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PM has 'humiliated' Australia Post CEO over watch scandal, lawyer says

PM has 'humiliated' Australia Post CEO over watch scandal, lawyer says

29/10/2020 10:07:00 AM

PM has 'humiliated' Australia Post CEO over watch scandal, lawyer says

The lawyer representing embattled Australia Post CEO Christine Holgate accuses the Prime Minister of humiliating his client in Parliament, saying there is no legal reason for her to stand aside.

Print text onlyPrintCancelThe lawyer representing embattled Australia Post CEO Christine Holgate has accused the Prime Minister of humiliating his client in Parliament.Key points:Ms Holgate's lawyer says he does not think there is legal ground for his client to be stood down

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Last week, Ms Holgate stood aside after an investigation was ordered into why senior executives were given Cartier watchesAustralia Post spent $20,000 on the watches for four members of staff in 2018Last week, Communications Minister Paul Fletcher and Prime Minister Scott Morrison demanded an

investigation into the purchase of four Cartier watches worth $20,000 as giftsto senior executives in 2018.Mr Fletcher said he told the Australia Post chair to ask Ms Holgate to stand aside while the inquiry was underway.In a statement, Ms Holgate's lawyer Bryan Belling said his client would support a fair investigation but he believed there were no legal grounds for her to be stood down.

"It is now exactly seven days since Ms Holgate was the subject of a humiliating answer during Question Time," he wrote."It is incumbent on the board to formally notify Ms Holgate that she has been stood down, and this notification must stipulate the grounds for this action … the board has failed to do so.

"Legally, in my opinion there are no grounds for Ms Holgate to be stood down, and 'optics' is not a legally valid defence."Mr Morrison told Parliament last week he was "appalled" and that the gifts were "disgraceful and not on", after Ms Holgate told Senate Estimates about the purchase of the four luxury watches.

"We are the shareholders of Australia Post on behalf of the Australian people," he said at the time."The chief executive … has been instructed to stand aside, if she doesn't wish to do that, she can go."He also said the Government was seeking legal advice about whether Ms Holgate should continue to receive her $27,000-a-week salary while the investigation takes place.

Ms Holgate said the watches were a gift on behalf of the chair and herself for a small group of people who worked to secure a multi-million-dollar deal.Australia Post CEO Christine Holgate argues the Prime Minister humiliated her.()Conflicting reports on communications

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Mr Belling goes onto say he was "left with no choice but to publish this statement" after receiving no replies from the board and chairman of Australia Post despite writing to them in the past week.A statement from an Australia Post spokesperson said Ms Holgate and the chair agreed over the phone that she would stand aside.

"Australia Post has been communicating frequently with Ms Holgate regarding the current situation and ensuring appropriate support has been provided," they said in a statement."The chair stands by his previously made statement on Thursday 22 October that Ms Holgate will stand aside and this was agreed to by both parties in a telephone conversation."

The offices of both the Communications Minister and the Prime Minister said this was a matter for Australia Post. Read more: ABC News »

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She is overpaid and over valued. Its time we stopped the this board BS using the excuse we need to pay top salaries to get top people. It's a circuitous argument that feeds on itself. Good. Maybe he would have given 'his full support' if she'd payed 10x retail value for the watches & rooted the watch salesman gaining commission? 🤔😂

Humiliated fuck me she got told off for wasting taxpayers money she should’ve just simply got the sack straight away!!! This bitch is receiving $27,000 a week for what ! This is not private enterprise this is a publicly owned entity how can that be justified? The bloody prime minister doesn’t get that ! Aust Post costs more and delivers less, for that money we should at least see improvement.

Morrison the bully has no issues with employers using money from Jobkeeper to pay themselves huge bonuses and shareholders dividends. He is so low je is approaching Tony Abbott status. ScottMorrisonMP is an embarrassment. We have ScottyFromMarketing , the LiarFromTheShire , ScottyAndTheGrifters SnottyScotty I wish Australia was ScottFree At best this watch nonsense was a distraction. I hope it bites him on the arse

yeah so what For her salary, and wearing her watch, Scomo can humiliate me anytime. But I don’t think that rich people really can be humiliated. There’s always the bathtub full of cash to console them at the end of the day. Meanwhile, I’m waiting on a letter. auspol She humiliated herself. Are u serious? Why didnt you buy scott morrison a watch. He wouldve kept his mouth closed to lol ya rabbit

Sue him personally Christine, we 'the people' don't support him, we shouldn't pay!' Sorry. Here is the real problem: 'Ms Holgate said the watches were a gift on behalf of the chair and herself for a small group of people who worked to secure a multi-million-dollar deal.' They were not a gift from her - the taxpayer paid. No sympathy.

There are many much much bigger scandals/rorts, but ScottMorrisonMP ignores them. Federal ICAC now!! I've got smoke in my crocodile teared eyes. $20k worth of watches is nothing compared to the billions the LNP have stolen/misused/lost over the last 7 years. When he was a schoolboy can you imagine what he was like. I am sure he would have been a BULLY, laughed at disabled and disadvantaged children, ridiculed those less able and SUCKED up to those who he thought might give him some advantage.

Why not ask: Bruce McIver AM - Director (non-executive) Bruce was appointed to the Australia Post Board in Dec 2015. He was most recently the President of the Liberal National Party of Queensland. 4 watches. And meanwhile... Poor baby. Here, have another watch. The outrage over this is pathetic - she rewarded senior employees for winning a lucrative contract. Get over it. The irony is - this will now cost tax payers a lot - when receives a huge payout ( which she will get with ease ).

