NSW Police hit back over festival strip search criticisms

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NSW Police say of the 12 teenagers strip searched at a Sydney music festival, 11 were found with drugs on them.

NSW Police have hit back after they were criticised for strip-searching teenagers at a Sydney music festival by revealing most of the revellers were caught in possession of drugs.

A 14-year-old girl was allegedly caught with 31 MDMA capsules concealed internally, a 17-year-old female had 2.2 grams of MDMA and a 16-year-old girl allegedly had four grams of the drug ice concealed internally. "Were any of them carrying drugs that would in anyway justify this kind of ritual abuse of children?"Mr Shoebridge claims police are routinely breaching the law and likely exposing NSW taxpayers to a hefty compensation bill.


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Good work by police!

Great job nswpolice you have the support of the people of NSW.

Getting 'tough on crime.' But the money launderers for the the drug trade went unpunished, the Aussie banks made a quick buck here, no questions asked. All friends of the LNP.

OMGTheMess Good

It does not matter if they had drugs and you found them you should not be strip searching minors. End don't justify the means

That’s ok you molested one kid then. Legend

Given the NSW Police have just been caught out lying about sniffer dog sucesses I think they're in 'covering their ar*es' mode. I don't believe a word of it.

They still spent taxpayer money on stripling children of their clothing! Idk if there were drugs, nothing is worth taking away those childrens bodily autonomy

Strip search is very important should be mandatory

Good job!

Yeah I'd like to see the proof. Mind you, that wouldn't necessarily mean it was real proof. How, if there is no adult present can this be considered proof in a court of law, assuming you believed the police in the first place. Not saying some police aren't trustworthy.

SBS I’ve lost friends to drugs and seen seizures at festivals. As someone with epilepsy, I don’t know why anyone would want to play with fire and risk having a seizure or worse,dying. Are these idiots not aware of what’s in these drugs? They aren’t homemade effing cakes.

SBS 'A 15-year-old female allegedly had a bag of alcohol hidden in her underwear.' Hmmm ok starting to sound far fetched...

SBS Can we stop stripping minors k thx

Of the 5 young people written about in the article 4 of them were young women. How many young people were strip searched in total to find 11 with drugs on them? thisisstillabuse

johnmwking Busted

Bit ignorant here... It 'sounds' like it's not the kind of search they do at police staions: 'NSW Police said if someone retrieves an item that's been concealed internally themselves that's still classified as a strip-search.' ? Also, a 14yr old with 31 MDMA tabs? What a mess.

And how many charged?

Their old enough to have drugs on them so they are old enough to be strip searches. So what if they had a gun

Oh and I’m sure their parents will now sue the nsw police for an invasion of their rights.

Good job!!!! About time!

This is another case in which the 'experts' are getting the wrong results. Intensive police action is the only way to keep drug addicts from killing themselves.

What makes us high makes us twice as low. Drugs lower our frequency to the point where we become animals. Is that what you wanna be - is the question anyone using drugs has to be asked. Alcohol is a drug btw. The most dangerous one in the world because of build up in blood.

Trying to get off the hook

The end doesn't justify the means! The Police ought to know that and yet they defend their actions like they are immune from prosecution. Suppose they think it's OK given the Police officers doing the deed are the same age as the teenagers they accosted.

Look at all the morons tweeting. Read below. These kids futures are at stake, but left wing wankers would prefer they deal and use drugs.

There is a reason why the title reads 'police SAY... 11 were found with drugs'. It's because we are meant to just accept anything they SAY eh? Pure propaganda.

I mean were any of us actually expecting a nuanced opinion on drugs from cops? They got their quota so of course they are happy.

For those leftist woke warriors who get triggered by click bait phrases such as, 'teenagers being ordered to strip' and imagine 3 100kg male PORS cops in overalls directing some 13 yr old girl to take her pants off in a mosh pit you need to educate yourselves you fu🖕ing idiots

Did they find the drug’s up their clackers? 🤨

Just how many strip searched were young girls? Not just at this festival but at many others also. A valid question, IMO.

Unless they found someone with distribution amount of drugs on them they really didnt do anything except traumatise a heap of younge people.

