Premier Mark McGowan announces delay to WA's border opening

Premier Mark McGowan announces delay to WA's border opening

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20/01/2022 2:59:00 PM

Premier Mark McGowan announces delay to WA's border opening

WA Premier Mark McGowan has announced the plan to reopen WA's border to quarantine-free travel on February 5 has been delayed.

Western Australia has abandoned its plan to re-open its borders on February 5.A revised date has not been set, with WA Premier Mark McGowan saying it will be considered over the next month.Mr McGowan made the announcement in a late-night press conference, saying the Omicron variant meant it was not safe or responsible to re-open now.

Travel exemptions will be expanded from February 5, but those allowed in will still have to isolate for 14 days.More to come.Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and right arrows to seek, up and down arrows for volume.WatchDuration: 7 minutes 4 seconds

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Mr I am god , really does anyone expect different If you do your as bad as him and his cronies Good job 👏👏 Spend all my holidays in WA in past 10 years. The best place for it in entire world. Yet I don’t want to go there some how. Not being welcome or being see as one of “them” is not what I wanted. Best wishes to all over there. This decision will hurt WA in long run despite euphoria

Maybe he can build an Iron Curtain, change the currency to that resembling self portraits, and give all of his mates McGowan issued uniforms? For how long? And this time next year when WA borders are still closed, will Western Australians still support McGowan? He’s using the same tools as March 2020 whilst Australia & the rest of the world move on. Covid isn’t going anywhere. McGowan’s short-sighted & outdated policies won’t last

Politics... So proud that you've got the guts to stand up for your state and keep them safe. Well done. If the borders of Australia had been kept shut we wouldn't have the trouble we're in now. Spose you do have plenty sand to stick yer head in......mean while the rest of the world is moving on lol We have had one of the safest places to live and have gone about our business and life with less impact than most places in the world. We are lucky. My own sister lives in Melbourne and had to miss my Dad’s funeral. They have lived in lockdown for months. It has been horrible.

No surprise...but I wonder is there any politics in this? Looking after the health line is worth a few votes

WA hospital on alert after COVID case infectious in emergency departmentWestern Australia is on alert after a new COVID case was infectious in the community, visiting the emergency department at a public hospital. 7NEWS Time to nuke WA. Welcome to the real world WA

this is either the best or worst way to go.... time will tell Under investment in WA Health is a disaster on a timer ? Their state their rules ...simple The government of the easiest state to keep Covid free due to geography has failed 😞 dismally….there is nothing impressive about this turkeys 🦃 leadership…think hard the next time you 🗳 vote

You guys would be the first to complain if we also let it rip and ended up like NSW. I sent an email to German and Czech Republic health departments regarding rules for non EU citizens /vaccination requirements etc entering their countries and within 6 hours I had a bilingual personalised reply addressing my circumstances.

This is rubbish -because the pandemic has been going for 2 yrs and the administrative arms of government and health department are incompetent and have failed to develop processes which can be appropriately adjusted to control risk factors and institute appropriate rules/tests While I am relieved of the news, our local government urgently needs to fix our medical system. For a wealthy state, why are we still failing to prepare, or I would expect to even over prepare. I agree with Premier, our state is not ready and it is now up to him to make us ready.

Mcgowan has no plan to avoid high case loads when they eventually reopen He’s behind on vaccinations and has no plan beyond hard border policies. All Eastern states had 90%+ vaxxed and are now passing peak of hospitalisations What is the actual outlook for WA?

Gold giant urges WA to cut close contact waitsNorthern Star says the WA resources industry will suffer a domino effect of absenteeism if isolation periods for close contacts remain at 14 days. It’s coming. Wa is going to wreak it

21 Jan: New South Wales recorded 25,168 new Covid-19 cases and 46 deaths overnight Victoria reported 18,167 new infections and 20 deaths Sensible. I don’t trust McGowan but if that’s what WA wants then so be it. Where MarkMcGowanMP can justifiably be criticised is leaving this announcement so late, leaving peoples plans in tatters. Blind Freddy could see Feb 6 was never ever going to work.

