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Melbourne placed under stage 4 lockdown, 8pm curfew, regional Victoria moved to stage 3 restrictions

Melbourne placed under stage 4 lockdown as rest of Victoria moved to stage 3 restrictions

2/08/2020 8:09:00 AM

Melbourne placed under stage 4 lockdown as rest of Victoria moved to stage 3 restrictions

As a state of disaster is declared, sweeping new restrictions will be imposed across Melbourne from tonight and regional Victoria will move to stage three restrictions from Thursday.

Print text onlyPrintCancelSweeping new restrictions, including a night-time curfew, will be imposed across Melbourne under stage four restrictions from tonight and regional Victoria will move to stage three restrictions from Thursday.Key points:A state of disaster will be enforced alongside the current state of emergency

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The new restrictions will last until mid-September for all of the stateExercise and shopping will be limited to within 5km of the home and all school students will return to at-home learningPremier Daniel Andrews said 671 new coronavirus cases had been detected since yesterday, with 6,322 infections now active in the state.

Seven people have died from coronavirus in Victoria in the last 24 hours, taking the state's death toll to 123. Six of the seven cases are linked to aged care outbreaks.There are now 385 people in Victorian hospitals, 38 of whom are in intensive care.

The state's aged care outbreak has now grown to 1,083 active cases.The Premier said there was an "unacceptably high" number of community transmission cases, and the state had 760 active COVID-19 infections where the source of the transmission was not known.

"Those mysteries, that community transmission, is in many respects our biggest challenge and the reason why we need to move to a different set of rules," he said.From 6:00pm tonight, a state of disaster will be declared across Victoria, which will act in addition to the state of emergency.

Further restrictions targeting workplaces will be announced tomorrow.For the latest news on the COVID-19 pandemic read our coronavirus live blog.Residents of Metropolitan Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire are almost halfway through what was meant to be a six-week lockdown under stage three stay-at-home orders.

Mr Andrews said the current strategy undertaken by the Government so far had avoided "thousands of thousands" of cases from overwhelming hospitals, but it was "not working fast enough".He said after much detailed analysis, the state's health experts told him the current strategy would not see the state reach a point where it could reopen until the end of the year.

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"Therefore we have to do more and we have to do more right now," he said.Curfew and limits on exercising, shopping for MelbourneAn evening curfew will be implemented across Melbourne from 8:00pm to 5:00am every day, starting tonight, forbidding anyone from leaving the home except for working, receiving or giving care.

Melbourne residents will only be allowed to shop and exercise within 5 kilometres of their homes.Supermarkets will remain open for trading hours of their choice, but Mr Andrews said shopping should happen outside of the curfew hours.Only one person from each household will be able to shop at a time, once a day.

"I want to assure all Victorians supermarkets, the butcher, the baker, food, beverage, groceries, those types of settings, there will be no impact there," he said.Large queues formed at supermarkets on Sunday morning as speculation about the new restrictions circulated.

For those under the stage four restrictions, exercise outside of the home will only be allowed for one hour at a time and recreational activities like golf and fishing will be banned.Restaurants and cafes may continue to offer takeaway and home delivery, and bottle shops will remain open.

Overnight train services will be restricted.People are still allowed to visit their intimate partners, even if they live more than 5 km apart.Weddings are banned within Melbourne except on compassionate grounds.Rules for funerals remain unchanged, allowing 10 mourners plus those conducting ceremony. Leaving home for a funeral will be allowed under the rules.

All students across the state will return to home-based learning and childcare centres will be closed.Read more about coronavirus:Governments are facing tough questions on how this has gone so terribly wrong. Here are some cluesRegional Victoria placed under stage three restrictions

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Regional Victoria will move to stage three restrictions from Thursday, meaning restaurants, cafes, bars and gyms will close from 11:59 on Wednesday."That is not the position we wanted to be in but we cannot have a situation where this continues to grow and grow in regional Victoria," Mr Andrews said.

