Melbourne meatworks named after COVID-19 outbreak

4/05/2020 5:40:00 AM

The meat processing facility at the centre of a COVID-19 outbreak in Melbourne has been named.

There are now 34 cases of COVID-19 linked to a meat processing facility in Melbourne which deals with thousands of products each day.

The meat processing facility at the centre of a COVID-19 outbreak in Melbourne has been named.

3AW today, Cedar Meats general manager Tony Kairouz said all of the workers at the west Melbourne facility are self-quarantining.Larger text size Very large text size From boyhood in Melbourne to his death from COVID-19 in a Paris hospital last month, Gerald Clancy Taylor, a student and saviour of languages, refused the offices, routines and assorted dull expectations of others.The teacher was teaching and supervising students on site at Meadowglen Primary School in recent days before receiving a positive result yesterday.Victorian primary school closed after teacher contracts COVID-19 03/05/2020 | 4min A Victorian primary school in Epping will be closed for three days, after a teacher tested positive for coronavirus.

“The welfare and safety of our staff, visitors, suppliers and customers is our highest priority,” he said.“All meat processed at out facilities is processed in accordance with Australian standards for food safety and our customers can be confident that the meat processed at our facilities is safe to eat.Putative 'Clancy of The Overflow' descendant Gerald Taylor, a globetrotter who spoke as many as 40 languages, died from COVID-19 in Paris on April 1.” According to its website, the business is a third-generation family operation dealing with mutton, lamb, goat and veal.(Supplied) Victorian Health Minister Jenny Mikakos said the case was evidence Victoria was doing the right thing pursing at-home learning.“The premises allows us to slaughter, bone, pack and chill/freeze and transport 10,000 units a day,” it says.He never married, or stayed put for long.Cedar Meats exports to the European Union, North and South America, South East Asia, China, the Middle East and Africa.

In April, Sheep Central reported the business sent 35 tonnes of mutton to Wuhan in China where the coronavirus outbreak began in 2019.News of Mr Taylor's death at the age of 86 rippled through Peru, where he is revered for his 45-year study of indigenous language Quechuan – in particular, his translations of the 17th Century “ Huarochirí Manuscript ”, which has been likened to an Andean equivalent of the Epic of Gilgamesh." The teacher is one of 13 new cases recorded in Victoria after more than 9000 tests were conducted in a blitz yesterday.Mr Kairouz told the publication the consignment, which he was told was in urgent need, was sold at a discounted rate “to assist them with their recovery in the current climate”.Chief medical officer Professor Brett Sutton.If old Tom Clancy was Banjo Paterson’s symbol of freedom in his 1889 poem, then the drover's grandson was the family's worldly 20th century successor.Picture: James Ross/AAP Source:AAP ‘IT IS NOT GOING TO GET OUT OF CONTROL’ The business name was put to government officials at a press conference on Monday morning and was not disputed however chief medical officer Professor Brett Sutton said they only identify cluster sites if there is a “specific public health reason” to do so.“If the meatworks wants to name itself to be clear that it doesn’t involve other places, then they’re free to do so,” Prof Sutton said, to which one journalist replied “it has”.According to family lore, Thomas was the inspiration behind Banjo Paterson's Clancy of The Overflow.

“My team’s just in the role of doing the public health follow-up of these places.“Naming it is not part of what’s required for us to do our work, so we follow up, and if community members need to be told, because they’re part of the public health follow-up, we’ll do so."He was a good role model in that way, in terms of you don’t just have to get a steady job and do that forever.” Prof Sutton said most of the 19 people to test positive to COVID-19 in the last 24 hours were asymptomatic and all of them would have been in quarantine when they were confirmed as a case.“It’s not a risk to the general community and it is not going to get out of control,” he said.” Born in Melbourne in 1933, Mr Taylor found refuge from his austere Anzac father and the rigid expectations of schools (plural because he was regularly expelled) in the world of words.“I think it has been handled extremely well.

” Cedar Meats closed on Friday and is being thoroughly cleaned.Examiners at Xavier College, more tolerant of his caprices, were so astounded at his grasp of local colloquialisms they believed he must have lived in the countries of study.“Meatworks are particularly vulnerable.We've seen from the US extremely large outbreaks at meatworks,” Prof Sutton said today.For all his love of language and formidable intellect, Mr Taylor failed high school English, a fact that mystified him into old age.“In some ways because they are forced to work closer than some other workplaces.“But the plan to test across those staff was appropriate and as soon as that cluster was identified, they've been moving to have the non-essential workers, and move to a shutdown at the earliest possible time.“Gerald said to me on a number of occasions, ‘You couldn’t believe how boring Melbourne was in the 50s’.

