Morrison's missteps on China have brought unnecessary grief

Seven years into this Liberal government, there is no evidence of a serious China strategy. Lots of tactics, but no strategy.

23/05/2020 6:30:00 AM

Seven years into this Liberal government, there is no evidence of a serious China strategy. Lots of tactics, but no strategy | OPINION by MrKRudd

Seven years into this Liberal government, there is no evidence of a serious China strategy. Lots of tactics, but no strategy.

Italso respects consistency.LoadingSo here are seven simple principles for the future. First, be unapologetic in our dealings with Beijing about the enduring nature of our US alliance. Second, be equally unapologetic about our support for universal human rights. Third, be unapologetic about vigorously prosecuting our bilateral economic interests with China, while also diversifying our trade relationships to the extent we can. Fourth, maximise our engagement with China through the G20 on global climate, financial and pandemic governance. Fifth, most importantly, we should build robust "coalitions of the policy willing" in Asia, Europe and elsewhere in areas where our interests are opposed to China’s. Sixth, policymakers should understand the difference between operational and declaratory policy – i.e. taking a tough line through our actions, as opposed to just mouthing off for the sake of it. And seventh, protect the Australian Chinese community from the sort of racial vilification that has been unleashed most recently.

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The debate on Australia’s future China strategy will be hard. It won’t be aided by the politically driven McCarthyism of the Murdoch media, smearing anyone who dares to challenge Trump, Morrison and Peter Dutton’s wisdom as a panda-hugger.The Murdoch media is rightly humiliated by its claims of a “Five Eyes” dossier that supported Donald Trump’s claim the virus originated among the “bat-men” and “bat-women” of a Wuhan laboratory (the Bat Cave, presumably?). Even

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MrKRudd Seven years into this LNP government there isn’t much of anything, and that’s the point MrKRudd Seriously they use opinion for that fucking clown as proof of no strategy MrKRudd Kevin Rudd flogging a dead horse as usual MrKRudd ScottMorrisonMP SundayStupidAward AuspolSoCorrupt auspol MrKRudd The Age is crap - avoid it if you want to know what's going on.

MrKRudd MrKRudd opinion has no place in our country either. China sympathisers are now seen as traitors, given the CCPs behaviour. BoycottChina MrKRudd Psychopaths don't cognitively do strategy they only have tactics :know the difference MrKRudd Age.= left wing rag. MrKRudd It doesn't matter which big 2. Its the Chinese money is the deal maker. The problem is China are playing the long game of dominance and Australian government are too busy catching all the commie money floating around to notice.

MrKRudd MrKRudd . This mess and over reliance on China started under your government, finally a PM now who stands up, and you just want to keep sucking up. Like DanielAndrewsMP and his Belt and Road selling out. Be ashamed. Keep bending over. ScottMorrisonMP auspol MrKRudd ScumMo is nothing more or less than Houstons trained parrot.

MrKRudd 🛑⭕️❌China🇨🇳☠️👹👿🐉🗡🗡🗡🗡🤛🏻🤛🏻🤛🏻🤛🏻🤛🏻😡😡😡💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻... Don’t be too late...China🇨🇳 is just a disease. MrKRudd Mouthy smart arse.......if you were half an Australian, you would be declaring a strategy for Australia that would put us all in a good place. However, how could anyone trust both yourself and China. Their murderous hidden Covid-19 from last December is an example.

MrKRudd Like everything; they don't have a plan. Just jump from one fire to the next. The last show of shear economic incompetence must open everyone eyes?$60 billion? there? then not there? so we will save it? For god sake MrKRudd The KRudd is the giveaway. How did this get in to the paper? MrKRudd Kevin Rudd?