Considering what's going on over East ..its a bloody smart move ..those crying about Border openings ..they don't want you over there hospitals have gone critical Good for him, he's seen what letting it rip can do. Great work! Democratic Republic of WA haha. Only joking, I can see sense in this, not locked down, but quite a challenge for health system / families / businesses on east coast, not an easy decision DRWA GetVaccinatedNow

The premiers who opened their borders showed true leadership. They have acknowledged that us Aussies are deeply connected across state lines and that the virus is part of life for years to come. They were brave, this guy is frightened This is leadership AlboForPM If we don’t open our border, then what’s the point this stupid mandatory and taking people’s rights away. This mandate was to open the border so now he should delay deadline as well.


WA reports mystery COVID case among five new local infectionsContact tracers are scrambling to find where a new mystery COVID case contracted the virus, amid five new local infections in Western Australia. 7NEWS

In the 3rd year of the Rona and with WA’s waxing about surplus & GST, we’re the powerhouse 💪 🥱 🥱 all this premier has in response. “Keep the borders closed” a 💩 show, what a 💩 show auspol is. AusPol2022 Clearly WA has learnt a good lesson from QLD, which had been nastily pressured to reopen its borders to NSW at the wrong timing. The unnecessary early reopening has been unavoidably leading to current worsening, disastrous Omicron infection spreading.

Republic of Westralia. He may have saved a few lives from Covid, and a few will have been tipped over the edge today from the devastating announcement and will be all too much. Is anyone surprised? WA are building tents to cater for COVID-19 patients. Reading the comments from idiots in WA agreeing with extending the border closures I can only assume that the entire state has been infected with a severe case of Stockholm syndrome

Good This is beyond pathetic. I’ve not seen my family since 2019 even though I’m doubled jabbed and boosted. Mark McGowan has wasted 2 years with nothing to show. The WA Government is a failure. Love your guts and courage. My dear Premier tried to stop the flow of this dreadful disease but being on the east coast in Qld it was really a gigantic task. I admire you and your strong stance. Wish I was in WA 💜

What happens if those cases in the community get out of control? Omicron has proved its not something you can control for long. Also take a look at Israel, they're boosted and are having huge case surges, hospital's are re-opening up covid wards and delaying elective surgery! Wait until the start of winter. That should be perfect timing!

Push for WA to adopt new flagThere is a push for Western Australia to become the first state to ditch the Union Jack and adopt a new flag. 9News whole country should be under the Indigenous flag nazi_pass Is it going to be a Chinese Flag -or North Korean

That’s a lot of talking for “the mining industry has me by the balls and the people of WA haven’t spent any of the last two years preparing for this”. Get why many WA folk would applaud this (who wants what Vic/NSW going through?). Get why McGowan would do this (what politician wants to manage impact virus circulating) but a harsh reality postponed. WA cannot live locked up forever. At some pt needs to open.What then? covidwa

I wish Gutwein had had the gumption to stand up to Morrison, the Federal Group & the THA to keep Tassie closed. Now our economy is stuffed! Barely any tourists, and the locals refuse to go out for fear of catching the virus. Will be worse when schools go back. A total shitshow. High Court challenge round 2? Webjet_AU

Well that outcome wouldn’t be surprising….. what a shit show. He won’t open until after the election. Then COVID will miraculously be mild. WA is paying the price for their slow vaccination implementation and poor hospital system. They may never be allowed out! I love our Melbourne but WA have got it correct and are so strong. Well done you WA

Personally very disappointed with this decision because I'd made plans to spend 3+ months travelling in WA starting in February but it is probably the right decision for the state so trying not to be too salty about it. I do feel really sorry for tourism operators though... Cut the funding umbilical cord for a while

Push for WA to adopt new flagThere is a push for Western Australia to become the first state to ditch the Union Jack and adopt a new flag. 9News Why not just ditch the rest of Australia and become their own country. They already have their borders closed to the rest of us.

Well done premier. Not being bullied into opening by feds thinking of the well being of his state. Wish Queensland’s leader had balls!!! Delaying the inevitable - should have spent more on health in the past 2 years instead if hiding in a cupboard hoping it will go away - this is never going away so stay closed forever - great strategy 🤡

South Australia should have done the same thing. If anyone thinks this is a bad decision, S.A. were sitting on 4 deaths up to the 23rd November and zero cases. We have now added 54 deaths and over 80,000 cases in less than 2 months. What a power hungry wank ..Just delaying the inevitable A premier and a state overrun by covidiocy and covidysteria … the most dangerous strains of the pandemic.

