Peter Dutton has 'grave concerns' over plan to rescue Australians in Syrian detention camps

5/10/2022 5:17:00 AM

Peter Dutton has 'grave concerns' over plan to rescue Australians in Syrian detention camps

National Security, Federal Politics

Peter Dutton has 'grave concerns' over plan to rescue Australians in Syria n detention camps

After an ASIO briefing, Peter Dutton says he holds 'grave concerns' that rescuing women and children from detention camps in Syria will pose significant risk to the safety of Australians.

Share this articleCopy linkShareFederal opposition leader Peter Dutton believes there is a significant risk to the Australian public in bringing back Australian women and children from Syria, after he was yesterday given a top-secret briefing by security agencies.

Key points:The federal government is planning to bring home dozens of Australian women and children in Syrian detention campsPeter Dutton says he is not convinced that Australians will be able to be kept safe if they do returnHe says the government must offer a full explanation of the rescue proposal

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Yes and no one wants to 'Rescue' Julian Assange in contrast. Strange that one. StopHazaraGeoncide MurdochABC. A rolling platform for the discredited former Government. Bet he has more concerns about a transparent federal icac Nobody cares what you think PeterDutton_MP . You are completely out of touch with mainstream Australia. You are far wealthier than an honest Australian could be. You attempt to spread fear of others to cover your many failures. I we are endangered it is because of you and LNP.

I have grave concerns that the Libs selected the 2nd most hated politicians to lead them after having the most hated politician lead them Australians have grave concerns over... How much airtime P Dutton is getting How much airtime the LNP is getting The overall bias of OUR ABC towards the LNP etc etc

Australians have grave concerns for anybody who takes PeterDutton_MP seriously! Mariefielding8 Peter Dutton who? Never heard of him can you please explain who he is and why we should take any notice of him. Bring back Julian Assange too.

ASIO mission should not be on the ‘front page’ as it puts agents ‘at risk’Nationals Senate leader Bridget McKenzie says she would prefer if the intelligence agency work was not on the “front page”, as discussing the ASIO mission in the media puts “our soldiers and agents at risk”. The federal government has announced ASIO will launch a secret mission to repatriate dozens of women and children in Syria . “The work they do to keep Australians safe and to forward our national interest more broadly needs to be done not on the front page,” she told Sky News Australia. “Anything that puts our people at risk is a problem.”

He has 'grave'concerns as do those who are terrified more innocent people end up in them. In 2014, an image was posted to the Internet showing an Australian seven-year-old holding the severed head of a Syrian soldier. He was 8. That child is now 16 years old. These women left Aus approx 6 years ago. If they have babies now, who are they aligning themselves with?

So does any thinking Australian Grave concerns your kidding right he's risen from the dead that many times HailLordVoldemort Slitheran4Life 😉 Whether he's worried or not, these people are Australia's problem to deal with, not leave them in another country and expect someone else to deal with our issues

Yeah right he's got such a soft card ill save the world The ghoul PeterDutton_MP really doesn't like that we don't have the WhiteAustralia policy any more 😒 PeterDutton_MP you are actively supporting & claiming discrimination of a religious zealot who chose his faith over a footy club & stood down, but you’re openly discriminating against Aussie kids who have had no choice in their religion or family. You can’t have it both ways!

Another reason never to vote for the right wing Mistaken for Au Pairs

Security committee to meet over Syria rescue missionThe Cabinet’s National Security Committee will meet to finalise plans for the secret rescue of 16 women and 42 children. The Department of Home Affairs, ASIO and the Defence Department will organise the mission. The Coalition has expressed concern over the risk posed for Australian personnel involved in the mission. Did they go over there to kill people? Good luck to those poor bastards going into Syria in a SECRET mission! The muzrats would be laying in waiting for them to arrive!!! They denounced Australia when they left. Let them rot over there.

Newsflash - Peter Dutton is worried about someone other than himself, which is a first for him.... The only thing that Dutton could say that would be of any interest is 'I'm resigning from politics.' Nothing else he says is remotely newsworthy... Leave them there. They chose that life. Nobody will care in a few weeks. They'll be forgotten and they'll disappear into the sand,death and turmoil they chose to be in.

Australians have grave concerns over Peter Dutton. We just don't like him. Please get him off our screens Who gives a s*^t?! Seriously who cares what Dutton thinks. What difference does it make. He is irrelevant. Happy to deport criminals to other country's but won't take back his own people. Even though his party went to war in Iraq on a lie. Probably caused a lot of these terrorist in the first place.

