Owner of Ruby Princess cruiser pays no company tax in Australia

The revelations come even though the Australian market has proved a big money spinner for Carnival Corporation.

9/04/2020 1:00:00 AM

Exclusive: The company behind the Ruby Princess cruise liner at the centre of the country's coronavirus outbreak pays no company tax in Australia | mevanssmh carriefellner

The revelations come even though the Australian market has proved a big money spinner for Carnival Corporation.

The Ruby Princess, registered in tax haven Bermuda, appears to be one such ship. Professor Cheer said cruise companies paid "very little tax" in Australia."If I bought a cruise holiday my payment doesn’t end up with the Australian company, it gets paid into the account based in the Bahamas or Panama," he said.

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"Which is why they’re able to offer a cheaper holiday, because they don’t have the same obligations that other tourism organisations in Australia would have."LoadingWhile Carnival has pointed to figures which show the cruising industry injects $2.9 billion into the Australian economy and generates 18,000 jobs, Professor Cheer said it was in the interests of cruise companies to keep people spending their money on the ship rather than the shore.

Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund last week emerged with an 8 per cent stake in Carnival Corporation & plc after a $US6 billion emergency recapitalisation due to the coronavirus.Carnival halted its North American cruise lines for at least a month and expects most of its fleet to lay idle for a prolonged period. It forecast a net loss for the year.

Analysts said the company could survive as long as 15 months without revenue if it reduces its cash burn by up to $US150 million.The Australian operations have contributed strongly to the company’s profitability since a $US400 million writedown in 2017.

A cut in passenger capacity combined with "price improvements" have seen the Australian/Asian division contribute more than $US2.6 billion to the parent company’s bottom line last year.Ross Dowling, a professor of tourism at Edith Cowan University, said Carnival had been at the forefront of the sector’s "phenomenal" growth over the past decade, particularly in Australia, which has the world’s highest market penetration.

The company had aggressively moved to bring popular brands into its stable and had pioneered a less formal style of cruising, he said."They were the first to realise people who were cruising didn’t want the old style silver service," Professor Dowling said.

He said Australians had taken "very strongly" to the mid-tier service offered by brands such as Princess Cruises.LoadingOver the years Carnival has weathered a series of controversies including the death of Brisbane woman Dianne Brimble on board one of its ships, the sinking of the Costa Concordia and a $28 million fine in the US last year following a string of pollution incidents.

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"The cruising industry is acutely sensitive to customer perceptions and concerns, particularly relating to health and safety," an Australian parliamentary inquiry found in 2013, noting "sharp declines" in passenger numbers following September 11 attacks and the SARS epidemic.

Professor Dowling correctly predicted that the company could weather the reputational storm caused by the Costa Concordia, and until the beginning of this month maintained COVID-19 would only have a small impact.He has radically changed his position following coronavirus outbreaks on board the Ruby Princess and Diamond Princess.

"I think they’ll take a massive hit financially," Professor Dowling said. "They’ll emerge a lot leaner, a lot smaller and will certainly have to carry out a reassurance campaign."

Read more: The Sydney Morning Herald

mevanssmh carriefellner Shouldn't surprise anyone that this Company is oily ....just have a look at the spiv that runs it, ( the CEO ). But before you ban them all , better to check if these ships and their passengers contribute meaningfully to the Australian tourism industry . mevanssmh carriefellner Australia start of January zero COVID19 now more than 5000. Home Affairs Border Force failed to stop, test, quarantine sea and air arrivals hosts to COVID19 that infected Australia. We need Royal commission now so same never happens again..

mevanssmh carriefellner What does this have to do with the ship being allowed to dock due to some bellend Hillsong politicians mother in law being on board ? mevanssmh carriefellner That is not news! That’s well known. It doesn’t justify treating those on board like criminals, denying them care if they need it & assistance to return home. The cruise line needs to be held to account & those who act for it. Not the crew. Treat as you wish ours to be treated.