SportsRorts Gladys the Shredder Federal ICAC I hope she sues him and demands an apology Totally, he is deflecting from much more serious issues within his government Women are the real victims here. Would ABC even tweet this if the Government was a Labour one mmmm perhaps not ...wrongatalllevels The fact that there's people genuinely shocked that this happens is the real story.

It was a failed attempt by ScottMorrisonMP to divert attention from the sports rort, the airport land deal and other very dubious allocation of public funds. It back fired - he looked absolutely foolish. It’s an attempt by ScottMorrisonMP to divert attention from the sports rort, the airport land deal and other very dubious allocation of public funds. He is a bully!

And she should be insulted more. Don’t play the victim and take up the role of a saint Yeah? And what do the taxpayers say? Her mistake was not sending one to Brian Houston...then ScoMo would say nothing 'Ms Holgate's lawyer says he does not think there is legal ground for his client to be stood down' LOL He does not think🤷‍♂️ Even Ms Holgate's lawyer is not convinced of her innocence

Well, Morrison is known as a jerk - that is knee jerk decision maker. My Mum called that foot in mouth disease. Its all a smokescreen by ScoMo. Just like all his policy 'announcements' then months later, nothing has happened. Its almost like he follows in the footsteps of that USA Carrot Farmer... SandiHLogan He's humiliated the whole country, TBH.

Cool. So ScottyFromMarketing 's distraction from own dodginess is going to cost taxpayers more than the watches. She shouldn't be because she is doing whatever all private businesses do. Maybe don't privatise them and maybe be more concerned that the liberal government overpaid for a piece of land by 300 million dollars.

The elephant in the room; where the hell is the PM? Do we even have one? PM was reported to have said: 'It's just not good enough... where's my Rolex?' Oh BooHoo notmypm You can take Scott out ....of the ..bully...but you...can't ...take....anyway, he's a Bully! ScottytheBully Scotty from marketing is a bloody psychopath! The whole tyrade re Aust Post is a distraction by Scotty from the real issues his inept government are doing . Sports rorts, no PPE in ahed care facilities, 30 million dollars paid for land and the list goes on. He is a fake

Yes he has , Mr Morrison while trying to crate a diversion from corrupt land deals and Gladys bedroom stories has humiliated the lady . Compared to their behaviour, Australia’s post office story belongs to the little league of unethical behaviour She has humiliated herself by exposing self glorification over equality by not sharing with those on the floor

aww boo hoo I hope she does hell for leather. Seriously, why exactly was she sacked? Unfair dismissal imo What would expect, if there's a gain in it for him, he'll do it. Would this headline read the same if Christine was Christopher? He’s a bastard Pretty much. So.. not the sports rorts, not the Hawaiian AWOL, not the Marie Antionette NY party while Sydney burned, not the Ruby Princess, not the Aged Care fiasco, not the China debacle, not being a Trump suck-up, not the pandemic lack of “leadership”, etc.. but this is a humiliation?

Morrison is an embarrassment. So he should It’s gross that she gifted these grossly wealthy people with these grossly expensive watches but that goes on all the time. What is Morrison trying to distract us from? What, his and his own government’s corruption. By the way he’s no way as cute as Will Smith.

Pm has humiliated this country, she’s not special. He did indeed but then proceeded to make an absolute arse of himself in the HOR. This govt screws up EVERDAY, it’s just an appalling state of affairs, governance in the gutter💩🤮 “The somebody else’s fault” syndrome I think you’ll find she humiliated herself

Yep thrown under the bus to hide his own shortcomings. Not really, just a pale $xxk distraction from material $xxxm issues Now do sports rorts.

Sidelined Australia Post boss urges supporters not to strikeBesieged Australia Post boss Christine Holgate has urged post offices not to go on strike in her defence, as vitamins mogul Marcus Blackmore said she'd been unfairly treated by the federal government and the media | LisaVisentin LisaVisentin Went to Aussie Post today to send a fax. It took half an hour for the girl to hand feed the pages in one by one. Why? She said that the automatic paper feeder was broken and they didn’t have the funding to replace it. I kid you not. LisaVisentin Lol more likely to strike to demand her resignation LisaVisentin Show me a list of posties who would strike in Christine Holgate’s defense to give away Cartier watches to well remunerated executives 😏

'Humiliating': Christine Holgate says she has not been told to stand down from Australia PostBreaking: Embattled Australia Post boss Christine Holgate claims there are no legal grounds for standing her aside and has accused the Prime Minister of humiliating her in Parliament | LisaVisentin LisaVisentin Holgate is a public servant employee and PM has every right to hire and fire her. LisaVisentin 🤔 LisaVisentin i actually agree with her.

'Humiliating': Christine Holgate says she has not been told to stand down from Australia PostBreaking: In a statement released by her lawyers, the auspost boss says she had not been formally notified by the Australia Post board that she had been stood down. auspost The news was she stood down - not that she was stood down auspost Leave her alone you idiots. auspost She stepped aside, stood down. Went on leave.

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Won’t stand down: Aus Post boss hits backEmbattled Australia Post boss Christine Holgate has signalled a bitter legal war could now loom over the Prime Minister’s “humiliating” decision to stand her down. Awwwww 😪😪(🐊) Didums