clever country employs others to think while we are unemployed. ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun I am wondering why Scotty thinks that megaphone 'diplomacy' or ultimatums are going to work... but then I guess we have his text message to Macron as an example of his negotiation/diplomatic skills... auspol

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Look, if people want to visit places with the virus, they can go almost anywhere overseas. People who want to give their loved ones covid for Christmas can stay home. auspol ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Would be nice, wouldn’t it. If only ScottyTheAnnouncer had not screwed up the vaccine procurement.

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Then sort your vaccine mess out mate.

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Ah- so now he’s in the USA he’s pretending to take control. He doesnt have control- he lost that as soon as he gave it away to the Premiers- (except Gladys) because he didnt want the responsibility. HE’S NOT UP TO THE JOB He never was & he never will be. MorrisonFail ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Morrison should also admit responsibility for taking “their lives” away through lack of timely action on quarantine and vaccines.

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Christmas hey . What happens at Christmas compared to any other arbitrary day ? Is he playing carols at our harbourside mansion already ? ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Pffffft. He said that last Christmas. 🙄 ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun What about the Australians who don’t celebrate Christmas?

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Well maybe if you stopped having anti vax propaganda in your paper, australia would be more unified and ready to open. But you want that sweet clive Palmer money. You are complicit in the deaths. Selling your soul. ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Is he talking about resurrecting the hundreds who have died because of his fuck-ups?

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun We’s have had our lives back months ago if he’d done his job ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun ‘What I’d like…’ It’s still all about him, isn’t it? ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun I’d love to get my life back. From a pentecostal, cultist, immoral thief that stole it with the help of an obese uber consumer back in 2019. ScottyTheBackStabber ScottyTheAnnouncer scottytheliar auspol

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Let us be clear, all Western politicians lost the right to say ‘it will all be over by Christmas,’ on Christmas Day 1914. ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Is Scott Morrison proposing to “gives lives back” to the 1200 and more Australians who’ve died of COVID-19 on his watch … OR … is he proposing to boost his re-election chances by putting even more Australian lives at risk?

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun He won’t run an election with closed borders! 😄 ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun I'd like a Prime Minister that actually does his job. You know, one that would actually order enough vaccines when he had the chance, instead of disappearing and hoping someone else sorts it out.

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Bit late for those who have died or suffered from the affects of the virus. Is Morrison going to pay for his private visit.? ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun It's not a matter of challenging states. All states would like borders open by christmas. It will depend on vax rates and the level of infection in NSW and Vic...perhaps the PM can bring a plane load of extra Pfizer back from the US.....auspol

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun His favourite part of the PM job is the bit where he sits around saying what he thinks other people should do. He's not so good at actually doing anything himself, he screws that bit of it up every single time auspol ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Hotel Quarantine in a Capital City HIV HeLa

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun I'd like ScottyTheBackStabber to commit to following the health advice and open when it is safe, and stop gambling with our lives for electoral advantage. ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Imagine if someone had ordered vaccines on time…

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun And what of the lives lost because he failed to provide vaccines before our 3rd wave …. although he managed to receive his . 🤔 Unforgivable ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun And what I'd like is for Australians to have a competent PM by Christmas, but unless Scott calls an election now, I'm not getting that either. Btw, Rachel: Scott said he was getting Australians home by Christmas 2020. That still has happened either. auspol ScottyTheLiar

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Rehashing the same story from this time last year 🙄🙄 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Perhaps if we had a PM who could do his job properly we would be in this situation. WorstPMEver ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun I’m sure a fair few Australians would be happy to wait until the country is in a better place with higher vax rates Scott is selling a trip to pub and dream of a family holiday to buy votes for the next election over the health of Australians already in covid free states

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun GTH Morrison covid free states don’t want the plague and were going to vote you out ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Then why did he leave stranded Aussies overseas when he promised he'd have them home by Christmas 2020? Now another empty promise that they'll be home by Christmas 2021, but only if they're fully vaxxed.

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun If he meets this deadline =1 out of 3 Christmas deadlines met. He promised the religious right a religious 'freedom' bill by Christmas 2019, then he promised stranded Aussies home by Christmas 2020. Singapore Air already cancelled a number of Dec flights, no certainty from Aus

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun In WA we have our freedom. We just can't travel to COVID country but very few want to. ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun I'd like the year back. If only he'd ordered more vaccines when he had the chance 12 months ago...

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun In order to get our lives back, we will need you and your lot gone! ICAC is a must, we want OUR $$$ back, and your cabinet members in prison accordingly. Then fingers (tightly) crossed the other lot will function more appropriately. Santa, you listening? ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Election much?