mevanssmh carriefellner Outrageous. Morrison, Frydenberg et al, constantly being assailed for tax reform, Labour went some way in their last election manifesto, but the aforesaid just want to protect their well off mates, the churches and the big end of town. mevanssmh carriefellner Even if they did pay tax, we would never see a cent of it.

mevanssmh carriefellner So im paying way more tax than them...thanks a lot Scotty from marketing ! mevanssmh carriefellner So that means we should let people die? Being an arsehole is far too easy these days. We should review the tax system, yes, but the gov with any real tax reform was vilified by the media.

mevanssmh carriefellner Even many of the largest Australian Companies don't pay tax ... is this News? GailCoastie mevanssmh carriefellner Whats the daily rate being paid to Wollongong for berthing a disease infested cruise ship? mevanssmh carriefellner WGAF....make up done story the wife will believe category here. Find something meaningful to report...here's an idea why not actually analyse some stats about COVID19 and report them

mevanssmh carriefellner Along with a whole lot of other big companies. Why don’t you do a report/expose how much Twiggy, Gina etc don’t pay instead of just one company. mevanssmh carriefellner Thought that was pretty obvious. mevanssmh carriefellner from the 23rd March: mevanssmh carriefellner This has always been known!! Obviously kept away from the media until now...

mevanssmh carriefellner They now need to the compensation! mevanssmh carriefellner After this fiasco, Australia needs to pass more strict rules and regulations, 'pays no tax', I keep hearing this with regards to so many companies, it sickening. I paid tax all my working life, I expect others to do the same.

mevanssmh carriefellner No worries now let them pay all the hotel and medical bills mevanssmh carriefellner That’s not an exclusive. We’ve always known it. mevanssmh carriefellner FFS mevanssmh carriefellner This killer vessel is registered in Bermuda. mevanssmh carriefellner Just keep the ship as compensation, we can sel it back to them and recoup some of the spent budget.

mevanssmh carriefellner it was a monumental blunder by NSW as they caved in to d cruise lobby We should double d landing charges n charge $50/ea for health checks mevanssmh carriefellner Send it back then simple . Can’t not have it overwhelming our health system and costing tax payer money . mevanssmh carriefellner Diversion, an attempt to scrutinise the principles & credibility of the cruise line I see. Great Show this one!

mevanssmh carriefellner Gee... What a surprise mevanssmh carriefellner Exclusive? Wow, that would be a shock wouldn't it! I just can't believe the lightweight reporting coming out of this. Can one of u shock jocks just ask the whining passengers - why did u get on any boat after January? Warnings were abundant. But it wouldn't fit the narrative eh?

mevanssmh carriefellner we should charge double when they ask for Syd harbor berth plus $50/ea for health checks We should bill d crews being treated at NSW hosp $6k/day They should pay for everything Move cruise berth to Botany bay mevanssmh carriefellner April 9 Nearly half of all deaths in Australia resulting from the corona­virus pandemic can be traced back to cruise ships. The Australian WB: Heads should roll today Gladys Peta Credlin: Hazzard “Mate, time to go.” Graham Richardson: “Staggering Hazzard still has a job,”

mevanssmh carriefellner Why would it? Because lots of Aussies holiday on it every year? That’s the scam of the cruise ship and we need to wake up to how it’s run and what it really offers! mevanssmh carriefellner Yet the want access to our public health system. mevanssmh carriefellner No surprises there - and are they paying their staff while in quarantine?

mevanssmh carriefellner Does it not pay port fees? Do overseas airlines pay AU tax? mevanssmh carriefellner Keep the boat as a down payment. We can scrap it for cash. parasites mevanssmh carriefellner It doesn't pay any taxes lol. It's operated from the Bahamas.