The Premier said this was important to prevent a situation where the virus transmission was driven down in metropolitan Melbourne but continued to grow in regional parts of the state.The Mitchell Shire, north of Melbourne, will join the rest of regional Victoria and stay on the same stage three restrictions it has been on for nearly three weeks.

The new restrictions will last until at least September 13 for all of Victoria.Victorians face on-the-spot fines of more than $1,600 for breaching stay-at-home orders.(ABC News: Chris Le Page)Mr Andrews said he knew some regional Victorian communities with few cases would be concerned about the restrictions.

"I'm not going to let this get into aged care in regional Victoria the way that it has into aged care in Melbourne," he said.COVID-19 testing is conducted in Broadmeadows, Melbourne, Sunday, June 28, 2020. Victoria has set up virus testing stations in neighbourhoods as it battles community transmission.

()Stay up-to-date on the coronavirus outbreakDownload the ABC News app and subscribe to our range of news alerts for the latest on how the pandemic is impacting the worldReturn to remote learning for most studentsFrom Wednesday, flexible and remote learning will be brought in for every student across Victoria. This includes VCE students, who had been learning on campus.

Monday will be a normal school day and Tuesday will be a pupil-free day before the new rules come into effect.Specialist schools will remain open and students of parents who are working will have the option to go to school and be supervised.But Mr Andrews suggested that exemption would be tightened further than the previous period of remote learning.

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Just had a call re a police officer and his wife a nurse, Positive to Covid. 4 days to get a test result, no support with food or supplies, a young child who DHS refuse to rest. These are people who put their lives on the line everyday and Victorian government abandons them And unbelievably no-one has identified nor isolated a Covid virus yet. This is how propaganda, FakeMedia & fear can change reality & destiny

Why only Victoria The rest of the states are OK! So can not be the Feds. Can not be TRUMP in spite of you all want him to be. So as to be the RBI GUY. He is the Premier...No?! He's on the money So this is how liberty dies... to thunderous applause 😡 state borders should be closed until there are no more new cases for 2 weeks and the active cases dissipate to 0. While the australian borders should be closed until all other countries can get their shit together (talking to you america)

Must be time for another BLM protest. Bring it on.. It Is Dicktator Dan from Quarantino Bay Victoria!!!! Dan Bean!!!! Melbourne's Mr Bean!!!! Insanity is doing the same FAILED method again and again, hoping to have a different, better outcome each time. The top insane buffoon of Victoria, is non other than the infamous COVID CLOWN DicDan! So, continue 'the more pain for no gain' moronic method and cause a 3rd wave!

Gross violation of civil liberties, Daniel Andrews how dare you infringe on my rights, wearing a mask the other day and I almost fell down a flight of escalators due to fogged up glasses, and how the hell can me walking in a park to get exercise on my own distanced from others be a threat? Stuff you !

This is because a part of the population showed no regard to science and instructions to stay safe. DanielAndrewsMP is doing an amazing job under tough conditions Too late! Don’t think it will stop the spread! I find it ironic that Dan has declared a state of disaster. The same could be said about his leadership during this pandemic.

And lockdowns don't work. I’ll never understand why when the powers that be completely fuck up there is no consequences Well at least Dan’s mask isn’t going to fall off, is it. You guys will never get out of lockdown, you can’t beat a virus. It will come, take who it wants to take (the old and vulnerable) and go away again. Lockdowns just prolong the agony. There are now dozens of countries you can learn from.

This is the biggest scam ever perpetrated on humanity. This is not about a virus, rather an exercise in seizing total control of the population. scamdemic2020 COVID19Vic CovidHoax ResignDanielAndrews More like stage 4 imprisonment. 6300 active cases with 38 in intensive care - for those who cant do math that means 99.5% of cases are not life threatening. What a hoax!

Mr Andrews: you have completely crossed the line with these measures (if you hadn't done so already). A nightly curfew in particular is a heinous contravention of peoples' liberties. The worst is: you justify this on the basis of a completely one-sided view of the science. yes but any guesstimates on construction industry?

