NSW Deputy Premier will not contest Eden-Monaro, paving way for his cabinet colleague

3/05/2020 2:51:00 PM

NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro to announce on Monday morning he will not contest key Federal seat of Eden-Monaro.

NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro will not contest the key federal seat of Eden-Monaro, paving the way for the state's transport minister Andrew Constance to make the switch to national politics.

NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro to announce on Monday morning he will not contest key Federal seat of Eden-Monaro.

Larger text size Very large text size NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro will not contest the key federal seat of Eden-Monaro, paving the way for the state's transport minister Andrew Constance to make the switch to national politics.Share on Facebook Share on Twitter NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian is urging people with even the mildest symptoms to come forward for COVID-19 testing over the weekend as the state's coronavirus restrictions are eased.Brad Hazzard says the incoming NZ players must abide by quarantine laws When asked about the New Zealand Warriors NRL team's approved inbound travel to Australia , Dr Chant said there would be "rigid protection" in place for the Tamworth community.'Breaches of infection control' found in NSW aged care 02/05/2020 | 5min New South Wales Chief Medical Officer Dr Kerry Chant says infectious control experts have found practical breaches among healthcare workers.

Mr Barilaro is expected to announce his decision at a press conference with Premier Gladys Berejiklian on Monday morning, sources close to the National's MP said on Sunday night.The Liberal party had been privately urging the Nationals to bow out of the looming byelection earlier on Sunday, claiming a new poll had indicated Mr Constance was the best option to win.In NSW the changes to restrictions now allow up to two adults and their dependent children to visit another household anywhere across the state.Liberals who spoke to the Herald on condition of anonymity pointed to the weekend poll to argue Mr Barilaro could not win against Mr Constance.If a player develops symptoms of the virus, Dr Chant said they would enter into isolation, pending any serious medical requirements.NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance is being urged to run in the federal seat of Eden-Monaro."You don't need to wait until Monday.Credit: AAP Advertisement Bega mayor Kristy McBain is expected to be named the Labor candidate on Monday and has history on her side - it has been almost a century since an opposition has lost a federal byelection to a government."That's obviously the focus of yesterday's visit to the aged care facility, we had two very senior infection control practitioners to relook at strengthening procedures.

But the Liberals are urging Mr Constance to run on the basis of polling by research firm CT Group, formerly known as Crosby Textor, that shows a combination of his strong personal standing and wider support for the Morrison government." NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian.The fast-tracked tests have been used in regional areas of the state, including Broken Hill, Tamworth, Coffs Harbour and Wagga Wagga.They claim the polling shows the Liberals would have a comfortable lead on a two-party basis with Mr Constance as their candidate against Mr Barilaro and Ms McBain.One Liberal said the results showed Mr Constance had significant loyalty in the Bega area because of his work as the local state member during the bushfires, countering Ms McBain’s support.NSW on Friday recorded nine new coronavirus cases from more than 7000 tests in the previous 24 hours.Liberals differed on the strength of the results, with one saying Mr Constance could have a two-party vote above 60 per cent but others dismissing this as unrealistically high." But Dr Chant said the rapid tests would only be rolled out in high-priority places, including aged care and healthcare facilities "where it's critical to get a diagnosis quickly".Politicians regularly brief on internal polling to claim a lead or manage expectations in a contest, and the Herald did not see the CT results.There are now 3,027 COVID-19 cases across the state, including 37 residents and 24 staff members at Newmarch House near Penrith in western Sydney.

The Liberals are confident they could hold Mr Constance’s state seat of Bega should he run in Eden-Monaro, but Mr Barilaro’s seat of Monaro would be in danger of falling to Labor or the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party.Mr Constance has told colleagues he would like to "have a crack" at winning and is still considering whether to give up his state ministry and move to federal politics.READ MORE Dr Chant also confirmed the death of a 74-year-old male resident of Newmarch House, bringing the total number of COVID-19 related deaths at the facility to 13..Mr Constance had indicated he may not stand if Mr Barilaro was to run, while Mr Barilaro had similarly made it clear he will not contest if Mr Constance runs.The gentlemen's agreement appeared to give NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian some confidence she would at least not have to face two byelections.Dr Chant urged people in Penrith in particular to come forward for testing after authorities found a strain of coronavirus circulating in that area.Ms McBain declared her intention to run on Friday, with an endorsement from Labor leader Anthony Albanese.

