New Australian laws to unmask anonymous online trolls and make tech giants pay

Anonymous online trolls will be unmasked in a new social media crackdown that will hand Australian courts the power to order tech giants to identify perpetrators or risk bearing the cost of defamation payouts themselves

28/11/2021 5:22:00 AM

Anonymous online trolls will be unmasked in a new social media crackdown that will hand Australian courts the power to order tech giants to identify perpetrators or risk bearing the cost of defamation payouts themselves

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Sunday that under the new laws people who believe they have been defamed online will also be able to get court orders forcing social media giants to reveal who is responsible for the posts.

Normal text sizeVery large text sizeAdvertisementAnonymous online trolls will be unmasked in a new social media crackdown that will hand Australian courts the power to order tech giants to identify perpetrators or risk bearing the cost of defamation payouts themselves.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Sunday that under the new laws, to be introduced to Federal Parliament, people who believe they have been defamed online will also be able to get court orders forcing social media giants to reveal who is responsible for the posts.

If the companies refuse or are unable to identify who made the defamatory comments, then they will have to pay the defamation costs.Announcing the measures on Sunday, Mr Morrison said the internet should not be a “wild west where bots and bigots and trolls” can harm people without consequence.

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He said women and children were the people most affected by anonymous bullying and defamatory abuse online and there needed to be a “quick and fast way” for people to raise these issues with the platforms and get it taken down.“Free speech is not being allowed to cowardly hide in your basement and sledge … and harass people anonymously and seek to destroy their lives,” Mr Morrison said.

“That is cowardice — and there is no place for that in this country.”Mr Morrison said the online giants needed to be held accountable for the world they had created, to ensure there was a “quick and easy” method for users to address harassment.“They have that responsibility. They have created this world,” he said.

AdvertisementLoading“They have created the space, and they need to make it safe, and if they won’t, we will make them laws such as this, and I will campaign for these all around the world as I have done on so many other occasions with Australia taking the lead.”

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Social media giants will also have to establish online customer shopfronts in Australia to make sure they comply with orders as part of the measures.The centrepiece crackdown on online trolls will be a change to the law to make it clear social media providers are responsible for payouts arising from defamatory comments on their platform where the troll cannot be identified.

The measures will force social media companies, such as Twitter and Facebook, to create a complaints scheme which will allow victims to know if comments were made in Australia and, if so, to obtain the contact details of the poster, with their consent.

If that is unsuccessful, a complainant will also be able to seek a new form of court order, to be called an “End-user Information Disclosure Order”, which will allow a social media company to unmask trolls without consent.Mr Morrison said the government would seek test cases because it was aware that most litigants in defamation cases against social media giants will be outgunned financially.

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He said the government was prepared to intervene in defamation disputes involving social media companies to support victims and make it clear to the courts how it thinks the Commonwealth legislation should be applied.The laws were first flagged by Mr Morrison at last month’s G20 summit in Rome, where he proposed a new round of coordinated action to protect people online.

Australia and other countries have joined forces at previous G20 summits to impose tougher rules on digital companies, including an agreement in Osaka two years ago when France backed a push to halt the spread of violent terrorism onlineafter the Christchurch attacks

.Attorney-General Michaelia Cash said the measures would also “bring clarity” to the High Court decision in September when it dismissed an appeal by some of Australia’s biggest media outlets including

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Will this new legislation cover Liberal trolling 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Framed like propaganda Found one! Soon the courts will be clogged with defamation suits. FederalICACNow We will not be distracted. Define 'troll'. 'Sensitive politician's find a way to get tax payers to fund their defamation cases while making it sound like its for anyone to use' Fixed it for you. Your welcome.

