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The Prime Minister's calls for unity are falling on deaf ears as former Resources Minister Matt Canavan sends a warning sign over his plans on coal.

The Prime Minister's calls for unity are falling on deaf ears as former Resources Minister Matt Canavan sends a warning sign over his plans on coal.

Nationals Leader Michael McCormack has been forced to pull out of a global road safety summit in Sweden to deal with the rising tensions within his party. Image: News Corp Australia


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The PM has no authority now that he’s shown no courage in disciplining his ministry. Did Morrison think that letting ministers act corruptly would be without consequences?

Go coal go. Only other option go nuclear go.

Canavan has no loyalty to his leader. No loyalty to his party. No loyalty to Queensland. No loyalty to Australia. Because he's 100% owned by Big Coal.

I'm totally deflated with those we have to represent us in ALL parties. Greens : far left. Labour: taxes, taxes, panders,sell outs. Liberals/ national: can't get their shit together, sell outs,no backbone. When will someon step up nd start putting Australia nd it's ppl first.

This is just depressing. We have an opportunity to be a world leader in renewable energy...but no...lets stick with bloody coal. Honestly, this government will go down as the biggest waste of time in living history. They are arrogant, self obsessed and nasty.

ScottMorrisonMP good to see our PM has respected and effective leadership skills

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Australia Latest News, Australia Headlines

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