Captain Dan — another fine mess you’ve gotten us into 🚤🚤 there up shit creek without a Paddle Anyone else? Oh dear Victoria a Disaster! Don't Cry Victoria, just remember we're The Smart State... run by 'Some idiots'. Welcome to stage4lockdown for another 6weeks If the confirmed cases continue to be allowed to go out, stage10 is useless, and the Labor Party’s brains are not good.

More fearmongering... Why would you believe that the testing is accurate for COVID19? How many deaths are elderly in aged care. The overreach and fear campaign will destroy lives. Curfew's? You must be joking. Immediately implementing the following three policies guarantees to wipe out CCPVirus from Melbourne and regional Victoria thoroughly 1 ResignDanielAndrewsMP 2 Unchaining State Victoria off1belt1roadinitiative 3 CloseChineseConsulate

This muppet must get a pay rise with every rise in restrictions. It’s a shame they only apply too the working half of the community. Melly’s been Naughty 60 miutes will confirm The Andrews government is responsible for this monumental stuff up! And it’s all because Andrews is mortgaged goods - he controls nothing!

What a joke Who chooses the pictures you use? Has the ABC been sold to Murdoch without us knowing? baa baa white sheep have you any balls? Thanks DanielAndrewsMP & BLM. What stage 4? This aint stage 4! Not sure if its enough . Mostly everything will still be open just till 8pm. DisasterDan strikes again!

These measures are expected, and I hope due regard is paid to areas of concern such as abbatoirs/meatworks. They have been an abnormal source of infection spread. No comment on those that ignore isolation orders. Why? How does impeachment work in the state of Victoria? So I am supposed to wear a dress? dress covid melbourne victoria australia clothing shop social style photograhy mobile photoshop retail sign street urban lockdown

Will I be able to go ahead with moving house in 2 weeks? The new place is within 5km of current house. Stage4 I'd like to throw dung at this little Marxist dictator... If these measures are put into place then prices need to be frozen. Only a matter of time before the gouging starts. C’mon everyone. Follow the bloody rules and VIC can hopefully get on top of this. No-one is ‘special’. No-one is above the lockdown. No-one should be breaking the curfew or thinking this doesn’t apply to them. Just do exactly as you’re told. Fingers crossed for the Common Good.

Why do ABC continue to broadcast these Pressers when you can’t hear the question being asked. Surely a Mic for the questioner is pretty basic stuff. Dictator!...Victoria is now Communist! The only reason regional areas are now under stage 3 restrictions is because fuckwits from Melbourne keep sneaking out here instead of following the regulations. Our shire has no cases and no deaths but we keep seeing travellers breaking rules. I hope stage 4 changes that. 😐

Bow down to Chairman Dan, you peasants! 'Horse' and 'bolted' are a couple of words which spring to mind. Interested to know how the 1 hour of exercise is going to me measured and enforced. As has been proven, you cannot rely on the general population given the minority of halfwits who've screwed things up so far.

How nice to have an appropriate government response! Main cause of these extreme measures is the fuckwits who ignored level 3 now anyone who ignores these lockdown rules should be locked up NO exceptions It's unfortunate how we got to this point and I don't like it, but on the other hand I can appreciate living in a place that takes this threat seriously & doesn't act like America or Brazil. Hopefully there's sufficient support coming for those who need it.

This will be Andrews legacy. He will forever be remembered as the man that destroyed the state and saw hundreds die on his watch. This is all he'll be remembered for. In relation to childcare, who falls under the category of “permitted worker”?! The wave of suicides and devastation that will be unleashed in Melbourne as a result of these arbitrary and unscientific restrictions (and punitive enforcement) will haunt the nation for years to come.

Where is Scott Morrison? The Australian people need to feel supported during this disaster, where is he today? Glad Dan is out there making clear the approaches for getting through this pandemic. DanielAndrewsMP must resign because it's the right thing to do. I don’t know why he can’t advise on workplace restrictions now. Leave the employers guessing until half way through the first day of the working week.........

