Peer pressure needed to spark electric vehicle sales in Australia

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Peer pressure is in part driving Australia’s sluggish uptake of electric vehicles

, with new research showing Aussies are considering their family and friends' opinions along with cost and car size.

"It doesn’t matter how good a vehicle is or how much it costs, if a potential buyer’s friends and family encourage it as the right choice that will make the real difference.”While industry forecasts assume electric vehicles will take over the automobile market in coming decades, they accounted for just 0.6 per cent of vehicles sold in Australia last year with 6718 sold in 2019, up from 2216 in 2018.

A Morrison government source said they are not considering setting targets for vehicle sales as part of the strategy.General Motors on Monday announced itBritish Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced earlier this month a ban by 2035 on sales of new petrol, diesel and even hybrid cars.


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Really and here is was thinking cost and recharge stations and how far the cars go go had more to do with it! I would happily have an electric car if I could afford it and it could get me to all my wholesalers and back home ( 5 hour round trip with out stopping )

It could be the cost? or that they dont go further than 300km (guessing) with out having to charge? Or there are no charging stations? Yeah nah your right its the peer pressure. Sick of your pc conservative do gooder 'news. unfollowed

No it's not. It's the cost ! And no tax incentive to buy one.

The manufacturers are not offering enough for sale. I have contacted both Peugeot and Volvo enquiring about when their electric vehicles will be available. Zero response. They want to flog their old stock first. I will wait.

Who can afford them?

Ah yes electrical cars. That will totally fix our climate problems! Its not like 76% of our power comes from coal!

Get rid of all the taxes which hurts the price.. If the Government is really keen for environmental concerns then they have the power

Nope. Cost.

For me, it is simply a question of purchase price. Meanwhile the Prius will have to do.

Have everything ready eg: ports to recharge the damn car would be helpful

Nah. Cost, practicality, reliability and choice are the four reasons.

No EV for me. This is a con job. More resources required to manufacturing EV than the current situating. (Recharge 8hours every 100 kms? ) Sydney Melb 700kms 40+ hours? 🤣 (bring back Cobb & Co🤣)

Too expensive for people struggling to make ends meet and lack of charge facilities . Big distances in Australia


Is that code for to expensive

Why does'nt Australia produce an electric car competitive with the rest of the world? We have the know how all we need is commitment from our leadership. AlboMP ScottMorrisonMP

It's the distance stupid. Australia is a big country. Duh!

Help change the fleets of local & state & fed government and create a second hand market place across Australia - get local government involved in the planning for infrastructure. Availability of cars and recharge points are two huge impediments.

The governments do not support battery powered cars as our allies are oil barons and we are their vassel. Also i would have bought electric if there was a larve SUV on the market. There is not only small cars.

It wouldn't have anything to do with their being still very inefficient, overpriced, and immature in their development would it? And that people see that and stay away? Surely not 😏

not peer pressure, its the luxury car tax and recharge infrastructure

Yes......that’s it, peer pressure! We need a futures market on peer pressure

Nah, we haven’t finished burning up every bit of fossil fuel we can get our hands on yet.

Try looking at low availability of public charging stations on long trips in Australia. Then the need for rural 'workhorses'. My hybrid car is OK but I would be stranded if I had an electric car in rural Aus.

Where do you propose that the fossil fuel will come from to make the steel for electric cars?

There is no problem...there just needs to be more electric charging places to make it feasible for long distances...

Pier pressure - shakey foundations - imminent collapse.

We need it to be cool. We need the Rugby League boys to masculinise electric cars. No more growling engines and loud exhausts. Just a gentle glide to the pub via an electric car! We need Lebanese Australians to drive in circles with electric cars not their current gas guzzlers.

nothing to do with peer pressure everything to with price distant and charging stations

Um....not true at all.

Accessible charge points required. I’m in regional Australia and they are limited. My employer has purchased 2 vehicles as part of the fleet. Excellent vehicles. My leaseback however is petrol because of the distances I drive.

Global Sales Of Electric Cars “Collapsed” 2 Electric Car Batteries Will Be Tomorrow's E-Waste Crisis, Scientists Warn 3 Blackouts: California’s Electric Car Dream Is Turning Into A Nightmare

Australia needs to grow up and adapt, it is literally that simple, the problem we have is that Australia resists all change and prefers to live in a backwards/1960 lifestyle because change is scary.

Australia has big distances and car based holidays. The problem is finding something that matches the needs, not peer pressure. The 4wd and work ute users may involve peer pressure, but again more likely lack of realistic alternatives.

💤 When I can drive from Sydney to the Gold Coast and know that I can reliably recharge my car in 5 minutes then I will happily go electric. How much does it cost to replace all of the batteries in an electric car?

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Australia Latest News, Australia Headlines

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