Does that mean someone could potentially unmask a 'Staff Writer' at a news paper? Or are these laws about kicking people with no other outlet? Real Question - Is ALP going to support proposed Morrison 𝘀𝗼𝗰𝗶𝗮𝗹 𝗺𝗲𝗱𝗶𝗮 𝗚𝗮𝗴? .albo JEChalmers Tony_Burke Bowenchris This is just so you guys don't have to moderate your social media pages. 'High Court has dismissed an appeal... The Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian, finding they are the publishers of third-party comments on their Facebook pages.' SocialMedia

Very unusual for the Federal LNP to go predominately after their own voting block

New Australian laws to unmask anonymous online trolls and make tech giants payAnonymous online trolls will be unmasked in a new social media crackdown which will hand Australian courts the power to order tech giants to identify perpetrators or risk bearing the cost of defamation payouts themselves socialmedia trolls That's the pot calling the kettle black , how much abuse are we all copping from Governments ! Get 'em. 700 in Dan’s office will be out of a job

Anything else to try and stop the complaints? Is this available to ALL Australians free of charge?. Cash said Australians, left out the word 'ALL' Bully government hate criticism. Looks like the LNP is planning constant defamation action against Twitter users, or trolls as they call anyone who criticises them.

ezralevant OzraeliAvi This won’t be be used to silence LNP “Trolls,” right? Nothing to see here. Funny, the government of Scotty not wanting to interfere in our lives, again! That’s Scotty’s government getting out of our lives, again! auspol A normal newspaper would have written: Government with strong authoritarian tendencies seeks to silence dissent through multiple bills suppressing speech & voting. Not the SMH, of course.

Good VPN’s start at $5 per month Hello new Australia...It's totalitarian rule by LNP COMING VERY soon. LNPCorruptionParty The bloody Scamo will make tech giants pay, but only until they start paying him and his band of cheap scammers. A very old trick Sicilian mafia made quite popular back in the day.

New suspected Omicron cases emerge across Europe as the world races to contain new variantThe world is on high alert as Germany and the Czech Republic find suspected cases of the new variant, and dozens of travellers from South Africa test positive for COVID-19 in the Netherlands. Lockdown Australia, quickly And here comes the new vaccine/poison for y'all. FUCK your social credit system trial in 2022 Ive had enough I'm ignoring covid-19 and all the bullshit that comes with it I'm doing whatever the fuck I want to do I shop wherever Happy New Year I'm unplugging TV antenna and blocking all news about covid I dont fucken care anymore

Half of those that do this, will be found to be in Morrison's office, backgrounding. And anonymous sources for news stories? Anonymous editorials (not always written by the editor)? Angus Taylor with his fake accounts, so he forgets which one he’s in and congratulates himself on SM? Federal ICAC. Tick tock. The panic is palpable

Chirping like parrots Will Laming, Taylor be subject to criminal charges? I’m all for people being held to account for the things they say. Let’s start by removing parliamentary privilege. This is unworkable. Surely this is very easy to circumvent What will ScottMorrisonMP do about the threats of violence towards a sitting PM Morrison cheered when his mates were tough enough to threaten a women, but he needs laws to stop people being mean to him..what a weak man he is!!

What will ScottMorrisonMP do about violent threats by his foreign owned propaganda media?

What you need to know about Omicron, the new COVID-19 'variant of concern'As the world reels over the discovery of a new COVID-19 'variant of concern', here is what we currently know - and don't know - about Omicron: BS What about the people's new F*¢k 0ff variant for COVID19 High risk to Australia. Better to close borders with high risk countries.

Under Tony Abbott - public servants told to dob each other in if they criticize the Gov. Now u can’t anonymously point out they’re crap either. I though conservatives liked “freedom of speech”? But anonymous donations to LNP MPs, still OK. But not laws to stop scottytheliar hiding behind parliamentary privilege?

