Obama to visit Australia in March 2023

23/11/2022 10:41:00 PM

Former US president Barack Obama is set to visit Australia in March for his first official visit since 2014.

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Former US president Barack Obama is set to visit Australia in March for his first official visit since 2014.

Former US president Barack Obama is set to visit Australia in March for his first official visit since 2014. The former president will discuss leadership and navigating uncertainty as part of a series of paid addresses hosted by business organisation the Growth Faculty.

Former US president Barack Obama is set to visit Australia in March for his first official visit since 2014.The former president will discuss leadership and navigating uncertainty as part of a series of paid addresses hosted by business organisation the Growth Faculty.

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What for stay home he is coming to Australia what u have to do he wants his ass kissed Official visit ? He's just a tourist now. He can visit hell We should ban this type of criminal riff raff and no platform should be made available anywhere in the world 🌍 Who cares Dont want the scum here We don’t need the Kenyan & his brother Michael here!

Check MichelleObama stealing from charity before you may want to hear her laying husband BarackObama Why are we letting the man who started more wars and murdered more people with extrajudicial killing, than any other president into Australia? Why Go away, we don't need your biased rhetoric. I fail to see how anyone who completely stufffed up the Middle East debacle should be speaking to Australians about leadership.

China and Australia on verge of first military talks since 2019Australian defence minister Richard Marles and his Chinese counterpart Wei Fenghe are set to resume regular military dialogues after years of tension. Don't ever do this again.

He is coming here What did we do so wrong that we have to put up with him? Though Albo will be all good for selfies!!! Check his real vaccination 💉 status. Why and who cares Tell him to piss off. Why? Why is Albo sleezing up to old American loser presidents. It was Obama who gave China permission to build the illegal man made Islands off Japan. Airbus RESPECT_OZ

Maybe he'll end up staying there. tell this fraud to stay home... go back to kenya Barry Who cares. 🥱 No thanks we don’t need him. Please get him to visit somewhere like Venezuela where they don’t need him.

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I hope he is locked up in Gitmo before he gets here. YES WE CAAANN - love doing that For the NSW Election? We all knew he is actually calling the shots behind the scenes, NOT BIDEN. Biden is the equivalent of the walking dead. Official visit? He has no 'official' position. I for one don’t care…. Good grief can just see it now all the far lefties falling over themselves to have a selfie and drool over his lectures to us about the climate change bs

Who cares that he is coming to Australia the man was irrelevant when in office and even more irrelevant now Leftist has been. FFS. Who cares!

Former NRL player Brett Finch spared jail after pleading guilty to child abuse chargesCONTENT WARNING: Some viewers may find the following story upsetting. Former NRL player Brett Finch faced up to 15 years jail but today received a two-year sentence for sharing explicit messages about children on a sex hotline. tiffgenders 9News MORE: tiffgenders The father yet he spoke to young desperate children yes desperate children with nothing in the most downgrading way what a flog tiffgenders Why did this pedo avoid jail? tiffgenders Pedo judges protecting their own.

The man who handed the bankers tax payers money to be spent on lavish holidays with no regard to the average person. Who's care.. A tyrant coming to Australia Better not! A bad person! He has no reason to be there. Why is he coming over here ? Cancel his visa on character grounds. Please no war criminals...

How is it an 'official' visit if he holds no position in office? Why isn’t klaus Schwab available 😝

‘Wouldn’t be giving Beijing a dollar’: Former Labor MP on climate reparations fundFormer Labor MP Michael Danby says he would not be giving Beijing a dollar in climate reparations funding and it’s a “mistake” for Australia to lead the charge for the debate. “There are much more deserving people in the South Pacific and it's in our national interest to do that,” he told Sky News host Peta Credlin. Danby..total failure. The most sensible statement to come out of a labor minister’s mouth in a very long time. According to Each Way Albo, Australia is 'suffering the effects of climate change'. So won't that entitle Australia to a lions share of the 'climate Reparations fund?

Why? How many millions are you peeps paying him to flap his mouth 😅 Please don’t bother coming here, you’re not required! He must be coming over to further his own grubby little empire and global agenda/s of course! Despicable creature he is! He will be in jail before then hopefully. We don’t want that criminal here!

Barack Obama is welcome to visit Australia anytime he wishes The tears from all the Trumpers are delicious. Barack and Michelle are certainly most welcome in Australia, unlike the Mango Mussolini. (who may be in jail by then)👍 Go away you are not welcome. We dont want him visiting Australia ever. Please don't bother.

Why Is He Coming

Sacked, former NSW Transport chief Rodd Staples buys $2.08 million Gymea home - realestate.com.auFormer NSW Transport chief Rodd Staples has made the most of his $837,000 payout when his contract was terminated without notice. Great value for the people of NSW

Why? We don’t want him here. Another WEF Globalist wanker ✊💦 How about you send us Rita and Credlin, you keep Barry, Michelle, joE, and Jill. The original was killed at GITMO years ago Official visit ? 👉🏼😂 NO..... NO HE AND HIS HASBEND SATANIST CRIMINAL GLOBALIST LIER STAY AWAY FROM AUSTRALIA So he's speaking for The Growth Factory - feel like complaining that they're bringing him out- set to it!

