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.australian's aclennell on Joyce’s preselection: I think Barnaby_Joyce will be fine. However, if he had a smaller margin, I think voters would punish him for not telling them the whole truth on his personal situation. MORE: amagenda


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australian aclennell Barnaby_Joyce Naah we love a cheerful rascal! Haha. He should be Water Minister now!

australian aclennell Barnaby_Joyce

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Australia Latest News, Australia Headlines

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Nationals leader backs Barnaby Joyce amid candidacy concerns | Sky News AustraliaDeputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack has come out in support of Barnaby Joyce amid recent concerns about his decision to run for the Nationals in the next election.\n\nSome party members are refusing to support Mr Joyce's candidacy because they fear he has 'more skeletons in his closet'.\n\nTreasurer Josh Frydenberg told Sky News the Member for New England has his and the Prime Minister's support.\n\n\n\nImage: Lyndon Mechielsen \u002F News Corp Australia\n\n\n\n\n M_McCormackMP Do it Barnaby_Joyce The last person we need is TonyHWindsor aka Tony the trough swilling tool. M_McCormackMP McCormack just showing he has the IQ of a sausage roll. M_McCormackMP M_McCormackMP has to support Barnaby_Joyce otherwise the Barnaby supporters will dump McCormack
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An anti-Nationals group is rising and wants Barnaby Joyce gone''The idea that regional people are somehow backwards, non-progressive, non-interested and not terribly smart is a fabrication based on the sort of people that represent us.'' How can foreign white European Anglo immigrants & immigrant descendants from their whites only Native Angeles, Denmark now living on sunburnt blackest of black lands be nationals & nativists? “a fabrication based on the sort of people that represent us” STOP VOTING FOR THEM!!! A good way to flood rural areas with immigrants to destroy the nation faster :)
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Barnaby Joyce charged taxpayers to attend pro-live exports forum | Sky News AustraliaNationals MP Barnaby Joyce has defended charging taxpayers reportedly more than $6,000 to attend a pro-live exports forum in Western Australia with his partner Vikki Campion.\n\nThe former Nationals leader’s expenses from the July 2018 trip included two nights’ accommodation, flights from Tamworth in northeast New South Wales, and driver transportation costs, The Australian reports.\n\nMr Joyce says the claim was allowed under MP entitlements.\n\nImage: News Corp Australia \n\n\n If he wasn't invited then it's hardly his job to attend at tax payer expence Of course he would defend them... he feels entitled to all rorts... and why take the family to such ‘parliamentary business’? More sucking on the taxpayer teat.... Typically Greedy, Arrogant and Out of touch!
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Stress test for live sheep exports will kill the trade: Barnaby Joyce | Sky News AustraliaNationals MP Barnaby Joyce has warned the new heat stress test to improve the welfare of live sheep exported to the Middle East will doom the trade.\n\nMr Joyce argues the onboard wet bulb temperature limit of 28 degrees Celsius will force the trade to close down between April and November, wreaking economic havoc on farmers and weakening the wealth of Australia which has been built on trade.\n\nHe says exporters must do better, but the trade should not be stopped. \n\nImage: News Crop Australia \n\n\n\n\n If a viable industry means torturing livestock, it ain’t an industry worth having. Barnaby Joyce is a callous dickhead. He should shut his rude stupid mouth for once and just be incredibly grateful that he hasn’t been hounded out of parliament in disgrace as he deserves. so does that mean barnaby would willingly do an exchange with the sheep and travel over in those conditions? thats something id actually support him doing
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Joyce preselection doubts highlights Nationals internal division | Sky News AustraliaSky News Host Laura Jayes says the stalemate over Barnaby Joyce’s preselection, highlights the internal division inside the Nationals. \n\nAt least two of the eight-member selection committee tasked with re-endorsing the preselection of Mr Joyce has reached a deadlock and has been unable to unanimously support his candidacy. \n\nSky News Chief Political Reporter Kieran Gilbert insists the Nationals need to ‘get on with it’ and endorse the former deputy prime minister, who has proven to be the party’s ‘best political operator’. \n\nImage: Gary Ramage \u002F News Corp Australia\n\n ljayes Barnaby_Joyce If the Nationals don’t preselect Barnaby Joyce again for seat of New England, it would be at their election peril. ljayes Barnaby_Joyce A couple of disgruntled preselectors in a small number of local branches have a temporary platform to grandstand on and they are opportunistic enough to use it. How does such a small town syndrome translate into party-wide politics? This is a molehill, not a mountain. ljayes Barnaby_Joyce
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Barnaby Joyce admits plot to flip Liberal MP Craig Kelly to National PartyFormer deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce hatched a secret plan to get embattled Liberal Party MP Craig Kelly to defect to the Nationals.
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'Killing season' unlikely to claim a new victim as the push to reinstate Barnaby Joyce stallsMomentum to return Barnaby Joyce to the Nationals leadership appears to have slowed just as MPs return to Canberra for the final two weeks of Parliament of the year. The nationals wouldn't be do stupid, would they? Even if Mr Joyce were to return to the NP leadership, the prospect that he could face a challenge from a high profile independent would probably tie him down in New England, which would lessen the value of his alleged “retail politician” skills to colleagues in other seats. No wonder labor are keeping quiet about Barnaby Joyce with this going on behind the scenes chriskkenny
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Barnaby Joyce - and Cathy McGowan - want Bridget McKenzie to run in IndiThe unlikely duo agree that the deputy leader of the Nationals should run for the lower house seat Indi - although they have different motives behind their suggestions. MaxKoslowski Who is Barnaby Joyce, & why would anyone go through life with a name like a cartoon villain? MaxKoslowski Love the social media squealing Barnaby can produce every time he's mentioned 😁 MaxKoslowski I thought she lives in Elwood?
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Joyce calls for changes to drought relief funding | Sky News AustraliaBarnaby Joyce is calling for changes to the conditions placed on drought relief funding. \n\nThe Special Envoy for Drought Recovery says drought-stricken farmers are being forced to tick too many boxes to obtain government support.\n\nImage: News Corp Australia\n\n\n\n Free bucket of coal for farming exacerbated drought sufferers, because the NP know who they really advocate for. NAT boys club is forcused on their penises.... While global warming is wrecking our regional communities. Auspol
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Turnbull threw me under bus, Joyce saysMr Joyce, who was forced to resign after having an extramarital affair with an employee, said the former prime minister was poisoning the coalition government. 9News well thats a beat-a-root calling the 🎩 black When I see Joyce, i remember the Johnny Depp incident and the caller. 'Shut up Banabe you insensitive w£ker' 😂😂😂 You are 💯 % fake news and propaganda only pudhing your own agenda tick tock tick tock when fisa is released people will understand just how fake you are pain is coming
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Drought crisis is 'a natural disaster': Joyce | Sky News AustraliaFULL INTERVIEW: Barnaby Joyce has rejected the suggestion that lowering emissions would improve conditions for drought-stricken farmers. \n\nSpeaking to Sky News, the Nationals MP for New England called the current drought crisis 'a natural disaster'. \n\nImage: Hollie Adams\u002F News Corp Australia TimManderMP I mean look at the refugees they murdered at sea, 1200 that we know of. Dieing of thirst to protect a few bugs nobody gives a rats ass about is completely plausible. TimManderMP It was RealBobKatter that took action by taking advantage of Scomo's perilous situation. The QLD LNP as usual have done f/all. TimManderMP WHEREVER YOU PUT DAMS NATURE MULTIPLES 1000 TIMES SO WHAT ARE THE GREENS ON ABOUT. BANANAS.
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