Premier defends criticism of Essendon CEO’s church after Guy slams resignation as ‘ridiculous’

5/10/2022 3:00:00 AM

Victorian Opposition Leader Matthew Guy says the resignation of Essendon CEO Andrew Thorburn because of his involvement in a controversial church group is “ridiculous”. | @lachieabbott

Victorian Opposition Leader Matthew Guy says the resignation of Essendon CEO Andrew Thorburn because of his involvement in a controversial church group is “ridiculous”. | lachieabbott

Premier Daniel Andrews says he supports LGBTQ+ and abortion rights in response to criticism from Opposition Leader Matthew Guy’s over Essendon’s appointment of Andrew Thorburn as chief executive.

AdvertisementMatthew Guy, Andrew Thorburn and Daniel Andrews.Thorburn was appointed as Essendon chief executive officer on Monday, but resigned a day later following criticism of his role as“What are we now banning people from going to church, banning people from going to a synagogue, banning people from going to a mosque? This is ridiculous,” Guy said on 3AW on Wednesday.

Responding to Guy’s criticism, Andrews said on Wednesday he had simply answered a question and had been a long-standing supporter of LGBTQ+ and abortion rights.“What’s more, when it comes to rampant homophobia, when I lead the Pride March every year, I do that with a sense of genuine concern and support and commitment to make sure that every LGBTQ+ Victorian is safe, protected and valued. If I’m to be criticised for that, well, so be it.”

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lachieabbott No one should support bigotry lachieabbott so many angry hateful people responding to this ... you could all do with some Jesus in your life ... lachieabbott Did he quit, if he quit then none of you mosey politians have any say in it, surely the current state of Victoria warrants your full attention!

lachieabbott Reminder to the Age and the Vic Lib party back in 2017 - 5 years ago - marriage equality passes 61.6% to 38.4% - this isn't the vote winner you think it is. lachieabbott It is bad enough for a premier to show blatant favouritism toward one section of the community for politician gain But to lambast another for political gain is surely not acceptable!

lachieabbott NOT AT ALL it is just a reminder to the Christian sects that their leader said 'love thy neighbour as thyself' not T&C apply ie that means all. JUST CORRECTING THE MISINTERPRETATION OF THE TEACHINGS OF THEIR LEADER lachieabbott This article is what's ridiculous lachieabbott Another example why the Libs are going to be smashed just like they did at a federal level.

lachieabbott This has nothing to do with Dan and the Lobster man...this is the people of Australia saying 'We don't want that bigotry in our game!' It would benefit the AFL to listen!!! lachieabbott The VEOHEC has a ruling enshrined in law. Thornburn should exercise his legal options. The Essendon FC can’t bullshit their way out of this. As for the Premier, didn’t he put his kids through the Catholic education system?

lachieabbott Same guy that charged dead people fees while at NAB and resigned in disgrace but that makes him a right wing posterboy I guess because capitalism.

He's linked to a church that condemns homosexuality, but Essendon's new CEO says he'll lead an 'inclusive' clubNew Essendon CEO Andrew Thorburn has defended his involvement in a controversial church, a day after the Bombers announced the ex-NAB boss' appointment. Someone should ask him about the wage theft that occurred on his watch at nab. Wait til you hear about mosque’s Great selection. Essendon is history anyway further self destruction is an expected thing.

lachieabbott Essendon are bullies and have no place running a busines, boycott this ugly mob lachieabbott Attackiing so-called 'wokeism' is the playbook of the American right. Liberal Party - in the absence of good public policy - is doing the same. Power for the sake of power needs to be called out. In America, truth does not matter and cruelty and bigotry is the point.

lachieabbott Liberal politicians defending corrupt banking executives, what else is new? lachieabbott Essendon has been spared years of pain, Thorburn ruined NAB and he would have done the same to this club. lachieabbott Oh come on he is in management of an organisation that discriminates against people and desires the removal of people's bodily autonomy. It has nothing to do with being Christian.

