Australia Day, İnvasion Day Protest, Covid-19, Breach

Australia Day, İnvasion Day Protest

Police warn people at Sydney Invasion Day protest could be fined, arrested

Police warn people at Sydney Invasion Day protest could be fined, arrested

25/01/2021 6:38:00 AM

Police warn people at Sydney Invasion Day protest could be fined, arrested

Police warn those planning to attend an Australia Day protest at The Domain tomorrow they could be fined or arrested if the event breaches coronavirus restrictions.

Print text onlyPrintCancelNSW Police are warning anyone planning to attend an Australia Day protest at The Domain tomorrow they could be fined or arrested if the event breaches coronavirus restrictions.Key points:Around 6,000 people say they are interested in attending the protest

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Under current COVID-19 restrictions 500 people can gather in a public placePolice are also conducting an operation to ensure people celebrate Australia Day safelyAn Invasion Day protest is planned through Sydney's CBD tomorrow morning and more than 6,000 people have registered their interest on social media.

Organisers have said the protest will be a "COVID safe event" with strict safety protocols, social distancing and a requirement for participants to register their attendance and wear a mask.But NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Mick Willing warned officers would be enforcing the public health orders that limit protests to 500 people.

"Do not come in and be part of that public gathering, find another way to express your views and opinions," he said."We are all aware that these are sensitive issues and they are very important issues to a lot of people but we are still in the middle of a global pandemic and we're asking people to abide by those health orders."

Assistant Commissioner Willing said the protest was unauthorised because police had not been formally notified of the march."Despite the fact they may well have a COVID plan and all those different things, numbers of more than 500 are in breach of the health order, it's as simple as that," he said.

"I'm asking the protest organisers to work with us, talk with us, abide by the cap of 500 people."The penalty for breaching public health orders is up to six months' jail or fines of up to $11,000.Police are also able to issue on-the-spot-fines from $1,000.

"We do not want to get to that point," the Assistant Commissioner said.Boaties will be subject to RBT and random drug testing on the water.(ABC News: Patrick Rocca)NSW Police Minister David Elliott said anyone attending the protests would be "exposed to fines or imprisonment" while Premier Gladys Berejiklian said she preferred people express their views "without those gatherings"

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"Our strong preference is that people stay home or use other methods to demonstrate their strength of feeling on issues," she said."The police will be there to make sure the health orders are preserved."NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard said he understood why demonstrators "want to come out" but group gatherings were "very, very problematic".

He urged those participating to adhere to the maximum limit of 500 people gathering for a protest."They can have multiple different demonstrations, provided it is done legally and properly," he said."If you have thousands of people, it is impossible to do the tracing. Even 500 is challenging."

NSW Governor Margaret Beazley said she wanted people to "listen to" concerns about Australia Day and that a national conversation about celebrating January 26 would be productive."It is a history of 65,000 years that is shared now with the whole of Australia, and it's a wonderful day that I think we can listen to all of the stories," she said.

A major police operation is being planned across NSW to ensure people mark Australia Day in a safe way.Heatwave conditions are forecast throughout much of the state, with Sydney expected to reach up to 35 degrees Celsius on the coast and up to 39C at Penrith.

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Why don't these self-righteous people ask where the $50 billion has gone that has been invested in aboriginal culture? Good. There is nothing to protest about. Let’s change the date of Australia Day to 29th April. Capt. Cook actually first stepped foot on Australian soil on 29th April 1770. So technically that would be invasion day.

Let's go along with the aboriginal community and call January 26 invasion day Great! Tell them to give their Centrelink back also Black fella should repay the welfare if they feel that strongly about white migration ? Covid risk, as if they care about that. One word in reply to the double standard operating in NSW - CRICKET.

