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National Cabinet will today see a set of numbers that might just chart a path out of the pandemic

National Cabinet will today see a set of numbers that might just chart a path out of the pandemic

29/07/2021 5:35:00 PM

National Cabinet will today see a set of numbers that might just chart a path out of the pandemic

The 'magic number' of COVID-19 vaccinations needed for the country to safely reopen will be considered by National Cabinet today, but we won't know its decision just yet.

Mr Morrison told his constituents as part of that phase, he would like to see a digital vaccine passport introduced to help Australians move more freely.That's despite previously receiving pushback from some state premiers when first flagging the prospect earlier this year.

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"I raised this some months ago and actually copped a lot of flak for raising it actually, to suggest that should be considered," he said."What we've done is, people who have been vaccinated, particularly when they get to their second dose, you've got your vaccination certificate, that is a digital vaccine certificate and in a matter of days you'll be able to drop one of those into a digital Apple wallet and the Google one is not too far beyond that."

But such a move will obviously require a much greater number of Australians to be fully vaccinated.With less than 20 per cent of adults fully vaccinated, a rate lagging behind many other developed countries, any such step is many months away.The Doherty Institute has tried to work out what that number might be. headtopics.com

It is coming up with various scenarios, like how much risk is carried by a vaccination rate of 60 per cent, 70 per cent or 80 per cent.And the advice goes beyond specific figures — looking at how the health system would cope with different scenarios, and the challenges posed by changing variants of the virus.

But as important as the health advice is, it is not the only voice being listened to.Every move comes at a costWhenever the Prime Minister has spoken of the Doherty modelling of late, he has mentioned the input of Treasury too.Speaking to AM yesterday, Mr Morrison said it is critical all angles of the problem are considered.

Mr Morrison said it is critical all angles of the problem are considered.(ABC News: Ian Cutmore)"We're doing this scientifically on the basis of that very good (Doherty) modelling, which is informing us," he said."But that's also drawing on the economic modelling of the costs of lockdowns and the costs of providing support and compared to the alternatives."

Treasury can speak to the cost of waiting longer, to reach higher vaccination rates, before moving to "phase 2", easing restrictions and providing more certainty.But it can also speak to the cost of lockdowns that could come if the country opens up too early, and the virus wreaks havoc among a large unvaccinated population. headtopics.com

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Mr Morrison has made clear both sets of advice will be heavily considered as any decision is made. Read more: ABC News »

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No hurry, COVID has only been around 20 months now. Great job ScoMo you imposter The Federal needs to get more Pifzer. One job. Just get it done. So this is why Gladys infected everyone, claimed extra vaccine doses, put Australians into increased debt, aims to open up Australia to the world 1st, all to claim the economic boost for the entitled? ... looking increasingly like chasing blood money to me. GladysOutbreak

Not one ALP premier will ever support these numbers. They are always headlining something to discuss with something they haven't got are they just morons or just taking the piss Rubbish. Does anyone think Labor Premiers are suddenly allowing Covid to rip through the community Zero chance. Their hospitals will be overwhelmed regardless of vaccination rates… no one is opening up before each respective election (many years)

Scotty will do some more announcements yes freethevaccinated HA! 80% is an absurdly high number and will NEVER be reached. Today, at the height of the risk, 20% of the population have no intention of getting vaccinated, so you’re going to have to vaccinate EVERY other person including young children. No other country has achieved 80%

Who has consistently ripped funding away from research and development in Australia? That guy and his party. Do better ABC ‘Might’ just like we might see THIS set of promises from scomo actually come true. Let’s face it, it’s not likely, but you never know, the third target he sets might just be the one they get. Don’t worry if he doesn’t make it, he will just set a new date target. Or blame Labor...

McKeon sets ‘easiest Olympic record’ great has seen; Aussie B-team still unbeatable: Heats wrapNow THAT'S a statement! Australia rested its ENTIRE world record-holding 4x200m relay team for the heats... and was still three seconds clear of second 🤯 SWIM HEATS WRAP: Olympics Tokyo2020 More gold coming our way 💪🏻 To win gold in both individual pet events, and gold in the relay…..that would be unheard of in Australian swimming. Give Arne an OA if she brings it home. Feel sorry for the girls that got us there. Seems a bit harsh to not let them swim the final when they were 3 seconds ahead of the rest of the field. Australia A and B team in the final for golf and silver ?

Must be polling numbers Good story. Interesting to see if Scott Morrison makes some changes, so his government has more authority across Australia. I can not wait for the next Federal Election!! I'm sick of it all...ever since he left Australia to burn without him, years ago 👍🇦🇺 How do you that with non sterilizing vaccines ? I suppose u cld rely on naturally derived HI, I guess.

Oh fuck off. We do not have the right vacinnes to move ahead. Maybe next year and late in the year. PffftBC News It won’t b 80% that will take until 2055! Scotty has an election 2 win! We’re the gold standard. It’s not a race. It is a race for a gold medal now. We never said it wasn’t a race. But now it is a race.

NSW records highest number of COVID cases since pandemic startedNew South Wales has broken its record of daily coronavirus cases with 239 new infections on Thursday - marking the highest tally since the pandemic begun. How may flu cases since the start of winter? Obviously it’s Dan Andrews fault.

Unattainable number? 🐖 This reads like a PMO press release. Do better . This feels like asking me to look at paint samples for my new kitchen while my house is on fire. Who are you How can you chart a path out of the flu in flu season .. same same but different.. you crazy MF’s are the problem not the solution

By numbers do u mean getting rid of ScuMo and Co? Oh, FFS, ! Can you please stop with the cheerleading for our federal fucknuckles? Seriously. Just stop. No they won’t

NSW records 239 new COVID-19 cases, new mask rules for high-risk LGAsNSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has admitted "things are likely to get worse before they get better". Just wondering when the NSW government is going to realise that locking LGA's doesn't work. Lock down the whole state before the infection spreads to thousands. So lock downs not working Wait for tomorrow, it’s ground hog day😎

Here are the ways cyber criminals are hacking businesses in a pandemicA top-30 list of the most common flaws exploited by hackers reveals the trend to work from home due to COVID-19 is exposing businesses to cyber criminals.

Royal Melbourne Show cancelled again due to COVID-19 pandemicFor the second year running, the iconic agricultural show is cancelled due to the uncertainty created by the coronavirus pandemic. So sad.

The 2021 census is fast approaching, but it's the first one collected during a global pandemicThe 2021 census is expected to be like no other in the history of data collection in Australia. Here's a look at how the Australian Bureau of Statistics is planning its rollout amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It's the 1ˢᵗ one to collect all of your medical history too. Why does that fact only prompt a single sentence in your article? Should concern everybody given this government's history of all things digital. I think it's too big a honeypot. ABSStats A census while Sydney is in lock-down? The picture in this article does not suggest the rules of social distancing are understood GregHuntMP BradHazzard Hope all the Jedi masters put 'Jedism' as a religion 👍