Plea for lifeline for 1.1 million people on temporary visas

4/05/2020 12:10:00 AM

Across Australia, temporary visa holders have been left without federal government supports like JobKeeper and JobSeeker.

Across Australia, about 1.1 million temporary visa holders have been left without federal government supports like JobKeeper and JobSeeker

Across Australia, temporary visa holders have been left without federal government supports like JobKeeper and JobSeeker.

Play video "Similarly with insecure visas, people are much less likely to go to the hospital even if they are unwell.Very large text size Beijing: From the United States to Europe and Asia, people in many parts of the world are emerging from their homes as virus-related restrictions begin to ease and springtime temperatures climb.Frosts could extend into eastern South Australia on Monday morning.Very large text size Washington: As I hopped into an Uber last week to head to Ronald Reagan Airport, just outside Washington DC, I felt a mixture of apprehension and disbelief.

" Professor Toole said Singapore's experience should be a cautionary tale for Australia.There, the country was showing early and promising signs it was containing the spread of the virus.India on Sunday reported more than 2600 new cases, its biggest single-day jump.But having failed to address living conditions for migrant workers, Singapore's cases have leapt to more than 16,000.The low pressure system spins, resulting in a clash of hot and cold air.Distress calls are also coming from a coalition of advocacy groups who want the government to give people receiving the disability support pension and their carers the fortnightly $550 COVID-19 supplement that is available to those receiving JobSeeker, Youth Allowance and Austudy.People filling the street in Barcelona on Saturday, able to exercise for the first time in months.An open letter penned by Disabled People's Organisations Australia and endorsed by more than 70 organisations said the disability pension was inadequate support during the crisis.No special coronavirus restrictions apply when flying in and out of Virginia's Ronald Reagan Airport.

Sydney's Brendan Brest, 22, who lives with a mental health disability, said he had worked his way up from a life on the streets to living in transitional housing, with a view to moving into private, shared accommodation.Nearly 1.Some coastal erosion is possible with large and powerful waves predicted to hit the coastline.He said he was climbing the ranks with his job at an airline when the crisis struck, and was stood down."I was on the verge of building myself up.Many spots limited the number of daily visitors to 30 per cent of capacity or less, keeping crowds below average.I was looking at being stable."There is a risk of losses of lambs and sheep exposed to these conditions," the BOM spokesman said.I was on the uphill and when all this turned up it just dropped," Mr Brest said.In New York City's Central Park, joggers moved past each other without a glance on Saturday, and a steady stream of folks left tips for a trio working their way through a set of jazz standards alfresco.I needn't have bothered.

After earning up to $1000 a fortnight with his pension and wage combined, he now receives half that amount once his community housing provider deducts rent from the government payment.Minus living expenses, Mr Brest said he would not have enough to catch the train to work if he still had a job."All my dates have been cancelled through September, and I don't know if any will come back this year.Posted."The risk of going back to being homeless is there," he said.Loading Pam Barker, CEO of youth homelessness peak body YFoundations, said a lot of people on the disability pension used employment to supplement their incomes." Shoppers in Vienna wait to get into a Zara clothing store opening for the first time since the government imposed restrictions to slow the spread of coronavirus.She said there was an increase of young people sleeping rough, which was likely to continue with other factors such as rental stress and domestic violence.I wasn't required to fill out any forms about my health or travel history.

A spokesperson for Families and Social Services Minister Anne Ruston said the disability pension was a long-term payment that was already paid at the highest rate of support in the system, "significantly higher than the JobSeeker base rate – because recipients are not expected to work to support themselves.Margie Roebuck and her husband were among the first on the sand at Island Beach State Park." The spokesperson added the disability pension, which can be up to $944 a fortnight for singles, would continue to be paid at a higher rate than JobSeeker, which was $565.70 fortnightly for singles.In Spain, many ventured out Saturday for the first time since a lockdown began on March 14.Disability pension recipients would also be among those to receive two separate support payments in response to the crisis, the spokesperson said.But disabled people who access the JobSeeker payment lose their eligibility for support.You sure notice that it has been a month and I am not in shape," Cristina Palomeque said in Barcelona.That was a big change from everyday life in Washington, where face masks have become virtually ubiquitous.

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What are their countries doing? If we went to India Pakistan China we would get fuck all assistance from them. Maybe their governments should stand up and care for their citizens too. They all know and choose to come here knowing their entitlements. Tas & SA are giving millions. To get a visa, you need to demonstrate that you can sustain your financial independence for a period of time: this is exactly the reason why the visa condition exists.

that's the risk you take on a temp visa, you are aware that you not receive any government handouts, not eligible for the dole, Ltd access to Medicare (depending on which country you come from)I had to go through the process when I first arrived here and took me 3 yrs to get pr. There are citizens with no federal government support whatsoever. Why should we be giving taxpayer money to foreigners? The condition of their visas is that they SUPPORT THEMSELVES without resort to government help.

it’s baffling the amount of people telling temporary migrants to go and F... off. Are we forgetting they came here to be part of our country? the road is: temporary - permanent - citizen. We let them come here we are now responsible for them. At least until they get back home SEE EU... EUROPE..... RACIST XENOPHOBIC AUSSIE...