lachieabbott Guy needs to resign. He’s campaign and leadership has been a disaster lachieabbott 'controversial church group' The Anglicans? IStandWithChristians IStandAgainstSatanicFascistTotalitarians lachieabbott This is further proof that the entire state of Victoria is a laughable mess lachieabbott Then there is this

lachieabbott Essendon can get lost back them in for the wooden spoon, they've been curse and it's the administrations fault. They will have to resign

New Essendon CEO defends involvement in church which stated 'practising homosexuality is a sin'Essendon's newly appointed CEO, Andrew Thorburn, is the chair of a church which likened abortion to concentration camps and said practising homosexuality is a sin. Now go check the Western Bulldogs CEO religious beliefs It's a CHURCH. Denouncing sodomy and baby murder is its job. in the eyes of a Christian. Is it not?

lachieabbott lachieabbott No tears for this former NAB boss. Stop making out like he's a victim. He's the one loyal to a church that thinks abortion is like a concentration camp! So crazy. It's good that people won't tolerate having someone in a high profile public position connected to a bigoted org

lachieabbott As a leader of a satanic, Lucifer worshiping cult, I have often felt left out of many job opportunities. I call it the 'Halo' ceiling. No one ever speaks up for my right to follow my beliefs. I mean, I have even rejected cannibalism as I am a mostly vegan. lachieabbott lachieabbott If he knew the value code of the Essendon FC why did he apply for the job in the first place knowing that it would go against his christian values? He is playing the victim card. The onus was on him to ask not the other way around. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

lachieabbott Matthwe Guy is ridiculous. Liberals. NotEvenACredibleOpposition lachieabbott ... and old mate Dan immediately takes the opposing view in a reflex action. lachieabbott Hiring the former boss of a Bank that ripped off its customers by charging $65m for nothing and then dismissing it as an error is ridiculous! He should be unemployable!

lachieabbott lachieabbott This guy just loves backing the wrong horse

‘Absolutely appalling’: Premier slams views of new Essendon chief’s controversial churchEssendon chief executive Andrew Thorburn admits the church of which he is chairman has views which are offensive and upsetting to some, but insists his business record shows he is welcoming and endorses diversity. | Pierik_AgeSport Pierik_AgeSport Pierik_AgeSport His business record? His business record? What drugs are these clowns on? Pierik_AgeSport Shocking news, a Christian church teaching the scriptures. Now do Islam.

lachieabbott Matthew Guy is “ridiculous”. lachieabbott That’s why Guy won’t become Premier. Flake! lachieabbott Says the Guy who is 'ridiculous' lachieabbott Lol Liberals scream about Christian values, then get in and behave like Saturday morning cartoon super villains from the 1960’s. springst lachieabbott It's unlawful to be sacked based on your religious beliefs!! essendonfc is shambolic and this decision is another nail in the coffin for the club!!

lachieabbott And he is correct lachieabbott It’s as ridiculous as anyone contemplating voting LABOR lachieabbott Who? lachieabbott Who else thinks that Daniel Andrews was asked by the media about the Essendon CEO appointment so that he could be quoted in said media and then have Libs and other RW trolls characterise him as anti-Christian/interfering/bigoted/a dictator?

lachieabbott Mathew Guy aka Lobster is ridiculous and The Age for running with this stupid story

New Essendon CEO resigns 24 hours after appointment in wake of church controversyEssendon President David Barham says he has no plans to stand aside despite the shock exit of new CEO Andrew Thorburn. 7NEWS So what you can't be part of a church now. Since when did we start discriminating based on religion How can David Barham say they stand for what they stand for when they appointed him two days ago? Clearly they knew and didn't think it was an issue then $10 says he lasts for 1 week

lachieabbott Matt who? lachieabbott Guy likes bigots that divide Australia - good to know. lachieabbott Agreed 👆 lachieabbott “I love all people, and have always promoted and lived an inclusive, diverse, and respectful and supportive workplace - where people are welcomed regardless of their culture, religious beliefs, and sexual orientation.” — Andrew Thorburn

lachieabbott Matthew Guy is 'ridiculous', so 'snap'! lachieabbott Hear hear. Here's Dan Andrews vilifying mainstream churches lachieabbott Yeah it's his banking misdeeds that really Ryled people The god bothering is just a sideshow lachieabbott Lobster Guy, Thorburn's fairy story says the Earth is 6000 years old, getting rid of 90% of Aboriginal culture. Is that OK

lachieabbott Is it possible not to ask the opinion of someone who fostered racist tropes in an attempt to win an election? Or is that just too much to ask? P.S pretending that bigotry and misogyny are misunderstood is really yuck lachieabbott Hasn't he got more important things to be doing?

