Photos of AFL great’s arrest leaked

4/05/2020 1:44:00 AM

AFL great Dean Laidley will remain in police custody until his court appearance on May 11 following his arrest on Saturday night.

The lawyer of Dean Laidley is “outraged” leaked photos of Victoria police allegedly interviewing the AFL great have been shared online.

AFL great Dean Laidley will remain in police custody until his court appearance on May 11 following his arrest on Saturday night.

The North Melbourne premiership player has been remanded in custody on stalking and other charges., with the Victoria Racing Club willing to go head-to-head with the grand final if it falls on the opening day of the Cup carnival.Photos released to celebrate Princess Charlotte's fifth birthday 02/05/2020 | 1min Four new photos of Princess Charlotte have been released to celebrate her fifth birthday.That left observers to glean what they could from visual cues about the supreme leader's appearance, entourage and surroundings.

The former Kangaroos coach faced Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on Sunday.after an alleged incident outside a home in St Kilda about 9pm, police said in a statement.October 31 is when the Cup carnival is due to kick off with Victoria Derby Day, although there is a view in Victorian sporting circles that October 24 – Cox Plate day – is a more likely date for the grand final.The Moonee Ponds man was charged with stalking and other matters.Favourite.Photos appearing to show Laidley inside a Melbourne police station interview room were leaked online on Sunday night.The 2020 edition faces a possible clash with a delayed AFL grand final.One photo allegedly captured from outside the formal interview room shows Laidley wearing a blonde wig.US officials said they were told Kim was in critical condition after undergoing a cardiovascular procedure.

A second photo of a computer screen allegedly shows Laidley’s official mug shot.But a number of factors, including byes, will determine when it ends.The leaked images led to Laidley’s lawyers calling for an official internal investigation.Laidley’s lawyer, Dee Giannopolous from Doogue and George posted on Twitter: “Outraged that pictures of my client, taken by some police officer, on the sly, when in custody in interview have hit the media.Advertisement He said the VRC would work with the AFL to get the best possible outcome for Victorian sports fans.Typical”.Alleged police mug shot of Dean Laidley Source:Supplied Her colleague Bill Doogue called for a formal investigation into the leak."Would they both be on a day format? We have to be on a day format.His entourage Kim's younger sister, Kim Yo-jong, was among those standing closest to the leader in several photographs from the Sunchon Phosphatic Fertiliser Factory visit.

“Police should investigate and those involved pull down immediately,” the defence lawyer posted.“Disgraceful.That news [about a possible Derby Day clash], I am not falling on the ground because of that.Taking photos unlawfully and sharing them.And these were sneaky photos while in Police interview in Police Station by a Police Officer." Williams, who has had six Melbourne Cup winners, believes that if anyone has to shift it should be the football code, not the racing classic.” Victoria’s leading civil liberties advocate on Sunday labelled the leaking of the photos “unacceptable”.3.

“The images circulating of a high-profile arrest today are deplorable breach of privacy,” Liberty Victoria posted in a tweet."If they must play football in the racing territory play on a Sunday.“The transphobic overtones only serve to make the breach even more egregious.“Not good enough @VictoriaPolice: we are watching." Although Flemington is unlikely to be able to host the usual 100,000-strong crowd that throngs the track on most Derby Days, Wilson is hopeful restrictions will have been relaxed enough to at least allow between 10,000 and 30,000 on-course patrons for the fixture.Twitter picture allegedly of Dean Laidley after his arrest.Source:Twitter “Please deal with this unacceptable incident swiftly & properly.It would be fraught with logistical difficulties for a horse who qualifies for the great race by winning the Hotham Handicap on Derby Day, giving it only a two-day break to the Cup itself.Kim's regime has said it has no confirmed infections from the virus.

” Former AFL agent Ricky Nixon, who says he managed Laidley for 15 years, posted on Twitter on Sunday it was a “bloody disgrace” that photos of Laidley were leaked.Channel 7 and The West Australian report Victoria Police have launched an internal investigation into how the photos of Laidley were leaked.The Age reported last month that Moonee Valley Racing Club would consider running the Cox Plate under lights, which would enable broadcaster Channel Seven to roll from the football into the country's top weight-for-age race.Victoria Police have confirmed Professional Standards Command has been notified of the matter.Dean Laidley remains in custody.Wilson says the VRC is still planning for the status quo.Source:News Limited Victoria Police earlier released a statement on Sunday evening confirming the arrest.Kim used a similar vehicle to give Chinese President Xi Jinping a tour during his visit last year to Pyongyang.

“Police arrested a 53-year-old man on Saturday 2 May in relation to an incident outside (an) address in St Kilda about 9pm,” the statement read."It might not be the big footprint of 100,000, but we have got so much space.“He was charged with stalking and other matters.“The Moonee Ponds man was held over to appear before Melbourne Magistrates’ Court today, Sunday 3 May.Loading "The AFL has been bouncing around a bit, and if they are now saying an end of October grand final it could be a mega day.“He was remanded to appear at the same court on 11 May.“As the matter is before the court it would be inappropriate to comment further at this time..The development of the factory itself has been closely watched in open-source satellite analysis for years.

” Laidley played 151 games for West Coast and North Melbourne.He coached the Kangaroos for six and a half seasons.but we will reach out to the AFL and work with them to see if we can get the best outcome.trending in sport.