MrKRudd I entirely agree. I can't even discern any tactics from the LNP, just a mishmash of undirected responses ranging from the sane to the stupid. The strange thing is that China is also behaving like a spoilt child trading insult for insult. auspol LNPfail MrKRudd Get out the butcher's paper and sit on the floor with Kate Blanchette?thoughtbubblePM 🤔

MrKRudd krudd, the crap on the bottom of your shoe MrKRudd Lol: we have lacked ANY strategy since Howard lost power. Since then this country has been a circus! MrKRudd I suppose you think this represents diversity of opinion? Not just stupid lack of fact check. MrKRudd There's no evidence of anything but rorts corruption and a (drum roll) 60 billion dollar jobkeeper budget stuff up Oh my 😳

MrKRudd Don't need a strategy.......we have the technology the minerals all combined with a stable Federal government, and one hopes America's fire power is needed as long as we kiss their arse every now and again. Of course we can play hard to get. MrKRudd EXACTLY MrKRudd ComradeRedRudd MrKRudd ...dear Kevin07 - no one gives a rats about your bullcrap opinions...the problem with ex prime ministers is that they think they remain relevant...little tip - they don't!!!

MrKRudd , U R wrong! Scomo got strategy: Follow the Master Dotard trump, In WH eyes, Australia is just its 100% following puppy! MrKRudd Trump moved early to bring jobs back from China! Impose tariffs on imports. Put America first. Strategy paid off! Too many globalists on both sides of Australian politics!

MrKRudd In contrast, the Victorian strategy is clear. ComradeDan MrKRudd The leftist THE AGE now a patsy of the Chinese? How about the concentration camps, the actions on Hong Kong kidnapping activists, Threatening Taiwan and destroying lives. Releasing the ChineseVirus to fight D. Trump CCPChina is a criminal state now.

MrKRudd Rudd's strategy for China is 'bend over and say thank you may I have another' MrKRudd Yes, there is one... For having spent 4+ years in “Straya”, it’s called gatekeeping, appearance of opposition meanwhile, letting China buy massive land swaths, own nearly all dary farms and bending backwards on all trading.

MrKRudd Kevin 'Chaos' is a CCPChina delegate now. Australians does not want to be part of China now a rogue criminal state that released the ChineseVirus to fight D. Trump an act of ChineseBioTerrorism. AUSTRALIA WAS A BETTER PLACE BEFORE CHINA STOP DEPENDENCY ON CHINA auspol MrKRudd That last election smash-up though 😁

MrKRudd Well at least unlike Krudd, the Liberals didn't call Chinese 'rat-fukers' MrKRudd What was yours MrKRudd? Lube up and bend over! MrKRudd Thanks for putting author in headline. No need to read any further. Cheers.

China changes iron ore inspection rule | Sky News AustraliaChina has changed its inspection procedures for Australian iron ore exports amid ongoing trade tensions between the two nations. \n\nFrom June 1, officials would inspect shipments of iron ore at the request of the importer or trader, replacing a system which saw custom officers conduct mandatory inspections.\n\nIt remains to be seen what effect the changes will have on Australian iron ore exports, which account for 62.2 per cent of the countries total import. \n Stop exporting it to them !

Chinese newspaper warns 'China has the power to hurt the Aussie economy” | Sky News AustraliaChinese propaganda outlet The Global Times has declared “China has the power to hurt the Aussie economy” as it warned any attempt to “confuse malicious COVID-19 inquiries with trade would only exacerbate the tensions”.\n\n “China has the power to hurt the Aussie economy but won't fire the first shot in a trade war,” the publication wrote.\n“If China wanted to start a trade war with Australia, it wouldn't use a measure of this degree.\n\n“In view of past experience, China won't be the one to take the first provocative step, but it should be noted that any further attempt to confuse malicious COVID-19 inquiries with trade would only exacerbate the tensions, driving bilateral trade off track.”\n\nThe Global Times editorial also hit out at Australia for taking credit for the inquiry into the origins of COVID-19.\nChina claims the World Health Assembly resolution spearheaded by Australia was different to what Prime Minister Scott Morrison previously called for.\n\n“China has already made it clear that it supports the comprehensive review of the COVID-19 response, which should be conducted in an objective and impartial manner,” the Global Times wrote.\n\n“A resolution on identifying the zoonotic source of the coronavirus has been agreed by all the member states, including China, at the 73rd World Health Assembly (WHA) meeting on Tuesday. The resolution is entirely different from the 'independent inquiry' previously backed by some Australian politicians.”\n\nPerth USAsia Centre CEO Professor Gordan Flake has warned against reading too much into the editorial which “tend to be a harbinger of what the actual Chinese positions are but don’t line up entirely in that process”. \n\nHe told Sky News “it is tempting to kind of look at this in a bubble and think that somehow we are the only country right now being targeted by China whereas - a whole range of other counties are facing similar responses”. \n\n“This is really more about changes internally in China than it is about us Who thought it was a good idea to put us in this position? Was there nobody to speak up about it? Now we have that traitor Daniel Andrews selling us out. This is nuts. Kick China out of all of our markets and take our port back in Darwin and take back our Water rights in the Murray take back our farms ........ and KICK them out of Australia auspol