lachieabbott Where was Thorburn’s faith when he was CEO of NAB MathewGuy ? Hypocricy lachieabbott So Guy supports bigotry and hatred. lachieabbott It is ridiculous. By their standards, most Roman Catholics should never be allowed to work anywhere. lachieabbott No place for bigotry , racism and misogyny in modern Australia .

lachieabbott Couldn’t agree more lachieabbott What is the expiry date for Matthew Guy's Leadership? lachieabbott NAB customers want a word. lachieabbott lachieabbott There are many reasons for getting rid of Thorburn. Yes, he used his religion as a virtue-signalling device to justify his business activities, extremism, bigotry and hatefulness. Not all Christians behave like Thorburn or hold such despicable views.


lachieabbott Another headline to this story. 'Mathew guy confirms his sexist and homophonic views. Mistaking Victoria Australia, as Texas USA.' lachieabbott TBF, Thorburn will make an excellent Vic Lib candidate lachieabbott A fire & brimstone church is not my cup of tea but his treatment has been OTT.

lachieabbott MEDIA BREWING UP A SHIT STORM 💩 lachieabbott Didn't Guy push out Bernie Finn for similar views? lachieabbott Who cares what Matthew Guy has to say. lachieabbott I wonder how many catholic MPs will be forced to resign because of decades of child sexual abuse by their clergy? Eh DanielAndrewsMP

lachieabbott Matthew Guy is ‘ridiculous’! lachieabbott Did you ask Lobster man about the resignations in his own party? lachieabbott He’d say anything to get a vote!

lachieabbott Listen people! be like Catholics, where you hate going to church, and all its rules, but you go because you don't want to piss off Oma/Nonna/Grandma. That's how everyone is supposed to be about church lachieabbott That's not ridiculous! That's what the club needed him to do because they would've felt dumb making him pull the pin.

lachieabbott Wow. The bloke who suggested we’re too scared to go out for dinner because ‘African gangs’ is trying to lecture us. Get in the bin! lachieabbott The VicLibs have branch stacked their electorates with religious Pentecostals who preach anti-gay, anti-female and anti-pro choice from their tax-free churches. This lot have no place in modern Australian leadership positions.

lachieabbott Has the Age asked Mr Guy's current thoughts on Bernie Finn? lachieabbott Mafia Guy really is trying to take his party to another landslide defeat lachieabbott Matthew 'Lobster' Guy is ridiculous lachieabbott Matthew Guy will be in charge of another Victorian Liberal whitewash in November but his main focus is an AFL Club’s CEO! Policies Matthew……POLICIES!!!!!! springst

lachieabbott Matthew Guy has made an art form of being ridiculous. lachieabbott All these stale pale males can get back to me when they grow a pair of ovaries!

lachieabbott A Dark Day in the Life of Psychopathic Politicians like Dan Andrews. Denying footy players a ray of hope in their lives from a Christian Perspective on Homosexuality ,redeemed was abhorrent to Dan and the Essendon Heirachy. Adult hood is not easy, Bible can make it rewarding! lachieabbott Yeah,I’m afraid,Christians,people with high morals,mum’s and dads, girls and boys are slowly “pushed out”of today’s society by the looneys!they’ve gained the upper hand now. Problem is,they won’t be alive in 30 yrs to see the mess they are creating now.Psychiatrists will love it!

lachieabbott 🦞 Guy is in massive overreach territory. But that is good because we now have an even clearer view of his “values”. lachieabbott Well there goes the gay vote for the Liberals😆 lachieabbott Absolutely lachieabbott Matthew Guy is Dans best asset. lachieabbott And illegal! lachieabbott Well Daniel Andrews is the true Chameleon his beliefs always change to suit his on political narrative. Daniel Andrews would not have a catholic bone in his body. If goes to receive Holy Communion then he is the highest prized Bigot there is .

