People who don’t download COVIDSafe the new anti-vaxxers

5/05/2020 10:00:00 AM


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COMMENT: Look out Australia, there’s a new breed of delusional idiot in town – the anti-appers, who like anti-vaxxers before them are putting us all at risk.


The X FilesUsing Bluetooth, the app recognises other devices with the app installed and effectively makes a “digital handshake” that record the date and time, distance and duration of the contact. Locations are not tracked and no metadata is stored.because it’s a faster, more effective and more accurate method to help with tracing those who may have come in contact with someone carrying the virus.

No, we have not “beaten” the curve, we have “flattened” it. To continue to save lives, reduce restrictions and get the economy back on its feet the government needs us to take up this technological tool as a protective measure.The AustralianSource:Getty Images


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Now screening...welcome to the awakening✨💜♾ nope.... the majority of Australians would not download the app,, This must mean they are awake up to the govs tricks.. News corp will be gone soon There is a new level of stupidity in town it's called You play such a piss weak game. Loss of Narrative control.

You are old fake news. Noone is downloading the rubbish, or signing real names on stupid lists to sit at cafes, or social distancing. You are so far behind reality lol A delusional idiot would use a locating app that picks up everyone within 30 damned metres via Bluetooth. Doh ! It’s ineffectual at best

Aahhh yes .... the old ‘us’ v ‘them’ argument .. RandolpheLibre We all have a choice to make and live with the consequences. If it makes sense to you to have the app on your phone, that’s your choice. If not, that’s your choice too, this is how it is. There are too many brainwashed people who ONLY believe in the mainstream narrative 👎🏻

'More people will need to get tested' as restrictions ease: NSW Premier | Sky News AustraliaGladys Berejiklians has urged people to come forward for COVID-19 testing as New South Wales looks to ease further restrictions. \n\nThe Premier on Tuesday thanked the community for their hard work to stop the spread but said more people would need to be tested as restrictions ease. \n\n“Figures tell us there is increased activity, more people are choosing to work at their workplaces and so we will see during May an increased level of activity but that means more of us need to come forward and get tested,” Ms Berejiklian said. \n\nThree new cases of coronavirus were confirmed overnight out of 5,200 tests.

RandolpheLibre Crazy commie. FFS. Time to unfollow. Bye. OK. So not using an app that malfunctions on your phone is classified in the same category as AntiVaxxers? Well done NewsAustralia MuppetsOfTheYear 😂 MSM is so predictable it's painful. Crap Im all vax'd up so are my family. But dont trust the government and Fucktheapp

I choose to disengage my reptilian DNA so that I have full sovereignty over every aspect of my reality A bit rich, considering it’s not compulsory to download the app; nor is it compulsory for anyone to release their Covid diagnosis via the app. Plus, the system isn’t switched on yet and the app doesn’t even work on half the smartphones anyway

What an absolute crock! The app allegedly tells authorities if you've been in contact for more than 15min with someone with COVID. Does nothing to directly stop the spread of disease; vaccinations do. Abusing people will NOT make them download the app! The idiot is the author! Idiots, not the “anti-appers”, the morons who come up with this drivel and those who publish it

'Forty-six days was enough': People across the globe emerge from lockdownPeople in many parts of the world are emerging from their homes as virus-related restrictions begin to ease, even as the global pandemic took a turn for the worse elsewhere.

No just not sheep like yourself! I prefer to be called a ' don't tell me what to fucking doer ' This fear mongering is freaking out older people who don't have smartphones, but who think they need this app to survive. Shame on you for pushing this BS line. Vaccines only get released when they're proven to work. This app is proven to not work.

How does this app keep us safe? Especially when it doesn't work on iPhones and has some major privacy issues on Android? How close for bluetooth range? Full range or does it depend on signal strength? Ton of false positives from being in a car, behind glass or thru walls. Pretty sure us ‘delusional idiots’ wouldn’t object to this one.... (Oh, and by the way, insulting Australian free thinkers is not journalism. Just saying). facistmedia

They haven't even looked into the FACT of what Bluetooth being constantly on, radiating through our bodies, does to our health.. but yeah WE'RE the idiots. Get a freaking grip, you 10th rate fake news journos Yoda said 'Fear leads to an app, app leads to vaccination, vaccination leads to microchip, microchip leads to direct mind control' Well he didn't but I'm sure he would have. AussieQ dontbuythelies

I just hope those who download the app know it does not prevent them from getting COVID19 and it will not alert them immediately to those close by who are COVID positive. I hope they understand that social distancing and hand washing are still vital. lolololol I can't even download it cause your masters are too busy screwing over the poor for me to afford to buy an updated phone. Nice try at guilt tripping us into doing something we can't.

Maybe China got this right. No app, no access to public transport, restaurants, shopping centres etc

Plea for lifeline for 1.1 million people on temporary visasAcross Australia, about 1.1 million temporary visa holders have been left without federal government supports like JobKeeper and JobSeeker So if I were in another country during this timw would that country give me welfare You were told to go to your home country seek help from your family or embassy irresponsable gohome Damn thats rough

Maybe there’s another take: we don’t like this govt. We don’t trust this govt. We don’t want to do what a smirking supercilious prick who won’t be open, honest and transparent wants us to do. I’m generally compliant. I just can’t stomach doing anything for this deceitful govt. 💁🏻‍♀️ who the fuck writes these headlines

Listen carefully now. Please. FRO with your bullshit false equivalences. This government is criminal. End. 4 people died because of pink bats. We had a royal commission. I'll expect the same scrutiny here. Once they've turned it on.... No FO! The App does not give any protection against COVID-19. At best it could potentially alert you 7 days after you are exposed to it, and at worst it gives you a sense of security you shouldn't have.

