NSW Police officer on restricted duties after incident with Aboriginal teen

Video appearing to show a NSW Police officer handcuffing an Aboriginal teenage boy, then kicking his feet out from underneath him, is being investigated

2/06/2020 8:27:00 AM

A NSW Police officer has been put on restricted duties after a video emerged on social media of him appearing to trip and handcuff an Aboriginal teenager in Surry Hills.

Video appearing to show a NSW Police officer handcuffing an Aboriginal teenage boy, then kicking his feet out from underneath him, is being investigated

The person recording the interaction then moans "no" from behind the camera.AdvertisementThe male constable appears to proceed to handcuff the boy's hands behind his back, and kick his legs out from underneath him."Down you go," the officer appears to say. Lying on the footpath, the boy moans in apparent pain as bystanders yell: "You just slammed him on the f--king face."

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NSW Police on Tuesday were reviewing the incident, with representatives from the police speaking to the boy's family and footage being reviewed.In a statement released on Tuesday afternoon, NSW Police said the officer involved had been "placed on restricted duties" as the Professional Standards Command undertakes an investigation into the incident.

"About 5pm [on] Monday, officers were patrolling Ward Park, Surry Hills, when they spoke with a group of teenagers," police said. "It’s alleged a 17-year-old boy from the group threatened an officer, before being arrested and taken to Surry Hills Police Station.

"He was subsequently taken to St Vincent’s Hospital for observation before being released into the custody of family pending further inquiries."NSW Police Minister David Elliott said the incident would be reviewed."The young fellow has gone home, the police are engaging with his family about the matter," Mr Elliott said at a press conference on Tuesday morning, confirming he had been brief on the incident.

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When someone says to a police office I’m going to crack you in the jaw! In my opinion that officer had all the right to neutralise the threat. How about people of all colours start bringing their kids up with respect and we would see less of this! “Appearance”? You will note his place of his foot and lower leg in front of the young person being restrained, and then with forced, pushed the detained person’s legs out from under him. As the PO was standing still, it is reasonable to say his actions were deliberate

Not good enough. “APPEARING” Call it for what it is. Abuse of power. He needs to be fired A police officer MUST be able to control your his/her own emotions and mind. A police officer is not a doormat but must react appropriate in such a situation. When we all use unnecessary violence for bad language it will end in a disaster.

It “appears” the Policeperson was practicing his latest ballet step.... Should not be surprised....aussies are always trying to follow America’s drama. What happen’s in America and 6 months later it happens in Australia out of the blue. Just trying to grab some attention. Kids want the voting age reduced so they can have their say. But they don't want to face the same laws as the adults.....🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

That mungrel went from tough guy to squealing like a pig in 2 seconds.....I love it Not the policing we want in our country. Need some retraining at the grass roots I believe Maybe it's time we pay police minimum $120k per year. Make it a desirable job with a high entry bar that takes years of intense training involving negotiation and martial arts class. It took me 4 years to become an electrician.. how long does it take for a cop to get a gun?

Shari55 Grub I understand the police need to balance the level of force required to restrain without danger to themselves. However, this video showed the police were in control and the extension of this control was totally unnecessary. Retraining time for all. White privileged officer in Australia no better than white privileged officer in the US. BlackLivesMatter

That move was as dangerous as a sucker punch. Looked well practised. To put it simply those actions by the police were not reasonable or required. There was enough police there to stop a riot. Constable Copperfield says it was all done with mirrors. This is the primer to spark the riots in Sydney. The ABC are pushing it hard. Watch Australia start burning now. The leftist media are digging through the archives looking for anything to blame Australian police for racism.

Not good by the officer and he should be disciplined, but let's also condemn the teenager who thinks it's OK to threaten a police officer. Restricted duties? Should be wayyy harsher than that. He physically assaulted a 16 year old without provocation. That cop has serious anger management issues. The boy happily put his hands behind his back to get cuffed. There was no reason for the officer to slam him on the ground.

From the evidence shown it’s an overreaction that should not go unpunished. We don’t except bullies and there are no reasons we should except Police to be one either. woollogirl Good Y’all are quickly becoming the USA’s bestie! Keep it up, ScottMorrisonMP and crew. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 Karma

Wtf is this journalism? CobraKai SweepTheLeg Appearing to trip? FFS! Clear assault. Will be cover up by that disgraceful POS Mick Fuller shit and his professional standards command goons. Fuller needs to be sacked. Is that the same as 3rd degree restricted duties? He wasn’t so tough after he threatened him was he

The 'reporter' or headline writer who wrote this garbage should resign or be sacked as they are clearly incompetent. auspol ShoebridgeMLC GladysB nswpolice ScottMorrisonMP NSW Police are mostly just thugs and paid killers and are the enemy on the NSW people,especially if you are indigenous. Most of them are cowards without that sidearm,without which,most of these thugs would not join up.