Don’t care. Don’t strip search children. Pervs.

Who knows the truth in the Police state of NSW.

nswpolice changes search strategies to ensure a very high hit rate from strip searches, in order for them to have this statistic to wave at us. Else why was that not the hit rate before Meanwhile, 12 out of 12 strip-searched minors were stripped by police without parental OK.

Simple! Don’t carry drugs so STFU and let the police do their job! Get angry at the kids carrying the drugs! Not the police who are saving lives and keeping our kids safe! How the Hell are the greens even a political party! They cry about coal but happy for kids to carry Drugs

Well the twelfth one was good at hiding them.

So is 12 searches a typical number for a music festival or have they decided to be very cautious this festival so they could sway the data. I very much doubt the 🐕 only alerted to 12 people.

Saw the kind of kids going to the festival over the weekend, surprised wasn't 100% of them with drugs

Does someone want to check our constitutional rights to see if strip searching people on the spot is lawful? Seeing as the Police and Government are sworn into Justinian Corpus Juris law - There is no way that ANY 'law' that is considered 'normal' is actually lawful. Wake up.

Good job

Teenage drug dealers, been around since Adam was a boy.


Good on the nswpolice for doing a great job. We need zero tolerance to illicit drugs.

Fully justified searching! Now bring in the sniffer dogs as well

Yeah, we don’t believe you.

Lock them up 💪

Leave Our Kids Alone

The Dealers would have been paying the Kids to carry the drugs in. Arseholes who’ll stoop to anything to sell their shit.

Still does not justify this disgusting abuse of power

Police state

And one was innocent of any 'crime' and had to suffer humiliation because of prohibition.

Sure ......

If it’s for personal use then it’s still outrageous

Good job done but will continue to have criminal morons and morons that defend these drug dealing user criminal kids and make society more dangerous for law abiding people.

Good police work. Someone has perception and the guts to start. Some of those ‘children’ will recognise the care the police were exercising, perhaps more than the norm.

Personal use

I'd prefer our tax $$$/police resources be used to stop real crime, rather than harass kids who want to have fun. The war on drugs has been an abject failure, ruining people's lives, costing us $ billions, while making violent criminals wealthy. It's time to end prohibition.

Id be calling pedo if the strip search a minor

So what, they are not the issue, go after suppliers not users morons, if you do find users then use court as a deterrent to find their supplier. Work it out

That is no excuse of they were strip searched without a parent or guardian present as per the law, the very same officers are sworn to uphold. How many of the 12 teenagers were part of the age group where the law applied. Justification after the fact is no defence.

Stop blaming the police. Jail the drugees or their parents. 7NewsAustralia

Much as i don't trust the police i believe these numbers. Harder to buy a beer at the local than score drugs these days. What is qps doing? The annual bust of a pothead with his personal plot doesn't cut it these days. PoliceState auspol drugwar qpscorrupt

I don’t believe the police

So what? It doesn't justify police strip searching anyone, let alone teenagers. It's abusive, and has absolutely no effect on the war-on-drugs!

We’ll see the proof before we believe you.

Keep the search up! Well done

Even if they were you are the law. Follow the law. police

So what. Did they have to strip each them on-site to reveal this? Or follow appropriate protocols and do it with a parent present?

Still inexcusable.

I am surprised 1 out of 12 had none. They must have taken their drugs already. How bad is the music that they need drugs anyway. 😂

Doesn’t quite stack up with historical strip search data. 😱 what changed on the weekend?

11 out of 12 kids had drugs on them? I guess we will have to take their word for it eh..

Well imagine my surprise...

Did they win the war?

Is it something new? No, it is not. We could not deny one fact that there is huge demand for recreational drug. Can we now sit down discussing about legalising safe recreational substances like marijuana?

Sure, because why bother with harm minimization strategies like pill testing when you can just traumatise teenagers for fun and profit?

This doesn't justify strip searching kids.


Only one thing you need to know - Drugs are illegal.

Some priests are probably thinking that they are in the wrong employment..

Teenager strips wtf any responsibility born by their guardian (s)

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