PM accused of 'failure of leadership' after George Christensen calls for COVID protests at embassies

PM accused of 'failure of leadership' after George Christensen calls for COVID protests at embassies

George, Christensen

6/12/2021 3:48:00 PM

PM accused of 'failure of leadership' after George Christensen calls for COVID protests at embassies

Rogue government MP George Christensen urges viewers of a US web series hosted by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones to protest against Australia's COVID-19 restrictions.

In one instance, Mr Christensen laughed when Jones compared Australian COVID-19 quarantine facilities with Auschwitz because they both had "big fences".In another, Mr Jones described footage of the police presence at anti-vaccination protests around the country as the "Australian version of Tiananmen Square", a 1989 massacre where the People's Liberation Army of China opened fire on unarmed protesters.

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Mr Christensen replied: "Yeah, I think that the good news is though that we have that many citizen journalists at the moment … getting the truth out to people."Shadow Treasurer Jim Chalmers said Prime Minister Scott Morrison urgently needed to rein Mr Christensen in.

"These are dangerous views being pushed by dangerous people and Scott Morrison doesn't have a peep to say about it," he said."This is a complete and utter failure of leadership by Scott Morrison."Neither Mr Christensen's office nor the Prime Minister's office responded to the ABC's request for comment.

The office of the Deputy Prime Minister and Nationals' leader Barnaby Joyce said he was in the United Kingdom and unavailable for comment.Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and right arrows to seek, up and down arrows for volume.WatchDuration: 2 minutes 35 seconds

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MorrisonFail AlboForPM PM should call in police re possible treason. This is why we need better people in charge with Science Ethics Engineering etc. Need people how aren't so blind they can't see when someone is so far down a rabbit hole so much they can't get themselves out. Crazy Dangerous EchoChambers

I've been banned from commenting on The Insiders Facebook page but meanwhile this F'wit gets headline coverage! I'm not the reason for reduced ABC funding - this guy & his mates are! What, again?! He enabled terrorists yet he called environmental movement terrorist Oh look one of the nutters who keeps threatening to resign has lost the plot again. Let’s see how Scotty messes this one up.

Peter_Fox59 What did AusFedPolice accuse GeorgeChristensen of doing? DOES IT RHYME WITH PHEDO? MikeCarlton01 Un-Australian. MemberForManila 🌶 Would love to know who called who to do the interview on this show.

George Christensen uses US conspiracy show appearance to call for Australian embassy protestsThe Coalition backbencher has urged viewers of a far-right US conspiracy theorist’s online show to hold protests outside Australian embassies. nickbonyhady Well he can renounce his citizenship and move to the Phillipines. nickbonyhady Does anyone know when his baby is due? Looks imminent nickbonyhady If he says that you are,'twice as likely to die for whatever reason after being double-jabbed', does this apply to being hit by a bus or truck?

Too right- these are the idiots Morrison has in his cabinet. Vote them out auspol AlboForPM MeckeringBoy Why aren’t we seeing the protests outside Kirribilli House? Accused? Wtf? FreedomRally are cowards They like war talk, duty to answer draft, send troops, protect values and vulnerable. But in pandemic, when govt equally issues orders, based on best efforts and science, they refuse the draft to vax, to protect children, elderly, immuno compomised.

If you go by past experience. ScottMorrisonMP will wait and wait before he says something which will mean nothing and go nowhere which will end with him denying he said it. BarnabyJoyceLNP will make a nonsensical idiotic statement and then blame Labor. I look forward to it! the lnp is a furuncle that needs to be lanced immediately

PM happy to attack a legally constituted State ICAC while remaining silent on a person (with whom he is in coalition) who is calling on people to demonstrate outside Australian embassies. I hope George is ok after that brutal dressing down with a warmed up piece of lettuce he got from David Littleproud.

SuDharmapala This is NOT A NORMAL REACTION.. NO REACTION by PM IS A REACTION. You become The evil you walk past

George Christensen uses US conspiracy show appearance to call for Australian embassy protestsThe Coalition backbencher has urged viewers of a far-right US conspiracy theorist’s online show to hold protests outside Australian embassies. nickbonyhady Well he can renounce his citizenship and move to the Phillipines. nickbonyhady Does anyone know when his baby is due? Looks imminent nickbonyhady If he says that you are,'twice as likely to die for whatever reason after being double-jabbed', does this apply to being hit by a bus or truck?