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Everything Morrison touches turns to shit. ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun It’s nice to want things 🤣 ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun BTW, hey Costellos Nine Media, how's the next Liberal Party fundraiser planning going? ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun I still don't understand how no one is calling out the fact that '80% vaccinated' is not actually 80% of eligible Australians. We are at ~40% FV if you count kids 12 and up. The fact that we leave out 12-15 year olds just to make the numbers look better is ridiculous. auspol

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun 🤣😆🤣😆🤣 challenge? Gee, some challenge. Completely open and free travel between most of Covid free Australia, or Covid infested hospital meltdown in half locked down and restricted NSW Ie Gladys 'no freedom day' state. Thanks Scotty, but I dare say, you've already lost.

Scotty's Christmas carols: 'All I want for Christmas is a case of COVID tra la la la' It sure is a lovely gift he is wishing on the disease free states. ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Seriously 🤬 stop concentrating on dense population areas at the expense of remote communities where the task of vaccinating is so much harder. Give the states, who had vaccines redirected to Sydney as with rural NSW catch up. Yes we will open up but only when it’s appropriate

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun dan and gladys need to communicate and open up before xmas for the sake of everyones lives

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun So Scotty setting himself up to be the 'Christmas Grinch' because people of Australia won't blame their state leaders if all goes wrong. What you going to do Scotty.. gets Rupert to organise another MurdochRiot ? Pin it on the unions? Or is it a terrorism raid time? auspol

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun My family and I are doing just fine in Qld, thank you. I’d prefer to wait for a high vax rate across the board to avoid unnecessary deaths and illness. ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun If you hadn’t failed to buy vaccines, we’d have been open last Christmas. Stop lying. It’s obvious you are trying to shift blame. ScottyTheAnnouncer MorrisonVaccineCrisis

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Yet another pointless comment from a pointless PM. ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun I'd like a new PM for Christmas ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun How about committing to opening when it’s safe to do so? Making an arbitrary date when we have no idea if that is going to be safe or not is absolutely ridiculous.

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Great call from the prize twat that failed in getting Vaccines ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun what id like is our government to function with even a modicum of respect, morality and dignity. ditto what is left of the crumbling, compromised fourth estate every day more and more people see through your corrupt, cruel and greedy cooperative bullshit. scottyfarquaad

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun What a load of b/s. What about for those who don’t celebrate Xmas? ScottyTheGaslighter ScottyDoesNothing auspol ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun We would have if ScottyFromMarketing didn’t stuff up the vaccines roll out

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun There would have been less lost lives if HE had actually provided a functioning National Vaccine Roll out at the beginning of this year at the latest. Also an efficient National Quarantine system ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Except for those families who have had a covid death and those who have relatives in ICU. It's all on Scott Morrison. ScottyTheAnnouncer

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Time for the Federal government take charge & force state governments to open up. Or is the Federal government such softcocks they can't do it. ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun We would already have had our lives back if Morrison & Hunt had f'd up the vaccine order. We won't forget. MorrisonFailure MorrisonVaccineCrisis ScottyTheGaslighter ScottyDoesNothing ScottyTheAnnouncer

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun And Dan put him back in his box quick smart. ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Perhaps he should read this thread too. ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun This guy has no shame does he ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun ScottMorrisonMP and GladysB are in no position to be demanding anything pmforsydney

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Well that's lovely coming from a flog who's done absolutely bugger all to help achieve it. ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun I get my life back when we have a change of government away from the toxic LNP rabble. auspol

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun He must want to call an election in November by making more empty announcements. States and Territories should only open up when the medical evidence supports it, not when MorrisonFailure says for political reasons. lnpdeathcult ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun don't you just love the smell of ratio in the morning ?

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun And what about all those who will die due to COVID? How are they going to get their lives back for Christmas? We are in a global pandemic, in case he has forgotten. ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun I will not be lectured by the incompetent and dangerous muppet ScottMorrisonMP on when the community should open up. He has failed to manage COVID19Aus auspol

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Is it still 2020? I remember this promise last year ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun His childlike lack of analysis is refreshing. Let's put him in charge ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun What I’d like Australians to have for Christmas … is a good impression of me so they vote for me in February 2022. Yeah/nah … you are responsible for Quarantine & you let the virus out into the community. Just because you outsourced it does not let you off the hook. auspol

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Jeez, and all I want is to have smirking supercilious Morrison off my screen ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Best way to do that is to call sn election now ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun The Premiers aren't going to be bullied by Scumo to open up before it's safe. He needs to pull his head in & stop criticising them for protecting their State. We've had a gutful of everyone attacking our Premier.