Conquered people don’t usually get a say throughout history. People forget the real killer..... any guesses Small pox 👌🏻 Tell them to protest in Melbourne Dan will look after them most are going to be those on welfare or students that have no money to pay fines. Better off just let them make some noise and lock them up on a small island to quarantine afterwards

No surprises there. Maybe they should be educated about the date? nswpolice have the latest high tech equipment to handle such things. InvasionDay2021 FatherBob Yet you can gather with 50,000 people on Bondi Beach as long as you have a Southern Cross tattoo or Aus flag temporary tattoo on your face. 10,000 at Cricket/NRL no issue. SystemicRacism

Wtf Just change the date then. No fines and everyone is happy 👍 Morrison's puppet Glady at again doing as her master asks so she can get a pat Why didn't they arrest the people at the cricket? It doesn't make sense. Is the POLICE COMMISSIONER RACIST? Turkey should give their land back to the Greeks. The Italians should give Sicily back to the Greeks. The Slavs should give Croatia back to the Italians. And so on...

Good, and the charge should be “going in public to cause an affray with no idea what you are talking about” 🤔 not enough to steal their children, incarcerate the parents, dishonour their ancestors; because we got the guns; keep it up police; you make us so proud The government doesn't have the teeth to police the disprotionate child abuse occurring in remote localities, but break the covid rules and you're going down.

The fascist LNP guarded by their Brown shirts.. Just like it America we have right wing nut jobs in our police force .. racist and bigoted and will use violence against anyone from the left aided by the media auspol TheProjectTV abcnews Jan26IsInvasionDay ScottMorrisonMP 'find another way to express your views and opinions' 'use other methods to demonstrate their strength of feeling on issues' And which ways or methods will they listen to? So far, none, so why are they surprised that people protest?

virgotweet Why? Ok to go to spring events. Fox News lol I told you about Dr Fauci President Obama ban Covid19, Dr fauci is the one who fund it, guess who hit you with the virus? That’s right the same man now running it, the same one who fund the virus, don’t take the vaccines, 14th Amendment beat all vaccines 7 to 2 vote.

Many countries were invaded. But the people protesting were even around. Move on. I don't mind (could care less) if people want to have a day of mourning or an invasion day on January 26th as long as they do it far far away from Australians celebrating Australia Day. ignore the unwashed and celebrate AustraliaDayJan26

Funny how the majority of protestors look like unemployed losers. Of course there are full time students that will never get a job anyway. Like ANZAC day it's ultimately about celebrating grief/tragedy as with all war dead, but somehow the indigenous want special treatment different to any other people in the world? That is true racism! It's an IQ test fail to see date-changing as anything else as creating DIVISION

Are we destined to play out the USA 2020 in Australia 2021? Then by this time next year, the Proud Boys and friends will be storming Canberra...with inside help? Hhhmmm they use to just slaughter them, both our countries current police force origins were some of the most racist murderous raping thieving piece's of shit that ever walked these land's

18th actually , but wateva if it 26 isn't protested then it will be something else . I prefer to call it conquering day GLADYS SAYS NOOOOOOOOOO!! So what said Louis Mangretti. You ripped his off once so keep being prices. Who is Louis Mangretti? LetsRoc137 Come on, Australia - this is ridiculous. Get with the programme.

19 April 1770 is actual invasion day. Jan 26th is Settlement day.. keepitreal 🇦🇺💕 Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee If they are happy and just having a good day out then fine. If they want to protest they should leave. 30 hours and 25 minutes until this shit is over for another year No... when the Chinese invade Australia that will be invasion day

Aboriginal Land Rights were given on the basis of “Settlement”. If it’s called an invasion then those lands handed back to them were illegal? Fascism that is the tweet. AustraliaDay Ok, say nobody 'invaded', what would they have achieved in a modern world, buildings ? businesses ? finances ? Progression must be made to survive no matter how old your ancestry is, being hunters and gatherers is great but someone, sometime would have changed them as a nation.

