No charter flight yet as Federal Government assesses evacuating Australians at risk of coronavirus

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Foreign Minister Marise Payne says the Australian Government is exploring all opportunities to help evacuate Australians trapped in Hubei.

Foreign Minister Marise Payne says the Federal Government is exploring"all opportunities" to help evacuate Australians trapped in Hubei, China, and at risk of coronavirus.

She said Australian consular officials in Beijing were in close consultation with Chinese authorities. "It is, I think, very important to appreciate that there are limitations to what we can do," Senator Payne said. "We don't have a consular presence on the ground so getting in to help, given the travel restrictions, continues to be a significant difficulty.

"We also have to remind ourselves that the Chinese Government has placed the travel restrictions in place in these areas to contain the coronavirus outbreak itself."


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Always assessing, never just doing.

Leave them there ffs. The other 23 million of us don't want this virus. You wouldn't even visit people when you had a cold in case you made them sick but you are talking about bringing this deadly virus to us intentionally.

So some of you are prepared to leave your fellow countrymen stuck in China , while other countries mobilise evacuations . Shame on you and shame on our august government if they do nothing . If others can do it safely, so can we .

Fuck that!

More treasonous actions from our Chinese-owned government. Why not just send our entire stockpile of masks and medicines there as foreign aid? Clearly the Australian people don't mean shit to anyone in Canberra

dfat eeI55__ PeterDutton_MP DavidColemanMPThe blue eyed mindset of the Australian government is dangerous coronavirusaustralia

dfat eeI55__ PeterDutton_MP DavidColemanMP Bad policy everywhere. Australia has become a Chinese colony. coronavirus Now the price has to be paid

Let’s face it... it’s already here... are we gonna stand by and watch our fellow Aussies die? This is what they want - us divided and fighting. They see this great awakening happening and are pulling out all their dirty rotten tricks to stop it.

While other countries rushing to try to evacuate their citizen... I deeply saddened with the comments here. They all Australians after all, no matter what where theirs origins from. It’s a matter life and death. Come on, people! Be nice, not that hard!

Don’t do this !!

BAD BAD idea

Welcome to WWIII

Leave the new Australians in their true homeland

From a pandemic-spreading perspective, this is a terrible idea.

What’s to assess? Let’s extract 100 plastic “Australians” at tax payer expense & risk exposing 25 million? Wow, great foreign policy dfat 🤦‍♂️ import the 3rd world eventuality become the 3rd world coronarvirus auspol

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