He doesn’t “appear” to trip the man. He kicks his feet from under him. Or, 'deliberately sweeping a teenagers feet from under him and handcuff while he groans in pain', yes? The officer should be fired and charged with assault! Suspend! It's called a leg sweep an approved technique. The youth threatened to punch him in the head, which can be fatal. The officer is a capable strong male exactly what the police force needs to enforce the law.

People want to murder police, and you complain they overreact? It's easy when you've never been in fear. Two-leg sweep When the opponent has both feet on the ground and the defender strikes behind both legs, usually accompanied by a blow across the chest to further off-balance the opponent. No matter what the aboriginal teenager did in this climate the police should have turned a blind eye And not tried to arrest him

There was no 'appearing to'! He deliberately tripped and handcuffed the young Aboriginal man. Then, to add insult to injury, a female cop sat on him. Police brutality is very dangerous for a society, however, 54yrs ago, when I was a know - all 15yr old, I would NEVER have given a cop a mouthful of cheek and not expected a belt around the chops and then dragged back home to face my parents.

Wonder how many white Australians who attempted to cleanse their souls this week by protesting against the racism in the USA, actually joined the march a while back to protest the large number of Aborignal deaths in jail. Very few would be my guess. 'Appearing to trip'? Seriously? Yet more unacceptable behaviour by police officers.

Please correct this story to actually report the truth. This makes you complicit. It looks like judo Good! Looks like a combination of losing his temper and using a technique improperly. That foot sweep is a basic Judo move, but normally it's done with the opponent facing you so they land on their back, but because the teen was facing away from him, he landed on his face.

So, if a white teen had said 'I'll crack you in the f--king jaw, bro.' to this cop, would the outcome have been any different? Not that he should have done that to any teen. He appeared to lose his temper. 2 officers on ether side of the boy could of arrested him. arms folded and threatens and is 4mt away with 2 a close proximity this is racisim with that take down.. I am sick of it! you want anachary to come to Aus! it will!

Sack and prosecute this coward. Not fit to protect the community I wonder just who wrote this up? Those three or the sub!editor. Regardless, that story is not honest. Trip? That bloke did not ‘trip’, he kicked the legs from under the boy, knocking him flat down! “Appeared to”? Which video were you watching?

Sally, Lucy and Ella. Why did you write this? Three of you, decided on trip and handcuff? Trip? Fucking Trip? fuckingtrip is an insult after injury. Who wrote this and why? It’s plainly a gross lie. Those kind of lies kill people. It's like some sort of sport for them at this point. This type of journalism contributes to social unrest and contempt for the role media need to play for democracy to slightly function!

Cops wouldn’t need to do this if these little pricks showed more respect. we rely on police to serve & protect .....how is this sort of behaviour serving or protecting Saw this on the news! Nobody deserves to be treated like that. What is happening to common decency and caring for each other? “Appearing to”.

At least The Guardian tells it like it is. This has to be a trained strategy for subduing individuals. If people are resisting arrest or off their head, fair enough, but when the individual is compliant it's brutal and totally unnecessary. He wasn't shot ffs, play propaganda somewhere else. “appearing to” ? ffs throw caution to the wind and tell it like you see it, like we all see it. That police man tripped and injured and handcuffed an Aboriginal teenager

APPEARING You are fukkking kidding. ThisIsNotJournalism Only put on light duties 'appearing to trip' this was ASSAULT This weasel copper needed the badge to record his 1st victory, without the badge he’d still be winless. What a worm. davidbewart Restricted duties! Sack the bastard. “restricted duties” are u kidding me? he is not fit for duty full stop

Restricted duties ARE YOU SERIOUS SOUNDS LIKE THE POLICE ARE PRITECTING HIM ,HE SHOULD HAVE HIS BADGE TAKEN,CHARGED,FINED AND SACKED END OF STORY WHAT DO YOU THINK WOULD HAPPEN IF YOU OR ANYONE DID THAT IT WOUKD BE FULL FORCE IF THE LAW NO DOUBT AT ALL auspol I worked as youth worker and was often the target of some threatening behaviour but never ever did I trip or lay hands on a young person and in fact in 99% of incidents I was able to deescalate the problem. It's called doing your job.

Cry poor he is just doing him job be it black or white it's call respect show it Not good enough!!! Shame!!!!!! Is this your feeble attempt to cash in on all the rioting & looting occurring over the other side of the planet? Ridiculous. Fractured eye socket. You mean they had people to spare who aren’t out there nicking people for speeding fines or other ways of revenue generation ! And they aren’t eating donuts ?!!! What’s going on ?