LOL news dot com dot au, being a Nanny and virtue signaller is a big turn off to Aussie Adults. covidapp and the law... an article by a Sydney Attorney. Don't be bloody stupid

'Forty-six days was enough': People across the globe emerge from lockdownFrom the US to Europe and Asia, people in many parts of the world are emerging from their homes as virus-related restrictions begin to ease. But the global pandemic is taking a turn for the worse elsewhere. Yes, yes good sheep. Mingle and associate so Big Brother can usher in phase 2, aka the 'second wave'. Further lock-downs, harsher restrictions and more widespread testing (schools) to help further inflate the numbers of this perpetual boogeyman. You'll be begging for the needle. 👍 So sick of mainstream media lies. Just f*ck off. We don’t believe in this scam anymore (well I never did).

The difference is chalk and cheese. Vaccines have demonstrated benefits, and are thoroughly tested. The app is unproven, by the government's own account won't be able to provide data for 4 weeks, doesn't install on some phones, and has been interfering with vital health monitors. Hope this made it into the papers so the 23 people still subscribing to NewsCorp get to read it. Understand that the author normally writes about food.

You mean the government app that they haven't actually figured out how to use yet? Is it worth spending time explaining to you the gulf between the two things you have conflated? No? Didn't think so. Call me anti-LNParasites any day Dear , I missed such commendable enthusiasm when ministers were found rorting? Missed your outrage at the deaths Veterans, Robodebt , NDIS & Aged Care. You are not qualified re delusions on any others part, being wholly reflective of your amoral whoredom.

Every one look up out of shadows official. Fall of the cabal Agenda 2030. Agenda 21 There you will find the truth they don’t tell you F.O. The danger is sitting in Parliament. He’s willing to sacrifice lives for his failing economy. Sick WHOA Fascist much! And you’re the new fake steam propaganda machine idiots!

Melbourne meatworks coronavirus cluster grows as 11 more people test positiveA coronavirus outbreak at a Victorian meat processing facility continues to expand after the state recorded more than a dozen new cases overnight. Better don't eat medium rare steak for a while....just saying...🤔 What is it about meat plants? Don't they normally wear significant PPE? Are you sure it's not sabotage?

I am no anti vaxxers i just ain't stupid Amazon is hosting the app NSA The Murdoch media machine seems a bit upset that we choose not to be spies on by the government muppets... Please explain how is our current contact tracing inadequate? We managed to stem the spread very well, according to our government. A tracking app is not necessary until there is a wide-spread community infection.

The days of Murdoch are number now... regional newspapers gone... Foxtel in decline... Absolutely outstanding journalism 😳😬 Will we see a Troll factory attack- the same as the 'arsonists' fake news that was spread world wide by the Murdock press in the bushfire catastrophe -where people are compared to the antifaxers if they don't download the App? Who runs the Troll factory?

You make people sick noone deserves the name calling and abuse the author of this article has made it is poorly worded and it's uncalled for you deserve to lose your followers and the author should be fired for this because its insulting the public and shouldnt be tolerated Lol. News goes shrill again.

Thanks Karen for your input but let's leave technology & privacy to those who actually know what they're talking about mkkay?

'Chinese people need to be clean': Australians urged to speak up as coronavirus-related racism rears its headExperts say there is vast underreporting of coronavirus-related racist attacks against Asian-Australians. This is a huge difference between Chinese people and the CCP but for the average Joe they prefer to take out their frustration on the innocent. Uyghurs in prison camps and Falun Gong just disappear in China due to the undemocratic CCP. Our Chinese Australians have nothing to do with what's happened at Wuhan and how the CCP are dealing with their own idiotic incompetence. Keep Communist ideals away from our country and leave our Chinese Australians alone. Everyone is being affected here! 🙌

Just like the LNP turned 50+ yo women into druggies, dole bludgers etc etc. Why do you think they brought in 2 new labels for newstart allowance to cover job seekers and job keepers? We don't have to do it here's the proof! Channel 9 news and the author of this article can stop belittling people now here's proof:

Vaccines are based on proven science. Whoever came up with this shit should be sacked. Good media/ social pressure. Scotty from marketing get in touch to push this agenda? Why the Orwelian 4 legs good 2 legs bad? Can we not question the safety or utility of what we download...let alone inject into our bloodstream?!

How dare channel 9 belittle people that don't want to download the covid safe app I think you all need to read this including the so called humans critizing people that won't download the app This website is the souce of the pic below So its voluntary until not enough people volunteer because no one trusts the government and then they use the media to shame people. Next it becomes law.

New low If you did some investigative journalism you would see the security issues with the App. bwhaaaaaaa. Google this 'Andie Fox' and then get back to us guys.

Opinion piece. Opinions are like arseholes. Everyone has one. No. I had vaccines, my kids had vaccines, their kids had vaccines - this app is not a vaccine & likening it to one could endanger people. NIC & RightsCharter Proud of it 💪 poz'd tf Look I am a massive proponent for people downloading the app... but to suggest it has the same effect as anti-vaxxers is 10 year old levels of thinking. The app doesn’t stop you getting the virus 🤦‍♂️ anymore than a pregnancy test stops you getting pregnant. Journos seriously...

