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Melbourne tradies protest vaccine mandate

17/09/2021 8:16:00 AM

Construction workers are protesting on the streets of Melbourne in light of mandatory vaccines.

Construction workers are protesting on the streets of Melbourne in light of mandatory vaccines.Workers took to the streets of the city’s CBD, gathering on tables and chairs in a strike in retaliation to the government’s announcement which mandated the jab for workers in the industry.

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It was announced that they must have a first dose by September 23. Read more: Sky News Australia »

Lunar rover to be the first Australian on the Moon

The rover will be the 'first Australian on the Moon' as part of $50 million project the Prime Minister called an "incredible opportunity."

life_cuckold Go boys! ❤️ The NEEC institute is busy with: STOP the WEF. Child abuse... STOP the WEF and the Government. UK finally greenlights alternative COVID-19 treatment. Life-saving antibody treatment to be rolled out across UK from next week for those that may not get a adequate immune response to the Vax, or not be able to take the vax.This drug actually cures Covid

Tin foil hat socks. Careful. They might really have a hissy fit over OH&S laws Stop lying 🤥 it was because Their tea rooms were taken away As essential workers, they've managed the last 18 months without mass deaths, probably something to do with having built up a strong natural immunity from exposure, unlike office and wfh workers, plus all the vitamin D they get from the sun. So why force them now?

they are all awful and selfish Listen to what the lady said:

Melbourne tradies stop traffic and trams in protest against tearoom banTraffic and trams in Melbourne's CBD have been stopped by groups of tradies lunching on the road in protest of new restrictions placed on construction workers. It’s smoko mate. 👍 DanielAndrewsMP is nowhere to be seen when things get real again….. Regional WA should do this to all roads out of Perth to protest the changes to the WA Legislative Council.

Let me guess, one bloke set up the table while five or six stood around and watched? And how many of these guys smoke ciggies, drink alcohol and probably get a bag every Friday night, but bitch and moan they won't put an 'experimental' vaccine into their system because they don't trust what's in it. I'm a tradie so I've seen it first hand, fukin jokers.

good on them! Hats off to these guys …. They seem to be sensible and protesting on the footpath….. they’ll cut through more than the idiots who blocked the street. goodonthem I would love to join them and have a cuppa coffee. Haha. Vaccines? Don't you mean not being allowed in their Tearooms? 😳😬🙃 I mean that's why they carted tables & chairs around Melbourne Streets! 🤷

Vaccines are not mandatory and neither is employing ignorant people Doing the work of journalists who are all sold out to big Pharma on this one. Making those poor boys and girls take experimental vaccines that you state don't work anyway! is an utter crime the media is ignoring because the aforementioned fake journalism.

No it’s not about mandatory vaccines. Its about tearooms. Get to work you lazy union flogs

NSW vaccine mandate for aged care workers in effect

Actually they were protesting smoko breaks 🤦🏻🙄 PRGuy17 it seems Sky News has failed again Poor puppies. How dare the government tell me what to do😂😂😂 Not many there . Lol Oh to be a tram driver in Melbourne today. Good on em 👌

Construction workers block Melbourne streets in protest over smoko rulesDozens of construction workers have blocked off major roads in Melbourne in protest of the new coronavirus restrictions placed on tea rooms. Brilliant. All pwer to you guys Piss poor reporting as usual No wonder aliens don’t visit us very often, when they do they end up seeing stuff like this, protesting over where tradies can eat there choccy milk and Big Ben pie.

Melbourne CBD ‘locked down’ to block planned protestsA major move from Victoria Police will see all public transport suspended heading to Melbourne in a bid to block anti-lockdown protesters from entering the city. Will they do the same for the next Extinction Rabble protest?

Australia’s medical regulator accuses Craig Kelly of copyright breachThe United Australia Party, founded by Clive Palmer and led by Craig Kelly, sent messages to more than 14 million phones with misleading information about vaccines auspol vaccine covid rachelclun rachelclun OK fair call that is a hilarious choice for a photo. rachelclun CraCraKelly rachelclun Money and stupidity are a lethal mix

With one day left for WA's aged care workers to get a COVID jab, there is a warning of a looming crisisA mandatory vaccination policy for aged care workers coming into force in WA tomorrow will leave already under-resourced homes 'scrambling for staff', the United Workers Union warns. Many vaccinated people who are nearly finished “cert iii” in ageing n disability are waiting for their 120 hours placement. Aged care home are not allowing them to intern there. Let them intern and employ them. Don’t complain always! They have been scrambling for staff for years All medical employees in aus are required to be vaccinated for Hepatitis B with no issues so how is this any different? I strongly suspect that there is a load of trouble stirring propaganda behind this article.