But it’s so much fun to go to the COVID store. My supermarket - there’s not a lot of food but every time I go there I get a COVID alert. How good is NSW! He thinks covid won’t get into his state and the population of WA believe him. This is sad. Always going to happen yettobook disappointed onetrickpony awaitingnextvariantdelay

This guy is 10/10. Best premier Australia has FFS Mark, you've had 2 years to fortify the healthcare system and you've dropped the ball and now you're running away scared because you know WA health is broken and unable to cope with a rainy day. Half the population is freshly jabbed, now is the time

WATCH LIVE: West Australian Premier Mark McGowan calls 7.30pm press conferenceBREAKING | An already anxious public in WA will tune in on Thursday night for a press conference from Premier Mark McGowan. It's expected Mr McGowan will announce a new date for the state's border to reopened. Watch his press conference live. Cruel border closures in WA Relocate the Eagles to Tasmania & the Dockers to the Northern Territory. Then we’ll have a team in every state & territory in Australia except the ACT.

surprise surprise 3 x Jabbed and feeling somewhat double crossed 🤔 Absolute tosser, let’s wrap this state up in bubble wrap for another 2 years then aye 👍 WA will open mid March round 1 AFL season the only sane leader left in the country Waiting for everyone to get a booster is stupid. 1) it only gets people back up to the level of second dose. Which is where WA is at now. Everyone with recent 2nd dose. 2) everydose sees less people get it. So your 90% 2 doses will only reach about 80% for third.

IstandWithMarkMcGowan In the eastern, we listen to our death tallies each if it is 'just mild ' why not at least mention their names. 👍👍👍👍 Well done WA. There is no peak happening over here in the East...most of us are in self isolation. Vaccinate the kids before you open up.

For all the unhappy people pack your bags, and go live over East. 🙏👍 Excellent news. Whilst I feel for those inconvenienced by this decision, my family are grateful. Why kill people unnecessarily when waiting a little longer will save lives? My husband’s daughter, who he hasn’t seen in 6 years, is waiting to move here. A little longer is worth it….

did he mentioned this earlier today while dismissing 16 year old forklift operator or is it a surprise to scummo We just need a bit more time to prepare 🤣 Australia day officially cancelled as we are formally no longer 1 country So what was the difference between double vaxxed and unvaxxed with omicron? Was it 4% difference but rises significantly with the booster ? But the booster was ordered before Omicron was around ? Or is it just that efficacy wears out so a booster tops it up ?

Glad I didn’t book those tickets to WA we thought about for our fully vaccinated family. Haven’t seen my mother, father, brothers or sisters that live in Perth in 2 years.

Well done, Mark McGowan--the only responsible course of action given the chaos of ScuMo's Domicron over east. Excellent news If the anti vax and various other wack jobs are outraged..even better I’m from WA ♥️ Brb moving to Perth Great move! Wish we were in WA. Shame on AnnastaciaMP. Till when will WA shut its borders? The variants will keep coming, omicron after delta and another after Omicron and so on!!! Variants are truly making us dance in strange ways LoL

Wise move If WA economics is doing so great why is WA health the worst in the country? Lots of eastern states people saying it’s terrible. WA has managed the pandemic perfectly! Well done Mark McGowan 👏

Yay, leftist bedwetters unite in our celebration of our dear leader who protects us from the dangerous oxygen of others 🥳 McClown Everyday in this country more people die of heart disease than Covid. WA backwards bullshit. WittaTwitta Oh that’ll piss off Leigh “ let it rip” Sales! It was all lies and they looked shady and deceitful when answering simple questiins

The reason he is popular is because he is appealing to the long held distrust many people in WA have towards eastern states. This isn't about health. This is about $$$ and trying to be different from the east while adopting policies first implemented by the east Well done 👍🏽 other politicians in Australia should take some leadership lessons. Evidence based decision- strong and clear headed- Health, economy, kids education and overall quality of life in WA is doing well as long as we manage this virus effectively

Excellent decision. Well done Mr. McGowan. (As an added bonus it will piss of the anti-vax, 'freedom' twats, all 53 of them😀) Iconic leadership! WA made $9 billion this year and not one dollar spent on upgrading their healthcare system, that's how you deal with Omicron. He refuses to accept lockdowns won't keep it out, like he said it's not Delta. Poor leadership with no common sense.

This joker is a one trick pony. He's delaying the inevitable. He had two years of a covid free state to ensure the medical system could cope...instead he did nothing but close borders and hope covid would just disappear

There will always be a new variant. Looks like WA is getting what they wanted all along. To be an independent country. Listening to health advice and putting the health of WA citizens 1st is commendable. So sorry if you can’t physically see your loved ones in others parts of the country. Use FaceTime, zoom etc to talk with family. We are living in a shitstorm in the east. You do not want it!

