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Premiers are facing a wicked dilemma — and there's no correct answer

#ANALYSIS: Premiers are facing a wicked dilemma — and there's no correct answer

21/05/2020 11:09:00 PM

ANALYSIS: Premiers are facing a wicked dilemma — and there's no correct answer

The Morrison Government, with its eye on economics, instinctively preferred a lighter hand. Where it couldn't be moved and the states had the power, they went their own ways, writes Michelle Grattan.

Premiers hit where it hurtsThe border issue sees another cross-party grouping. The Labor jurisdictions of Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory, and the Liberal states of South Australia and Tasmania all have their borders closed.NSW and Victoria have never gone down this path.

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Ms Berejiklian is pushing hard for a re-opening to promote recovery. She's suggested Mr McGowan and Ms Palaszczuk are courting popularity.Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and right arrows to seek, up and down arrows for volume.WatchDuration: 1 minute 15 seconds

115sGladys Berejiklian responds to the WA Premier calling her a "bully" after her coronavirus border restriction commentsIn the crossfire, Mr McGowan has accused Ms Berejiklian of bullying tactics and hit where it hurts. "New South Wales had the Ruby Princess … And they are trying to give us advice on our borders, seriously?" he said this week.

Ms Palaszczuk said: "We are not going to be lectured to by a state that has the highest number of cases in Australia".It's not just leadersAs notable as the fracture among governments, is the very public division between health experts.We saw this on schools, where Victoria's Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton took a much more conservative position than others.

While Dr Young and WA Chief Health Officer Andrew Robertson were adamant this week on keeping their respective borders shut for the time being, federal Deputy Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly said "from a medical point of view, I can't see why the borders are still closed". (Mr McGowan had earlier said: "I don't know who Paul Kelly is — clearly not the singer".)

Dr Kelly said neither the National Cabinet nor the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (that advises it) had made decisions or given advice on state borders. Decisions on what to do were entirely up to the states.Both Dr Young and Dr Robertson are on the AHPPC, which is described as a "consensus body". "We talked through these matters and we decided not to have a position on borders," Dr Kelly explained.

While it has been welcome in this crisis to see the politicians turning to the experts, we are now being sharply reminded experts can differ. How often have we heard from politicians in recent weeks, "We are relying on the medical advice"? But that doesn't always lead in one direction, and "consensus" can be a useful concealer.

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Find out moreHanson enters the frayAs the border argument intensifies the question of whether the closures are constitutional, canvassed early on in the crisis, has come back.One Nation's Pauline Hanson has accused Ms Palaszczuk of "running roughshod over the constitution", appealed for anyone affected who might want to mount a challenge to come forward, and said "I have a pro-bono, constitutional lawyer who will represent you in a High Court challenge under Section 92".

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Every politician in every country, state, county, using the CovID excuse for their own political ends. Listening to one expert, or even just a handful, is always a mistake. Group think and mass hysteria has led us into this covid19 mess, and stops us getting out of it ASAP now. So many international experts have spoken out - nobody in AUS interested.

To what question? Whether they are going to seize all assets of the CSG gas gamers as compensation for unlawfully locking up the citizens of Australia? Listen to the experts, they haven't been wrong yet. If Dr Paul Kelly says it OK, it's OK. I've got hammers smarter than A.P. These three can go

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Some Australians with a disability left without face-to-face care during coronavirus crisis - ABC NewsA care provider is under investigation by the NDIS for cancelling face-to-face visits with client Zoe Mithen, who experiences psychosis, during the pandemic.

'Bleak alternative': Carriageworks tenants call for precinct to remain independentResident companies at Carriageworks have called on the NSW Premier to save the contemporary arts venue from a 'bleak alternative' and to establish it as an independently run institution What? With public funds? Sorry, NO. GladysB and ScottMorrisonMP should have other priorities over giving money for non-essential activities such as entertainment.

Free childcare costing $131m a weekThe Morrison government is facing pressure to extend the relief package beyond the end of June. If parents are going back to work why do they need free childcare? So parents have kids, don’t want to look after them and now want taxpayers to pay for it too? That’ll do me. Time to stop milking the system. 544 mild cases and 11 serious cases. Our hospital system is not collapsing. But the economy soon will (even though the stock market will hit 6000 anyday now due to generous injection of reserve bank money).

Free childcare costing $131m a weekCommunity groups have urged Prime Minister Scott Morrison to extend fee-free childcare for hundreds of thousands of Australian families. Socialism! Creeping socialism the Murdoch press and the rabid backbench will cry... The average punter will say 'good idea, why not. It is the first step of the education system after all'.... Oh that would be a real surprise!! The cold wind of socialism ushering in the push for ever increasing government payments for everything.

Student activist walks out of University of Queensland disciplinary hearing claiming China influenceStudent activist Drew Pavlou says he will fight the University of Queensland 's attempts to expel him all the way to the Supreme Court, after walking out of a disciplinary hearing on Wednesday. What a shame for Australia Chinese interests are far reaching into our education system. Kick the spoiled brat out,