Restrictions, Lockdown, Covıd

Restrictions, Lockdown

Melbourne tradies take ‘smoko’ on main roads in protest over tearoom ban

Workers blatantly set up chairs and tables, blocking trams and cars, on Sydney Road in Brunswick, Church Street in Richmond, Ballarat Road in Footscray and in the middle of the city on Friday.

17/09/2021 9:30:00 AM

Workers blatantly set up chairs and tables, blocking trams and cars, on Sydney Road in Brunswick, Church Street in Richmond, Ballarat Road in Footscray and in the middle of the city on Friday. Restrictions Lockdown COVID

Workers blatantly set up chairs and tables, blocking trams and cars, on Sydney Road in Brunswick, Church Street in Richmond, Ballarat Road in Footscray and in the middle of the city on Friday.

Credit:Joe ArmaoAbout 150 tradies attended from a Multiplex site on Lonsdale street near King street, firing up a barbecue and sharing soft drinks as traffic was forced to bypass the area for about 20 minutes.While two men flipped sausages, another sliced salami he brought from home to share with his colleagues.

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LoadingOne man toldThe Agethat he expected the protest to continue on Monday because the construction workers had nowhere else to enjoy their breaks without a tearoom.Police surrounded the civil, peaceful protest in what appeared to be an effort to stop it expanding and stopping traffic elsewhere.

The luncheon ended shortly before 1pm, at which point the workers packed up their tools and went home.Construction workers are unhappy with a series of measures introduced yesterday to prevent transmission on-site, including closing tearooms and a mandate to receive one vaccine dose if they want to continue working from next Friday.

AdvertisementCOVID response commander Jeroen Weimar said people were bending over backwards to keep the construction industry going and some workers needed to check their privilege.“Recognise the privileges that those of us who are still able to work, get, and if it means you can’t sit with your mates while you have a sandwich, that doesn’t seem to be a huge burden,” Mr Weimar said.

Construction workers at a Lonsdale Street building site block Lonsdale Street and use it for a tea room after being banned from using tearooms due to Covid. 17th September 2021.Credit:Joe ArmaoMr Weimar said tearooms posed a significant risk of transmission with workers coming from different parts of the city, sitting in small spaces, and eating and drinking.

CFMEU Victorian secretary John Setka said the action “wasn’t really a protest” and workers at big construction sites didn’t have anywhere else to take their smoko breaks.LoadingMr Setka was annoyed the government did not consult them about the tearoom ban.

“What they decided was if we can’t sit in the smoko shed where do we have our break? So they’ve taken all the tables and chairs out into the fresh air,” Mr Setka told3AWon Friday morning.“They’ve got nowhere else to have their smoko.”A vaccine mandate has also been introduced for the sector, requiring workers to get a first dose of a vaccine by next Friday

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Selfish C's Such entitlement!!! Clearly no regard for anyone aside themselves. If they did the right thing to begin with, no doubt they'd still have their precious smoko-room. No signs of police violence there. I wonder why not? So we are now spending $500m around the nation on 'quarantine hubs' when the virus is completely under control for those who are vaxxed and of little danger to those left unvaxxed.

All those who are vulnerable to covid should have damn well been vaccinated by now or else isolated EndAllLockdowns LockdownsAreProofOfPoliticalFailure I’d be embarrassed knowing I was a parent that behaved in this manner or raised a child that behaved like this. This speaks volumes about how poorly we are doing on raising the next generation to look beyond their own self serving wants. I’m appalled and disgusted by all of them.

I'm quite sure a snaggy roll with sauce and chocolate big M can be consumed anywhere and not just limited to a table and chair. Unless this was with tablecloth, cutlery, candles and soft music music playing I feel that these workers have let everyone down who have worked hard and made sacrifices to get COVID under control whilst they flaunted rules and been given concessions since lockdown v1. They are the problem

Children Maybe the nurses union could join them in solidarity. Probability not, they haven’t time for a tea break. Sad that some of our toughest come across looking so pathetic. Selfish act by union idiots having a cry because they can’t have a pie at same time as their friend. Primary school kids behave better than this.

'Thrown under the bus': Central Australian tourism industry unhappy with NT reopening road mapTourism and hospitality businesses raise concerns about the Northern Territory's road map away from lockdowns, revealed by the Territory Government yesterday.

Fucken cats. never do vaccine The purpose of the vaccine is to destroy and rewrite human DNA, so humans will easily die and be controlled. Therefore, the Illuminati and the dark forces of the universe can enslave human beings on Earth forever. 坚决不打疫苗 疫苗的目的是破坏和改写人类的dna , What a bloody joke!! Sooks Poor folks as they spend more time in the tea rooms than working. Now they will have to work with shorter smokos that’s the problem

Just close the sites down , if they don't follow rules like the rest of us. Flogs. Every industry was shutdown except the construction. You shut their tea room and they come on the road. Too much influence on the government both ALP and LNP. My tea rooms! Why don’t they just work 4 hours only….. Then they won’t need a break.

Love it. These workers have done their best to comply with restrictions. The bosses have spent 10s of 1000s of dollars ensuring adequate amenities including the mandatory 4m2 rule. Can’t say I blame them. All in good fun. No harm done.

Man charged over alleged COVID-19 clinic road rage attackAn 18-year-old man has been charged over an alleged road rage attack at a COVID -19 testing clinic in Sydney’s west earlier this week | daniellamariewh daniellamariewh The establishment should be charged with crimes against humanity coercing people to consume pharmaceutical products that are pseudo science and medical fraud up there with thalidomide.

I don’t understand, don’t they care about their friends, family and the wider community? Just selfish. Good on them Little miss muffats Melbourne is already such a ghost town that it wouldn’t matter much where the tradies sat for lunch. Hi viz knucklers 👏🏼 stand your ground boys Can You Blame Em! gross Why was this not a norm in lockdown 1 Dan?

