Minister assures Gladys Liu is now 'double-checking' her associations

Stuart Robert says Ms Liu is examining donations she helped to secure for the Liberal Party, as well as her associations before being installed as the member for Chisholm.

15/09/2019 6:03:00 AM

Stuart Robert says Ms Liu is examining donations she helped to secure for the Liberal Party, as well as her associations before being installed as the member for Chisholm.

Federal Liberal frontbencher Stuart Robert is certain his embattled colleague Gladys Liu is double-checking all donations and past organisations she had been involved with.

Share on TwitterFederal government frontbencher Stuart Robert is satisfied with the declarations his Liberal colleague Gladys Liu has made as a member of parliament.But he says the embattled MP is double-checking both the donations she has helped to raise for the party and her previous associations prior to getting elected to the Victorian seat of Chisholm in May.

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Ms Liu is under fire over donations for the Liberal Party which have been put at $1 million, and possible previous links to the Chinese Communist Party.Government Services Minister Stuart Robert.AAP"The issue isn't the quantum, the issue is the declaration. Transparency is important in our democracy," Mr Robert told Sky News on Sunday in reference to the $1 million of donations.

He said Ms Liu is double-checking her donations declarations."I'm satisfied that she is going through her associations, she's double-checking that to ensure that they are declared or that she removed herself from them," he said.Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison (left) and Australian Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg (right) sit next to Liberal member for Chisholm Gladys Liu.

AAP"So I'm highly satisfied with what she has done."However, federal Labor and other opposition parties are unlikely to let Ms Liu off the hook when parliament sits this week.Senior Labor frontbencher Mark Butler says Prime Minister Scott Morrison should be encouraging Ms Liu to answer all the questions that have been raised in the past week.

Shadow Climate Change and Energy Minister Mark Butler."This matter should be dealt with promptly," Mr Butler told the ABC's Insiders program.Mr Morrison has described such scrutiny as having"grubby undertones" which has been interpreted as meaning racist.

READ MORE"The idea that these questions that have been raised by every media organisation in the country and have been pursued in the parliament by (Labor's) Penny Wong and Mark Dreyfus are motivated by race is utterly absurd," Mr Butler said.

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All the while, knowing that China never considers her an Aussie. Their long game is, well, long. And they can’t believe that one of their own is now an MP. They (China) are laughing their heads off. Their view not mine. 🤣😂 deniseshrivell As long as Stuart Robert is checking this out, we can all relax. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤢🤢🤢

deniseshrivell Triple “Checked” by now How’s that publicly funded Happy Clappy internet streaming channel going for you? OH MY GOD FATHER HOUSTON we have an ASSURANCE whoopy bloody chook mate SURELY that will use up too much of his data and he will be charging us like a Bull in a China shop UHUH!! 🙄🙄🙄

What does Stuart Robert have to do with this? Did Gladys Liu set up a sham company in Stuart Robert's father's name to win government contracts, or is it only Stuart Robert who did that? auspol They are both straight up these two.. Ms Liu’s “fundraising” for her Liberal Party needs auditing. Why not Question PM Morrison and any LNP MP Why Do They Treat Us, The People, not you journàlists, WHY do they Treat us with So Much CONTEMPT?

Weak journos.. very sad we live in a country where journalism has become so pathetic. Very sad. No one else to stand up for truth it seems. I'll bet she is. Along with an platoon of LNP lawyers. And perhaps a shredder? So, she’s embattled. Bye Gladys. If you brazen this out, some is finished. Who is he going to look after?

What are the libs hidding with ms Liu Typical of libs, fed police should be doing a though investigation and follow all donations sources and see if its money that tax has been paid on !!!? A lot of small business where she is pay little or no tax as cash business In order to make democracy truly representative no political party or candidate should ever receive any private donation that create conflict of interest. Tax payers instead should select which party they want to give a small portion of their hard own tax money. auspol

Oh well that's allright then. stuartrobertmp 'Rolex Rob' assures us GladysLiuMP will check payments made by the Chinese? Having that stain on humanity stuartrobertmp examine Ms Liu is akin to having the Fox in charge of the Henhouse. Richard_D_Boyle Gee, that’s reassuring. Roberts is such a straight up bloke.