Nope - don't want him. Slimy, p3do, globalist - keep him out! We don't want the fucking war criminal in Australia.

Tell him to stay. Count your silverware Buggar off Guess he can come whenever he likes, another US tourist, all welcome Sorry Australia. I would love to meet him and his wife,but they only visit Melbourne and Sydney. Definitely wouldn't visit country areas in SA. Nobody cares about this clown Worst bait & switch scamin American history. ☠️

Nobody cares Australia is now CCP owned and run

More hot air from this useless ex president. So is he flying over here in his private jet to lecture us about the climate exaggeration. He has a great speaking voice but absolutely no substance No thanks. No Why? Great, now we will have to pay millions for his visit. Don't bother, we don't want him !!! Why for another selfie for Albanese

Why There are enough incompetent bloviators in Oz, e.g. Bumbling Bowen, the nation`s chief economic vandal! I thought we kept undesirables out of the country!

Why? Oh to visit the racist we have as PM. Albo is trying to learn as much poor leadership as he can. 'Official Visit' you say ,in what Official capacity ? Who’s paying? Oh No!😩😩😩😩😩 please noooooooooo!! Not welcome. We as a proud nation shouldn't worship foreign dignitaries anymore unless they care about our interest and fairgo Aussie values

What will be “official” about it Will Michael be coming too? Obama back with his corruption and bribes Piss off! Whose paying

well I can guarantee...not everybody likes him here these days Oh DEAR THAT IS NOT VERY NICE What for … Stay home! What the hell for , to spread more black shit, and stir Australian’s up. STAY HOME, your not welcome. What actual position does Obama hold? Why do need this? Albo and co need to stop grandstanding and put this country first.

Official visit? Who does Mr Obama represent officially? Oh please don't. We don't want him or his husband big Mike here. He is awesome Why?

Don’t be fooled. That is Hillary doing black face. Why. Get lost Why is corrupt and failed leader BarackObama coming to Australia❓🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ Why the hell would we care? Is Big Mike coming down under as well? Obama's crooked deals over his 2 terms should preclude his entry. Why is he visiting and who is paying for it?

How much is he being paid for this? He is corrupt and is not welcome here No one wants this clown and his husband here! Why!

Is Michael coming as well? ffs we don't want that wanker here, are we fodder for his new book, PR for the voice or just fore filling his need of self importance, albo & crew will be wetting their pants with excitement, all at our expense of course Please go away, we don’t want that traitor here😖 I'm not paying for him, I dont want this 🤡 here 🤨🤨

Think I need to wash the car that day. Maybe next time Stay at home Obama, don't bring your Left wing rubbish to Australia. Wow. Piss off I say. Why is it official. He’s no longer the president and isn’t an official politician. Better be paying for it himself. who needs this cock head over here Has been society high priest searching for relevance.

Would love to hear how many bombs dropped in the Middle East during his presidency. We don't need that corrupt clown here Must be coming for Mardi Gras. With Micheal O sorry Michelle. OMG - this horrible man should stay away from this holy land!!!! Why 🤷‍♀️ Just what Australia needs. A lecturer by an dud President.

Why Not need to come nothing but trouble and war 👎👎☠️☠️ 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 Love all the comments! Wonderful. We are already Looking forward to the Obama visit. Xx

He works for the Elite humans . So No Thank. . What for? Egg Him. He is of No Use to any Australian! tell him to stay hone with his wife michael We'd prefer you and your husband stay on your beach front property, watching the water rise, threatening your existence. 🤣 We have enough traitors in Australia. Please, stay home.

This is not good for Australia. Obama is globalist filth and will be instructing the Govt on NWO action plans. No thanks We don’t want you here! Tell him he isn’t welcome 😡 Please God no

Australia doesn’t need people like BO mouthing off words that encourages division amongst the people. Why? Why Official visit in what capacity 🤷🏼‍♂️ Official visit? He works for the administration now? What's his title? I guess the American people r paying for his trip then? Why does a private American citizen make “official” visits anywhere?

Only one question : Why ? Don’t they trust Albo to follow instructions ,so they have come down and check for themselves Stay there If you go to dubble ya dubble ya dubble ya dot dickshunary dot kom you'll see the definition of 'official' there lol too bad for Australia. I’ll tell you what you can keep him!

Is he bringing Michael? Which taxpayer pocket does he have his hand in, ours or Americans ?

3 minutes ago Former US president Barack Obama is set to visit Australia in March for his first official visit since 2014.controversial visit to Taiwan in August.to guarantee the protection of his country’s nuclear power plants from “Russian sabotage”.child abuse charges.

The former president will discuss leadership and navigating uncertainty as part of a series of paid addresses hosted by business organisation the Growth Faculty. Read More . We’ll look forward to seeing those implemented in the months ahead,” senior US defence officials said on Tuesday.