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Take this photo down. Outrageous. Dean, if you’re reading this, just own it. Sports stars having been doing this way before you. I give you The Worm... Wow So why do you share it again? ScoRo1869 one of your guys? And it seems you don't share her same view considering doing the exact same thing He was just on his way to the library for a storytelling session.

Geez, a stint at Collingwood really can change a man. Yo, i laughed at first then stopped myself. Poor blokes got a wife, kids and many other family members. Y'all want them to kill themselves huh? More likely it was the lawyer who 'leaked' the pics!

Hands off Cup carnival timeslot: Lloyd Williams' warning to AFLThe AFL has set a target of October 31 to finish its revamped season. It's the very same day when the Cup carnival is due to kick off with Victoria Derby Day. Have you not noticed that most people don't actually care? Night Grand Final Seriously not an issue. Plenty of us can manage to keep one eye/ear on the racing & one on the footy, been doing it for years. It's not as if crowds are a problem, won't be attendances at either. Racing authorities just need to be careful about timing of major races on the day.

She should've just said 'nothing to see here, it was bin night' and we'd all have moved on to other news 😬 You turned a tweet into a story 🤦‍♂️ You talk about how bad leaking and sharing the photo is, yet you're the main culprits. Its almost as if you want an escalation to this story just so you can get more clicks. When will you stop? Once an innocent family members harms themself? takes their own life? Fucking germs!

Drugs are bad mmmkay! Is it Mad Monday already So you share it again 🤦🏼‍♀️ Would the VictoriaPolice AKA The Stasi, have the balls to leak photos of African Gang members in custody 🤔. AND YOU KEEP POSTING THEM You are as guilty as the photographer Who would be more of the arse hole..A police officer taking a pic or the media plastering it all over the internet...

Wait, is he in drag 😳

Photos released to celebrate Princess Charlotte's fifth birthday | Sky News AustraliaFour new photos of Princess Charlotte have been released to celebrate her fifth birthday. \n\nThe pictures were taken by her mother The Duchess of Cambridge.\n\nThe photos - which were snapped last month on Sandringham Estate - show the young royal helping to pack and deliver food packages for isolated pensioners in Norfolk. she looks like queen elizabeth We are living in the 21st century. I don't get being born king/queen. We work and achieve. She is a cute kid. Princess Charlotte is such a darling little girl and looking more and more like her great grandmother, Queen Elizabeth xxxx

Why have you posted the photo I would have thought she'd realise publicly acknowledging it like that is going to draw more attention to it by people who hadn't seen it. And yet you choose to print the photo.. fuck you guys are just beyond horrible

A golf cart, a white stick: New Kim Jong-un photos hold clues to mysterious absencePropaganda reports on Saturday about Kim's visit to a fertiliser factory north-east of Pyongyang didn't make the slightest allusion to the global speculation about his health in recent weeks Doesn't look like him

AFL chief Gillon McLachlan says a June return to play is plausible, and that restart options may not be limited to hubs - ABC NewsAFL chief Gillon McLachlan is cautiously optimistic following yesterday's National Cabinet meeting — and he leaves open the possibility that the league's hubs model might not be needed to get through the season. what is the point of playing a short season? I hope it doesn't happen. It's been great not hearing about AFL that much anymore.

Coronavirus updates LIVE: COVID-19 cluster emerges at Melbourne meat processing facility; AFL hoping for June rebootIf you suspect you or a family member has coronavirus you should call (not visit) your GP or ring the national Coronavirus Health Information Hotline on 1800 020 080. Annoyingly, these tweets link to the blog, not to the story in the headline. I hate the the blog. It is simply accumulated uncurated info. I can get that here. Where is this facility?

'Where's the proof of life?': Photos purportedly showing Kim Jong Un called into question | Sky News AustraliaRMIT Professor Joe Siracusa has questioned the legitimacy of photos purportedly showing Kim Jong Un for the first time since his 'disappearance' 20 days ago. \n\nSouth Korean media is reporting the first sighting of the North Korean leader at a fertilizer plant in the capital, Pyongyang, but Professor Siracusa said 'I just don't believe it'. \n\n“We have a photo or two provided by the North Korea propaganda agency, but nobody has any positive proof this guy is moving around,” he told Sky News. \n\n“This picture, I just don’t believe it. Where’s the proof of life? \n\n“The mystery goes on, Kim is still out of action as far as we know, and the game of Where’s Wally continues.” \n\nMr Siracusa said even if Chairman Kim returned in good health, “it still does not argue against the fragility of this regime and the danger it imposes for everybody else”. \n\n“If regimes are indistinct about who the leader is, we’re indistinct about who’s got their finger on the button.” \n\nThe RMIT Professor said Chairman Kim proved an integral player in international diplomacy and reports he was in bad health threatened international relations. \n\n“Chairman Kim is very important to Trump, he represents three years of diplomacy with North Korea,” he said. \n\n“He’s also very important to the South Koreans. He represents the whole faith they have in reunification. They want to keep him on board and they don’t want to upset anybody or destabilise anything.” Want proof of life? ReaIKimJongUn . Poor horse 🐎 Taxidermy has come so far. I'm impressed! Disclaimer: I'm joking.