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'My wooden spoon has powers': Chef stirs the pot over city's brown landscape

'My wooden spoon has powers': Chef stirs the pot over city's brown landscape


'My wooden spoon has powers': Chef stirs the pot over city's brown landscape

Wielding an oversized wooden spoon, a much-loved Darwin laksa restaurateur prepares for battle over a local median strip.

In her protest video Ms Un threatens local councillors with her oversized wooden spoon, a spoon which she said had"magic powers".

"I totally agree with you darling! More trees! More greenery!" — John Wilson

"The rubbish on the Stuart Highway is appalling and our median strips are shoddy. It is embarrassing." — Jennifer Carey

The Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics declined to be interviewed, but responded with a written statement.

Read more: ABC News

My mums wooden spoon had pretty magical powers too...

Pleasant painting from Dad's house sells for $105,000 - and it's not aloneIt's the stuff of fantasy. That old painting Dad hung in the dining room or stacked in the garage is actually worth ... $105,000

'Height of stupidity': Vandals with chainsaw leave hundreds in the darkThe havoc and power outages caused by wild winds on Friday were made worse after 'reckless vandals' cut power poles in Sydney's north | Laura_R_chung Laura_R_chung Hey, guys, did you plan to comment about the bushfires? Here's one I prepared earlier. You're welcome. Laura_R_chung This is why we can't have anything nice. Laura_R_chung What’s NEXT 😆😆😆

As power prices crash below zero, don't expect it to show up on your power billWhen power prices recently plunged as low as they can go, generators were hurting but households weren't enjoying it either. What is the market telling us about the state of electricity generation? So like most things. It’s a rort that population growth isn’t really helping Nuclear power can be used to generate hydrogen or synthetic for vehicle fuels and that hydrogen can be used in fuel cells or turbines to have a system that reacts instantly to demand. It is about scaling a chain of options from big baseload down to small & reactive turbines etc. Stephen_Letts (a) Power spot market is perverse. How about your salary being auctioned on an hourly basis? (b) In order to even out supply and demand it is very urgent to build pumped hydro storage for renewables (c) transition away from coal can't be managed by camel trading

Typhoon Faxai lashes Tokyo with heavy rain, windsTyphoon Faxai has hit the capital of Japan, leaving 900,000 people without power and disrupting transport.

AFL great Jonathan Brown chokes back tears remembering Danny FrawleyAs the AFL world mourns the loss of former St Kilda player and Richmond coach Danny Frawley, his peers, friends and colleagues in football and media pay emotional tributes to the man they called Spud. Why is the media reporting this like it’s an anomaly that a supposed “tough guy” was choking back tears? its a tragic event and anyone deserves to shed tears without it being the headline of every article.

Sydney hit with high winds | Sky News AustraliaFlights have been delayed in and out of Sydney as high-velocity winds batter the city. First world problems, it’ll all be ok. ChazCasual hope your flights ok mate!

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