Fun fact for anyone who thinks temp migrants have no right to financial assistance - they pay sponsorship fees not just tax. They literally pay to be here. How’s that for a bit of perspective ? It's nothing to with paying tax it's to do with employment ..You can't feed your self and was told to return to this virus is finished and wiped out's world wide not just Australia ...wake up

Send them home ..real simple it's an epidemic they should not be's WRONG to keep them here all work visas should have been stopped's time to fight this epidemic by sending all work visas home ....real all ships passages it's time to return home deport them all home One can only feel for anyone that has lost their job, whether they are citizens or temp workers, but the louder your chorus the more likely that temp visas will be cancelled altogether. 90% of workers are still working. I’m not sure where the 1.1m figure came from

'Forty-six days was enough': People across the globe emerge from lockdownPeople in many parts of the world are emerging from their homes as virus-related restrictions begin to ease, even as the global pandemic took a turn for the worse elsewhere.

Wow the anti-immigrant brigade literally wait in the wings for these articles. Reality check-temp migrants (many here for years & have kids born here) moved to regions, filled skill shortages in jobs you didn’t want, worked shitty hours for shit pay (coz you won’t) and PAID TAX What are their countries' foreign missions in Australia doing? And where did this 1.1 mil number came from?

Why is this so difficult to fathom? It’s a crisis. It’s a reset. There will be losers. Not everyone will be covered. Temp visa holders are the obvious choice. It’s true, but not our fault. Every nation is going through same tough time. Please reach out to your embassy and get back home. Stay save and get help from community groups for food and groceries. Government has a limit what they can do!

Almost 23 million U.S. jobs were created in the last decade. In a single month, they were all but wiped out In d past weeks we have extra 700k joining d dole queue It would be crazy to add in foreign students n temps We r not running a charity IMHO this should be considered GladysB marshall_steven AnnastaciaMP DanielAndrewsMP JoshFrydenberg AlboMP ScottMorrisonMP

I’m sorry for you all but please go to your Embassy for help or go home. We have to look after our own first. Damn thats rough 'Temporary visa' That is the point, Time to go home

Frost, sub-zero temperatures and blizzards possible as cold front moves across south-east - ABC NewsAn unusually early cold snap is delivering snow, frost and strong winds, and while temperatures will increase back towards average for a few days as the system moves out to sea, another bout of bad weather will soon move east from WA. GlobalCooling!! Let's whip up the hysteria 🤓 ClimateIdiots Global warming. The first 3 days of Summer in Vic was snowing & again now. I thought TheirABC & the BoM said the Winters were getting shorter.

You were told to go to your home country seek help from your family or embassy irresponsable gohome So if I were in another country during this timw would that country give me welfare

Flying across the US during a pandemic was a breezeMy experience travelling from Washington to one of America's coronavirus hot spots was remarkably relaxed - at times worryingly so. Trump = USA the greatest country in the world. Reality = by virtue of their military hardware only. Covid 19 is showing the social cracks in society. Breakdown in federal and state systems. A general ignorance of what is happening outside their own state or country. In the LEGO movie, that’s how the Trump government handles the virus! Snagged just now. No planes across Australia... but up north?...

North and South Korea exchange gunfire across border at guard post - ABC NewsMultiple gunshots from the North are met with return fire, raising tensions in the region, a day after the North Korean leader reappeared in public. Korean War 2: Electric Boogaloo Angry Kim

'Forty-six days was enough': People across the globe emerge from lockdownFrom the US to Europe and Asia, people in many parts of the world are emerging from their homes as virus-related restrictions begin to ease. But the global pandemic is taking a turn for the worse elsewhere. Yes, yes good sheep. Mingle and associate so Big Brother can usher in phase 2, aka the 'second wave'. Further lock-downs, harsher restrictions and more widespread testing (schools) to help further inflate the numbers of this perpetual boogeyman. You'll be begging for the needle. 👍 So sick of mainstream media lies. Just f*ck off. We don’t believe in this scam anymore (well I never did).

Parks crowded as some US states exit lockdownThe number of US coronavirus cases has topped 1.1 million as the death toll continues to climb towards 70,000. Looks ok to me. Families don’t have to Be 1,5m apart. No wonder they can’t get covid19 under control. Dumba** Americans. Always about me me me. Freedom is a wonderful concept but it costs and they will be paying with there lives.