Nah she’ll be right - Just ask AlboMP 😡 Does he have such little faith in our security services? What did he do to them when he was in charge? Who cares what Dutton has to say he's done enough damage to Australia.

Families of Australians held in Syrian detention camps welcome ‘incredibly exciting’ news of planned repatriationOne man whose daughter and grandchildren are in the Roj camp says the government has not notified family members of rescue missions To the world StopHazaraGenocide they went to Syria willy nilly Let them rot there 'Just last week we were chanting 'death to Australia' and now we get a change to live out dreams', she said while filling out her Centrelink forms

What’s your point? He’s irrelevant and was born heartless. No news here. Why do you continue to give air time to a barely relevant and definitely unhelpful point of view? Balance? What is Mr 17% balancing? Sounds like a personal problem to me. Dutton is a joke. As if anyone cares what that flop thinks. He's irrelevant, Mr 17%.

Of course he does. Brown people terrify him. Only 17% actually care what he says! How about you interview an authority on these subjects rather than a failed biased politician has been. Grave concerns is exactly what his party this of his leadership 17% and all I wonder if, in the extremely unlikely event of a terrorist attack on Australians by these returning Australians, would it take the lives of anywhere near the number of lives that were taken by the previous LNP govts illegal Robodebt scheme? 😠

Decision to repatriate Australians from Syrian detention camps ‘complicated’Radio broadcaster Michael McLaren says he’s “torn” on the government’s plan to repatriate Australian women and children trapped in Syria n detention camps . “I know that what the government is about to try to undertake is very unpopular because I've raised the issue on air, and I think unanimously the public said they don't want a bar of it,” he told Sky News host Peta Credlin. “With that said, I see some merit in bringing back, in particular, the children, and I understand if you bring the children back, you probably can’t separate them from their mothers, so I suppose they come with them. “It’s terribly complicated, I’m just so glad I’m not the minister having to make the call.' They took their chances and went with the thugs! Stay there, because your children and you especially, will be an ongoing threat to the security of our country!

He and Karen Andrews are the biggest worry. Most of us share his grave views about bringing them back here Might be time to stop interviewing politicians with zero sway over anything anyway Good on ya Dutton. The majority of us share the same view I can't take anything this guy does or says seriously, just look at him. Arghh.

He had no concerns about 'rescuing' white South Africans. FFS ABC go find some real news not these stupid beat-ups. LNP left stranded Aussies all over the World during Covid and They weren't terrorists. LNP just don't like anyone. Who gives a fuck what Mr 17% has to say about anything. Back in the bin ABC.

“Australians” Stop the repatriation of ISIS brides / kids 💁🏻‍♀️ They do not assimilate to Australian way of life AlboMP DogDutton has grave concerns about his leadership. No one cares what Spud thinks, he is irrelevant. I move the spud no longer be heard Those young kids should be locked up forever because of the wayward ways of one of their parents. PeterDutton_MP at his best! Putin and Adolf would be proud!

😂😂😂😂 For some reason, he expressed no 'grave concerns' about South African white farmers or French au pairs coming here. Peter Duttons performance as Defence Minister was a danger to the Australian people. Duttons disgraceful behaviour should never be forgotten. LNPCorruptionParty StopHazaraGenocide

That's what the security agencies are for, and on another note, I have grave concerns that Peter Dutton actually has a beating heart, or is that just me?. Why would we care what Peter Dutton thinks? The new ABC , comes to the fore , reporting everything , the opposition said Yes he loves graves. Yesterday I went to lakamba and I saw very serious finatica Islam's there my massage to AFP to send any one wearing Islamic cloth to out Austral and any hijab to children send the to where come from

Disgusted.... typical LNP. Lack of empathy for human beings This is the softer cuddly Dutton you talk about? True colours shine through eh. I once worked with an Afghan refugee. Convicted in 2015 for attempting to search for a location in Sydney to attack. Also tried to travel to Syria via turkey. Nobody cares

I have grave concerns about

So, we should leave them there? Looks like Labor will be in power for a while. I expect if we help these women and children the entire country will be 'scared to go out to restaurants'? Vintage Dutton dog-whistle. Syrian forces allied with the United States have rounded up hundreds of suspected Islamic State operatives this year in raids on a refugee camp that has been a hotbed of violence perpetrated by terrorist sympathizers,

Peter Dutton has grave concerns about bringing back these people from Syria. I’m guessing 99% of us here also have concerns about bringing these traitors back. Who cares what Dutton thinks about anything? Dutton loves being controlling. He locked up the Sri lankan family for years. Dutton is bully boy. Now Sue me you prick. 🤬

Boy the left wing woke is working overtime . Thank heavens he has spoken out about these terrorists. If these ISIS womens husbands were still alive and winning their war against chtprist Peter Dutton is absolutely correct. Who cares what Peter Dutton thinks? No decency and kindness to be found in this individual.