The term ‘trolls’ needs to be properly defined as governments could target legitimate political opponents. Disgusting man Anonymous trolls will be unmasked… SQUAWK! 🦜 LNPParrot CostelloMedia Zieg Another stenography headline. That is not the situation at all, they haven't even introduced the laws to Parliament yet. ThisisNotJournalism

Anonymous online trolls ... phew lucky we all have names and baptised by the Twitter God! You do realise this just another STUNT from Morrison... same bullshit was spun in 2019 🙄

New omicron variant stokes world fears, triggers travel bansBREAKING: The World Health Organisation has named the new COVID19 variant 'omicron' as a highly transmissible virus of concern, the same category that includes the delta variant. 9News FULL DETAILS: Shut Australia borders to South Africa immediately. Protect Australia and prevent us from going into lockdown. AU must ban all international flights from South Africa to Australia In 24h They should have called Mandingo!

How the fuck is this going to help anyone? I thought it was widely agreed that our defamation laws were too loose already. Wasn't one of Christian Porter's aims before he was disgraced out of the Attorney General-ship to make it more difficult to sue for defamation? Good luck with it! This proposed law will fail. I am sure there are govt people who have multiple accounts.

Define trolls. People telling the truth aren’t trolls. Its not just Trolls. You just wait and see. You van count on it that He will go after any criticism of him and his awful govt Hahahaha rubbish 'Critics of the federal govt who point out the behaviour of the govt to be 'named and shamed' under an authoritarian proposal.' There, I fixed it for you, you're welcome.

Somebody better tell the LNP members with anonymous accounts. Next stop, anonymous donors, or not so much? 'Now it's time to unmask the troll and see who it really is. ANGUS TAYLOR!' 'And I would have got away with it if it wasn't for you pesky kids.' Yeah. Right. This is nothing other than an election strategy that we know will come to nought.

New Covid variant renamed OmicronThe World Health Organisation on Friday declared the recently-discovered B. 1.1.529 strain of Covid-19 to be a variant of concern, renaming it Omicron. Here we go, all good timing to push the boosters 🤦‍♂️ Should be supervirus The Omicron variant will be spreading just like the Delta variant did. And possibly more resistant against any vaccine. One case in Belgium now too.

aljones42 Yet another red herring thrown into the mix to distract Australians from the real issue of truth ,honesty and integrity. A law that can’t work and will never work. And will probably never be introduced or implemented. It’s LNP hot air, yet again. This is all about censorship not trolling. Self protection for Morrison & co, they are one of the largest sources of misinformation in Australia Who is the big winner here,News Corp? They have a dependent PM which they setup for his first job in federal politics.

But it’s still okay for Morrison to crackdown on social media and then screw silenced masses who have no other say at a federal level. How very convenient pre election. auspol 2022elections AlboForPM ReligiousDiscriminationBill SocialMedia AustralianLabor HighCourtofAus Cough cough Ning-nongs at the SMH fail to highlight the lack of a Federal ICAC or mention SneakyScott 's army of anonymous staffers, backgrounding...

Can we unmask secret donations too?

Everything we know so far about the new COVID-19 variant discovered in South AfricaIt&x27;s unclear from where the new variant actually arose, but it was first detected by scientists in South Africa and has also been seen in travellers to Hong Kong and Botswana Cos they need to justify their existence I’ve survived the first dozen variants so I’m confident and ready to survive the next lot 😂 No

Federal ICAC? Only if the dictatorial piece of legislation gets thru the Parliament: it won’t, neither it should. It's like ScottyThePathologicalLiar wants to attack Australians who call him out Well that will get rid of his followers !! QAnon won't be happy!! Not to mention the antivaxer lnp trolls !!

Big brother will be watching you overtime. What about ‘named’ trolls? We cool with handing our personal ID documents over to social media companies? They'll make super tempting targets once they've got birth certificates and drivers licenses...and easy targets thanks to the backdoor the LNP just asked them to install

You aint got much left to give apart from a couple of hose bits have you Scammo. Is PMO backgrounding and gaslighting considered trolling and will MSM journalists be held accountable for publishing this? Wait, wasn't this a 'think of the children' thing? How did it leap toward 'defamation'? Oh, right. This isn't a bill to protect children against bullies, this is to allow politicians to sue ordinary people for daring to voice dissent.

