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Nationals MP says concerns about 'extreme right-wing' push within party going unheard

Nationals MP says concerns about 'extreme right-wing' push within party going unheard

27/09/2021 2:36:00 AM

Nationals MP says concerns about 'extreme right-wing' push within party going unheard

Darren Chester says part of his decision to take a break from the party is because of the 'very hard right-wing agenda' he believes other members are pushing.

Key points:Mr Chester says he felt unsupported in his attempts to moderate some of the more extreme views in the partyHe says he will continue to support the Coalition in governmentDeputy leader David Littleproud says it is not the first time an MP has taken a break from the party

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Yesterday Mr Chester confirmed he would not attend partyroom meetings because of his frustration and concern around the leadership within the party.Speaking today, the Victorian MP described the leadership as "dysfunctional" and said his attempts to raise issues about comments other MPs had made fell on deaf ears.

"It's about some of the comments colleagues made, particularly around the withdrawal from Afghanistan and some comments around the protests in Victoria," he said."I found them very unhelpful … and having asked them to not make them privately, then them continuing, I felt I was unsupported in trying to moderate our voice. headtopics.com

"My concern and my frustration has been that there are some that want to push a very hard right-wing agenda which isn't something I'm comfortable with."Mr Chester has been publicly critical of his Queensland colleague George Christensen, who last week suggested Victoria Police officers should be arrested for using "excessive force" against protesters in Melbourne.

The former veterans' affairs minister,when Barnaby Joyce resumed the leadership in July, also criticised Queensland senator Matt Canavan for comments made in the wake of the withdrawal from Kabul, describing them as "offensive" and "disrespectful".

Loading"I'm concerned about where some in other arms of the party are wanting to take the National Party," Mr Chester said."I think the Nationals have a great future if we represent the mainstream regional values, and that's not the extreme right wing that others seek to represent."

Mr Chester said he had not spoken to Mr Joyce yet, but he would be doing so in the coming days.Climate one of many factorsMr Chester is a moderate in the party, and supports stronger action on climate change.His decision to step away from the party room comes as tensions between MPs over whether Australia should set a target of net zero emissions by 2050 gain momentum. headtopics.com

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Mr Chester has confirmed internal divisions over net zero were one factor in his decision to take a break.Darren Chester was the veterans' affairs minister until the most recent Nationals leadership spill.(Supplied: Darren Chester)Deputy leader David Littleproud said Mr Chester's decision needed to be respected by colleagues and was not without precedent.

"It's not as though it hasn't happened before, we've got very passionate National Party backbenchers," Mr Littleproud said.In 2018,Nationals MP Kevin Hogan announced he would sit on the crossbenchin protest over leadership coups, yet remained a Nationals MP.

"There's been others who have not come to party room for some time," Mr Littleproud said."You've got to appreciate that there are 21 fierce [politicians] looking after their regional communities and they want to make sure their communities are heard.

"That's not a bad thing, that's us doing our job for regional Australia." Read more: ABC News »

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He has too much intelligence and integrity to be a National Oh please now that bunch of bogans are ‘concerned’ about alt right white supremacy. This is great stuff. Yet we have public interest advocates doing the same re the ATO, DFAT & Defence & they are relegated as whistleblowers, taken to secret courts & we, the public paying for all of it, are not permitted to know about it! F that MurdochCadell & Richard_D_Boyle

Common sense has now become right wing. Standing up for Australian workers and questioning why China is allowed to destroy our planet with their growth in emissions. They are building Coal fired power stations but we have to shut ours down. How dumb is this world ? Time to go independent DarrenChesterMP

Good to see Australia is a vassal of the UK and the US. Basically all talents go to the UK and the US for development. Many people who have retired from the political circle also go to the British and American think tanks, or go directly to their government. Nationals are all about the weirdo right wing in QLD and don’t care about him in Victoria. Only choice is to step away and go independent like Tony Windsor. He’ll be able to do much better work without them

Unlike in the past the Batty Nats no longer represent farmers they are looking after big mining interests with their obsession with coal this will come back to bite them in the backside with reducing votes in the future the libs tolerate them just to stay in power Extreme left ABC

Liberal MP Falinski urges Coalition government to update emissions targetPoll numbers not looking very good for the Coalition hence these “announcements”, ie empty promises. After years of climate denial and inaction we are supposed to believe them? Pathetic.

Hope he goes independent...he’s too good to lose lol poor Michael ''We do know climate caused the bush fires' lol we don't 'know' that at all!!!!! National Party MPs should now stop claiming that it's representing and protecting regional Australia. True, 'extreme right-wing' views are now, clearly being promoted within the party ranks. The NFF also have indicated, National Party, have drifted away from its regional views.

Scary how radicalized the ABC tribe are… everything is seen through their radicalized eyes… everything and anything is a life ending threat to them… so negative it’s creepy Nationals are cavemen Most welcome, precious people! 'We do know climate changed the bush fires' lol we don't 'know' that at all!!!!!

Who’s going to tell him he’s voted consistently with the right-wing extremists all his political career? Numbers must be looking grim in his electorate. A party with only 4.5 % of votes in 2019. A PM n DPM unable to shutup wild Trumped ideology MPs , not in mainstream Aus or hold fairdinkum Aussies values, but succumb to foreign US right wing interference. The fear of Barnaby's LOOSE mob persists day after day.

Another article from the sewer main that is the ABC.

Darren Chester taking break from Nationals' party room following frustrations with leadership Nationals backbencher Darren Chester confirms he is taking a break from the party and will not attend partyroom meetings because of growing frustrations with party leadership. Darren if your fair dinkum you’ll leave all together and sit on the cross bench The only competent, intelligent and respectful member of the National Party. One, only one and he’s it. Darren Chester is an absolute rarity within the National Party He has an interest in farmers

Should be the leader of the Nationals instead of the beetrooter A party with only 4.5 % of votes in 2019 compared to Green 10.7 % holds the 2nd most powerful seat in the country. A PM n DPM unable to act on environmental compliance with global partners for fear of Barnaby's mob. Darren Chester described the leadership as 'dysfunctional' and said his attempts to raise issues about comments other MPs had made fell on deaf ears. Joyce is a big bully what he says goes

Darren Chester should be an independent. Bahahahaha. I don't know where the greens end and Labor starts anymore. The Great MSM con! Make up lies then write correction a week later, tiny writing second last page, to save themselves from litigation. Unfortunately damage done! Let's ignore the fact it won a Nobel in 2015, hailed as a wonder drug for HUMANS Ivermectin

Dr Malone, inventor of mRNA technology, had the vaccine early on when the plan was to vaccinate only the elderly & vulnerable. When they started talking mass vaccination he & many other experts started sounding the warnings about ADE. Here we are 6 mths later 🙄 ScottMorrisonMP Ha ha ha ha A topsy turvy world where caring about fundamental rights and freedoms is considered 'extreme right-wing'.

‘Ultimately we always need to put Australian national interests first’: SharmaHis name is Devanand Except for Israel... right Dave? Is he plagiarising China then nickbarnesaus ozcrimenews Dizruptor1

“Extreme Leftwing” is the issue 🤦🏻

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