“But there were some logistic constraints about having everyone cease work immediately because they had to go through processing to be able to get there.” He said the phased shutdown was due to a minimum amount of staff needed onsite “to ensure animal welfare was looked after”.“I don’t think Melbourne, even today, could give him what the rest of the world could give him; what Asia could give him, what Europe could give him, what South America could give him.Victorian Health Minister Jenny Mikakos.Picture: Michael Dodge/AAP Source:AAP Ms Mikakos said all staff were being tested and the health department was tracing the contacts of every confirmed case.” A young Gerald Taylor on the road."There are no current concerns about food safety,” Ms Mikakos said on the weekend.

"Therefore, there should be no broader concerns to the broader community in relation to this particular facility.By his death on April 1, he could speak as many as 40 languages, friends would say, and was a world-renowned philologist and linguist with books and breakthroughs still to publish." There were eight cases in staff identified on Saturday, 15 by the end of the weekend and 34 in total on Monday.Australian Meat Industry Council chief executive officer Patrick Hutchinson confirmed to that the facility was a “mixed species plant” but also declined to name it.He loved people.He said it was the first cluster at an Australian meat processing facility.On the weekend, Livestock and Rural Transport Association of Victoria president John Beer said there were concerns in the industry over the “secrecy” surrounding the virus cluster at the meatworks.Andrew Taylor, the nephew, would often stay in Paris with his uncle and remembers him sitting late into the night watching old movies in Hindi, Mandarin, Bengali and Tamil.

“I was getting phone calls all morning and I felt like a dumb person not knowing what they were talking about,” he told rural news publication The Weekly Times.“I know we’re not going to be told everything but we should get told some of that stuff shouldn’t we?” ‘VICTORIAN MEAT IS SAFE TO EAT’ Ms Mikakos said the health department is working closely with Agriculture Victoria and PrimeSafe, the state's food safety regulator for meat and seafood, "on issues related to the processing of animals".Mr Taylor last visited Melbourne over Christmas, when he became gravely ill with gallstones.PrimeSafe released a statement on Sunday to reassure consumers in Victoria.It said it is assisting the DHHS "to determine that food safety regulatory requirements have been met by the facility, and to understand supply chain connections to assist with staff tracing".One night he spoke Mandarin to a Chinese doctor."In accordance with advice from Food Standards Australia New Zealand there is no evidence that COVID-19 can be transmitted to people through food or packaging," the statement says.

"Based on this information, consumers can have confidence that meat processed at the facility is safe to eat.His last conversations in the Paris hospital were in the native Turkish of his nurses."As usual, consumers should ensure that all meat is thoroughly cooked, especially minced meat and hamburgers." POLITICAL DONATION The Australian reports the owners of the abattoir have previously made a donation of $15,000 to the state Labor Party.Banjo Paterson maintained the character was a composite, but the family holds it was, at least in part, inspired by Mr Taylor’s grandfather, Thomas Clancy.Asked whether he was aware of the donation, Mr Andrews said: “I’ve got no idea about those matters.” “You’d need to have a conversation with the State Secretary of the Labor Party about who is or isn’t a donor,” he said.As recorded in Grantlee Kieza’s 2018 history Banjo , Tom Clancy claimed to have once driven a "tremendous herd" from The Overflow, near Nymagee in central NSW.

“Donations to political parties are a matter for those political parties.” He said the naming of any business impacted by COVID-19 was decided by the Department of Health and Human Services.Thomas Clancy's will signed by Banjo Paterson.Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said on Monday said 19 of the state’s 22 new COVID-19 cases were linked to the meatworks.Picture: James Ross/AAP Source:AAP Mr Andrews was asked if Consumer Affairs Minister Marlene Kairouz was related in any way to the owners of the facility, who share her surname.Mr Jach says the connections are tantalising but, ultimately, the specifics are “not so important”.He said she was not involved in matters of public health and “there is no connection apart from a family name” which is popular in her community.

The minister is a Maronite Catholic and a proud Lebanese Australian.Part of the legend.“She’s very proud of her heritage, I’m very proud of her, she has a name that’s very common within the community that she and her parents are from, and that is the end of it,” Mr Andrews said.trending in national.Clancy stands as that particular type – reckless, independent, strong, courageous,” Mr Jach says.