Downloaded and installed 2nd day after it was released. 👍 Just 1 of many issues with this: She cites the penalty provision for misuse. But, the gov has already shown it will ignore such provisions when it suits, when they doxxed a critic with information held by Centrelink. Neither AFP nor Ombudsman was prepared to step in.

Thisisnotjournalism Problem here is that this isn’t news. opinions don’t belong in a news organisation. Somewhere that has been forgotten. and the worst type of opinions always get a gig. this was such a ridiculous opinion piece. Corona But Barnaby said we shouldn’t

So name calling is journalism now? This is the most insane headline from Australian media I’ve ever seen. This immaturity has no place in my country. Listen Twit-Corpse, the App does not protect you from COVID19. There is no level of prophylaxis with an app. What a fkn hateful news rag. This is why nobody bothers with the utter sh!t garbage they produce. Fake news enemy of Australia that wouldn’t know what journalism was. Disgraceful and hateful.

its like the fame assiduous self promoters achieve on FB, Insta ... Sell your soul, say something outrageous, pull a stunt Anything to get profile and be something, be somebody, get noticed No matter how much of a dick you look, its worth it, right? Guess you can be pro vaccine safety and pro app safety too. You forgot to include how cc skeptics are nutters too. Guess anyone who disagrees with you are nutters huh. freenewspapernonsence

Snowden Maybe real democracy lovers should buy an island and start our own country. Ever wanted to educate yourself on vaccinations? Media wont do it for you. But you can read up here. Question everything! Rubbish Want to know how we got to this point - just look at the lies the media has pushed

Wth is this 💩 The dangerous narrative Championing a half-baked app as a workable replacement for the incredibly effective shutdown Has reached the point of straight up emotional blackmail and bullying We are right to ignore a government that shattered public trust with DOZENS of scandals jakelands Bullshit

a once reputable company that you could rely on for information and news. And now because people are saying no to this app which is easily hacked by anyone with a Huawei phone don't let their 'worlds best hacker' shit make you believe it's safe. Regardless fuck off DRAFT legislation? You think that will allay fears? And then let's talk about the efficacy of this app. We're social distancing and pretty much in lockdown. How many people are we likely to spend more than 15 minutes with? ThisIsNotJournalism boycottmurdoch

It doesn’t even work yet Pigeonholing anti-vaxxers with anti-appers is headlining grabbing and is just as bad for our health as dictatorship, censorship, THIS is what we need immunity from! I'm all for VAXINATIONS ,but there's no way I'll download a tracking app. I DONT !!!! trust this government. They haven't really done anything to fill us with trust and confidence. This has nothing to do with anti anything. Get fucked news .com!!!!

Stupid reasons not to download After reading that derogatory comment - calling people, her own readers no less, “idiots” - that’s really shameful It does not relate to anti-vaxxers.

I’m not downloading it Calling people delusional idiots is sure to get them to do what you want hahaha Murdoch thinks there are enough rich Fox/Sky watchers he doesn't need the rest of Australia. TheLoudestVoice strategy. Murdoch is a blight as are all his employees on the world. MrKRudd hopefully will get enough support in not only media reform laws but the removal of Murdoch

bueller_tom So the Australian people are idiots now is a communist activist rag, that makes up fake news to deceive the public. Thanks for the tip. Definitely a no for me. WWG1WGA_WORLDWIDE The fall of the sheep .... coming soon PAID ADVERTISEMENT MUCH? thisisnotjournalism A total of just 95 deaths for the entire country, there are apps out there that already track us & now you have to speak the the Govt if you want to remove the app. Don't piss on my leg & tell me it's raining.

What absolute horseshit. 🤣

Maybe we’re just a basket of deplorables who have read 1984 I am totally for vaccination. I will not download an app promoted by a government that has consistently proved itself untrustworthy. Lord Molloch backing his muppet Nice ableist slur, Now do an incompetent govt. ‘Anti-vaxxers’ are anti-lockdown, covid-deniers. ‘Anti-appers’ are pro-lockdown, pro-science. You’re deliberately promoting the vilification of ppl who question the govt’s agenda. Nice fascism.

Wow way to go keyboard warriors of the msm. Just because people don’t want to give away their freedom doesn’t make them delusional. Just because they don’t want unknown chemical cocktails pumped into their bodies doesn’t make them crazy. Our bodies our choice fearmonger The best Covidsafe APProach is self isolation and social distancing. I am never within 1.5m for 15 minutes to a person other 3 people. And they are the same. To download the app is worthless for me. So I will continue to practice social distancing and self isolation.

Explain how the App will keep u safe. Or stop u catching the Virus. It won’t alert u when ur near someone with the Virus. It provides no barrier to catching the virus. When ur in the ICU on the ventilator, u can upload ur data and (with luck) tell who you were near. Hey murdoch press! Whilst YOU are calling ME the new anti vaxer for not downloading an app, remember the last 20 yrs ur publication fought against all climate change science? Lol YOU don’t get to call ME a Luddite. Your credibility on accepting science is ZERO Covid_19australia


What's your point? You really don't have a clue how to win people over to watch your shady you. Be careful who you call 'delusional idiots', Australia and the world are awake! Anti-apper and proud of it. Having an app on your phone won't save one life. How delusional are the Left? The app is a con.