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun But the jabbed only in one room & the pure bloods in another? ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Go Scotty. Pretend that you didn’t cock up both quarantine and vaccine procurement; that your biased support of Gladys didn’t help spread the virus. It’s not a lie if YOU believe it, eh Scotty 😉

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Guess he hasn’t been watching the footy finals in Qld & WA 🤷‍♀️ 🤣 Hey Scotty, where’s the pfucking Pfizer ?!!! ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Well he should have ordered the the vaccines earlier and Australia would not be in this mess. This was a race and Morrison said it was not a race. How wrong he was!

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Morrison did not which Christmas. 2020, 2021 or 2022? ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun I would gladly exchange Xmas forever rather than losing a single loved one unnecessarily. Politicising a Northern Hemisphere Christian religious event based on an ancient pagan festival seems somewhat stupid in a time where we require vaccinations to control a global pandemic.

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun From thatguy that fked vaccine supply and rollout. Priceless. MorrisonFailure MorrisonClusterFuk ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun So would we ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Let us back in! Time for Australia to open the borders and allow vaccinated citizens to see our families again. The rest of the world is moving on, so should you!

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun He told us vaccination wasn’t a race. He’s why the states are locked down. ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Perhaps he should have thought about that in 2020 instead of politicising a pandemic. Perhaps he should have ordered more vaccines and organised quarantine- then guess what?! We wouldn’t be locked down!!!! Callanelectionnow

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun He also said all expats would be home LAST Christmas and there's still over 40,000 registered Australians overseas, no national quarantine facilities and no seats on flights until next year sometime in the first quarter. ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Murdoch said. ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Well if you had bought the vaccine!

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun That’s so he can say he was responsible for opening up Australia!! ScottMorrisonMP has botched the whole COVID 19 pandemic fro the start!! ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun ScottMorrisonMP ‘it’s not a race’ but been a race to secure vaccines we would’ve had our lives back months ago. Say nothing of funding appropriate quarantine facilities. We’re not buying anything you say ScottyFromMarketing

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun And how many dead Australians is he willing to pay for this! We literally ALL want this. We want lots of things he’s not doing…. ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun I would be happy if we still have our lives, fullstop. Oh, and a new Government please Santa. ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Reopen the international for vaxxed with all the safety measures (test prior to departure to AUS, pcr test on arrival)

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Shouldn’t have fvcked up on quarantine and vaccines, then! ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Well, we would have if he had secured enough vaccines when the rest of the world did. You are NOT the hero of this story, no matter how much you a try to change the narrative. By the way, does this include all the Australians you have stranded overseas for almost 2 years?

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun An epiphanous moment, if ever there was one. Not long till an electoral moment, I suspect, and hopefully an ejectoral moment. auspol notmypm scottmoronson votethepratout ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun We need to be alive to take our lives back, if staying in lockdown until we’re 90%+ vaccinated requires this then I’ll gladly sacrifice another Christmas

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun What I’d like for Christmas is for those few nutter Australians who are rioting in our streets to get their brains back. Maybe they never had one in the first place and need a transplant. ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Yeah nah ScottMorrisonMP..... Not having it. This is on you!

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun I’d like a new Federal Government. ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun And I love that we all conveniently forget that the 80% the govt usually refers to is +16 which is not 80% of the population or is he not following National Cabinet here and we are really going for 80%? ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun So he can go on holidays without needing to be called back to tell us he doesn’t hold the hose…..

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Well how about you provide the states with enough fkn vaccines ScottMorrisonMP, you gaslighting...

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun so we can have these guys arrive ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Yeah great, he just needs to get the vax here and get GPs online across the country - he's only had 18 months to figure out the logistics. ScottyFromMarketing ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun And France wanted a phone call, yet here we are.

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun So…I guess that we all might receive an unwanted Covid Xmas 🎅 present? 🎁 ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun And this was his marketing strategy from the beginning. No purpose built quarantine facilities. Not enough Vaccine. LNP/Sky creating Vaccine hesitancy. Encourage Gladys to Let it rip. All to attack the State Premiers. Morrison, the white knight riding in to save Australia.

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun My life is fine, thank you for your fake concern ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun Is he saying this, so we blame states for not opening? I guess he wants us to forget what mess he created with vaccination and pandemic management. Shame these people are still playing politics while others suffer.

ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun scottmorrisonmp Maybe you’ll get around to getting those StrandedAussies back home this Christmas? Or maybe not because it’s always somebody else’s fault or somebody else’s job, right? ScottMorrisonMP rachelclun ScottMorrisonMP Promised to have our stranded Aussie’s home last Xmas You can’t trust anything Morrison has to say ThatFellaDownUnder MorrisonFail auspoI