Our new Foreign Minister and future Philippines Ambassador? Wait on, Scott just has to go and hide for a while. PM says accused no way , l'm a total Failure for SURE THAT'S WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT So, people in Ayr Bowen Mackay Proserpine & SE Townsville how do you feel about your MP going on Alex Jones' show to call for people to protest against Australia? That's right, this LNP bloke made an anti-Australian call. Look at Jones' history:

I don’t know how these people get elected into governing! 🤦‍♂️ QAnonCult This is failure of leadership. So the man who gave us this in 2017👇, who said he was horrified & would take action, but quietly withdrew legal action against the company responsible shortly after & has issued them a new licence now expects us to believe him?LNPCorruptionParty LNPCrimeFamily LNPDisgrace

When Christensen leaves at the next election he will not be missed. Oxygen thief. Bluejenellen It’s not an accusation it’s a fact.

NSW records 208 cases and no deathsBREAKING: NSW has reported 208 new Covid -19 cases as health officials continue to investigate the spread of the Omicron variant.

Can't have a failure of leadership when the LibNats don't have any... I wonder what A_Sinodinos thinks about this call to arms. Dangerous game being played by George. I wonder if George will be hauled into Scott Morrison’s office to be provided ‘support’ like Bridget Archer was. Only bc it is not conducive toward the current propaganda

This is an abhorrent “final straw” for a lot of voters. I'd say George is looking for a gig with Alex in the US. The MemberForManilla would suggest embassies, given he spent so little time in Australia White privilege is bad but shit for brains white privilege is the worst Poor GeorgieChristmaswing is piling on even more weight. I would say he's morbidlyobese.

Live: All the COVID news you need from across AustraliaGet up to speed on all the coronavirus news from across Australia. Follow live. Nuremberg 2 pre trial investigation has begun in Poland's House of Representatives Nuremberg 2 for ABC

What’s the adjective worse than failure 😖 Trump and Co all over again 😖 morrisonfail funny how alex jones mostly turns out to be correct, yet is still labelled a conspiracy theorist. Scott’s got as much leadership as a broken pencil. This MP is a serious threat to our democracy and is hateful in his speeches and has no right and should no better than to reference Nazis. He needs to be removed from parliament immediately ScottMorrisonMP Democracy

How is this man still there? Most workplaces wouldn't allow this and what an insult to people who lived through the events he references Is this a way for Scott to hang onto antivaxx votes at arm’s length? Why is this person still in parliament ? Home cash earning jobs to earns more than $500 per day. getting paid weekly more than $3.5k or more simply doing easy work online. no special skills required for this job and regular earning from this are just awesome.======>> http://Www.ExtraRich1.Com

ScottytheDogWhistler who empathisers with anti-vaxxers, RWNJ, QAnonCult & NeoNazi ‘s Does he carry any tattoo of deities on his body? And, carries them in bed when he gets laid? Or goes to the toilet?

Unwrapping 2022: What to expect once Queensland opens to COVIDThe Premier's gift to Queenslanders this Christmas is opening the state's borders, bringing an influx of people as well as COVID-19. It means 2022 will look very different to the year that was. Expect a lot of tanned people having meltdowns (Banana Bender)ABC staff to have an epiphanous awakening But will they actually open and stay open? Or are we looking at WA 2.0? Feel free to declare urselves ur own country too. We don't need that kind of negativity

Are there any sane Nationals😎 Tint hat trolls from basement of Florida? Putting dfat staff and families at risk D_LittleproudMP SackGeorgeChristensen steph_dalzell AusFedPolice I suspect you might be investigating George for some things. A question to you and ASIOGovAu: is inciting people to attack dfat stations overseas a crime? If it isn't then it should be.

ABC let me help with your reporting “PM supports George Christensen” by not taking him to task. ABC has failure of honestly reporting on George Christensen because of being frightened to upset a vengeful Scott Morrison. Compare the ABC's coverage of this to the weak coverage of Lidia Thorpe's vile comment. They dropped it as soon as they could

Just when you least expect him! Won't someone ask George how much he is being paid to spread disinfo and promote dissent? Has Joshie said anything about this? Is he still prepared to sit in the party room with Christensen after his comments comparing COVID-19 quarantine facilities with the Auschwitz concentration camp?