The app doesn't work on iphones. The app doesn't even work properly. What absolute rubbish. This is a Trump approach. How do I put anyone at risk if I stay at home, wash my hands and cover my cough? You are spreading misinformation and creating division. ThisIsNotJournalism So true, the real stupid people are those that come onto social media platforms and complain the Covid19 App is invading their privacy- what dickheads. It’s like showing the whole world how really stupid they really are

And they also think the world is flat!!, if they only realized all social media apps collect more personal info than the Covid-19 app, which btw has been checked by independent internet security people who found it perfectly safe, the labor party all so had it checked out as safe Oh fuk off with your labelling and yiur totalitarianism! There's a difference between refusing to take ALL vaccinations and refusing to download a bloody app. D!ckheads!!!

Rubbish, it is called freedom of choice. Stupid comments like that lose elections. Last I heard, it was not compulsory. Dumbasses Oh FFS!!! Here we go again. You are the same idiots who 'reported' on toilet paper shortages and perpetuated panic buying. This is not news this is nonsense, and anyone who believes this probably thinks Web MD can cure cancer

One doesn’t believe science, whilst the other doesn’t trust the current shifty Govt. Thankfully nobody trusts or believes Murdoch media. Up yours 🖕🏻 FO GFY I'll trust the government when they prove to be trustworthy. What utter rubbish

Lol, it's a tracking app. An app cannot cure a virus! Wake up! Think for yourself, don't download the app IOHK_Charles what about this propaganda? 😅 this guys are crazy How are they putting 'us all' at risk by not trusting an app put together by two numpties who have proven technology retardation NBN.. And they are handing it to AMAZON because well apparently Australian app designers are unable to get NBN or dial-up to compete.

Look out Australia, the Govt Pokekmon App goons are on the wander & slavering in search of their quarry.! FO The government needs 40% of people to download and install the Covid Safe app. That leaves plenty of room for those who do not wish to install it to exercise their freedom of choice. So I suggest you rack off and stop labelling people who rightfully decided not to install it.

I for one am much happier living life this way. Keep your appp G F CK Y RS LF Do you want to solve it or buy a vowel? 'Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.' Look at some of the privacy disclosures

Is COVIDSafe setting a digital precedent? Is this a tracing test case, to see how public concern & fear can be manipulated? Will Australians also accept a global mandatory vaccination? Will they also accept a cashless society using a CCP style tracking social credit system? Not even in the same galaxy. Ridiculous article.

Anything registered against the app is already known by government. The argument about privacy is piss poor. Shows ignorance and selfishness. Take responsibility. Help save lives. No excuses. Pull your finger out and install it on your phone. Then use it! Sorry you forgot me. If this thing finally becomes operational, it only records contacts over 15 minutes, so will record shit-all data, making it next to useless for contact tracing. Utterly flawed and will result in complacency and a form of learned helplessness.

Is it only mommy bloggers who write for Bull shit 😠 This is a free country and the app is not compulsory. I will not and have not downloaded any app that requires location services. So you can stick that in your socialist pipes 😒 Fake news.... both my kids are vaccinated but I won’t be bullied into downloading an app when I live in WA which has had 8 deaths with a population of 2.7million.. give me a break!!!

WTF Hey angelamollard you went FULL REFART How much did they pay you to write this SHlT? And did you come up with the 'anti-appers'? That is so refarted of you. What utter shite.

FAKE NEWS. GET BACK TO REPORTING THE TRUTH YOU MONKEY PUPPETS No, we are not. The fact that all your personal details are now available to an American company which is part owned by a Chinese company is just one reason to avoid it! I'm an anti-Apper & F'ing proud. This is hilarious. Surely no “writer”, even from News Corpse is this stupid 😂

If vaccines really work, then what is the threat to vaccinated people from people who don’t choose to get the vaccine? I’ll wait for your answer... Fake news fake news fake news fake news fake news more fake news fake news fake news fake news fake news fake news more fake news more fake news fake news fake news more fake news fake news we are the news fake news more fake news more fake news more fake news fake news

THis is nothing but Propaganda and Programming. What a load of Bullshit DrainTheDeepState

WTF? You guys have lost a grip on reality. They have not even passed the legislation, released the source code and is not yet functional. Seems like are the delusional ones. This comment is a prime example of our news networks being run by globalists! angelamollard You give real investigative truth journalism a bad name!

Very rich to compare not downloading an app (which isn't a silver bullet or vaccine to this pandemic) to a fucktard anti-vaxxer. no i or me in Fukk You Ah the pathetic attempt to shame people into doing what you want. Just like when people dont agree with other issues like gay marriage, the only tool you have is to try and browbeat people instead of having a rational logical argument.

You might actually want to understand the issues before you start calling people names It’s not a commie country here... yet. Curb your enthusiasm. Now I've seen it all! Puppet for our Aussie Cabal 😈😈 What the actual f**k!! Not corrupt much?!

Vaccines have evidence of amazing effectiveness for 250 years. APPs have zero evidence and are unlikely to work Anyone who thinks the app is going to ‘protect’ them is using magic thinking. 😂😂😂 Fcuk Off FakeNews EnemyOfThePeople Operation Mockingbird 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 Shutup Stalin bullpoo its about control the app is unsafe go talk to the people who made it and people who downloaded it , government blackmail and lies and falsehoods when have you known the government to be honest , gst ring a bell ding ding

Amusing a Merde-Och opinion writer calling others 'delusional idiots'🤣🤣🤣 I'm in the US, & I support any Aussie that does not want to 'comply' to being tracked via this app. It's such a great idea, why don't we take it a step further, & implant devices in us, so our governments can give us medicine, food, & access to our money all through one implant!?