That’s like the inmates running the jail. A independent body should be checking her associations davrosz stuartrobertmp as if you are a moral compass Examining or destroying the evidence? Why leave it up to Liu to investigate Liu. No credibility there. Is that the sound of shredders I hear? Stuart Roberts says ms Lui is currently thinking of an excuse that could sound legit and will advise when one pops into her head

Stuart Robert - the guy who tried to rip of taxpayers thousands a month on internet bills before he was caught out? The guy Turnbull sacked? One of the receivers of a Rolex watch in a plastic bag? That Stuart Robert? Does the Morrison government burn for the CCP Is this code for destroy everything compromising? Wipe hard drives, destroy phones. Call your Chinese cell so they leave before being arrested. the LNP is a money cleaning machine. It’s more secretive and less ethical than Switzerland during the world war 2.

Lollll Stuart Robert, aka Morrison’s BFF. Why is the PM hiding? Because he got caught lying the other day? She did not do anything for Chisholm until now! And she absolutely China hk spy! And she bought the hk violent democracy into the Chisholm! We need peace of democracy! My god. Stuart Robert talking integrity. How long must we endure this conga line of Gladys defenders?

She can probably use his really expensive internet access to hasten the process Richard_D_Boyle I thought there was nothing to see here. Hmmm.... id wer had a Federal ICAC... How is that $30k internet bill going Stuart let's slime the taxpayers one more time What a Hoax all this memory block stuff. Don’t forget your shovel 🤑

SURELY SHE SHOULD HAVE DONE THIS, OR BEEN FORCED TO BY THE LNP, BEFORE SHE GOT ELECTED? Waiting with bated breath... Installed? Hmmm why not try elected? A rather baised thing to say Richard_D_Boyle I bet she ain't the only one Is she headed for the prayer group too? She was not “installed” as the Member for Chisholm. She was elected.

Does Ms. Glady's still hold a Chinese passport? How long did it take for her to become permanent resident/citizen? She gets to shred and throw out old mobile phones? Move money and receipts? Gladys Liu checking her own donations. Well I feel so much better now. Not. Obviously she is there on merit. Richard_D_Boyle She must go. Immediately. She is NOT above the law.

should be an interesting process GladysMustGo These checks are called due diligence and should’ve happened before her pre-selection! Amateurs! No better than theOne Nation vetting process. Where did 1 million dollars worth of donations to Gladys come from? MSMWatchdog2013 Bit late. The corrupt helping the corrupt. Nothing wrong

MSMWatchdog2013 It's a bit flapping late for that. What next - Yes there were some dodgy donations but I didn't know they were at the time? Just more diversions and obfuscation. 🤣 BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you can't make this stuff up 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 Everyone knows both liberal and labour have been doing the exact same thing. All donations above 2,000 should be banned. It's a virus on democracy.

Shouldn't she have done that before being accepted for preselection? Sec 44 matters. auspol MSM Lessons in how to hide guilt - investigate yourself and then hide the evidence Maybe have a independent enquiry...... Yeah says Mr Rolex , dodgy AF So, there is 1 criminal defending another criminal! Australian politics is organised crime!!!

Just like he checked his internet bill? Mr Rolex lols Code for ‘honorable exit strategy.’ Awesome. That’ll fix it then. Also Stuart Roberts takes donations from a child molester and wife murderer, his ability to judge others is compromised to say the least! auspol 🤣🤣🤣🤣 TheDrum Will Gladys puhlease explain SpyGate

Stuart '$30,000 internet bill charged to the taxpayer' Robert? Seems legit. The liberals didnt vet her properly, simples. They were still searching for candidates mid to late March, 2weeks before election campaign obviously she was recruited on her money racketing experience & her professionalism in lying to Australians while keeping a straight face.

Surprised she’s not left the country She has to check whether she herself was a member of a Chinese propaganda org? Just resign - with some dignity I think it be better if the Electoral Commissioner did. A bit late but! I thought this was what you do when preparing for pre selection! Putting the Genie back into the bottle Stuart?