"This election should be about the seat of Eden-Monaro, it shouldn't be about anything else," Ms McBain said.The NSW government also released heat maps that identify COVID-19 cases by postcode and show how many people have recovered, the estimated number of active local cases and the number of tests completed.Labor is aiming to tap into community frustration at the federal response to the summer bushfires given the electorate includes towns such as Adelong, Batlow, Eden and areas around Batemans Bay, all of which were hard hit by the fires.Ms McBain did not name Mr Barilaro and skirted a question about his absence from the electorate during the early phase of the bushfires, when he was on holiday in Europe, but Labor tacticians are preparing to exploit the issue.5 metres away from others.Former Labor MP Mike Kelly won the electorate in 2007 but lost to former Liberal MP Peter Hendy in 2013 before winning it back in 2016, in a sign of how close the byelection contest could be..Testing for coronavirus is now widely available across Australia.

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Barilaro must have had a reality check At least NSW can get a new transport minister. How about trying for one that lives in the city (not the south coast) and regularly catches the public transport they administer. Unlike ScottyFromHillsong he takes notice of what is said on twitter! John was reminded he is on a leash..

Ferry mcferry face is really parlaying that fire grief into a federal position.. AnthonyCole68 The LNP Focus Group says he can’t win....hence the speech about ego ...IE his ego couldn’t cop a pasting! Good 'Glady's, I told the SMH I wasn't going to run, and they believed me...' He hasn't won yet Friggin disgusting bias - Labor holds the seat and will be running a first class candidate. God the sooner this once great rag dies the better. auspol EdenMonaro

And here we have classis subtle manipulation of people's thinking. Eden-Monaro was held by Mike Kelly. Labor. There is a by election to be fought. Your headline implies that the LNP candidate winning is an assumption. IT IS NOT. ThisIsNotJournalism

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian urges weekend virus testing as restrictions easeNSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has urged people to come forward for COVID-19 testing over the weekend even if they have the 'mildest symptoms'. So if someone has mild symptoms, gets tested and it's positive, they can't go anywhere for a fortnight or the coppers will arrest them. Explain again why anyone would do that? OK. But, WHERE? HOW? Because information about how to get a COVID__19 tes in Sydney is full of big words but NOT A SINGLE DETAIL. Terrible comms job by GladysB Where is that info? Gotta keep the numbers up.

AnthonyCole68 According to unnamed sources Barilaro has decided to work on an Olympic bid instead, he’s going up against Dan Tehan in the 100 metre backpedal. Should be quite a stoush. He has clearly figured out that he would not win this seat. Constance stands a better chance. Wait... during the bushfires Andrew Constance said he was retiring...

Will if you can't fix it join them at the trough. Weak as piss. Qldaah Last time I heard anything from Constance, he was retiring at the next election due to the stress the bushfires had caused. Not sure he’s a great prospect, so soon after the event 🤔 Will he take Scotty down the South Coast to shake hands? That ought to be a winner. 😅 Surely the people of Eden Monaro will remember how the Libs responded to the bushfires and tell them to get stuffed !

Constance is an incompetent fool. Remember the 'Ferry McFerryface' scandal, and the blowout in costs of Sydney's light rail fiasco? Both Constance in action. There's more - this list is only up to August 2018, there have been more scandals since then Oh my god! They're both pretty bad, but Captain Incompetent? Really?

not sure of the ethnic make up of eden-monaro, but constance has a more anglo name than barilaro...could i be totally of whack with this or could that be a correct assumption?

'Incredible outcome': Just five new coronavirus cases in NSW despite near-record testing - ABC NewsHealth authorities in NSW carried out more than 8,800 tests yesterday, and they're delighted that only five came back positive. It really is an incredible outcome given that Brad Hazzard allowed the Ruby Princess to dock in Sydney. Good to see BradHazzard and NSWHealth being so forthright about the NZWarriors flying in to NSW .. Maybe the warriors should have just come in by boat , he and NSW Health seem to be far more relaxed when you turn up that way ..

Barilaro is taking his donga and going home Molan? Pls hand victory to Labor Wasnt he resigning to be with his family? So much for his family then.... Constance? Not Jim Molan? GOOD. BlackDouglas He was planning to retire 8 weeks ago. Wow. I am surprised. I'd love to know what went on there. AnthonyCole68 I thought Constance was resigning from politics.

AnthonyCole68 I like the way Constance handled himself during the bushfires. Seemed like he actually cares, like has some level of empathy. So with that being said I'm not sure he fits the national Liberal party line. CamReddin Constance was retiring due to stress a month ago. Surely not! Hopeless transport minister too.