At least wear a mask please .

Melbourne tradies stop traffic and trams in protest against tearoom banTraffic and trams in Melbourne's CBD have been stopped by groups of tradies lunching on the road in protest of new restrictions placed on construction workers. It’s smoko mate. 👍 DanielAndrewsMP is nowhere to be seen when things get real again….. Regional WA should do this to all roads out of Perth to protest the changes to the WA Legislative Council.

Today we actually got to see how much work they do. Fuck all. 🙄 Complete and utter fuckwits. Can't justify any thing else to call them. You think with all these tradies with expensive utes and landcruisers etc would recline and chill out in their car. Thinking the helmet is restricting oxygen to the brain.

The 25% who actually get to be at work and earning their normal living. Should consider themselves lucky to have jobs but instead protesting smoko sheds are shut down. Such arrogance. I get that they have been protected by DanielAndrewsMP but I love to see anyone pointing out the Pythonesque nature of Sutton’s current settings

Very tone-deaf protest. They are privileged to be able to continue doing their jobs with relatively few restrictions. Most of us would love to be back at work in some form. They are so entitled. Shut them down if they can’t follow rules like the rest of us. Only pricks won’t get their pricks. D’ heads Well done. I like it

For fucks sakes. Just shut them down, if they want to protest over this

Construction workers block Melbourne streets in protest over smoko rulesDozens of construction workers have blocked off major roads in Melbourne in protest of the new coronavirus restrictions placed on tea rooms. Brilliant. All pwer to you guys Piss poor reporting as usual No wonder aliens don’t visit us very often, when they do they end up seeing stuff like this, protesting over where tradies can eat there choccy milk and Big Ben pie.

All this fuss for not being able to eat your lunch in a room with your friends. Peak first world problem Interested as to why the Vic Police didn’t treat this as a protest as they will tomorrow. No difference. I’m sorry, precious tradies, that you may have lost your tea rooms for, in the scheme of things, will be a limited window of time… if you are unhappy about it, why don’t you venture into health, where tea rooms for every department are a luxury

I thought tradies were supposed to be tough. What a pack of sooky sooky la las! Selfish, selfish, be grateful you have a job. Love a good protest as much as the next guy,but was Andrews sending in Armed cops to deal with it. And Elizabeth St and Therry St and a'beckett street. Not a police officer to be seen. But tomorrow it will be police state. We know who Dan is a puppet to CFMEU, Fire fighters.... lockdowns need to end

REALLY White European or Asian workers? They don’t do any work anyway, they just stand around half the time

Melbourne tradies protest vaccine mandateGood on em 👌 Oh to be a tram driver in Melbourne today. Not many there . Lol

Absolutely flogs Just men behaving very badly. The “Commander🤡” tells blue collar workers to “check their privilege”. smoko underhiseye bewareofthewoke Sort of disappointing to see so many workers just thinking about their tea break. Perhaps they should spend a day in a COVID ward and observe the full PPE and see how nurses and doctors can’t even have a sip of water.

says it all Do the Tradies want sympathy? We are all struggling to get through the pandemic and they are disrespecting others. Aw shucks. They can’t use their tea room. What about all those poor health care workers?!!! Shame on them. Where are their Unions. For Gods sake they will expect the nursing staff to care for them if they become ill! How many vaccinated ? Damned lucky they can still work. SHame

What a bunch of selfish flogs! 🤬 MarieColemanAO I've never, ever, known my husband to have access to a tearoom. This is just weird. Today I am ashamed to call myself a unionist. No tearoom? People have no work because they are doing the right thing. Selfish Bastards.

Melbourne CBD ‘locked down’ to block planned protestsA major move from Victoria Police will see all public transport suspended heading to Melbourne in a bid to block anti-lockdown protesters from entering the city. Will they do the same for the next Extinction Rabble protest?

Bless em. Weak bastards Privileged to work and make money while thousands can't and they have a sook because they can't eat in a tea room. Like have some perspective One set of rules for his Union mates and city shut down and violence for others. AGE do you job ask the hard questions! Pretty sure blatantly is a prerequisite to any protest

They did this in Geelong too. Blocked off the road outside the cities biggest aged care centre. At 1pm, during staff change over time. Here we are sweating through our PPE caring for covid patients in hospital while these unmasked, non socially distanced sooks are protesting about their tea room. Unbelievable

Ironic that they’re fine pouring rum in their faces and sucking down ciggies but don’t want to taint themselves with a vaccine. This just underscores the argument for automation. Who wants to deal with dunces like this for employees? Good on them

Maybe this is what the protestors should do on Sunday. Grab a chair. Health workers. No tea room. Dress like this for 12hrs. Construction = privileged. While health workers sweat it out in full PPE, trying to keep hospitals functioning. It seems Dan got the wrong day to barricade the city shut!!! Nice one guys 👏👏👏

At least these guys won’t justifiably complain too much for the next environmental protest downtown. flogs I assume this isn’t going to help domestic trades that are happy to have smoko on whatever they can find to sit on. Small business doing what they can to stay afloat and doin this will make the government make stricter rules, fcukin ridiculous

Good on them👍🏻 Not a brain cell in site. Not a typo. Real Tough guys! ……Meanwhile health workers are saving lives

Use the term workers very loosely please..they take 10 years to fix a pot hole..4 standing watching and 1 holding a stop sign..🤣🤣🤣 No wonder every job in town runs late and over budget. Glad the police didnt show up with rubber bullets and gas to disperse these unruly protestors, enjoying a quiet smoko. Perhaps Dan's gone soft?

No Tradies no house for you very simple What a bunch of pathetic cry babies👶🏻🍼🧸