New coral bleaching has hit the Great Barrier Reef

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Another wave of coral bleaching is hitting the Great Barrier Reef as temperature levels surge above average.

The federal government's lead reef protection agency on Wednesday discovered significant bleaching on three reefs in the far north of the world's largest coral reef ecosystem.

A bleaching warning has been issued for large parts of the Torres Strait and far northern management areas of the marine park, where significant bleaching across multiple hotspots is likely.


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How's that GBR tourist industry going Queensland, as the coal barons help destroy your primary asset through increased water temperature and acidification? Good eh? 🔥🔥🔥

Here you go!!

SBS Burn more coal says Canavan, I do love parboiling coral in an acid sea.

Who says. Because you know what happened last time you said this eh?

Absolute garbage. You should be ashamed . Nothing better than damaging Australia’s tourism in the name of the climate change scam. Who else thinks there should be a royal commission into these lefty nitwits and abcnews?

Stop scaremongering, you are scaring a lot of children

I smell fake news.

Karma for burning all of that coal. Enjoy tourism season!

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Australia Latest News, Australia Headlines

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