Would you accept the return of Australians who fight against Ukraine? Australians have grave concerns over Peter Dutton 🤣🤣🤣 who ? Just let them come. We'll learn our lesson pretty quick once we have them terrorizing us. Herr Rotten shpuld take his grave concerns to the cemetery and Bury them... “Grave concerns” hey Mr Dutton. No shit Sherlock!

Stop calling it a rescue , they went to join Isis a terrorist group against everything we in Australia believe in , society , freedoms , everything . Leave them in Syria ! Don’t worry Peter, leave it to the professionals. You stick with the dog whistling and the dodgy paper bag deals with companies that don’t really exist - that is where your expertise lies.

I have grave concerns about Peter Dutton and his ability to read the mood of Australian public majority 🤷‍♀️. Will you write a column about that?

Says Dutton to the only journalist at his press conference Ahhh this is his new soft side ........ I have 'grave concerns' about Peter Dutton! How's his mates going up there at the car yard! I have no doubt.😤 Someone should ignore him. But, just generally, we all have concerns. Concerns that don't change the fact that these are children, and women, and they're Australian citizens, and we can't expect the Kurdish people to bear the costs of caring for them. auspol

I mean literally who cares what he thinks They are not Australians they renounced their citizenship and swore allegiance to the Caliphate. They are soldiers and are not welcome here.Have any renounced their ideology ? Oh of course, a person who has kept people in detention for 10+ years, why would he ever give a shit

Of course Dutton had grave concerns Has no one told the ABC that the LNP lost the election yet? Why are they still the most prominent talking heads?

Embarrassment concerns? They could paint them white force them to join the liberal party. I do too We don’t care what Dutton thinks about anything FFS stop reporting his “thoughts”. Ask someone who is *actually* in government. Hint - that’s not the LNP auspol Labor can’t figure out the majority of Australians Vote Labor and Liberal. Not fkn Labor and the greens. Which would logically mean we want a mix between the two. They’re setting Australia up for a nasty pull to the right, which I don’t even want 🤔

Why do you bother giving this guy so much air, he's a racist, a bigot, not worth the time of day, yesterdays news! Australians have 'grave concerns' of why our ABC seems to give blanket coverage to the leader of the opposition when he makes a statement about a relatively minor issue like this ... They chose to leave the country.. there would have been some indoctrination along the way. Kids don’t know any other ideology

So do I So have Australian people.

I don't give a flying F%k what Dutton thinks about anything, not now, not ever. He lost, a long time ago, any credibility he may have had. He is now the most hypocritical, least credible Politician in Australia. Why doesn't ABC News report on the actual experts who believe that it's better to bring these people home and monitor then closely here, instead of giving boohead Dutton more airtime?

You are the threat to Australia D O N T Leave them where they are!! They are NOT Australian. I have grave concerns about Dutton Mmmm sounds a bit racist to me Why the hell should we bring terrorists home? Syria has been a dump for a long time. Who care what Dut the dud thinks

I suspect the only 'concerns' Dutton really has is that once these people are back and Australians can see who and how they really are, his cruelty will be obvious for all to see. This will not be good for his or LNP's polling numbers. PeterDutton_MP flying his racist red flags again. If he thinks there is something yroublong about will confirm he has no compassion ...none at All Why does ABC give these out of touch LNP fools breathing space

Spud should not use the word 'grave' RobertCawood2 I for one know exactly how radical these terrorist families can be. They hate all and want to kill all who don’t practice their beliefs. It’s drummed into the kids daily by both parents. Funny how ppl are experts with no experience on the matter. Who doesn’t

Callous Of course he does, he’s a racist horrible person… allegedly. I don’t want to be sued. Dear , Why do you waste your resources and our time on reporting what this irrelevance has to say? That must be his 'grave concerns' face

Same old story from Dutton. Why does Dutton want different versions of rights Australian Citizens hold…? ABCaustralia Ask Dutton who writes his scripts. Ask why the LNP did nothing for Aus over the last 9 years. Ask why Dutton is so opposed to everything EVERYTHING Labor does. Ask someone who is in LABOR how the country is going NOT that Dutton f**nuckle. auspol

He has never ceased to try to get political gain on the back of misery imposed upon people. A vile person. Bring home the men too. They were also duped into ISIS. Also, these people are not white, so they cannot be racist!! Grave … probably not WHO F*****G CARES what Dutton says/thinks or does. You are supposed to be the National Broadcaster..NOT a RW Troll Farm!!