The final act of bastardry having Stuart Robert give you a reference Sack her NOW Just proves you can buy your way into politics and our elected politicians will hide any corruption as long as their snouts are in the trough with them Time for some real investigation by the “fourth estate”... Whats the issue.?She has been asked a question about her suitability as an Australian parliamentarian as could any other elected member. Just because she was born Chinese does not give her any privileges.

“Installed”? What garbage. She was elected. The same man you charged ratepayers for his internet that man is a fraud. As if .... Stuart Robert reassuring everyone about financial probity. Oh, the irony. 😂 Ms. Liu should have applied more stringent and thorough process of due diligence before entering parliament.

Yeah Stu, what could go wrong there ? Probably better to have a Federal ICAC looking into this She needs to resign we have too much Chinese influence in Australia looks like anybody can buy there way in to the liberal party if the donate enough money. this may help explain there lack of empathy and intelligence.

Ahem methinks you missed the parentheses on: investigating? Here let's fix it 'investigating' auspol For fairness sake, will we be seeing Newstart recipients who've made 'clumsy' income reports, get glowing character references from the PM, and be allowed to investigate themselves? LOL Says stuartrobertmp whilst checking his Chinese donated Gold Rolex. comraderoberts comradeliu guangzhougladys

I feel a bit sorry for her I think she’s caught up in something she doesn’t quite understand. She shouldn’t be part of our political system anyway because of her connections. Lui's a spy and her ties to the Totalitarian Dictators running the Communist Chinese Government from Beijing is totally unacceptable as is Morrison's racist hypocrisy to try and defend her and the indefensible on the National Security Level

She should be fired.. She knows where donations came from. She does not get to investigate herself. That's not how things work. Checking now that she has been caught out. She should of been checking before she accepted them..... GladysMustGo auspol She gets to investigate herself? Are they just taking the piss now? People actually voted for this ffs.

Scott Morrison forced to clarify using 'Shanghai Sam' amid Gladys Liu racism debateThe prime minister told a press conference he never used the phrase 'Shanghai Sam' but hours later he clarified that he did. Ummm. Morrison is starting to 'fall on his sword'. He should start handing over press interviews to his Ministers.

Gladys Liu was part of a branch that wanted foreign investment laws easedGladys Liu was part of a Liberal Party branch that pushed an unusual motion calling for a relaxation of laws around foreign investment in agribusiness and agricultural land. Quilty commie No doubt the LNP had a quota to fill to secure its 'foreign investments' It's okay, Gladys was not an 'active' president, they were just using her name. But seriously, Gladys' policies do seem to be lining up with Beijing's. Disturbing.

Gladys Liu called to relax foreign investment before she became an MPLiberal MP Gladys Liu, who’s copped heavy criticism over donations and links to the Chinese Communist Party, made an unusual push to relax foreign investment laws before becoming a federal MP. GladysLiuMP GladysLiuMP Whose surprised GladysLiuMP Australia's Liao Wei, New Zealand Yang Jian, these two are CCP spies, Western countries are dealing with such cases, it is the right thing to do guilty presumption.

Liberal MP believes Gladys Liu has done enough to clear her nameA Liberal backbencher believes his embattled colleague Gladys Liu has already done enough to clear her name, as more revelations emerged about the Chisholm MP's past. I'm glad some Libs are showing their loyalty to the CCP it makes voting easier at the next election. If ASIO don't like her neither do i They are gravely mistaken!!!

Inside Xi's 'magic weapon' that has backfired on Gladys LiuIt is hard to map China's politics onto ours, and it's even tricker when the United Front Work Department comes up. The Chinese chop suey and sweet and sour cooks are all hiding under your beds!!!!!

The other problem with Gladys Liu’s trainwreck interview.GladysLiuMP's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad interview spawned a bunch of uncomfortable questions. One of them is getting no attention. auspol GladysLiuMP Given China government's record of silencing their critics, we can appreciate why Gladys would hold back on commenting too critically about them. She and her family would surely have a target on them GladysLiuMP I want to know what is Gladys stance on Hong Kong? Does she support a 'One state, two system' mandate for her homeland OR does she support the current Beijing efforts to dissolve HK into the PRC single party authoritarian Communist state? Let's get this out into the open. GladysLiuMP Arrest her on charges of spying for the Chinese government then we'll see what happens when our supposed friends from China start making threats towards us