lachieabbott The real story is the religious fundamentalist control of the Victorian Liberals. lachieabbott Now who would Mr Guy be trying to attract for the upcoming voting season? It’s the very reason not to vote LNP The LNP moving Right is Un-Victorian What a great State we have of diversity Mattie should consider living in Deep South of US or Qld with the ‘white shoe brigade’

lachieabbott It is worse than ridiculous. It is discrimination at its worst and it’s offensive. Rockbluewater lachieabbott Seriously... Who's this Matthew Guy ? I only know of a Matt guy. lachieabbott The Age is going the same way as the VIC LNP - into irrelevancy. Thankfully, there are new media players to replace Channel Costello. The LNP needs to be replaced by a new party, which is not run by intellectual light weights, which is of the centre. auspol springst

lachieabbott At least one senior figure at the age’s parent company has a son working for Matthew Guy. lachieabbott He’s out of touch and out of time! Hall and Oates. lachieabbott Ridiculous? Was it also ridiculous that the Victorian liberal party just expelled more than 150 members from the pentecostal Church, deeming it an illegal take over attempt, which the media have kept near silent about? auspol

lachieabbott It's more than 'ridiculous Mr.'s bloody OUTRAGEOUS!!! lachieabbott Religion is ridiculous. lachieabbott Michael Guy 😂😂😂 lachieabbott well, surprise Surprise, Surprise, Evreryone knows where the powerbase of LiberalVictoria is found - The branch stacking with Church groups lachieabbott Guy is a homophobe bigot

lachieabbott lachieabbott Oh wow the mouse has spoken!! lachieabbott Mathew Guy The Lobster King “ you should take a leaf out of his book and resign too . lachieabbott Well he would wouldn’t he. Two bigots together lachieabbott So, Mat Guy is an anti abortion homophobe? lachieabbott Liberals are a lost cause.

lachieabbott So Ahmed Fahour is Muslim yes? And has any of that impacted his CEO prospects if we follow this lunacy? lachieabbott Well, Gutless Guy is under the control of the Pentecostals in his party lachieabbott The Australian Christian Lobby has begun an online petition supporting Finn. Matt Guy should've remembered this. 👇👇👇👇👇👇

lachieabbott He’s right. So hypocritical of Andrews lachieabbott NoIdeaGuy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 lachieabbott So Guy thinks bigotry is o.k. does he ? Well, not too many will agree with him, he stood up in public and promoted his personal views when everyone else is trying to prevent racial, anti-gay insults against people who make different choices in their private lives. He is unworthy.

lachieabbott Then Mr Guy totally supports LGBTI individuals working in religious settings & totally rejects the idea that religious people can be offended by the presents of LGBTI representation in such institutions 'What's good for the goose is also good for the gander' as the saying goes. lachieabbott If he was Chairman of a Mosque WW3 would be occurring right now.

lachieabbott Look at what Andrews has done (the list is too long to mention) yet this person stays on as Premier. The wokeness is excruciating. lachieabbott Thorburn is a disgraced former ASX 10 company CEO. The God bothering is just icing on the cake. lachieabbott As though the problem was actual Christianity and not culture war rubbish. It's not as though his position was made untenable because he was feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, or standing up for the persecuted and marginalised. Don't pretend Christinaity causes homophobia.

lachieabbott Yet your sister publication says that Essendon dodged a which is it Channel Costello? lachieabbott It is more ridiculous that Mr Guy is paid a huge taxpayer salary for doing nothing. What a turd!

lachieabbott Matthew Guy 🤣🤣🤣🤣 lachieabbott A huge thank you from us for not covering our most recent resignation. lachieabbott Well it sure is ridiculous given a certain Muslim wasn't told 'faith or sport, pick one' when he refused to wear the team sponsors logo on religious grounds. We either have standards, or we don't. Pick one.

