News Corp CEO lashes tech giants, and the New York Times

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News Corp CEO lashes tech giants, calls New York Times investigation into Murdochs 'multi-generational muck-spreading'.

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since the recent massacre in the New Zealand city of Christchurch was streamed live on Facebook and viewed by millions after the videos spread to other platforms including Google-owned YouTube."For Big Digital, the line of least compliance should not have been the starting point for our journey into the future," Mr Thomson says in the speech.

"There is no doubt that our technical ability to create, to distribute and share information and images and much more, will be exponentially enhanced over the coming five years. But that is the contradiction - while we are creating that capability, we are challenging our capacity for empathy."witless nonsense, delivered digitally, globally, endlessly, daily.

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Those articles are two weeks old He's really quick off the draw!


Murdoch needs to be eradicated from our culture.

MSMWatchdog2013 Sooner Rupert and his propaganda rags become News CORPSEs the better the world will be

If you believe that you would believe anything.

So it’s not ok for social media to post fake or biased news because it stops newscorp earning advertising revenue from doing the same? His point re reporting vs columnists was well made. Perhaps then Fox News should be rebranded Fox Ranting Columnists.

Lashes out on competitors that compete and outsmart them in many ways. Couldn’t even get MySpace to succeed. Stop being envious and bitter - change or you will be irrelevant.

Murdoch, the biggest muckraker of all time.

The NY Times must be hitting the mark if Rupert deems it necessary to retort. I wonder if he sees the irony of being hurt by the press.

Murdoch - the boil on the butt of democracy - and those who worship at his feet deserve far greater punishment than an nytimes exposé. It’s a start though.

And the tech giants have just about taken away their licence to print money.

Muckraking is done so well by the Daily Telegraph and the Australian, not to mention Sky. It’s total hypocrisy for this CEO to say anything. There should be truth in media laws in this country with severe penalties for lying.

News Corp has no credibility whatsoever

Thankfully the general population is mostly protected from Murdoch's rubbish view by his own greed - thank you Murdoch paywall!

The hypocracy of this tool is astounding

News Corp smashes own glass house after throwing brick

MSMWatchdog2013 You only have to read Murdoch’s rags and watch Sky and Fox News to see the truth in the New York Times expose on Murdoch.

Murdoch Newspapers CEO complains of muckraking. Population of most countries fall about laughing in disbelief.

Tech giants, NY Times and almost everyone in the world lashes News Corp, CEO & Murdoch’s

Truth hurts

You lost me at ‘News Corp’ 😴

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