Why are these tweets always framed as if the laws have passed? Why not say “the govt is proposing laws to unmask…” Only the rich & powerful can access this & will use it to SLAPP People whom don’t have the money to instigate proceedings will be like fish in a barrel Do they really think there will not be a work around for people to open accounts and remain anonymous? This policy is about as useful as having Scott for a PM These platforms will just tell us to GF soon

creativecatjk Thank (his) God that the auspol religious discrimination legislation will protect my right to criticise those whose beliefs I do not agree with !!! How about the pedos and the thief amongst the government? auspol This? This is the policy he's coming up with? Definitely not the Prime Minster we deserve.FarMoreImportantThings

This is just another Morrison look over there distraction. We are all waiting for an announcement that says Australian courts will be given the power to pursue and jail corrupt politicians

Full disclosure? Sure! Who gave porter $1M The house of cards is falling Gee the polls must be bad - so many things he should be doing and instead he's focusing on shutting everyone up. This is all about the bashing of the Liberal party that goes on online. They are marching towards a police state. I can just see Australian courts prosecuting the overwhelming mass of LNP corrupt culprits?

You guys are ridiculous stupid!....even the journos! I aloud to say that? What about all the paid trolls that 'like' lnp posts? If only we could remove parliamentary privilege too. That's a pretty scary threat to all of Scott's 40 'media advisors' and the hundreds of social media accounts they run under false names...auspol hypocrisy ScottyThePathologicalLiar

Outstanding nee laws

Will this also apply to politicians burner accounts as well🤔 Whilst you’re there, remove parliamentary privilege. 👆🏻 Proposed laws that would be more at home under the Communist Party of China. Aren’t these people supposed to be for free speech and freedom of expression? Why are they trying to pass a cancel culture law?

how many ministers have fake and troll accounts that post online?... he better clear the shit up in front of his door step first. How many LNP MPs and staffers will be unmasked? Fantastic. Great move. Well done Angus So I won’t be able to call Scummo a useless twat or CraigKelly an ignorant, fat c**t anymore? 🙄🙄

Terminologies... what actually is a 'TROLL'... someone who voices opinion opposing govt propaganda? Someone posing a threat to the narrative thread? Sometimes people need to voice up. A hem. Anonymous online trolls will be outed IF the LNP, draft, consult, introduce, pass, implement legislation. None of which is a given. Hey, but lets get the word ‘safe’ out there as many times as we can. When they know they’re behind much of it themselves!

Potatoe Head and Scotty from marketing are starting to get feelings. how about you release the name of the person that funded porter! Corrupt government making sure that public cannot expose its dirty dealing. aljones42 Let’s have a decent exposure of the scale of the problem please: Murdoch monopoly. Destruction & politicization of the national broadcaster, our abcnews, defamation actions by powerful politicians funded by ‘secret’ trusts, and now empty threats against online criticism. auspol

So lucky that global warming, parliamentary rape culture, government corruption, and an evolving pandemic are no longer problems. Utter stupidity It’s going to make on line media with public blogs (like TGA) shut down their comment sections Sco Mo that's most of your Qanon Buddies. ScottMorrisonMP is a cùñt


How about unmasking the donor/s of a million dollars? About time Let’s identify donors too When are they going to introduce? Next week? Wow, reading the posts on this thread shows that whatever Morrison proposes (on anything), the Twitter mob will shoot it down. Suddenly, we’re all pro-troll 🤣🤣🤣 AngusTaylorMP fantastic Angus, great work. Hahahahaha there goes your fake accounts...

What about anonymous donations of millions to members of parliament? How can you sue someone not even in this country? What a waste of time. Mandy J watch out

Bring on a FederalICAC and an election to protect us from LNPCorruptionParty most of those on line trolls are Liberal...spreading misinformation and crap all over the internet. The LNP are all so two faced not one is to be trusted. Headline: Morrison Government to use taxpayers funds to sue tax payers critical of government policy.