What a dramaticing r'sole, there are no guns its a refugee camp, they go in get those Australians and place them in a good place, still waiting to hear of those afghan interpreters that helped the Australian troops, what of them, Dutton will give the same story 'too dangerous'. And sane Aussies are in 100% agreement with him !!!

NWGLP Cry baby by action, cry baby by nature.....was never a tough guy.

Me2 I have grave concerns about keeping Spud in Australia!! Dutton and the dreggs don't have anything constructive to say about anything. Labor are going through the list of failures his party left behind and cleaning up the mess. He should just keep out of the way for a while until he looks like less of a hypocrite when he talks auspol

And once again, who gives a fig about Dutton’s opinion. Who is this Dutton? I have grace concerns about Dutton. Bugger-off spud. Dog whistling. That's all Dutton can do as Left Overs leader. I have grave concerns about Peter Dutton RobertCawood2 There is no grave concerns ..... leve them be. ... don;t destroy 🇦🇺 Australia

Can we please have other views… so much is framed in terms of a minority opposition party. Surely the ABC can do better? The only time I want to hear from Peter Dutton and other members of the former government is when they are under oath before a federal ICAC a federal ICAC. The softer side didn’t last long. Our responsibilities are clear to assist our citizens back home.

SitdownBoofhead That shows you what he thinks of the value of Australian citizenship A plan Really, which is far more advanced than the LNP could be bothered with! Nobody listens to PeterDutton_MP except the Murdoch press. Still waiting for a balanced story about this issue, not the opinion of a right wing bigot who’d sooner detain everyone darker than him for his own prejudiced agenda.

I have grave concerns about the leader of the opposition being the best candidate for his electorate, let alone his portfolio and position. PeterBo49858290 Pretty irrelevant what this bloke thinks hey PeterDutton_MP have you ever thought about just being quiet

Apparently 'Go back to where you came from' isn't a two way street... Says peterdutton who detained people in subhuman standard offshore detention, and made the biloela family’s life a living hell. Says Dutton, an ex QLD cop who staged the ABC Raids in 2019 via Federal Police to silence whistleblowers. Says Dutton, ABC’s favourite politician

Dutton does not like helping those less fortunate, unless of course it's an au pair in need Who cares what spud thinks🙄 Because it is stupid. Appealing to Racism, yet again?! Bring them home… What would he prefer? That they rot in that hell? Most Australians have concerns about radicalism and violence entering the country ?

Dutton has a past on using childrens lives for his own sad little need for power auspol

Stop asking Dutton what he thinks - we don't care. He had a DECADE in power and created pain and suffering wherever he could. He is a thug. Nothing more. Dutton would deny Australians their right! No PeterDutton,rescuing women and children from these appalling detention camps in Syria is a no brainer.Some of the best experts on rehabilitating such people say the risks are very minimal.A tough one agreed,for your far right ilk who have nether brains nor hearts,

Well he looks like an Undertaker.. Would you come back if ISIS was not defeated by POTUS Trump? Pretty simple question. Who cares what the sadist dutton thinks? Forget the opposition, they're irrelevant. He also said he felt sorry for them. He hasn't got an empathetic bone in his body. He'll only feel sorry, and that's when he gets up before the NACC.

The only grave concerns that man should have is how frequently people will be pissing on his. I don’t know who that is, maybe you should give him some more airtime

Then by default, it must be a terrific idea. Why are you platforming this clearly wrong viewpoint? One journo showed to his press conference to platform his lies. ASIO advice is that these people, if monitored, are safe: they were mostly trafficked there and they've all seen how rubbish ISIS is. No one cares.

No heart Those who want the terrorists to come to Australia name the school your kids go to so we know which school to send the junior jihadis to. And so should everyone in Australia have 'Grave concerns' if they value their Lives and Democracy.. Leave Albos terrorists where they are. What's the point of Burgess advising this man? Dutton has obviously decided to go against that advice, because he knows best.