From the same government who brought you sensus? What could possibly go wrong? When will the Government release the source code like promised? The anti appers are bloody idiots. What do they have to hide even though the app is secure. They put us all at risk by suppressing the chance to monitor contact and save lives.

Downloaded it and my battery, which normally would last two days, barely made it into the afternoon. Giving it another day to double check. Will be deleting if it does it again.. Ur 5 million downloads still leaves around 22million Aussiescwho thought better of it.. so who's the minority. Throwing stones as usual when you don't get ur way.

This is about the same quality journalism as 9HoneyAU...all need to stop writing & take up a new hobby sometimes NO is a complete sentence Here for the ratio.

Get fucked! This thing will bring on more infections than it stops thru people becoming complacent. Manno1970 🖕 Murdoch hahaha what the fuck What absolute rubbish. The more they push the app the more one starts to wonder what’s actually in that app? Why do they actually want us all to have it? Professor Murphy himself acknowledged we have all of the resources required to manage tracking manually any situations as has been proven, why?

You’d have to be mad to download this app. Giving the government direct access and data on your every move is insane. Oh, look an ad to shame us into using a freaking anti-privacy app....Go figure... I'll tell you what's putting people at risk. China and the wet markets. World leaders. Those who cover up child abuse. Not people downloading an app

Oh, the irony of idiocy you show with this tweet... 🤣😅😅🤣🤣😅

No user should feel pressured to install or continue to use COVIDSafe, or to agree to upload contact data to the data store. This is prohibited under the Biosecurity Determination. If you feel pressured to do any of these things, you can make a complaint to us BillGates, you have a stack of volunteeers here that you can experiment on. Seems like they’re willing.

anybody else think its a bit dodgy that a rag known to have hacked phones including a dead little girl, is hounding us to be traced? auspol Well seeing the bloody thing doesn't work (what a surprise!) that is a ridiculous thing to say. I am really curious about what hold Morrison and the LNP has over journalists at the moment that idiotic articles like this are being circulated?

Why don't you do some research on the polio vaccine in Africa before a polarizing comment. SORRY FOR YOUR DELUSIONAL FEAR MONGERING DECEPTION, MASCARADING AS NEWS. HEAVENLY FATHER WHERE HAVE ALL THE JOURALISTS GONE? GONE, GONE THE WAY OF THE DODO BIRDS. NO WHERE NEAR THE ECHOS OF THE PAST. how can this propaganda be called news? until you show us your scientific credentials or research references to substantiate your *theory* stick to selling advertising & sport scandal Not to mention the damn thing isn't even operational yet auspol

Subject matter expert. Right out of communist manifesto .This sounds like you want the government to remove our freedom of choice and be involved in our lives .... only for your own purposes of course .... bunch of hypocrites.... Well no: vaccination has a clear body of peer reviewed evidence to support it, while the app doesn’t have an approved regulatory framework, is not security tested, has compatibility issues with other software and doesn’t work on IOS...

I wonder how many of these same people have public social media accounts or wear activity trackers like Fitbits but suddenly worry about their data privacy with the Covid Safe app 🙄. FO. FakeNews Thanks for playing and here is a cookie for trying 👉🍪 Must be pimping hard for support now if you think this is going to fly!

Watch this dopey GET STUFFED Vaccines actually work. I don’t think the app is necessary for those who are actually staying home. It’s necessary for those who continually break isolation to go places they shouldn’t & mingle with too many people. These people aren’t going to be the ones downloading it LMAO afraid of people who don't like Orweillian surveillance are you?

coronavirus You are clearly payed to write this rubbish. Your globalist keepers must be proud.

Haha 😂 I ain’t downloaded your bullshit app.. check twice - cut once!!!!!!!!!!! people just want to make sure what the inject into themselves & kids are 100% SAFE and same with app - how safe? I wonder how much Angela was paid by the Govt to write this bollocks ? She’s not a scientist nor a cyber expert so knows as much about the App as I do & no I’m not an anti vaxxer and will happily have the vaccine for Covid when it arrives

SalingerPrivacy Well it’s not as innocuous as they have suggested! That’s not fair , more like tin foil hat wearers . Not even close. Try harder & insulting people will cost you dearly in subscriptions.. new kind of idiots in the country, who bite the hand that feeds them ...fixed it for you! Obviously these news people are involved in all this pedophilia to they keep trying to protect them with there lieing news reports

All that needs to be done is to deny the ability to leave the house, groceries and employment to people who haven't downloaded the app and the problem will be fixed quickly. Or why don't we just execute them?

Either the app is woefully inadequately tested, or has been in development for ages. If so, how long has the government been planning to track it citizens movements? But by all means , be the promoter of digital sheep. Media pushing the government agenda - always has been the case from day one We see a glowing propaganda shill LMBO SickMockingbirds

Happy to do it buf FFS who the *pluck is spending 15 minutes 1.5m away from a stranger right now? It should be ANYONE you get within 1.5m of. It will only catch a small percentage of cases. Only idiot is the person who wrote this article Lol I would love to slap the journalist who posted this article send me your location

Evolution of Australian society: Convicts ⬇️ Heroic anti-authoritarian Anzacs ⬇️ Spineless, globalist, nanny state whores Gee...I wonder how that happened? auspol COVIDIOT s no they are not atal .what a blatant lie that is Can’t we talk about real issues like climate change, obesity, domestic violence and depression?!

