Novak Djokovic the ‘least important’ issue in Park Hotel

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12/01/2022 1:19:00 PM

Journalist Eliza Barr says Novak Djokovic is the “least important” issue to come out of Melbourne’s Park Hotel.

Journalist Eliza Barr says Novak Djokovic is the “least important” issue to come out of Melbourne’s Park Hotel.“When you’ve got young men, who’ve lost years and years of their youths because of indefinite detention,” Ms Barr said.“I’m much more concerned about the outcomes for them than I am about anything to do with Novak Djokovic.”

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Nw tht ND admit 2 falsehood & he did NOT keep 2 d conditions for his med exemption, tht means d exmption itself has 2 b revoked. Bcz he was in another covid country prior 2 arriving in Aust. Ths wrong fact was not disclosed in court. So he either perjured or exmption isn't valid.

Novak Djokovic COVID UPDATES LIVE: Novak Djokovic ‘focused’ on the Australian OpenThe tennis superstar said he was focused on training for the Australian Open next week; Another 24 people have died from COVID-19 in NSW and Victoria; Nick Kyrgios tests positive to COVID. Follow updates here. And you are complicit. All the way fuelling the fire and promoting inept approach that began with Gladys. Well done. It creeps up insidiously on a nation. Double jabbed Kyrgios is positive and Djoko negative yet he got in trouble what a farce this world has become!

Novak Djokovic admits attending interview while knowingly COVID-positiveNovak Djokovic has admitted he attended an in-person interview and photoshoot while knowingly COVID-positive. give the men a gold metal he tell you the truth

Novak Djokovic admits attending interview while knowingly COVID-positiveNovak Djokovic has apologised for an “error of judgement” in taking part in a media interview while he knew he was COVID-19 positive and conceded his agent made an administrative error on his travel forms | AustralianOpen Djokovic COVID Gallo_Ways Gallo_Ways He is taking no bloody responsibility by getting everyone else to fill in forms with incorrect information and expects a sorry to fix it. He’s used poor judgment throughout this pandemic and while others have been locked out of their own country of aus he swindles his way in 😠 Gallo_Ways I thinks he's going to get an ultimatum from immigration and he will leave volunterally...... Gallo_Ways What a joke

Novak Djokovic may have ‘manipulated’ PCR test resultDjokerNole abcnews so if true Novaxx paperwork is fraudulent from start to finish. AlexHawkeMP needs to assess if Der Spiegel a reputable magazine is 100% right as that contradicts everything Novaxx has said and if true he should be banned for 3 years at the very least. DjokerNole Wouldn't surprise me, after seeing the way his family carried on, and their lies, who would believe any of them DjokerNole Hahaha. You're crazy ... do you think people are stupid or do they just believe you? If he wanted to falsify something, it would be a vaccination certificate, not a stupid test

Novak Djokovic says mistake on Australian immigration form 'human error'The tennis star releases a six-panel post on his Instagram page, saying he wanted to 'address the continuing misinformation' about his activity following a positive COVID test in December. If he signed the immigration form, he owns what’s completed on it. If he didn’t sign it, is it legal someone else did? Cool so posing maskless with these kids after a positive pcr was 'human error' too? Not like he has ever filled out forms for visa approval give the guy a break!

Novak Djokovic admits error of judgment over COVID timeline controversy.DjokerNole has claimed “misinformation” about his COVID-19 infection timeline, but has also apologised for an “error in judgement” after he went to an interview while positive. 7NEWS DjokerNole He acted like he hadn't even had the PCR test in the days after he apparently knew he had COVID. Strange indeed. DjokerNole There was documented proof of his activities on those dates where he was knowingly COVID-19 positive. Sorry it's not misinformation, Novak is just lying. DjokerNole Lie after lie. Based on his unscrupulous behaviour, he should be deported. It is time for the minister to use powers to remove him from Australia.