Dutton never misses an opportunity to use vulnerable women and children for his political fear mongering!!

JobsenGroth Bringing jihadi brides and their terrorist spawn back to Australia will just help them to get a head. Neo-Liberal Negativity still prevails! Who cares? Oh, were you at this presser ABC? I saw your reports on these women, ABC. Noticed that you didn't tell us what they were saying about IS/Australia before they left the country. I'd like to know please...

Say no to bringing back these ISIS terrorists PeterDutton_MP Peter has grave concerns these Syrian refugees will come to this country and attack the Dagwood dog industry, depriving him of wrapping lips around a big saucy sav! Finally Is this the soft and cuddly version? Cos it looks a lot like the true to form version

Someone should ask Peter what happened to the ISIS fighters? Where did they all go?

Misleading headline as usual. Australia should accept innocent refugees and displaced persons rather than these worthless murder-tourists. They have aided and abetted murder, supported and succoured terrorism, and they don’t deserve a homecoming. auspol I don’t know if I would want those kids that held severed heads in my children’s class at school. I have concerns as well. Let’s hope it all goes well.

Like he has any care of integrity. I have 'grave concerns' about PeterDutton_MP , but as with his predictable ramblings after having been given the courtesy of security briefings, neither my concerns, or his, are at all relevant. The LNP did bring back of them. What was that deal about RDM 'Yawn'. BuT He'S nOt a MonSteR

Who cares.

Thanks for your concerns Voldemort The thoughts of Mr 19% and his Doggy Bag of Leftovers are pretty irrelevant. Change that headline to “Peter Dutton wants Australian children to rot in refugee camp” Can we swap them for Dutton I'd like to know why there is so many young children if the women are supposed to have nothing to do with their Isis men and theyvef lived in the camp yesrs?

For a bloke who's favourite sentence is 'I move that the member no longer be heard', Mr 17% sure does get a lot of speaking opportunity with the national broadcaster. Sure, Dutton. We believe you. Says the guy who let China into the Pacific! No mention of the women and children. An intentional oversight.

Yes Duttollini has history of locking up little children , breaking UN conventions , committing crimes against children .

Leaving 20 Australian children in Syrian detention camps IS child abuse. Dutton should have grave concerns. No one has any concern for Peter Dutton. Labor is proposing a virtue signalling festive before during and after said operation! SendPenny to pick them up, Show Pony Wong will fix everything! From the bloke with 'zero' credibility... so I would pay attention to anything that PeterDutton_MP says 'BECAUSE?'

Dutton is just another 'Murdoch Muppet Mouthpiece', I imagine he would've been given the 'run-down' by the man himself on his recent US holiday. Head of the leftovers doesn’t get a say anymore! Most of us would be happy to let them and their murderous, religious fascist ideology die over there Who is FOR: Regular execution of gay people Mass rape Total subjugation of women Religious justification of extreme violence ? Very high chance future terrorists in cohort

We know what Peter Dutton and others in the ‘Liberal’ Party think about the women and children in Syrian detention camps. They have been going on about it their whole term in office. So why do you think it is news? It isn’t. The LNP are fearmongering. Of course he has, it may not be rational or based in fact but they are brown 🟤 people who he doesn't like

Peter Dutton be like...

Who? Who cares? Well too bad. He’s not in government now Peter Dutton says '...young males, potentially of fighting age ... socialising with people who have either committed terrorist attacks or who have been planning terrorist attacks...' Perhaps someone should tell him that the rescue plan involves little kids & their mothers. 🙄

Who cares? This is what I so despise about Peter Dutton and the Leftovers. It is their hateful comments deliberately calculated to cause great offence to those less fortunate than themselves. It is spiteful and vindictive. TheRestlessNative Dutton has taken a strategic political position on this topic.

ABC mimicking Sky News now? Who cares who this horrible cruel man thinks not me

Peter Dutton knows nothing apart from fear-mongering and division. He is a thug, devoid of compassion and humanity. I'll take 100 Australian Syrian refugees and give them one Spud. auspol yougrub Dutton Oh dear the ABC is still giving these rotten LNP leftovers oxygen 🤣🤣 RichForrest2 Same Oll’ same old from him, on loop like a broken record, more Two dimensional analysis as usual, it’s his MO.

