Once drought-ravaged farm in outback NSW is now surrounded by water

6/10/2022 6:08:00 AM

The days are 'blending into each other' for Louise Battye and her family, who have been cut-off from the world for five days. #9News

The days are 'blending into each other' for Louise Battye and her family, who have been cut-off from the world for five days. 9News

The days are "blending into each other" for Louise Battye and her family, who have been cut-off from the world for five days.

Thankfully by sunrise, a total of just 74mm had fallen.Mail A close and "rare" orca encounter played out in the waters off NSW yesterday, with the apex predator suspected of hunting a pod of humpback whales making their southbound migration to Antarctica.Wed 5 Oct 2022 at 8:24pm Roads in Nyngan are among those impacted by floodwaters across western NSW.examination of Ms Berejiklian at the private and public hearings into Mr Maguire’s property deals and whether he used his role as an MP for personal gain.

"We're hoping we don't get much more," Battye said." The house is completely surrounded by water.Shortly after this close encounter a "massive" pod of humpback whales were spied, and would not leave the vessel."We have 1000 acres here and 16,000 at Gongolgon which is also inundated with water and more to come up there, as this water moves through the Bogan system.au/news/rain-forecast-western-nsw-flooding-roads-farms-cut-off/101505190 Copy link Share The State Emergency Service says more people are being isolated by the day as flooding in western New South Wales worsens.Wiralla is home to a head of 600 sheep, 40 cattle, as well as crops of wheat and oats.(Jodie Lowe) The orca encounter left those onboard the vessel shocked, as sightings in Port Macquarie are 'rare'.READ MORE: For days the family have been forced to herd their flock through foodwaters.” Her final answer was that she “never regarded him as family in terms of the ministerial code”.

(Louise Battye) Battye said the sheep are now on 'the highest ground they've got'.While she's awaiting video confirmation, she said if it proves true it provides an invaluable glimpse into orca behavior.People are getting cut off as roads with water over them are shut, making moving around the region a difficult task.(Louise Battye) Over the past week Battye has raced against breaks in the rain to move "stranded" sheep to high ground - with the help of family visiting from Orange."We wouldn't have been able to save the stock we have without them," she said, adding she has fears for livestock on her other property.com."(There's) 6000 sheep at 'Boonery', our other place, and they are all in one paddock on a hill.The top of a fence sticks out from floodwater on a farm near Lake Cargelligo."SES did a fodder drop on Sunday or Monday, I can't remember, the days are blending into each other."This corresponds with the presence of killer whales.The president of the NSW Bar Association, Gabrielle Bashir, SC, said the designation of certain barristers as senior counsel was “intended to serve the public interest”.

 "Crops here at 'Wiralla' are submerged for about the third time since sowing, but this is the worst." READ MORE: 'Wiralla' in Nyngan has been surrounded by floodwater since Friday.(Port Jet) "The presence of orca along the east coast is not a daily occurrence and the observation of whale predation is extra interesting," she added."Are we at the worst? We don't know but we do know that there is more water coming.(Louise Battye) For farmers living in outback NSW the elements have proved relentless over the past five years.Before the floods came the dust storms, fuelled by a decade-long drought..READ MORE: Qantas apologises after damaging wheelchair A dust storm rattled through the farm in early 2020.Find more local news.Email.

/ Before the fires, Nyngan and much of norther NSW, and Queensland, battled through a decade-long drought.I've only seen orcas once in Australian waters off Eden in 2009.(Louise Battye) "We owned a 127,000 acre station in Queensland from 2011 to 2017 and had drought for the five out of six years," Battye said."We then moved to Nyngan and ended up with the worst drought I've ever seen; no stock water, no feed."Will this become an annual occurrence to make use of the southward migration off the east coast or is this simply just a chance occurrence?"."The drought here was worse than the bad years we had in Queensland"."(But) I would rather the water than the dust..

" This morning Battye said her boys are checking on the livestock via a kayak, while she's in the midst of organising a chopper to drop more hay.There is no end in sight for the wet weather, with the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) warning "almost every river" west of the Great Dividing Range in NSW could see moderate to major flooding in the coming hours and days.Australia has entered it's , which is predicted to hold until early 2023.There's a hidden danger lurking in this 'small' pothole.

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Killer whales suspected of preying on humpbacks in NSW watersA close and "rare" whale encounter has played out in Aussie waters, with one expert saying it raises "lots more questions". I was wondering where Gina had been hiding.

'More water coming' as number of people isolated in western NSW growsParts of the state's west that were lashed with more than 50mm of rain since yesterday have been warned to brace for things to get a lot worse.

Silk for barrister who grilled Gladys BerejiklianScott Robertson is one of 20 new senior counsel (SC) in NSW.

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