lachieabbott Hey Just letting you know, I don't read '***Matthew Guy says' (***or any article using similar lazy politically partisan tactics) articles. lachieabbott Guy can never seem to read the room. Next opposition leader thanks. lachieabbott The Age is ridiculous. lachieabbott 'Guy also said Premier Daniel Andrews should not be telling the Bombers who to appoint as chief executive.' But of course he didn't. Dumb move by Guy to side with Thorburn & church of intolerance coz it reminds all of Pentecostalist Lib branch stack.auspol

lachieabbott If the trainee reporter wants to keep his integrity, he should get out while he can lachieabbott Does he also think it's ridiculous that religious schools can exclude others based on thier sexuality!!! lachieabbott Pathetic. He should have been brave enough to stare down the woke, satanists & left wing nut jobs!

lachieabbott A Pentecostal church that is patriarchal and misogynist, seeking to deprive women the right to abortion. lachieabbott Yes please go on Matthew lachieabbott Desperate for voters is this clown lachieabbott Essendon's goes woke. Next year......broke. AFL lachieabbott Says the reinstated leader of a failed party... No wonder he cant find voters

lachieabbott So we will see Dan comment on other AFL administrators & players whose religious beliefs which are similar to the former NAB CEO church. sumeyyailanbey SimoLove rwillingham rachelbaxendale rachael_dexter 7NewsMelbourne 9NewsMelb 10NewsFirstMelb lachieabbott Show's how out of touch Matthew Guy is.

to save articles for later.Andrew Thorburn is chairman of City on a Hill, a church that condemns homosexuality and has an article on its website from 2013 titled 'Surviving Same Sex Attraction as a Christian'.Help keep family & friends informed by sharing this article save articles for later.

Normal text size Very large text size Advertisement Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has defended his criticism of Essendon’s short-lived appointment of Andrew Thorburn, after Opposition Leader Matthew Guy said the Bombers chief executive’s resignation because of his involvement in a controversial church group was “ridiculous”. Guy also said Andrews should not be telling the Bombers who to appoint as chief executive after the premier commented on the furore on Tuesday by saying he did not support the views of Thorburn’s City on the Hill church. The former NAB boss, who resigned from that job in 2019 after receiving scathing criticism during the banking royal commission, was on Monday announced as the Bombers' successor to Xavier Campbell. Matthew Guy, Andrew Thorburn and Daniel Andrews. Key points: Andrew Thorburn urged people to look at his track record of creating inclusive workplaces The incoming Essendon CEO said he was "sort of saying" his views were different from the church's A member of the Bombers said he would resign his membership The ex-CEO of NAB was appointed to the role on Monday , and will take over the AFL club on November 1. Credit: The Age Thorburn was appointed as Essendon chief executive officer on Monday, but resigned a day later following criticism of his role as chairman of City on a Hill, which is part of the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne. Advertisement Mr Thorburn is chairman of City on a Hill, a church that condemns homosexuality and has an article on its website from 2013 titled 'Surviving Same Sex Attraction as a Christian'. Shortly after he got the Bombers’ role, public attention was drawn to sermons published on the church’s website in which other leaders of the organisation likened abortion to a concentration camp, and said practising homosexuality was a sin. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, a Bombers supporter, had a strong response when asked on Tuesday about the views expressed by Thorburn’s church, but acknowledged the CEO’s appointment was a matter for the club’s board.

“What are we now banning people from going to church, banning people from going to a synagogue, banning people from going to a mosque? This is ridiculous,” Guy said on 3AW on Wednesday. 'My faith is a personal thing' In his first interview after being appointed to lead Essendon, Mr Thorburn said he understood some of the church's views "are offensive and upset people". Another sermon states acting on same-sex attraction is a sin. “Football clubs can hire who they choose. I don’t see, if I was the premier, why I would be telling people who they can hire and fire; why would you?” On Tuesday, Andrews said the appointment of the CEO was a matter for Essendon, but criticised the views of the church. "At the centre of my faith is the belief that you should create community, care for people, help people's faith and respect them as humans. Thorburn had said he did not personally share all the views that had been aired by the church." Mr Thorburn told SEN there were different opinions within church. Responding to Guy’s criticism, Andrews said on Wednesday he had simply answered a question and had been a long-standing supporter of LGBTQ+ and abortion rights. He pointed to those jobs where he led thousands of "diverse" people as evidence he was the right person to take Essendon forward.” However, the premier said he would continue as an Essendon member next season.

