'People often doubt me ... and I prove them wrong': Scott Morrison

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Scott Morrison has doubled down on his portrayal of opponent Bill Shorten as a 'liar' amid a brutal war over superannuation | michaelkoziol

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on the campaign trail, the Prime Minister said voters should trust him because he had a track record of achieving goals in the face of doubt - such as stopping the boats, getting the budget back in surplus and reducing the number of people on welfare.

Scott Morrison and the Liberal candidate for Lyons, Jessica Whelan, sample ice-cream in Elizabeth Town, Tasmania.On Wednesday, Mr Shorten said he had misunderstood a journalist’s question, leading him to mistakenly say he had "no plans" to increase taxes on super. "I should have picked the words better, no question," he said.

"We were trying to do that," he said. "We have our response to the Ruddock report and we'll follow that through." But the government faces a difficult task to hold on to many of its own seats in Queensland, Victoria and some in NSW - including that of former prime minister Tony Abbott in Warringah.

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michaelkoziol Crap

michaelkoziol if people often doubt you then show humility and accept your failure as a politician and get out


michaelkoziol Must think electorate are stupid. Just because you 'accuse' Bill of being a liar is not the same as you being right dingbat. Takes a liar to know one.

michaelkoziol No cuts to healthcare, no cuts to education, no cuts to pensions, no we didn’t use racism & dog whistling against immigrants, the boats have stopped, illegal arrivals, no cuts to ABC or SBS, I fully support TurnbullMalcolm as PM, the budget is back in surplus. ScottMorrisonMP

michaelkoziol Never ask a liar who the liar is

michaelkoziol ScottMorrisonMP I really hate people who resort to the taunt of 'Liar'. It's a childish, valueless rebuke of someone who can't be bothered to argue their point. (billshortenmp)

michaelkoziol It is a WONDER he HAS NOT put on a BISHOPS crown INSTEAD of a BASEBALL CAP!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😠😠

michaelkoziol He would know

michaelkoziol Wow,yesterday it was all about Tony ‘I’ve got my foot permanently stuck in my mouth’ Abbott and now Sco’Is that a lie stuck in my teeth’Mo who gets to pierce poor Bill Shorten in the guts. SMH aka Liberal paper, you’ve got as much credibility TA and SM none🙄

michaelkoziol Which is pretty incredulous. He couldn't lay straight in bed.

michaelkoziol Beware of the man that barks the loudest about someone lying that man is normally covering up his own lies .

michaelkoziol LiberalAus ScottMorrisonMP are not honest about the bullying in their party they've been to busy infighting. remember all the money they waisted on traumatising the LGBTIQ community. that money could have gone to FarmersDistress homelessness ClimateChange JOY949 smh

michaelkoziol Scott seems to think Bill is a liar n he is an innocent virgin A lily white who never lies

michaelkoziol Dear SMH: doubled down? Double Dutch/ weasel words.

michaelkoziol I have no doubts about Morrison. That’s why I don’t trust him.

michaelkoziol Hhmmmmm pot, kettle , black all come to mind auspol billshortenmp ScottMorrisonMP

michaelkoziol What a low class self entitled ego driven maniac. I hope he and the libs are done for the next century.

michaelkoziol I think he is referring to the incident at Engadine Maccas in 1997

michaelkoziol Not yet. You may get wrong on 18 May 2019.

michaelkoziol 'People often doubt me, so then I repeat myself, but louder.' ScoMo

michaelkoziol Whos rhe liar? Budget surplus? Australia IS BACK IN BLACK? Tell us about the pension and the no guarantees thing again?

michaelkoziol Rupert'$$$$ rags are a disgrace. ENOUGH of menacing Murdoch'$$$$ media spreading manufactured misinformation. Just a bunch of subterfuge, deceitful dishonest deception.

michaelkoziol Time to axe the razor gang.

michaelkoziol Bill is a liar? What about Morrisson who stated the LNP had made no cuts to the ABC (a couple of months ago. )

michaelkoziol Morrison is wasting his time bagging Shorten. I have been at shopping centres for the ACTU ‘Change the Rules campaign. There are a lot of people who don’t like either leader & they’ve stopped listening to them. But people are hurting and looking forward to a change of Government

michaelkoziol Morrisson is the biger liar. He stayed about a month ago that the LNP govt had made no cuts to the ABC. If you're gonna tell a lie, atleast make sure it's not obvious.

michaelkoziol This is the lamest of tactics from an 8 year old trying to stop a steam roller rolling right over his house.