To all you protesters, HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY for tomorrow. 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺 'An Invasion Day protest is planned through Sydney's CBD tomorrow morning and more than 6,000 people have registered their interest on social media.' So about 2,000 will show up ahahaha. invaders mad. born criminals. The sad thing is that one hoped that the children of mixed parentage would be the conciliation link between the two (or more) cultures. Instead they seem to deny any genetics, culture or race bar aboriginality and instead of reconciliation, seem hell bent on division. Just sad.

Cancel the annual $40billion indigenous affairs budget. Then we might begin to see some sensible discussion. The entire discourse has been hijacked (for decades) by people desperate for an excuse to justify their pointless meandering through life. How many times have police warned this then just let the march happen with no fines! You weaken your authority every time you do this! Either issue fines or say nothing! AustraliaDay

Qldaah Yes, they should be at the cricket, or the beach, or rioting at Cronulla More race baiting from ABC. If only they had as much interest in trying to unitIng and reconciling people as they have in dividing them. Shame Auntie. You’ve become just another sensationalist tabloid. I do sympathise - but most of us come from countries that have been invaded endlessly and we don't make a great fuss about it. Recognition and restitution are what matters; making yourself look silly just encourages unhelpful people.

Is this the one promoted? In NSW... The blue ties The Daily Telegraph Radio 2gb The plodders A super tight fit... Start with ABC staff that coined the phrase and is responsible for inciting divisiveness. BuT fReEdOm Of SpEeCh - I'm Morrison, Latham, SkyNews after dark crew will all be outraged by this intimidation and threat to free speech... right?

These activists just seem childish & lazy frankly. ‘Cancel Australia Day!’. Why not something truly relevant like stamping out violent behavior in our community - including in police force. No, instead just burn a few flags, yell a few slogans, & goad good police doing their jobs That should include all professional protesters and anyone who has no true indigenous heritage - let’s see what happens then

Yes once again sport must go ahead for the entertainment of the well off, but we can’t gather to mark a terrible day in our history and draw attention to our govt’s refusal to grant a voice to First Nations people UluruStatementOfTheHeart Good, lock up the vermin Funny that ABCaustralia is pushing the Invasion BS... Our government funded news service including SBSNews are WhiteAnting this country in many ways... In China these ppl would be sent to re-education camps or face 20 yrs prison...Treason

Why is our tax $’s being used to fund the ABC who is voice of the minority leftie group in Australia? BS excuse. How many at the cricket and the footy in NSW? Why can't people just say Australia day is about the people today not hundreds of years ago, its not like white people can leave Australia now. So let's make it to celebrate the diversity we have now from all over the world in one place, try a new type of food or cultural game

Nothing has changed in 200+ years...this state and federal government perpetuate the divide and the media thrive! That's NSW GOVT & Police for you. Good work! If it were VictoriaPolice they would be giving them an escort and taking a knee as instructed by their Police Minister and dictatordan. But Gladys breaches Covid restrictions every day! Arrest her.

Getting sick of this. Why not cover some things we are good at involving indigenous and 2nd arrivals. Are they social distancing? Groups of 500 is the limit so go for it. The sun will rise on the 27th. Police invading the protests is very bitter sweet. Will the 500 limit be enforced at beaches tomorrow too ?

ABC seems to be a mouth piece of the Greens They r changing narratives/history an addict for apologies Fine and arrest them all. Change date back NSW had 10,000 people at a cricket match Now telling the public they can’t March More bullshit from GladysB Trace whom at cricket and sporting events? They can't even trace who started the Avalon cluster. Play sports but don't dare promote democracy by marching. Sydney bogan life

Of course they will, it’s the leftist movement. Watch no one be fined. The Andrews government will protect them. u r inciting this. u don’t represent most tax payers. u arent following yr mandate. u need 2 do some research on who was here ‘first’. cancelabc ScottMorrisonMP AustraliaDay Haha, as if a woke-leftist-minority movement will incur the same police and media scrutiny as people opposed to being locked up in their homes over a virus that wouldn't kill them...