The type that love Pete Evans and would buy his $15000 light machine that ‘cures’ Covid. Yet they have phones and give everything to facebook, twitter and a host of other apps. Selfish, entitled, arrogant, naive, and generally not very bright. auspol covidapp covidsafe So how is the app going to find asymptomatic cases? Which according to medical journals are anywhere from 10-20% upward? One strategy alone isn't going to 'catch' the virus & give a clear picture of spread. We need App, PCR & antibody tests. How about a democratic choice?

Whats that I hear? ahh that is the sound of nuclear grade hypocrisy. Applying guilt through a thin veil of caring. Are you going to do anything to help those living in poverty? or correct your statements about Pell? I'm waiting for the next enhancements👇 There’s a battle Royale brewing for the Morrison Sycophant Award

Simplistic moronic reporting .... never let facts get in the way of Scooter's propaganda ........... auspol Absolute steamer Stop gaslighting people, the government is telling us we need to download this if we want to go to the pub, that’s black mail 🐑 This is sanctimonious rubbish. A false equivalence combined with egotistical arrogance. Good click bait though.

Terrible journalism. Blackmail and name calling ain’t going to win over anyone. In fact, opposite. Its time to unfollow here. This app doesn’t even fully function yet! There’s still IT issues and it’s in beta stage. Taxpayers spent 3.3 million on this app! Hello, my wife tried to download the app. Apparently her phone is not compatible. Has the government considered everyone with a smartphone. oppo.newcantaffordasmartphone.covidhelpmedownloadtheapp.

Source code first. App Shaming... The risk isn't someone I know that I spend 15mins with, it's the ppl who cough into their hands & then press lift buttons before me, its touching things that a dozen other people touch on public transport, its all these tiny interactions that are missed making the app pointless.

Handy dandy archive link for anyone curious how these idiots are rationalizing this without giving the site clicks 😘

No, the anti-appers (who see that the app is flawed and doesn't work) vs anti-vaxxers (who see that vaccines work but have been told by someone via Facebook meme it causes autism) Trash article from people who don't know what they're talking about trying to shame people for not being as brainless as they are. This app fails on so many fronts that it's pretty pointless.

This is how it starts, an optional opt in download, to unsolicited sms messages, to government encouragement suggesting downloads equal quicker return of social freedoms, to being marginalised.. I expected that bs from.the US but i really surprised about us aussies having all this trust issue with a Bluetooth app, it really hard to grasp what's going on in peoples minds.

Oh wow trying to compare these two choices is just ridiculous Doesn’t the anti encryption bill allow this app to be compromised no matter the reassurances - which is the idea of the anti encryption bill They’re idiots too. And I bet their phones are full of apps All the people using Facebook, Twitter and candy crush sooo worried about downloading an app that they think will track them 😂😂😂 Thats irony

Could you please tell these have been completed: ** When they finished testing it ** When they have finalised al the privacy issues ** When all the privacy issues have been made legal ** When the health authorities have figured out what to do with the data.

....and this is coming from manipulating mainstream media? Are ‘appers’ the new elite then? I beg to differ the app was rushed and they didn’t think to do a thorough job Which has cause a security breach sending fraudulent emails telling users they have been in contact with a infected person so NO I WILL NOT DOWNLOAD THE APP !!

Then you have the sheep who do everything they are told. The people that have downloaded the app are actually in the minority, dumbasses Does it work? No Has the code been released as stated it would be? No Info deleted at 21 days? Incubation period of 14 days, mmm Does the government have a good track record with IT issues? No Does it take 15+ minutes exposure to COVID-19 before infection? I'm thinking not 1984

QuotedReplies So far the arguments for people not downloading the app are, selfish, stupid now anti vaxxers. I mean never mind the govt literally showed us with robodebt the damage it wilfully inflicted upon innocent people via illegal data use. 2031 people died. Less “me” and more “us” would be a helpful orientation at a time like this

Pertinent to remember that not everyone has a mobile phone and some phones don't seem to want to download the app. Perhaps a bit more thought should have gone into the system. My excuse is I don't have a smartphone atm. I'm using an old backup flip phone. This phone has lasted longer than 3 prev smartphones! I'm a pensioner so not able to afford another phone right now. It's a good idea, but there's been issues with it, besides I thought it's voluntary

As I understand it, the app is not yet and cannot work properly here on Apple phones. Need to have Bluetooth on all the time, need to have the phone set to not go to “sleep”, and app needs to be running in foreground. Where is security for our device? I will wait I bet a Karen wrote this article. Do not download the app

There’s no better way to get people to do something you want than by denigrating their opinions and calling them names. Angela Mollard is a “Freelance Writer” it says at the bottom. Please update it to say “Freelance Idiot.” Other countries, they ask your name and adress when you go out to eat or shopping , ect... ,they will be able to contact you et get you tested.