Shameful, where were his senior officers to pull him into line ? Has ScottyFromMarketing given this guy a medal yet? Not appearing. Actually tripped the teenager. Absolutely unnecessary show of force. Bet you he couldn't wrangle an adult, skinny shit. 😡😡😡 Taxpayer Funded Uniform Mess The last people to ever approach for help in Australia are the NSW Police. Don't risk it.

Oh PLEASE. Do we have to try to emulate the crazy USA? Havnt we got a brain to think with? Don't down play what happened we can all watch the video. He swiped the kids legs out from under hi. We don't know what these kids were doing to get police attention, & the young man does make a verbal threat to the officer ('I'll break your jaw' or something). However that was excessive force. He already had him handcuffed, no need to sweep his legs out like that. The poor kid

Apparently ? The video shows him deliberately tripping in my view ‘Appearing to’?!! Appearing? You appear to have caught the dreaded Appeared's Disease, a syndrome of equivocation. Just a comment, but ‘appearing’ to trip !? The cowardly goon tripped the kid. RESTRICTED DUTIES IS NOT ENOUGH This was horrible to watch that poor kid yes he mouthed off but surely police a trained not to react to these things. I hope he looses his job

Trip? Judo throw. Needless. Let's add false arrest DPP v CARR (2002) assault causing actual bodily harm. The NSW government MUST put an end to the heavy handed tactics of police. Appearing? WTF is wrong with you. Just tell the truth. He tripped the kid in an act of violence and could have killed him. Trip? He kicked his legs out from under him so he went face down to the bricks. Go watch it or get another job.

... appearing to trip ...'? That policeman kicked the boy's feet from under him and flattened him on his face. It couldn't be clearer! Appeared to It’s pretty obvious from the video he slammed him to the ground intentionally! FFS! This is what the Israelis do to the Palestinians on a daily basis. Israel trains US police and possibly here too.

Should be sacked. Not acceptable There's a big lack of respect for the police force. That's because they don't police their own. If the odd good cop speaks up about a wrong within the force they soon find they are the ones ostracized. Hey come on...is what's happening in the US not enough to make you think? Do not look to America for leadership example, please.

He didn’t trip. Appeared to ? Who writes this crap? Two sides to every story .....theres no arrest to law abiding citizens.... Can someone tell me why the police were called in the first place? When the NSW Police Minister pretends to be a real cop chasing and intercepting Vehicles for his own gratification, then plays with a assault machine gun at a target practice with Police without a permit .. go figure. auspol BinBoyMuller Watergate AngusTaylor RubyPrincess

Restricted duties!!!! That was serious assault not a misdemeanor. Good Appearing to trip...? You have got to be joking. Are you suggesting the video with sound was manufactured? Piss poor journalism not worthy of the profession. Call it for what it is. I'm sure that'll clear everything up nswpolice. And at least one of the female officers jumped in a KNELT on him ,,, is this how they are trained to respond now ?

Illegal throw. Police trip and face slam a teenager into the ground Is ‘appearing to trip’ code for remaing impartial and not casting aspersions. Don't sanitize the racist violence. Fix your headline Stop trying to incite racial tension here. The news media is fast becoming the enemy of the people. Under the law the media must be careful how they report incidents. Yes we know what happened but it’s up to the law to take it’s appropriate action. Let’s hope the investigation is properly conducted And the right decision made.

It was assault by the police officer, the video shows it exactly. Shit please let’s not have that shit here like in America. Sack the cop, charge him with assault and get on with it. Diet Newscorp strikes again. He smashed the poor kid on his head FFS. Appeared to trip ? Lol vingreensill Does this happen if the kid doesn’t threaten to break the officer’s jaw?

b_spectabilis Didn't appear to. He did! How about being relieved of duties and charged with assault? Australian police enjoy strip searching under aged girls n beating up young aboriginal boys. They love locking up intellectualy disable aboriginals in the NT & throwing away. Since 1991, 400 men & women murdered in custody how many police convicted for these crimes?

why did he? If you aren’t condemning this officer’s behaviour, what the hell is wrong with you? I couldn’t care less what colour the young boy was, it could be your bloody son or daughter talking back to authority, which is what you do when you’re young. No one deserves that. Wake up! They're all actors in the video. Bad ones too. Everything is a rich man's trick!