So 500 limit outdoors.Making a big song and dance and yet, it was fine to have the cricket? I reckon you have about 20 minutes until Paul Fletcher contacts you at the ABC and gets this tweet taken down or its wording changed to “Police warn people at Sydney Australia Day protest ...” go right ahead but I bet none of them are

But it's totally fine for people to attend the cricket? Why is the government so concerned about Invasion Day protests when apparently not many Australians are that bothered about changing the date? AustraliaDay Spare a thought for the Emus this invasion day. Yes, yes of course; the most obvious news of the day. Packed cricket stadiums are okay but no suddenly Gladys gives a fuck about Covid... In their hubris, they have no sense of how transparently redneck their bias is here.

Hear me out... maybe if protestors hold a cricket match during the protest it'll be all OK with LiberalNSW? I mean, a gathering of 20,000 with social distancing, masks etc was fine for a sporting contest, but apparently exercising one's 'freedom of speech' is not. auspol They should feel the full weight of the law. Nobody has the right to put the greater community at risk.

500 allowed at a protest but 20,000 at sport? Silly organisers. Should've planned for it to be at the SCG. And yet the ABC encourages them to attend. In Victoria, the ABC would be charged with conspiracy to breach the covid rules. Remember the young lady handcuffed in her home in front of her children for a Facebook post asking local people in her country town to protest.

Brought to you, c/- ScottMorrisonMP Hillsong and his comprehensive understanding that AustraliaDay was “not such a flash day” for the 11 (not 12) ships that arrived. Same PM who told cricketaustralia to keep out of politics, honoured MargaretCourt and RupertMurdoch 🙄 !! Oh look, the ABC trying to import American racial-grievance-mongering. Again.

Should we Impeach the ABC for inciting an illegal protest? A line in the sand , have been made with ABC Commom courtesy to the Australian people is a start YES , editorial independence , but Australia day , all huff and puff from these natives is becoming tiresome every year like clockwork The threat of being arrested hangs over the heads of Indigenous Australians evert day of their lives. So, what is new? January 26 is the day WE CELEBRATE, but it was the start of the 180 years the original inhabitants were made outcasts in their own land!!

Yep. Fine ‘em. Lock em up. So much other important shit these stupid ‘invasion day’ drongos could be focussing on, problems they could be solving. So nothing has really changed. Cmon man we’ve just got case numbers back to zero. I support them but now is not the time Intending on packing them into train stations so you can use your trigger happy fingers with your pepper spray? Oh, wait.... been here before! Let’s hope everyone’s wearing a GoPro or live streaming to make sure the police aren’t “prepared” to abuse their already abused power!

National day it January 26. I love Australia ABC contributed to this invasion day caper , every bloody year it goes on despite the fact that Kevin Rudd in the roll of PM did make an apology to Aboriginal people that fully recognised the wrongs committed by early settlers and British soldiers. Police have a significantly higher rate of intimate partner violence than the general population.

Freedom of Expression. is NOT We all became Australians on the same day! This is why we celebrate Australia Day on the 26th of January! This was the day Australians became free to make our own decisions about which wars we would fight and how our citizens would be treated. (16 One nation equal under one law

What if the protestors have a cricket bat or tennis racquet with them? This gov gets more dictatorship every day . Appalling David Bowie - Let's Dance (Official Video) via YouTube Who started the protests? ABC promotes protests. Of course they will be. Never for a moment expect a copper won't arrest a blackfella when he gets the chance!

The ABCs role in all this is starting to smack of Alan Jones around Cronulla riot time. IhopeItStaysPeaceful Your propaganda is not effective. Time for vocal minority drunks, thieves & petrol sniffers to come out & blame the white man again! If it was JAPAN or CHINA that settled here all the ABORIGINALS would have been culled off, or if lucky ENSLAVED like the Uighurs! Think of THOSE consequences IF you're sober enough!

Good. Their entitled arrogance during this time of great and widespread fear and sadness is just awful. Not a chance the police are going to walk into that PR nightmare Shame on you, ABC