When you explain the decision on 15 minutes exposure give me a call, Maybe this would pack more punch if the app fucking worked. Until then, I can’t get too bothered about it - it makes sense for people not to download it. Just tell them if they download the app they will gain followers thru it ! Last I heard this app didn't even work and legitimate security concerns had been raised. Nothing like anti vaxxers. But look out Australia....there's a bunch of cunty propagandists masquerading as reporters

Congrats, you're fascists. The fact you’re on Twitter is giving out more info than this App You know what? 1984 and the like was meant to be FICTIONAL. I cannot think of an attidude more UN-australian than believing government spin. They sucked you in didnt they. auspol Angela Mollard should get a gig with the CCP as their chief propaganda spokesperson. She seems to have all the attributes required.

I find it worrying the story says 17 cyber companies tested it yet never picked up it doesn't work on iphones properly and other features don't work. Guessing they were terrible at their job. I guess we can't expect everyone to have brain :( Seriously? What a dumb article. Vaccination saves lives, what do you think this app will really do? Esp when we have reduced active cases in most states & you have to be in close contact - which the govt says you can’t be doing? It was a bit late to be useful

They’re all over the place. Conspiracy theorists. The government is out to get me. They have my name and a postcode. Good god people. They hold more than that already. Pathetic cretins. the Liberal party propaganda outlet...You have only confirmed my decision to not download the App was correct. Pay your taxes Murdoch scum.

No cases for NZ for two days - and yes keep a diary

I know a good island we could stick them on...and it isn't Australia An app that records 'close contacts' within 1.5 meters for 15 minutes. We have to keep our distance, over 1.5 meters. Us less app. State governments have not even agreed to the security measures needed or even how to use the data. I'll pass

Is there any way to follow actual news reports and block all these ridiculous “opinion” pieces? Cashless society,Everyone accounted for,looks like all the government's dreams are coming to life...... Shaming people for not downloading the app made by a government who have had multiple data breaches (anyone remember last census?) and who's robodebt system has been plagued with issues won't help anything. And this is from someone who's downloaded the app.

The app isn't fully functional, before you start pushing the Government spiel for the app at least wait until it's fully functional. They’re slightly paranoid and closely related to the climate change denying idiots! Label all you like. Oh Australians are LMFAO 😂😂😂 we are well aware it's the governments way of trackn our asses. ..whats the app gunna be called after virus,...bigbroapp......

Sounds like you're 'anti-apper shaming' here and that's just plain racism! 😬

Nothing like alienating people by belittling them to get them on board 🙄 Yeah you can FO. Absolutely ridiculous analogy. Legitimate concerns around privacy and open to abuse by a govt with form. Data stored by Amazon that could be accessed by US govt under subpoena. Legislation hasn't even passed. App not currently working properly. Get fcuked

Journalists hate competition from other delusional idiots. Fortunately, the months of kung flu hysterics have demonstrated they're so far out ahead it's really no competition Begging, threats and insults ain't gunna Stop Covid19. Pete Evans says it's not Paleo peteevansnot Maybe Angela is just bored at home...or has a few social events she wants to get to, and she needs us all to get on board🙄

I have the app but do not support this kind of name calling / journalism. People are free to do and act to the best of their knowledge. E.g alcohol & cigarettes are bad for your health, but we don't call people who smoke or drink 'daft pricks'. Appeal to people's intelligence. The delusional idiots are those who think they are protected by this app. I saw over 95 people today and everyone of those outside my house was for less that 15mins, so no data would be recorded.

Angela does realise the app doesn’t actually work on some phones 🤦‍♂️ Shut up. Just can the bullshit

Heavy handed Much Angela New anti Vaxers? Jesus! People are anxious enough without this kind of bullshit journalism.😡 Love the IT gurus hired to “to test it, analyse it and poke holes in it”. Seems they might have missed a couple of small flaws covidsafe Most liberal voters haven’t bothered lol Typical Murdoch backed linked to the liberal party trash news. Australia media are full of bogan journos

I’d love to have the app but it’s not opened so all of us temporary residents on work visas can’t use it with our overseas Apple Accounts Look at the shills trying to shame the majority. Last I looked the con is voluntary. By the way, if you lot are so confident that Vaccines work why do you need the rest of us to take them? How are we putting you all at risk if you've all taken your shots? Why can women claim 'my body my choice' when it comes to killing babies but not smart folks with vaccines?

warreis The former head of the Digital Transformation Office must be delusional too I guess. I'd think she kinda knows more than...who is this...Angela Mollard?

These dipshits: I'm not giving axs to my data to the Govt! As they unwittingly sign away all rights to the data they hand to third party sources like Google, FB, Twitter & other Soc Media. As well as any app they DL on their smart phones for what ever purpose. Let's applaud them. Yawn..... So because some of us don't want to download an app the government has said isn't mandatory 'we're delusional idiots'? Good job on alienating all the critical thinkers in Australia. Go back to indoctrinating the sheep with more mindless drivel.

Probably are the same people....leave them, it just a minority who believes in conspiracy theories....🙄 Got anti new phoners also, that won’t grade their phones so the app don’t work! Look at the number of politicians who are refusing. Yep, definitely from the idiot pool. They're really laying it on thick now.

FKN bullshit! It's is my right to decide to not use it. I don't want DirtyDan andrews managing my data thank you very much. Data is managed by state health departments. 'If you oppose sweeping government surveillance then you must love diseases' So we're up to that point are we? Cool. Coolcoolcool.