PM accused of 'failure of leadership' So, Tuesday.

NSW records 286 COVID-19 cases amid further Omicron infectionsFurther detail will become available late Sunday morning but Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant remains concerned about rising virus infections in the city, including a cluster of 13 cases across students and staff at Regents Park Christian School and attendees at the Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym at Villawood. Only stopping close contact can truly stop COVID spread! Use free BostApp instead to safely communicate with people nearby. Download for free at Apple & Google The DoPeToll Rising 🤔

This bloke has to be the sook of the year! Why is this person even allowed to walk our streets, is this not menace with a dangerous weapon? Just the one? I reckon the Oxford definition may have changed this year to accomodate our relentless hashtag generator. Jog on nutter and get jabbed🤪 Scott Morrison supports George Christensen. ABC get your facts straight. Scott Morrison will not bite you for being honest. Don’t be frightened.

Extremest hierarchy..... this is beyond a joke now!!!! On this issue Christensen is correct & ought to be supported. NO to covax mandates, such mandates are crimes against humanity. Never forget failed Catholic seminary reject christensen is a huge fan of duterte and his no questions asked citizen bounty reward for anyone considered as using, or dealing in drugs? Resulting in the murders of thousands of innocent victims, including children as young as 3!

Christensen, importing the Trump playbook and catering for the conservative rump on the far right. Coalition want to keep them in the fold. Kelly and Palmer on the same track. Morrison content with parliamentarians and Government members gross perversions of truth.

Did he include our embassy in Manila? He is busy undermining NSW ICAC at moment. He can not be expected to focus on more than 1 thing at a time. 🥴 He'll be a one nation candidate after next election. Guarantee! This is so seriously dangerous for democracy, I'm having trouble processing it. Morrison & Barnaby by their inactions to condemn this outrageous statement are on the side of George Christensen, this means the LNP are a far right political party.

last hurrah before being kicked at the next election auspol What actual community value has this publicly funded sex tourist provided in his time These protesters will be known as the Shriller's Thriller in Manila Comments from a troubled malfeasant? Not seriously flagging this are we? Can't begin to describe disjunct between any fear of govt control that 'anti vaxxers' etc may feel about change to the social contract during a pandemic, & what my grandmother suffered in Auschwitz. Extraordinary lack of understanding of Auschwitz to try & make a comparison.

Worse than an embarrassment, he's a danger to citizens of his own country. Will he take responsibility if an Australian is hurt by one the 'protestors' he calls on? Or anyone for that matter? It's predictable and therefore would be criminal.

The Phillipines embassy has a red light out the front just so George feels at home when he visits Barnaby’s in the UK? What’s he doing there? Is he on a drought envoy again? This buffoon is a great distraction tool for LNP as are the statements the Gladys will make a great federal politician, helps keep the media’s eyes off Labor, expect more of these stupid stories leading up to the election

Really people actually vote for this fine looking specimen 🙄 😒 Please George, the fence to the Australian embassy in Manila is waiting for you.. Bye!! Which embassies does George Christensen wanna protest at... KFC...? Maccas...? Or does he have a touch of the 'Jareds' and go for Subway...!!! Shouldn't this be a matter for ASIO or Federal Police. Surely this is treason.

Another failure of leadership? Add it to the pile! Number of protestors outside Australian embassies = zero. auspol Oh George you are in serious need of help, time to head back to Manila (permanently)

If there was a federal ICAC, he would be gone. Seriously people of Dawson? George Christensen is the best you could find to represent you? What is wrong you with people? I hope you're as ashamed of your choice as we are. Poster boy for the tin foil hat wearing loony lads This is stupid. The protests should be at all the Chinese embassies. They caused the problem.

Shouldn't he be off doing some sex tourism in the Phillipines? I doubt any politician is this honest, telling it how it is? Really? I had literally lost hope after the child vaccine roll-out before controlling the 'pandemic'. This is play by play 1930s Germany. Less the genocide. Leadership is only one of his failures ScottMorrisonMP

Why would SloMo want to stop Christensen? George is basically on a sandbox to the people who are going to give SloMo the votes he needs.