I love these posts, it brings out all the tardo's shouting about their rights being violated. Brilliant entertainment while I wait for Trump's next meltdown No No No!!!! You have to shut it down, period! Until community spread is under control you're just postponing the inevitable. Resign, you are bringing Australia to its knees.

does he not know people have anxiety. just tell us all of it already before people start speculating. 24 hours of torture now Thank you DanielAndrewsMP To all the people ignoring the regulations, we are in Stage 4 partly due to your arrogance and ignorance. I support Dan 100% and appreciate your commitment to keeping Victorians protected.

Still no discussion about the detailed safety procedures any State has put in place at aged care, hospitals and entry points. According to leaders it’s better to have weak controls against all the populace and ruin th economy than string procedures at points of risk. Brilliant. as it should be What is our government's long-term plan for defeating COVID?

Good work Dan. Dan Andrews must go....this is panic stations. The only state of disaster is Dan Andrews. This is a very serious violation of civil liberties. Chinese Belt and Road seems to have moved to communist dictatorship. Resign Now!!!!! State of disaster? It's become very clear that the greatest single threat to the wellbeing of Victorians is DanielAndrewsMP!

Victorian anti-maskers refuse masks offered by police, as 170 finedFrustrated Victoria Police have busted 170 people breaking coronavirus restrictions in the past 24 hours, despite the state on the brink of moving into stage 4 lockdown. 9News Lol they love fining people. Frustrated my ass Until you stop hiding behind political correctness and are scared of being called racist, it will continue. Call out the demographics of those people When did I ask?

'Numbers are too high': Melbourne faces stage four lockdown within daysMelbourne is facing tougher new stage four lockdown restrictions within days, which could force more businesses to close their doors, impose stricter stay-at-home rules and drastically cut public transport services. Virginia Roberts deposition was released basically accusing a US president of being a pedo and we get zero reporting on it ? She even lives here

'Numbers are too high': Melbourne faces stage four lockdown within daysMelbourne is facing tougher new stage four lockdown restrictions within days, which could force more businesses to close their doors, impose stricter stay-at-home rules and drastically cut public transport services. But it's all a hoax right? Lol. It’ll be on for young and old the next few days I swear to that Lost it Dan. Stand aside and let the real experts give it a go. As I have been saying for months the only solution is Herd Immunity. Let the virus burn itself out. Stop this lock down stupidity.

'Numbers are too high': Melbourne faces stage four lockdown within daysMelbourne is set to enter a stage four lockdown, likely for six weeks, with more business closures, stricter stay-at-home rules and cuts to public transport services | EXCLUSIVE The virus is too embedded in the community. Horse has bolted and further restrictions won't do a thing Thanks Andrews The buck stops with you. Melbourne & Victoria is effectively a Covid basket case. Front that inquiry you weak bastard. Good. No excuse for DanielAndrewsMP & his Health Minister not to attend the inquiry into the massive Quarantine issues now. Which appears to have created all this. No one will forget those poor decisions. COVID19Vic

Melbourne prepares for drastic Stage 4 coronavirus lockdown as Victoria records 671 new casesWith the Melbourne outbreak showing no signs of slowing, Victorian health authorities are preparing to introduce further restrictions in the state. Good job Dan. His speech is like a virtual vomit... Thank the covidiots who have been thumbing their noses at the Lev 3 restrictions + mask mandate for this . My advise is if U live in Victoria + U know some1 who is not following the rules is dob the fkwit into the cops by calling 000 ( this forces cops to act ).

Victoria set to announce 650 new cases, multiple deathsVictoria is expected to report 650 new coronavirus cases later today, as the state appears headed for an unparalleled stage 4 lockdown. 9News More pain and suffering caused by the CCP and WHO lies Funny never mentions them why? Ch9 very excited.