'Breaches of infection control' found in NSW aged care | Sky News AustraliaNew South Wales Chief Medical Officer Dr Kerry Chant says infectious control experts have found practical breaches among healthcare workers. \n\nSpeaking in Sydney on Saturday, Dr Chant said two senior infection control practitioners visited aged care facilities on Friday and found safety procedures could be improved. \n\n“We know it requires meticulous consistent adherence to processes to ensure against transmission,” she said. \n\n“It’s not just about a mask, but gloves, a gown and taking it all off in a particular order to make sure you don’t contaminate your hands. \n\n“So there are a lot of requirements to do things consistently. \n\n'That's obviously the focus of yesterday's visit to the aged care facility, we had two very senior infection control practitioners to relook at strengthening procedures.' \n\nDr Chant issued a renewed warning to healthcare workers to stay at home and get tested for COVID-19 at the first sign of illness. \n\n“This is not a blame game, but this is a key lesson,” she said. \n\nImage: AP No excuse for those workers!!!!😡😡 A nursing home is not a hospital. What sort of staff-resident ratios do they have? Is there adequate PPE? Have the staff been trained to use it? Nursing home outbreaks are a global issue - what support has been put in place? NSWHealth Coronavirus update: That's all very interesting I'm sure, but what are her views on Captain Cook?

Interesting that this happens after the publicity attempt doesn’t work. We know who you vote for, don't we? His decision wouldn’t have been influenced by the reaction to his ‘untimely’ tweet about his mate Twiggy and the delivery of the housing pods to the ‘recent’ bushfire victims in Cobargo now, would it?

Mr. Constance was not a great minster of transport but he did great job fighting the bushfires. I wish him all the best. John Barilaro is a grub who just saw an opportunity for advancement Andrew Constance showed unpleasant tendencies towards narcissism on visits to Newcastle .. .. but seemed to show genuine humanity during nswbushfires He is one of them - of course he should contest the seat

Bwaa ha ha, ha ha ha, hee hee, oh my. Oh my. Guess he won the bigest loser comp to get shipped to Canberra. Well thangs are going to get interesting now That is the best news NSW has had all bloody year. The guy is a prize prick. net11e Surely not Constance is an undercover lefty Constance is well thought of around Bega.

NSW to axe stamp duty | Sky News AustraliaNew South Wales is planning to ditch stamp duty and payroll taxes as it faces a $9 billion unemployment hit from the pandemic.\n\nStamp duty is the nation's biggest source of revenue, last year raising $7.5 billion for New South Wales. \n\nTreasurer Dominic Perrottet said there was no better time to get rid of inefficient taxes that held back economic growth. \n\nThe axe is part of a five-point recovery plan focussed on productivity, tax reform, deregulation, trade and investment. \n\nImage: Getty To be replaced with other taxes that will get the govt more income more often. When is it going to be axed? 1 month, 2021 or gradually? In the interim it'll crash the property market more as prospective buyers will put any purchase on hold. That $9 billion unemployment deficit will ballon to $20 billion and in a hurry too so let’s keep it together, let’s be rational and let’s just go on with our day

Does that mean Cobargo keeps the “emergency housing” for those who lost their homes in the “recent” 🔥 🔥 Both suck eggs

NSW needs to better support temporary migrants suffering abuse during crisis, say rights groupsCampaigners against family and domestic violence are calling on the NSW government to support temporary visa holders during the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite a difficult month, there is a 'cause for optimism' for NSW businesses | Sky News AustraliaDespite a difficult month, Business NSW CEO Stephen Cartwright says there's a sense of optimism among New South Wales businesses. \n\nA poll by business NSW found almost three quarters of small business owners believed their operations would survive the COVID-19 crisis. \n\n'You remember when we first went into this in the middle of March, everybody was preparing for a six month lockdown and there was even discussion it could be longer, so there was a lot of fear and cocnern, particularly for businesses which were compeltely closed,' Mr Cartwright told Sky News. \n\n'Because of the fantastic behaviour of the Australian peopel, where we've been able to see the curve flatten, and the huge ramp up in testing, all of those things are showing we could get an early mark. \n\n'So for business people, that's a cause for optimism.' \n\nImage: Getty Now ask Victorian businesses The difference between positive people in Australia and negativity that’s going on in the Uk at the moment is amazing. Our media is creating the worst negativity and making this virus political. Glad two of my kids and grandchildren live there and not here. Hope I can visit soon Govt has known Australia is not self-sufficient food wise or otherwise for some years. Dept of Agriculture F & F commissioned report from Sapere Research Group on food in 2012 & yet nothing has been done about it. We are net exporter of food but not self-sufficient. Stop exports