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‘No More Lockdowns’: Dan Andrews makes Freedom Day promise

Statewide and citywide lockdowns have been ruled out by Premier Daniel Andrews after stay-at-home restrictions were lifted in Melbourne at 11:59pm on Thursday night.

22/10/2021 10:18:00 AM

Premier DanielAndrewsMP has promised there will be “no more lockdowns” as Victoria ns enjoy their first day of freedom after hitting the 70 per cent double dose vaccine milestone.

Statewide and citywide lockdowns have been ruled out by Premier Daniel Andrews after stay-at-home restrictions were lifted in Melbourne at 11:59pm on Thursday night.

National Cabinet’s plan which has been backed by all state and territory leaders allows for rare and targeted lockdowns if future outbreaks occur - larger lockdowns have been rejected.Mr Andrews confirmed he would stand by the nationwide plan in the future.

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As my kids say - there's a big vibe today.You can feel the optimism. You can sense the pride in what's been achieved.And after everything it's taken to get here, we absolutely deserve to feel that way.— Dan Andrews (@DanielAndrewsMP)“We’re not having statewide lockdowns, we’re not having citywide lockdowns, because people have gone and done what we’ve asked them to do,” he said.

“Now we’re delivering what we said we’d do.”“There’s a national plan. We’re delivering the national plan. We are completely faithful to the national plan,” he said at a previous press conference.Victoria is finally exiting its sixth lockdown after having spent 262 days under stay-at-home restrictions in total, breaking the record which was previously held by Buenos Aires at 245 days.

Ireland is third in the runnings with 227 days spent in lockdown, followed by Northern Ireland on 223 days and England on 213 days.When Mr Andrews plunged the state into lockdown on August 5, 2021 after eight COVID-19 cases, he claimed he wanted to go “hard and early” to avoid an extended Sydney-style lockdown.

Yet 11 weeks later Melbourne is only just exiting hard lockdown with cases soaring over the 2,000 mark on Friday and hospitalised cases at 784.Last week the state recorded its worst daily figure of 2,297 cases – and a pandemic record for Victoria.

A second wave of restrictions are set to ease in Victoria on November 5 when the 80 per cent double dose target is expected to be reached.Mr Andrews posted on Twitter on Friday to usher in Victoria’s long awaited Freedom Day as the state leaves lockdown behind for good.

“You can feel the optimism. You can sense the pride in what’s been achieved and after everything it’s taken to get here, we absolutely deserve to feel that way,” he tweeted.“I'm trying not to sound like some kind of soppy dad here, but I am proud, bloody proud of this state.

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“We've gone through such a hard time together, this pandemic has been exhausting in every sense of the word.“And the fact that we're here today, and opening up, is only because of the sacrifices made by every one of us.”Catching up with the mothers' group on Zoom just isn't the same.

Today Teddy, Naomi, Monty and their mums finally met up - in person. Read more: Sky News Australia »

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'This is unbelievable'

DanielAndrewsMP That I'll believe when I see it. DanielAndrewsMP Isn’t that what he said last year? DanielAndrewsMP ThanksDom DanielAndrewsMP We will see! DanielAndrewsMP How about some GD investigations into all of the crimes against humanity all of the governments of Australia? DanielAndrewsMP We still have restrictions though. 🤷‍♂️

DanielAndrewsMP his lips were moving… DanielAndrewsMP Voters don't forget what these evil politicians have done over the last few months of lock down treating Australians like prisoners DanielAndrewsMP Bullshit 💩 DanielAndrewsMP Proconsul DictatorDan’s plan was to secede from Aust Commonwealth ushering New Communist China by putting the economy into a coma force small businesses into bankruptcy employees onto welfare peanuts via house arrest mislabelled as lockdowns. He will bring them back! DanNext

DanielAndrewsMP Who cares your out of here

Victoria scraps quarantine for double-dosed international arrivals Victoria n Premier Daniel Andrews has confirmed fully vaccinated international travellers flying into Melbourne will not have to spend 14 days in hotel or home quarantine from November 1. The footsteps of NSW or following the national plan. You know the correct answer but it doesn’t suit your narrative does it? And QLD continues like it’s another Friday 🤷‍♂️ Could you please check with NSW and ask why they aren't following VIC and opening their border to us until Nov 1st?

DanielAndrewsMP Perfect picture of him DanielAndrewsMP Yeah? True? He’s never broken his promises before. Has he? HAS HE? DanielAndrewsMP DanielAndrewsMP election next year 🤔 DanielAndrewsMP All gimmick and election stints. Remember, there will be election next year. DanielAndrewsMP Believe it when I see it. Absolute nutcase.

DanielAndrewsMP And why would anyone believe a word he says?! DanielAndrewsMP Fool me once, shame on you.. Fool me twice, shame on me. DanielAndrewsMP If anyone can't tell that this decision has nothing to do with the virus but all to do with politics you're brain is probably grind mush. What an absolute circus of desperation.

DanielAndrewsMP Never trust a sociopath

NSW records 372 new virus casesBREAKING: NSW has recorded its first day of a rise in Covid cases since lockdown rules were scrapped and people were given new freedoms. 'Dominic Perrottet revealed the state plans to establish the nation’s first mRNA pilot manufacturing facility' Nope not the first, Monash Uni + IDT already has that and it's in...drum roll...Victoria😅 Number of cases ain't significant anymore... right? It will surge as so many people out now.

DanielAndrewsMP What a change since Dom_Perrottet appeared 💪💪💪💪

All the rule changes in Victoria tonightAfter 262 days of lockdown across Victoria the embattled state is finally bound for freedom. Here are all the rules changing from midnight. Can regional go into metro though

These graphs tell the story of Sydney coming back to life after 100 days of lockdownMobility and traffic data shows Sydneysiders are making the most of their new freedom — but, it might be a while before things go back to pre-pandemic levels. Let’s see an article on how many people died both in hospital and at home due to the Glad Standard’s failure to lock down properly. The best thing during the pandemic is that our immediate environment benefited the air become cleaner less litter in our parks and more birds around our city .This absolutely shows why Climate change is so important it also exposed our bad habits !!!🤓🤵🏾‍♂️🧐 Ground breaking article, especially the graph measuring people visiting retail and work places sharply rising after a 100 day lull, it’s almost like the places were open again

Why NSW enjoys more freedoms than Victoria: Treasurer questions Andrews’ planJosh Frydenberg has congratulated Victoria ns for rolling up their sleeves for the COVID-19 jab, but has questioned the Andrews government over the difference in freedoms between NSW and Victoria . Has shown he doesn't care about his home state Next election u will know how people feel. Like your government hasn't enabled Dictator Dan throughout this protracted lockdown?!!

Melbourne parties after lockdown endMelburnians have celebrated long into the night as the state finally emerges from 262 days of lockdown since the Covid-19 pandemic hit early last year. This tweet is factually incorrect. Melbourne's lockdown lasted 77 days. This was not the 'world's longest lockdown'. The NSW lockdown lasted 100+ days. Please report factual information. how are you supposed to drink with masks on? one slip and mask back on again? this is dumb act for the desperate.