Why Australia must not bow to China but seek wider trade optionsOpinion: Australia is far from the only country to suffer Beijing’s economic coercion tactics, and it is time to look for ways to work with other like-minded countries to put a stop to it Bring home manufacturing out of ChiCom China, start to ban any products that are made by ChiCom owned and operated Companies. Australia has a highly educated work force should be able to make about anything in country. We don’t need China they need us more stop the trade all together stop their students from learning in Australia’s university’s. Why do business with communists! If Australia kowtow the CCP will pet your head and treat you as their pet, it's this simple.

WA's barley farmers pin their hopes to new Asian markets after being snubbed by ChinaMost of Western Australia’s estimated 3,000 barley growers have already planted this year’s crop. The question now is what to do with it. take it up with mate scott Maybe America should also buy some? We helped them, and now they should help us. Drink more beer Eat more soup Bake Bread. AllSorted SBSNews auspol

China changes iron ore inspection rules as Labor hits out at government's handling of relationshipThe federal opposition's agriculture spokesman has hit out at the government's handling of the troubled relationship with China as trade tensions continue to escalate. You mean the same Labor party that sells out Australia to China? Yeah, how about we don't listen to traitors. Our government really messed this up by doing a favour to uncle Sam, without releasing going into trade war with out biggest importer and trade partner. The only loser here is Australia neither US nor China. All I see are traitors... Check their financial dealings.

China should know ‘you can’t shout at Australians and make them obey’ | Sky News AustraliaChina should re-consider how it conducts its diplomacy in the wake of the “despicable” rhetoric coming from some of Beijing’s diplomats, according to former foreign minister Alexander Downer.\n\nChinese Ambassador Cheng Jingye has not shied away from combative rhetoric in recent days, first warning that Chinese tourists may boycott visiting Australia and arguing it was laughable for the government to feel vindicated after a World Health Assembly (WHA) passed a resolution calling for an investigation into the origins of COVID-19.\n\nIn the aftermath of the WHA passing a resolution backing an investigation into the novel pathogen, China has levied an 80 per cent tariff on Australian barley exports, with reports other sectors could be targeted.\n \nMr Downer told Sky News the government has done well to remain calm in the face of the rhetoric coming out of the Chinese embassy.\n\n“If I were the Chinese ambassador in Canberra, before I went to bed at night, I’d think to myself, am I achieving my objectives in this country?” he said.\n\n“Am I not only understanding Australia, which good diplomats should do, but the ultimate diplomat is somebody who can exercise some influence over the host country.\n\n“Well, however are you going to exercise any influence by abusing Australia?”\n\nHe (Cheng Jingye) should try and understand how a liberal democracy work.'\n It's like an abusive relationship - they abuse us but they also need us (iron ore and housing for money laundering). They'll have their tantrum, calm down, and then get back to business. The world now knows the true face of China. The world needs to get together and break their ego. They’re flying too high. Each one of us can help by boycotting anything and everything that’s made in China. ChineseVirus Well perhaps it would also have been better that Oz Govt did not secretly record such as the Timor-Leste cabinet during resource negotiations.