RIO BHP etc are building housing near mine sites and there'll be no more FIFO. McGowan is delaying to give them more time so they mines can still operate & give him $$ while the rest of WA gets shafted when he opens We are lucky to have him as our premier!👍 The only Politician that ACTUALLY listened to health advice and doesn't want to knowingly kill hundreds of people before they have the opportunity to be effectively triple vaxxed against Omicron.

True leadership. NSW resident. Bloody good decision. There no difference between China and WA. Both following zero covid strategy which is impossible. The joker Western Australia. The best country in the world!

The questions from the “journalists” were, well, ridiculous. Complete waste of time. All McGowan could do was repeat himself. But gee am I glad I live in WA. Well done, I am jealous people living in WA England is ending this maddened and this dumb shit is pushing it . The commonwealth opened solely for foreign students... now look at the predicament

A premier that listens to the people and follows health advice not economics advice Told everyone this princess McGowan wouldn’t open up. McGowan has let WA believe that there was an end in sight and now moves the goal posts again. No amount of vaccination will ever be enough. He is supposed to represent the people not rule and take away our rights. Time for him to go!

Pity GutweinTeam TasLiberal didn’t do this. 😡 COVID19 Tasmania Australia The once proud Labor Party stood up for the human rights of refugees and supported free movement of people across borders. With the Premier now preventing the free movement of its own people, the WA Labor Party is now abusing the human rights of its own people. Disgusting.

Amazing how most Applauders …were screaming Dictator at Dan Then disparaging every move he made how the tables have turned now the Omicron reality has hit … hypocrites A very sensible decision. Science and health taking precedence over dogma, superstition and profits. Thanks Mark. WA is a shit hole anyway 👍

McGowan and his cronies have no idea. It's coming, 50 booster shots won't stop it. Delaying the inevitable. Sorry to the naysayers but the move just makes sense. I have family in the east I haven’t seen for 2 years. It’s awful and it’s not how life should be, but I’d rather get back to normal the right way.

the only takeaway from this is that McGowan has allowed himself and his staff to travel Time waits for no man … world is moving on with or without you Western Australia The Forgotten State WesternAustralia COVID MarkMcGowan auspol Australia Queenslands case study hasn't gone well , economy is crashing , hospitals are full ,many are sick, elective surgery has stopped, staff are off sick , kids will miss the start of school . letitrip does as advertised . Full Vaccination is the only way .

Well done MarkMcGowanMP A reassessment of an 'opening up' plan designed for a different variant. Keep it closed Mark, until its gone.

Brilliant! Mandates illegal. It's ok if it was tetanus injection, but it is an experimental injection with no disclosure of its contents. Even a can pears has to by law list its full ingredients. Government know it kills and pay for your death or injury now!Link here Surprise surprise!! Am I the only one shattered by this news? I don't know how much longer I can go on living in this limbo, being cut off from my family in NSW and being unable to plan or book anything. We can't keep COVID out forever. He said it was locked in. I miss my family so much.

CGWJS54139911 IStandWithMarkMcgowan 90% double vaxxed but not good enough. Triple vaxxed required now even tho the entire Western world has done the same and still the cases soar. Welcome back to the unvaxxed club double jibby jabbers! Roll them up again! Pity he is not running for LABOR Nationally!!🤔😷😩

Good stuff Mark! SANITY!! Something missing in the other states wishing us the worst. Merely delaying the inevitable.

I am relieved. Hearing colleagues in agedcare + healthcare share their heartbreaking experiences, I’ve been so scared about what this will do to older West Australian and our workforce. Not the optimal solution, but it’s the best one we currently have.

WhatsApp Western Australia has abandoned its plan to re-open its borders on February 5. A revised date has not been set, with WA Premier Mark McGowan saying it will be considered over the next month. Mr McGowan made the announcement in a late-night press conference, saying the Omicron variant meant it was not safe or responsible to re-open now. Travel exemptions will be expanded from February 5, but those allowed in will still have to isolate for 14 days. More to come. Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and right arrows to seek, up and down arrows for volume. Watch Duration: 7 minutes 4 seconds 7 I've had COVID, can I get it again? What you need to know about coronavirus: