Osaka overtakes Serena to become highest-paid female athlete

The 22-year-old twice grand slam champion's total of just over $57 million is the most ever earned by a female athlete in a 12-month period.

23/05/2020 6:30:00 AM

Japan's Naomi Osaka has surpassed Serena Williams as the world's highest-paid female athlete raking in $US37.4 million over the last year - the most ever earned by a female athlete in a 12-month period

The 22-year-old twice grand slam champion's total of just over $57 million is the most ever earned by a female athlete in a 12-month period.

She earned $US1.4 million more than American great Williams who had topped the list for the last four years.Maria Sharapova had held the record for 12-month earnings for a female athlete, having made $US29.7 million in 2015.AdvertisementFemale tennis players have always occupied top spot on Forbes's women's list since 1990 with either Williams or Russian Sharapova leading the way from 2004.

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Osaka- a highly-controversial match in which Williams was given three code violations by the umpire.Naomi Osaka, right, burst onto the scene with her 2018 US Open final win over Serena Williams.Credit:InvisionThe Japanese then won the next grand slam, the 2019 Australian Open, although her form has dipped since and she has fallen from world No.1 to 10th on the WTA rankings.

Florida-based Osaka's mixed heritage - she has a Japanese mother and Haitian- American father - her engaging personality and attacking style of play have combined to make her one of the world's most marketable athletes.Part of the stable of management group IMG, Osaka currently has 15 sponsorship deals, including with global brands such as Nike, Nissan Motors, Shiseido and Yonex.

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Good. I remember when Serena disrespected Osaka at the Australian Open. It was disgusting, I have never watched Serena play again since then. How did she do that without pulling the race card or claiming referees are sexist? Not sure this could be true. I'll just leave this one here for ya'll. Enjoy! Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that?

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