NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance to contest Eden-Monaro

5/05/2020 6:49:00 AM

NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance has confirmed he hopes to run as the Liberal candidate for the federal seat of Eden-Monaro.

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance has confirmed he wants to be the Liberal Party candidate at the upcoming by-election in the federal seat of Eden-Monaro.Larger text size Very large text size NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance has wound back criticism of Transurban for upping its prices during the coronavirus crisis, saying he doesn't want to go to war with the tolling giant given they will likely need to work together on future major road projects.From next weekend, real estate agents in New South Wales will once again be able to hold traditional property inspections and on-site auctions.Larger text size Very large text size NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro will not contest the key federal seat of Eden-Monaro, paving the way for the state's transport minister Andrew Constance to make the switch to national politics.

The marginal NSW South Coast seat was vacated last week when popular Labor member Mike Kelly retired due to ill health.Mr Constance on Tuesday confirmed he would put his hand up for Liberal pre-selection which closes on Friday.Transport Minister Andrew Constance has appeared to wind back criticism of tolling giant Transurban.Labor MP Mike Kelly.Industry pundits and researchers warned that the longer the restrictions stayed in place, the worse the economic hit would inevitably be.AAP He made the announcement in Narooma which is in his state seat of Bega - which he's held since 2003 - and also Eden-Monaro."I want the government to have a very strong working partnership with the organisation into the future but at the same time you've got to balance that out with the immediate needs and the cost pressures that the community are under,” Mr Constance said.Mr Constance said he wanted to run for federal parliament to put"a number of issues squarely on the national agenda when it comes to recovery" from the summer's bushfires and the COVID-19 crisis.Credit: AAP Advertisement Bega mayor Kristy McBain is expected to be named the Labor candidate on Monday and has history on her side - it has been almost a century since an opposition has lost a federal byelection to a government.

Liberal senator Jim Molan and the Liberals' 2019 candidate Fiona Kotvojs are also believed to be considering a run at Eden-Monaro.Advertisement "Our way of dealing with that is not to go to war with Transurban.“The real estate industry has been adaptable in transitioning to online auctions, property inspections by appointment or online, and now as we make the move back to a more normal mode of operation we must ensure safety measures such as social distancing remain a key part of the process.READ MORE NSW Liberal Party president Philip Ruddock told AAP on Monday he thought the party potentially"had a Melbourne Cup field" contesting the pre-selection.Deputy Premier John Barilaro announced on Monday he would not contest the seat for the Nationals.Meanwhile, the company is also eyeing the future Western Harbour Tunnel as a potential investment.Bega mayor Kristy McBain has been selected as Labor's candidate saying on Monday she was honoured by the endorsement.But experts warned there was likely a lag in the impact of the coronavirus crisis on values and declines were inevitable in the months to come.Source Stay up to date with SBS NEWS App.Credit: AAP "We're in a small pond in Australia in terms of options, I'm very concerned about the breadth and capacity that we will see in the post-pandemic world,” Mr Constance said.Politicians regularly brief on internal polling to claim a lead or manage expectations in a contest, and the Herald did not see the CT results.

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Yeah. He is done with politics.🙄 But, hasn’t he already made a commitment to the NSW state electorate of Bega? A four year commitment that he has only served just over one year of! He was elected in March 2019 & just walks away in May 2020 because a better offer comes along. Do politicians have true commitment?

Some clarification please - when he said he was quitting politics, he..lied? - given his emotional state only weeks ago, does he think he’s recovered sufficiently? - if so, was his emotional distress then not as severe as it seemed? - what has he done for E-M since? easy to see why you would not vote for this man just by looking at his track record in New South Wales auspol

NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance dials back criticism of Transurban amid COVID-19 crisisNSW Transport Minister has wound back criticism of Transurban for increasing their prices, saying he doesn't want to go to war with the tolling giant | rabe9 Rabe9 Bro, aren't you retiring from politics Rabe9 Scared of upsetting the donors and their mates. Grow some apples!!! Rabe9 Transurban are the worst corporate citizens we have in Australia. Just a rapacious disgusting company

Virus restrictions on the real estate sector in NSW to be easedNew South Wales will wind back another significant coronavirus ban next week, and it’s one that has a significant economic impact. inspections routineinspections auctions to quick too soon people always lots of people, conjestions too quick too soon, coronavirus is still around so how winter is coming in Australia SocialDistancing health should be prority all it will be all hard work for nothing That’s a relief. Agents can stop giving financial advice now It's one that could have a significant health impact on the tenants that will be forced to have many people come into their homes this weekend

NSW Deputy Premier will not contest Eden-Monaro, paving way for his cabinet colleagueNSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro will not contest the key federal seat of Eden-Monaro, paving the way for the state's transport minister Andrew Constance to make the switch to national politics. Both suck eggs Does that mean Cobargo keeps the “emergency housing” for those who lost their homes in the “recent” 🔥 🔥 net11e Surely not Constance is an undercover lefty

NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro bows out of Eden-Monaro race | Sky News AustraliaAs NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro is reportedly expected to declare he will not be running for the vacant seat of Eden-Monaro, Liberal Senator Jim Molan has told Sky News he’d “love to do it,” but has not yet made up his mind.\n\nMr Barilaro will on Monday announce he won’t be running for the seat, leaving Mr Molan or Liberal NSW cabinet minister Andrew Constance as the likely coalition candidate for the election .\n\nMr Molan said it would have been a “big call” for the Nationals to take its vote from seven per cent “up to a winning per cent anyhow”.\n\nHe told Sky News host Paul Murray, whether Mr Constance runs or not is “irrelevant” to him and said it “won’t impact on me in anyway shape or form”.\n\n“This is going to be extraordinarily hard for the government, for the coalition, to win”.\n\nLabor will on Monday announce Kristy McBain, the Mayor of Bega, as its candidate for the seat.\n Do you have to live in the electorate to run for the office? I wonder why? Good

NSW Health investigating possible multiple infection sources at Newmarch HouseNSW Health authorities are investigating whether multiple sources of infection caused the devastating outbreak of COVID-19 at the Anglicare Newmarch aged care facility Nursing homes and cruise ships are death traps It’s sad when management are slack and in this case big time

'More people will need to get tested' as restrictions ease: NSW Premier | Sky News AustraliaGladys Berejiklians has urged people to come forward for COVID-19 testing as New South Wales looks to ease further restrictions. \n\nThe Premier on Tuesday thanked the community for their hard work to stop the spread but said more people would need to be tested as restrictions ease. \n\n“Figures tell us there is increased activity, more people are choosing to work at their workplaces and so we will see during May an increased level of activity but that means more of us need to come forward and get tested,” Ms Berejiklian said. \n\nThree new cases of coronavirus were confirmed overnight out of 5,200 tests.