michaelkoziol Despicable bastard, I haven't heard a single word of truth from this snake and he's got the gall to call Shorten a liar, wtf is wrong with Australian voters that so many of them would vote for the libs after what they've done over the past six years, masochists every one of them

michaelkoziol Arrogance.. such blatant arrogance and personal attacks on your opposition to smear them with lies .. is in itself a lie. So very Christian of him eh !!

michaelkoziol Morrison - the pathological, white hot, recidivist liar, ascribing his own sins to others. Now where in history have we seen that strategy? 🤮

michaelkoziol People always doubt you and they are always right about it too ScottMorrisonMP

michaelkoziol Shameless self promoter

michaelkoziol I have subscribed to your paper for many years but publishing this is rubbish. This is not about bill shorten and Scott Morrison. It is about a govt that has been 6 years of chaos and inaction. Do better. You have lost this loyal reader.

michaelkoziol Morrison has done nothing but lie. What a joke.

michaelkoziol Prove he’s a bigger wanker then we thought initially

michaelkoziol Why don't you guys follow up why he was sacked from his tourist jobs?

michaelkoziol ScottMorrisonMP sucks.

michaelkoziol Busy day for auspolratio. 😩

michaelkoziol good grief - I am going to have to unfollow you Smh just too may lies coming out of the paper, promoting a corrupt government bencubby auspol AusVotes2019 Ok unfollow complete

michaelkoziol A walking tampon ad

michaelkoziol Ffs.... ego running riot... just waiting for him to say “God told me I should be PM”

michaelkoziol Just tell Morrison to give some good policy initiatives instead of going for gotcha moments. The Libs offer fear and tax breaks for the rich who are their sponsors. Morrison is supposedly a Christian - in reality he acts like a thug and has few ethical principles.

michaelkoziol Australia is such a great country, even a halfwit can become a PM. auspol auspol19

michaelkoziol ScoMo is like the cnt that hounds and wears down a woman into dating him...he is a creep...and are gonna endorse this fckhead for PM. Once a credible organisation...now a liberal mouthpiece.

michaelkoziol Says the RWNJ who couldn’t lie straight in bed. Projecting much. captainsmugwash

michaelkoziol Remember, the tigers, the tigers come at night!!!

michaelkoziol I don't doubt his ability to be an idiot and a very dangerous one at that.

michaelkoziol This is why people hard politicians, plats straight into the hands of Hanson.

michaelkoziol So he lies through his teeth but bill shorten makes one error and that’s it from journalists! Hold Morrison to account auspol


michaelkoziol “People often doubt me ... and I prove them wrong”: Scott Morrison. True. He’s even stupider and nastier than I thought.

michaelkoziol Disgraceful talk from a so called Prime Minister, a great example to the youth of the country, including his two young daughters. I certainly never heard my Father call people 'liars'.

michaelkoziol Interesting all the replies only suggest Morison and team are bigger liars. No one seems to stand up for poor Bill 🤥😂

michaelkoziol Whatever works...a great woody Allen film

michaelkoziol Looking forward to the next 400 years of Coalition govt!

michaelkoziol Fcuk they got a hide and a half, from Abbott on they established themselves as unashamedly liars and now are trying to portray labor as liars, but just remember the LNP are lying.

michaelkoziol Pinky Bill a liar?! Surely not.

michaelkoziol He’s doubled down on his trump impersonation, someone should tell him Australian voters aren’t as stupid as their American counterparts (or are we,good grief).

michaelkoziol Sad times we live in now that Fairfax has joined the murdoch rag gutter trash at the bottom of the pile. This blatant pandering by the MSM to Morrison and the LNP is sickening. auspol

michaelkoziol Mr Positive how about talking about your policies for a change. We doubt you and you haven't as yet proven us wrong How's Angus going with his water problem?

michaelkoziol Morrison isn't respectful he's never been respectful. His attitude rhetoric and behaviour is a disgrace to politics everywhere. ausvotes auspol Elections2019

michaelkoziol More LNP propaganda, even with nice smiley photos. 'Independant, Always' seems a distant memory.

michaelkoziol Seriously What S**t F**kery is this Dude, the IPA, of which your current MP Tim Wilson is a policy director, released this today - which includes 'Abolishing compulsory Super' Get in the sea you grubby little man


michaelkoziol We doubt you can do anything youve promised you would and even those polices are crap. You are just an Egocentric liar. We all know it and those who dont are finally finding out. lyingisasin

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