NSW Premier says coronavirus social-distancing to stay 'until vaccine is found' as death toll risesHealth authorities in NSW have confirmed 49 new coronavirus infections, and two new deaths, including an 87-year-old woman who was a passenger on the Ruby Princess cruise ship. ABCemergency COVID19au Time to knock it on the head, full National shutdown and lockdown -then reassess and test everyone to see who had it, who’s got it and who hasn’t had exposure yet, to list names for the future vaccine ScottMorrison ausmedia auspol politas Ausgov Australia GladysB Vaccines usually take 12-18 months to produce, even if sped up it is unlikely to be available in the next 6 months. This ‘new norm’ isn’t sustainable and the sooner ScottMorrisonMP etc admit this the better... auspol Australia HerdImmunityByStealth LNPfail

Ruby Princess fiasco ‘starts and stops’ with the NSW Health Minister | Sky News AustraliaNSW Labor Leader Jodi McKay says responsibility for the Ruby Princess cruise ship debacle “starts and stops with” NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard.\n\nMr Hazzard has refused to take responsibility for allowing the cruise ship to dock and for passengers to be released onto the streets of Sydney and allowed to travel more widely, across the country.\n\n“When you have 14 people who have died, more than 600 cases of COVID-19 and decisions that were made largely conducted in secrecy' an apology and explanation is necessary, Ms McKay said. \n\n“It just comes back to ministerial responsibility,” she told Sky News host Peter Credlin. \n\nWhile the police commissioner said Mr Hazzard had no operational responsibility the state's system of government dictates “that he is responsible,” she said. \n\nMs Credlin said “a criminal investigation could find that Brad Hazzard did not break the law,” however his handling of the situation “wouldn’t pass the pub test”. \n\nImage: Getty\n Labor trying to deflect from the real culprits like usual, Liberal & Labor on the same team. This RubyPrincess shenanigans proves Brad Hazzard is out if his depth(no pun intended). Actually should be Federal and State leaders

PM tight-lipped on Ruby Princess | Sky News AustraliaPrime Minister Scott Morrison has refused to be drawn on the Ruby Princess debacle when asked during Question Time on Wednesday. \n\nDeputy Labor leader Richard Marles asked if, due to the government’s then-regulations on cruise ships, he took “any responsibility for the Ruby Princess fiasco”. \n\nMr Morrison refused to be drawn and referred the House to a previous statement the ABF. \n\n'The member would be very well aware of the statement that was made by the ABF commissioner, Michael Outram, on this matter on 25 March 2020, which set out very clearly that the actions and responsibility of the Australian Border Force in relation to that matter ... and I thank that addresses his question specifically and completely,” he said. \n\nImage: Getty ScottMorrisonMP And this is why Parliament should continue to sit. ScottMorrisonMP and this gov need to be held accountable and must be available to answer questions. We dont live in a CommunistCountry ....yet! auspol accountability ScottMorrisonMP Yep just like the Sports Rorts enquiry wouldn't answer questions what does that tell you. ScottMorrisonMP

Adelaide woman dies after contracting COVID-19 from Ruby Princess cruise shipA 62-year-old woman becomes the second person to die from coronavirus in South Australia, health authorities have confirmed. Not related to you was she AlexHawkeMP ? pedwards2014 More blood on the hands of Morrison.

Border Force received concerned phone call hours before Ruby Princess was due to dockThe Australian Border Force confirms it received a phone call from the NSW Port Authority over fears for the health of passengers on the Ruby Princess hours before the cruise ship docked in Sydney. 😡 angrynotanxious Hey Dutts. Keeping you safe . . . Ooooh boy

NSW Police raid Ruby Princess cruise ship, question crewDetectives have raided the Ruby Princess cruise ship to seize evidence and question crew members about the docking and disembarkation of passengers in Sydney three weeks ago. Chief Fuller: where are the passengers? The question that should be asked why didn't New Zealand authorities warn Australia border authorities that the Ruby Princess cruise ship at first was prohibited from docking Napier due to fears of the spread of Covid-19. Pell brings Twitterworld to reflect on the nature of powerful institutions, how they protect each other. So does the Ruby Princess. There have been deaths & all signs point to ABF. Will a subordinate be promoted for taking all the blame (as Angus Taylor did)? Yes.