There is no “appearing to “ .. he deliberately kicked and dropped that young boy onto his face. Blatant police thuggery. And the cops with him are just as complicit. They have no place in the police force .. none of them. Fascists gunna fascist. You can say he was allegedly the one that tripped, but there was no appearance about what he did. A person wearing a NSW police uniform ABSOLUTELY tripped an indigenous teenager. Now's really not the time for bullshit on this subject.

More of a spear tackle which is illegal in every sport but ok for cops to do apparently wouldn’t you say? What this event demonstrates is unfitness for duty in a position of public trust. A copper should be allowed a couple of warnings on this kind of 'petty' behavior, before they are expelled from the force for good. In cases of criminal assault, not even one warning. NoTolerance

Appearing? How very white of you. 'Appearing to'? It was a classic foot sweep, with a little push on the way down. Since when journalists become drama makers? They must be ecstasy if a riot breakout in AUS Kicking the legs from under a person is the best way to get them on the ground. The police should do it more often, but of course, if there is some resistance to being cuffed.

DIDNT YOU MONGRELS SEE WHAT HAPPENED TO CNN HQ? OR ARE YOU JUST NOT CONCERNED ABOUT THE SAFETY OF REPORTERS? Get it right. 'Appearing ' my arse. Appearing to trip? Come on he clearly pinned his arms before kicking his legs from under him so he could not break his fall. A criminal act from any point of view.

' ... appearing to trip and handcuff ... ' What a pleasant little euphemism. Surprised you don't have another article calling what's going on in the US 'a challenging debate'. Wrong wrong wrong...not necessary to kick his legs out from under him!! He wasn’t even resisting So the far left SMH think it's fine to threaten police officers?

And here comes the orchestrated race riots funded by George Soros. Media are complicit in starting this. Using my people to create more division. You're creating hate! This was created by George Soros and Antifa. My mob doesn't want this! nswpolice officer should be suspended without pay, charged for assault, it's time to stand up nswpolicecommissioner an nswpremiere should intervene asap; this criminal behavior isn't acceptable, again we see nswpolice bullying a young Aboriginal male, bullying isn't accept?

Here we go... 'Appearing'? Do your editors not trust their own eyes? Don't shield the police from the consequences of their brutality. How on earth do you lot expect people to take your journalism seriously when everyone saw the Police Officer trip the youth over deliberately? Stupidity like this hurts you.

heyracheddie When police start beating up journos as they are right now in the US, will you say they 'appeared to trip' you? The kid ended up in hospital with broken teeth, and we saw the video. It's assault. You have *one job*. Very fine people on both sides, eh? You're disgusting. It's not 'appearing', it's worse than a coward's punch and he should be fired ASAP.

so same old story then. Barely a slap on the wrist, dust it under the rug. Nothing to see here Careful that his is not Soros coming to Australia to set the stage for a false flag event like in the United States. Stay vigilant dont let them trigger you. 👏👏👏now charge him. GladysB MSMWatchdog2013 'Appearing to'?

Could’ve just wrote him a ticket. He really went from zero to 100 pretty quick nswpolice auspol NickTrebla Not good enough! This officer must be charged with assault and let the court determine his culpability. nswpolice NSWYoungLabor Aistralian cops have same issue as USA filled with thugs and trained in racism, a grown man doesn’t know how to tell a kid to watch his mouth no gotta assault him. Australian cops are cowards

Tripped and handcuffed I think what you meant to say is “police officer violently kicked the 16 year olds feet out from under him then brutally threw him to the ground.” I used to think this newspaper was a high quality one. Not anymore. Some of the defining language, chosen to describe key events shown to occur in the video of this incident, has been chosen why?

Appearing? Trip? Here I fixed it: Leg sweep face first into the ground with the cop on his back OH WOW WHAT A COINCIDENCE. The media needs to be held accountable for trying to incite race riots. Kids are our future, how to educate the problem kids is parents, schools and community’s responsibilities. Parents who has problem kids should go to a paid lesson for teach them how to educate their kids.

Yeah because the aboriginal is just a misunderstood angel. GTFO jesus Christ, the politicial correctness has gone bonkers ! lets focus on n ANTIFA Thugs mouthing off, police doing their jobs and coping crap from kids that show no respect, play on JedWells honestly hope I’m wrong and something does happen

Appearing? It’s important that the media doesn’t become part of the problem and not the solution. Abetting violence instigated by police officers is not going to help. Enough race-baiting, please. “Appearing”!?!? Appearing? It's clear to see. Trip? He intentionally sweeps the legs out of the cuffed boy. Get it right.

What crime did he commit? Police will only arrest you if you have done something wrong If he was white the same thing would have happened but you wouldn't care. He assaulted that kid. Assault is a crime. Australia is sure feeling left out lol.

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