Tell Scott his socmed distraction ain’t working He will never shut is down ! ScottyThePathologicalLiar The definition of a troll? Someone who calls out the hypocrisy and/or corruption of the LNP! Meanwhile Porterblindtrust 😂😂😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ VPN Problem solved. Australians should be protesting this. What are the statutes of limitations? Can they be ordered to 'unmask' people from other nations? How can they tell the difference through a VPN?

What happened to keeping gov out of our lives? This, along with religion bill show Morrison's deeply malevolent nature. It's abusive coercive control. Ironically, it's overwhelmingly right-wing using fake accounts to spread misinformation. auspol Ok we will unmask when you tell us who paid Christian Porter’s legal bills and stop blocking Freedom Of Information requests and introduce a properly funded FederalICAC with retrospective powers. Deal?

We need to vote Labor back in this is ridiculous

I'm now getting to the point I was with Abbott, when is that election? How about those anonymous donors who gave $$$$$$$$$$$ to a certain politician? And that matter was so quickly dismissed in our Parliament... by moving that an opposition member not be heard!!!! Can we unmask the secret donors behind Porters trust first? Or all those who do all the backgrounding for that liar in office?

He’s getting really desperate he’ll resort to fascism. Headline makes it sound done and dusted - but of course it isn’t. Are ready to a free nation LoL .When you going to open your Eyes see what is a round you ?.TV such crap every day nothing no information we live in darkness ages .TV stations copy each other full shut . We must travel to internet friends what is going on

What merits doxxing? What merits harrassment? And where's the line? (Let me guess, that line will be continuously redrawn at the whim of government and law enforcement?) ... Nah thanks. But if it happens, gloves are off, 'journos' 1 on my list. Web3 fixes this. What was the cause for the need of this legislation?

This government has its priorities skewed: all for religious discrimination & regulating social media; avoids icac like anything, won’t address climate.

Might have to up my attacks on the government if this is the case They can't even find the 'anonymous' staffer in Taylor's office who falsified NSWs travel figured & 'leaked' it to the Telegraph. But, of course, there was nothing wrong with that, was there 🙄 yet they shut down question time at will, deny freedom of information requests, prosecute whistle blowers, use national security as an excuse on unrelated matters, and are opposed to an ICAC...

How about Morrison does his job competently. Stops lying and works hard. Then no one will be nasty. So many ppl/companies/govs have been trying this for a long time because they can't handle criticism and trolls. It never gets anywhere due to way too many identity, legal, privacy, logistical, and management issues.

How does this apply to politicians and their staff who anonymously background journalists? What’s the difference? Seems different standards and rules apply. Can we expect media to no longer quote ‘sources’ unless they are named? Loool, my opsec profile will need updating, but that’s no problem. The tools we have today, and have had for decades, allow any of us to hide from anyone and everyone. Done well, free anonymity is impossible to crack, and costs millions to try.

How about sky news and other shock jocks who are defaming Dan Andrew and Moriscum spreading lies. Election suicide. Using 'terrorism' and 'women's safety' to legislate the internet that isn't theirs to govern, pushes the center and the right away from the Liberal Party. Congratulations. No-one is left to vote Liberal. Women handle themselves just fine

Yeah! Cowardice? What is parliamentary privilege? I thought he wanted Governments to “step back” out of people’s lives? Anonymous donations to cover personal legal costs is ok but anonymous criticism of this government should be outed so precious thin skinned politicians can use defamation threats as a way to silence it.🤔

Why can’t Twitter ban them like they did to trump? Is this too simplistic, anyone? So anyone who criticises the CCP on Twitter and is anonymous for reasons of having family in China, like an Australian Uighur, will have their identity revealed under Sooky Scotty’s new law Good news. How about unmasking porters donator?

Authoritarianism in action TheTweetOfGod told me I could tweet anything I wanted to… and this is my sincerely held religious belief… so I reckon it Is business as usual for SM…