Mitt Romney admits to running secret Twitter account under the alias 'Pierre Delecto'

When 'Pierre Delecto' started trending on social media, people were understandably confused. Then the senator confessed.


Operating a bare-bones account, the user's limited activity revealed only an interest in politics - namely, supporting US Senator Mitt Romney.

When 'Pierre Delecto' started trending on social media, people were understandably confused. Then the senator confessed.

The senator declined to name the account, noting only that he was "following 668 people," listing journalists, late-night comedians and athletes, Coppins reported.

Then, as Feinberg looked through Critchlow's followers for users who "appeared to make an effort to conceal their real identities," one caught her attention: Pierre Delecto.

. The account was created in July 2011, shortly after Romney announced he was going to run for president,

Another clue was Delecto's Twitter activity. In the past eight years, Delecto has liked 257 tweets and only tweeted 10 times, all of which were replies to other Twitter users. According to

Screen shots from the account show Delecto liking tweets that praised Romney's criticism of Trump's Syria decision. Delecto also liked tweets denouncing Trump, including one that read, "If this is a stable genius, I would hate to see what an unstable idiot would do," and another criticising the President for playing golf amid the Syria crisis.

The account's most recent tweet, dated Saturday, appeared to be a tongue-in-cheek response to conservative radio host and blogger Erick Erickson applauding Romney for taking a public stand against Trump.

As some praised Romney for the name, describing it as "exquisite" and "objectively terrific," others were reminded of equally distinctive pseudonyms used by public figures in the past.

Some pointed out that this also isn't the first time Romney has adopted a false identity. In 2012, the

It remains unclear exactly how Romney decided on "Pierre Delecto," but that didn't stop eager Twitter sleuths from trying to figure it out.

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