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That's a halal meatworks ? Yea and? The first one was on April 2, not locked down but hidden from the media! This sounds eerily familiar! Then it was shown the next was on 23 April, still not locked down! The 45 from Cedar Meats are from 2 April! Comrade Dan is lying to us Teflon Dan, bats the questions away as usual

What’s with all the covid ‘outbreaks’ at meat processing factories around the world? It’s almost like a script. Nah, couldn’t be. DanielAndrewsMP is suppressing details because the plant is Chinese owned and we all know what a loyal Red Chinese stooge he is. Can we get some clarification on why 'animal rights' superceded the desire to save lives in not shutting down following the first case in early April? Not enough focus on that glaring error.

Is there a list of the products? Are they in our marketplace? The vegans were right 🤪 Big surprise— meat industry involved in an outbreak 🙄 How is it handled extremely well!? There's been 34 cases there! If they closed on the first case there wouldn't be this massive problem.

'Epitome of the free spirit': 'Clancy descendant' dies in Paris from COVID-19Before he died from COVID-19 in Paris last month, the extraordinary adventures of Gerald Clancy Taylor held echoes of his grandfather, who is believed by some to be the inspiration behind Banjo Paterson's Clancy of the The Overflow. Ha yeah right A good article on a man who chose a different journey to the norm. Lost to coronavirus in Paris. RIP ❤️🙏🇦🇺 Great yarn

Victorian primary school teacher tests positive to COVID-19The teacher was teaching and supervising students on site at Meadowglen Primary School in recent days before receiving a positive result yesterday. 9News If this is linked to the meatworks case we here should be immediate transparency as to the name of the meatworks You can’t stop stupidity of human nature. You can’t blame them. Definitely not with a money greed broke government

Victorian primary school closed after teacher contracts COVID-19 | Sky News AustraliaA Victorian primary school in Epping will be closed for three days, after a teacher tested positive for coronavirus.\n\nVictorian Health Minister Jenny Mikakos said a thorough cleaning of Meadowglen primary school would occur due to the teacher's recent onsite presence. \n\nParents, carers and staff were contacted by the school on Sunday morning and contract tracing was now underway. \n\nIt comes just hours after federal Education Minister Dan Tehan accused the state’s Premier Daniel Andrews of a “failure in leadership” by refusing to reopen schools along with other states.\n I do find it interesting that the Victorian health minister had no hesitation naming the school (even though it’s been shut for weeks) but refuses to name the meat works, where the cluster is. You might like to consider how many would've caught the virus had the school been OPEN. With parents back at work, grandparents wd have been picking up their grandchildren who certainly could have been infected. Cd have been a catastrophic outcome. Thankfully school was CLOSED! ĐUÔNG DỪA RÚC ÓC SIÊU KINH DỊ | VIET NAM EXOTIC FOOD CHALLENGE

SA enjoys 10 days without a new COVID-19 case | Sky News AustraliaAs restrictions are eased across South Australia and winter approaches, health authorities warn of the potential for a second spike in coronavirus cases. \n\nThe state has recorded 10 straight days without a new case of the disease and 97 percent of those diagnosed with the virus have now recovered.\n\nSeven active cases remain and only three of those patients still require hospital treatment. \n\nImage: Getty Open the borders so us FIFO workers can come home and see our families. In that case, we better make sure we lockdown every winter since we know we're never going to eliminate this virus.🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ The UK approach of 'herd immunity' did not work. The UK strategy was based on having 60-70% of the total population getting infected. Hospitals just can't cope. If the easing of restrictions causes further spikes here in Australia, we could end up in same predicament as UK

COVID-19 cluster identified at Victorian meat plant | Sky News AustraliaA coronavirus cluster has been identified at a meat packing plant in Victoria.\n\nEight cases have now been linked to the business, but further infections could emerge, after all employees have been tested. \n\nHealth authorities are refusing to name the virus-stricken business but have assured the public contact tracing and deep cleaning process have been undertaken and the Victorian health Minister said concerns over contamination and food safety were unfounded. \n\nImage: Associated Press\n\n Damn. May they all recover. i heard similar in the US , could be related to Bill Gates getting ready to push his synthetic meat crap upon an unsuspecting public ...

Never waste a crisis: will COVID-19 be a catalyst for change at Australia's universities?The multibillion-dollar coronavirus shock to the sector has prompted a rethink of the international education business model. Scout time the university sector took a hit After years of sucking the blood out of overseas students, lowering standards to pump thousands of cash cows thru the 451 VISA scams The VCs need to be sacked. They mismanaged their business models by selling degrees to International Students No prize for guessing here!