KatieGrace2022 Can't blame him for that Leave them where they are, they chose to go there we can't be taking an risks How many politicians in the two major parties spoke up for the welfare of the innocent Aussie kids, who had the terrible luck of having jihadis for parents? And what of the even bigger problem of allowing Ministers such broad discretionary powers to cancel citizenship?

I have grave concernes he is leader of the leftovers Yesterday they were saying families, today they spinning Australian Citizens (dual citizens I m guessing) if dual and in a country they are citizens off, you can t play 2 sides. What a lot of crap. Australians yes, dual no. And big No to none AUS families, and I don’t care

Who cares what heartless Dutton has to say about this. They are Australians and they deserve our protection. The US, Germany & other western countries have repatriated these vulnerable people. Time we did too. They’ve been punished enough. I have grave concerns as to why the ABC news keeps giving column inches to the irrelevant opposition leader.

Question what's his alternative? Do women and children deserve a life sentence? Wake up Voldemort,the right wing nationalist play cost your party the last election.

He is walking a fine line between holding on to political supporters and offending those with no common sense. Its a no win situation. He's frightened of his own shadow PeterDutton is engaging in scare tactics again. The LNP forte Please keep Mr Dutton aside. I have serious concern to it. We may end up as Poms if we pursue such political correctness. Following speech on UK Grooming Gang.👇🏾

Champion of secrecy wants to publicise security issues 🧐 Why does it appear that Dutton and his LNP colleagues get so much more time on ABC than Albo and the Labor party did when they were in opposition. Has anyone done any analysis on this? DuttonDressedAsLamb LNPCorruptionParty As have most Australians

USA 🇺🇸, Germany 🇩🇪 & France 🇫🇷 have already repatriated their citizens from Syria 🇸🇾. What do PeterDutton LNP want to happen? For women & children to stay in Syria forever? He wants to treat them like the way they treated refugees - lock them up forever?

I am glad he say this out loud... What a racist & a hypocritical piece of crap he is! 🤬🤬🤬 Why would anyone listen to him! Unless you think delusional you can see that Dutton is just there to cause divide! Like on ANZAC day telling us all to prepare for WAR. Cmon ABC we know you love the LNP but seriously no matter how much you prompt him up he’s always gonna be Dutton

Only because they're brown... The best way to 'radicalise' them is to leave them in these camps. They are Australian citizens and deserve to be in Australia. He has 'grave concerns' alright, but not for anyone but himself. NACC Dutton auspol His concern, of course, is that they'll come home without facing a decade of detention and torture.

Fake news There are no Australians in those camps These women and children can either be 'victims' of an extremist organisation that controls and oppresses women and children or they can be 'radicalise' fighters working to overthrow democracy and freedom. Liberals would change their view as needed to avoid empathy or care.

ASIO will monitor them, just like they did with Man Monis… I always assumed he slept in a grave. Well he had his chance and he's not in charge now. We are all very aware of your compassion for refugees so why would you change your views for Australians that need help. You always have to ask yourself, is it the truth, or did you hear it from Peter Dutton!

Of course he does, Is the Pope Catholic 🥴 This really is laughable Our taxes paying for this rubbish who really cares what he thinks, saying nothing more than that as he is likely to sue I have grave concerns about Peter Dutton. Peter Who? Poor potato 🥔

Grave being the keyword for him DUTTON AN X COP WANTS PEOPLE TO STAY IN JAIL OR DETENTION ONCE A COP ALWAYS A COP!! Who cares he’s not the PM Peter Dutton has.... blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Seriously ABC MOVE ON, THEY LOST He seems to forget, that a country, any country is responsible for its citizens whether their good or bad, you can't pick and choose who you look after and who you don't.

Everything is too hard for the coalition. Accused war criminals get all the military awards under the sun and are made media personalities so what's the big problem? I think you're a national security risk Dutton and need your head read, stop with the fear mongering you are not a winner. These kids were left there because of you.

Who cares what he thinks? His actions are that of a racist. The African gangs debacle which he led & his declaring in parliament that it was a mistake to settle Lebanese migrants here in Australia prove it. White South African farmers & au pairs are definitely ok with him though Who cares what Dutton thinks, he is a nobody. Very cruel and callous of him. These women and children are Australians. He would be all for it if his mate needed au pairs. He is a nasty horrible person and I hope Karma comes after him.