Some delusional people seem to think the app is one big government-sponsored privacy scam.'More people will need to get tested' as restrictions ease: NSW Premier 05/05/2020 | 5min Gladys Berejiklians has urged people to come forward for COVID-19 testing as New South Wales looks to ease further restrictions.Very large text size Beijing: From the United States to Europe and Asia, people in many parts of the world are emerging from their homes as virus-related restrictions begin to ease and springtime temperatures climb.Play video "Similarly with insecure visas, people are much less likely to go to the hospital even if they are unwell.

Picture: AAP Image/Dave Hunt Source:AAP Clearly many have spent lockdown watching re-runs of The X Files or reading John le Carre novels if they believe the government wants to spy on their mundane, prosaic, boring suburban lives. And let’s be clear, this is a TRACING not a TRACKING app. “Figures tell us there is increased activity, more people are choosing to work at their workplaces and so we will see during May an increased level of activity but that means more of us need to come forward and get tested,” Ms Berejiklian said. As such, you only authorise use of the information it collects if you are diagnosed with COVID-19. That followed record increases in neighbouring Pakistan and Russia the previous day. It’s harmless for the user but hugely beneficial in our fight against the virus. Favourite. Using Bluetooth, the app recognises other devices with the app installed and effectively makes a “digital handshake” that record the date and time, distance and duration of the contact. An open letter penned by Disabled People's Organisations Australia and endorsed by more than 70 organisations said the disability pension was inadequate support during the crisis.

Locations are not tracked and no metadata is stored. Nearly 1. As the Prime Minister has indicated, it’s our “ticket” out of lockdown because it’s a faster, more effective and more accurate method to help with tracing those who may have come in contact with someone carrying the virus. Yet only 4.75 million people have downloaded the app, citing multiple arguments for their unwillingness not to do the right thing by the community. Advertisement Masks were worn widely, from runners in Spain to beach-goers in the southern United States. “We beat the curve without an app,” argues one objector. I was on the uphill and when all this turned up it just dropped," Mr Brest said.

No, we have not “beaten” the curve, we have “flattened” it. To continue to save lives, reduce restrictions and get the economy back on its feet the government needs us to take up this technological tool as a protective measure. "All my dates have been cancelled through September, and I don't know if any will come back this year. “Our privacy is at risk,” is another argument. No, it’s not says Rachael Falk, the chief executive of the Cyber Security Co-operative Research Centre. Together with Data61, her agency led an independent review of the app before its release with a team of 17 cyber experts from across the country. Credit: Getty Images Neighbouring New Jersey reopened state parks, though several had to turn people away after reaching a 50 per cent limit in their car parks. She said there was an increase of young people sleeping rough, which was likely to continue with other factors such as rental stress and domestic violence.

As she said, they collaborated “to test it, analyse it and poke holes in it”. Their conclusion was that the app was secure and operated as described by government. As she wrote in The Australian , “while the government does not always get all things digital right”, this is “no slippery slope we are heading down, nor are we under the thumb of an autocratic government”. In Spain, many ventured out Saturday for the first time since a lockdown began on March 14. Millions have downloaded the app, but millions more still need to. Picture: Mark Kolbe/Getty Images Source:Getty Images Argues another: “I am not downloading the app because I don’t trust the government not to misuse the data at some time in the future. But disabled people who access the JobSeeker payment lose their eligibility for support.

” The attorney general, Christian Porter, has sought to allay privacy concerns about the app by releasing draft legislation. "Some people think it may be too early, as I do, but it is also important to do exercise for health reasons. Collection, use or disclosure of information collected by the app – except by public health authorities – would be punishable by up to five years in prison and a $63,000 fine. The draft legislation reproduces biosecurity orders designed to protect early users of the app. The Prime Minister has said federal agencies including Centrelink and Home Affairs will have no access to the data, nor will the police or courts. People leave home for the outdoors as the temperature warmed up, even as the stay-at-home order remained in effect with Governor Andrew Cuomo warning that any change in behavior could reignite the spread of coronavirus, in Brooklyn's Prospect Park in New York. Once the pandemic is over, all stored information will be deleted.

Some say they won’t download the app until the source code is released but as Falk points out, a “level of haste” was applied to the app’s development and release. The government is checking that the release of the source code will not pose a security risk." The divide in the United States between those who want lockdowns to end and those who want to move cautiously extended to Congress. “The fact the federal government is releasing some of the source code should serve as reassurance and illustrates how open the approach to implementing this app has been,” she says. Chief medical officer Brendan Murphy has urged Aussie to download the app immediately. Picture: AAP Image/Mick Tsikas Source:AAP Finally, some refuse to download the app simply because they blame everyone else for coronavirus. In India, air force helicopters showered flower petals on hospitals in several cities Sunday to thank doctors, nurses and police who have been at the forefront of the battle against the pandemic.

The government “compromised Australia by leaving the boarders (sic) open” says one. “The Chinese government knew the virus was transmitted human to human yet allowed there (sic) citizens to travel overseas …” says another. One objector says he won’t be downloading the app until Peter Dutton is gone “for forgetting about the property he owns”.3 billion people marked the 40th day of a nationwide lockdown that has upended lives and millions of jobs. Another says Australia doesn’t “inspire loyalty” so “in the absence of other options I choose passive resistance”. They sound as ignorant as the anti-vaxxers whose selfish choices have led to babies dying of whooping cough.

You can only hope more of us see sense. More than half of Russia's new cases were in Moscow, which is considering establishing temporary hospitals at sports complexes and shopping malls to deal with the influx of patients. Angela Mollard is a freelance writer trending in world .