Advertisement “I think that termination services are a private matter between a woman and her doctor. And I will speak out against people who seek to intrude on that. "That makes us a more human organisation and makes us a higher-performing organisation. "I totally respect that people will have a different view to what was expressed, and I'm sort of saying in some ways I do. I absolutely will. I also voted to make sure that people don’t intrude on that,” Andrews said. "Look at my actions, and look at my words as a leader and the organisations I've created to enable safe, diverse workplaces. “What’s more, when it comes to rampant homophobia, when I lead the Pride March every year, I do that with a sense of genuine concern and support and commitment to make sure that every LGBTQ+ Victorian is safe, protected and valued. "Look at my actions and look at my words as a leader and the organisations I've created to enable safe, diverse, inclusive workplaces," he said.” One of Thorburn’s chief tasks at Essendon is to unite a club which has been fractured, this exacerbated over the sacking of Ben Rutten as coach, the departure of former chief executive Xavier Campbell, and then the appointment of new coach Brad Scott, with board member Kevin Sheedy publicly declaring he had backed James Hird .

If I’m to be criticised for that, well, so be it. "I've never heard these things expressed in my time, I've been on the board two years," he said.” Andrews said suicide rates were significantly higher for LGBTQ+ people than the broader community and added “this is not about who runs a footy club, this is about issues much bigger than that”. “People can get all upset by the fact someone resigned, I’m much more focused concerned by the fact that people are harming themselves and sometimes taking their own lives because of bigotry and prejudice,” he said. "If we want a diverse society, it also means there's going to be people with different views. "It still plays an important role in community. When asked whether Thorburn’s resignation showed people with conservative religious beliefs needed to hide their opinions in a public role, Andrews said: “No. They might want to have a think about whether they want to be a bit more kind-hearted. Share Published 4 October 2022 at 11:27am Source. Loading “Firstly, my faith is a very personal thing.

A bit more inclusive. "As a bisexual man I cannot feel welcome in this club. Aren’t we all God’s children?” Andrews added that he would renew his Essendon membership, and he did not have a role in Thorburn’s appointment or resignation. Essendon president David Barham said on Tuesday he asked Thorburn to choose between his position at the church and his new role as Essendon CEO after the club learnt of the sermons posted on his church’s website. “As soon as the comments relating to a 2013 sermon from a pastor, at the City of the Hill church came to light this morning, we acted immediately to clarify the publicly espoused views on the organisation’s official website, which are in direct contradiction to our values as a club,” Barham said. "There are many reasons to be a somewhat disappointed Essendon supporter," he said. “Essendon is committed to providing an inclusive, diverse and a safe club, where everyone is welcome and respected.” Speaking on SEN , Thorburn, who begins in his new role on November 1, said his record showed he was “inclusive and welcoming and caring and diverse”.

” Loading Thorburn released a statement online on Tuesday evening which said he was being asked to compromise “beyond a level his conscience allowed”. “Today it became clear to me that my personal Christian faith is not tolerated or permitted in the public square, at least by some and perhaps by many,” he said. As an Essendon supporter, he said he would still renew his membership. “People should be able to hold different views on complex personal and moral matters, and be able to live and work together, even with those differences, and always with respect.” Prominent employment lawyer Josh Bornstein said on ABC Radio Melbourne that Thorburn could have a legal case for religious discrimination against Essendon. “Based off [media reports] there’s a prima facie case of religious discrimination,” Bornstein said." Essendon was contacted for comment. That’s really what I want people to look at, look at my actions, look at my words as a leader and the organisations I’ve created to enable safe, diverse, inclusive workplaces, that’s my record I want people to look at and have confidence in.

“If you say our values are that we don’t want to employ people who are gay or don’t like having women working for us who are pregnant ... then your values or your contracts or policies may run headlong into discrimination law.” Bornstein, . “He [Thorburn] impressed the board with his understanding of the AFL system but also the business of sport on a global scale.