Don’t think Dutts got the May 21 memo. They lost the election party bc everybody was sick of identity politics - learnt no lesson Rescue Love the way abc puts it, they made their choice now they should live with it Who the F cares what he thinks Seriously ABC Enough is Enough I bet some people have grave concerns if we did not return he who has not be named to his ancestor’s land.

Of course he has... heartless cruel people tend to be that way... These women and children are Australian but Dutton & his cronies would deny them any duty of care.. disgraceful behaviour from the Coalition! May they stay in a depleted Opposition for generations to come! Peter who? Who really cares what Spud thinks?

But Irrelevant Pete has no concerns about robodebt, Jobrorter, rape allegations, or ScottyThePowergrabber It's amazing how many far left ABC dropkicks commenting on here that support terrorist.

I thought he was a new, warmer, nicer Peter? But racist Peter is back? 🤷‍♀️ I thought the headline was. Australia has grave concerns about Peter. Save us from the women and children? 🫤 he needs to come out strong about this be louder Peter and what took you so long? Thats because he's a racist prick! Simples!

Because he’d rather put people in detention camps than rescue them? Perhaps Peter Dutton is over concerned he should use the mental health services. As a society's citizen I hope he is safe 'Skull' pulls out the rascist xenophobic card again, so much practice there! Grow up. No need fear in society.

Allow me to amend that headline to reflect reality Peter Dutton has 'grave concerns' over plan to rescue Australians in Syrian detention camps because he's a racist and bigot who just loves seeing non-white, non-Christians suffer - especially kids. Fixed. We are not rescuing them, we are repatriating them through official channels like he has previously done but he knows this.

Does he want to lock them up on Christmas Island again? spud aint changed . thinks theres a mile in this . not for him haha Seriously ? Seriously Please ItaButtrose, go do one, and sharpish, you WetWipe Is he saying that, after all those years of his leadership, our security agencies can't cope with a handful of women and children?

Peter Dutton is cruel and I have concer s about him. I have grave concerns with peter Dutton Mr Irrelevant So…🤷‍♂️

Literally, no one cares. Of cours he does... Now go and report on some news please!!! Scared of traumatised 10 years olds! what a leader Syrian gangs will no doubt soon be roaming Melbourne streets. What Dutton lacks in polls, he makes up for in irrelevance. 😂now now ABC there's no need to be grubs, be better eh 👍

If we can cope with vetting and reintegrating a handful of Oz citizens then we are screwed on many levels Well as a dog whistling bigot, he would.

'Grave concerns' in repatriating Australians in Syria: Peter Dutton Share this article Copy link Share Federal opposition leader Peter Dutton believes there is a significant risk to the Australian public in bringing back Australian women and children from Syria, after he was yesterday given a top-secret briefing by security agencies.Now Playing ASIO mission should not be on the ‘front page’ as it puts agents ‘at risk’ 3 minutes ago Nationals Senate leader Bridget McKenzie says she would prefer if the intelligence agency work was not on the “front page”, as discussing the ASIO mission in the media puts “our soldiers and agents at risk”.36 minutes ago The Cabinet’s National Security Committee will meet to finalise plans for the secret rescue of 16 women and 42 children.Islamic State fighters – who are in the al-Hawl and Roj detention camps.

Key points: The federal government is planning to bring home dozens of Australian women and children in Syrian detention camps Peter Dutton says he is not convinced that Australians will be able to be kept safe if they do return He says the government must offer a full explanation of the rescue proposal The federal government is planning a dangerous repatriation mission for Australian citizens in camps in northern Syria, who have been stuck there since the fall of the Islamic State group in 2019. Details of the operation are being kept secret, given the perilous nature of the rescue efforts and the if and when they return to Australia. “The work they do to keep Australians safe and to forward our national interest more broadly needs to be done not on the front page,” she told Sky News Australia. On Tuesday, Mr Dutton had a briefing with Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) director-general Mike Burgess. Read More. "I'm not going to go into the detail of what he's provided to me," he told reporters in Brisbane.” Read More. "I must say that I am more strongly of the view now that there is a very significant risk in bringing some of these people to our country that can't be mitigated, frankly — not to the level that we would require to keep Australians safe. Sign up to receive an email with the top stories from Guardian Australia every morning Kamalle Dabboussy, whose daughter Mariam and her three children are in the Roj camp in Syria’s north-east, said: “It’s every parent’s wish to ensure their children are safe.

"And I think the government really needs to explain properly what it is they're proposing here." It is believed there are about 20 women and 40 children held in detention camps in Syria. .