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Melbourne emerges from its first coronavirus curfew as businesses brace for restrictions

Melbourne emerges from its first coronavirus curfew as businesses brace for restrictions

2/08/2020 11:40:00 PM

Melbourne emerges from its first coronavirus curfew as businesses brace for restrictions

Melburnians emerge from their first night under a coronavirus curfew, as the Victorian Government prepares to shut some businesses down and force others to drastically wind back their workforce.

Government juggling national economy and workplace transmissionAreas of particular concern to health authorities include abattoirs, which have been linked to some of the state's biggest outbreaks, as well as distribution centres and construction sites.

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On Sunday, Mr Andrews said the business restrictions would fall into three broad categories:Business largely as normal:This will include shops like supermarkets, butchers, greengrocers, takeaway food outlets and pharmaciesReduced total output:These businesses may be instructed to reduce output, which would result in fewer shifts and therefore less contact between workers

Businesses that will close:Some businesses will be told to move to a work-from-home model. If they cannot, they must stop operatingThe Premier said extra time was being taken to consult with businesses to avoid unintended consequences when the restrictions on workplaces begin from Wednesday at the earliest.

Victoria has the largest container port in Australia, one of the factors which Mr Andrews said made the introduction of restrictions "quite a complex task".The Port of Melbourne handles more than 8,200 containers each day.(AAP: Julian Smith)

"What gets turned off here will have a direct impact right across the nation and indeed right across the region and the world when it comes to exports and the like," he said.He also warned while every industry may in good faith see itself as "essential", tough decisions would need to be made.

"If we have everybody who argues the case that they're critical staying open then we'll have nothing being closed and we'll continue to see big transmission numbers coming out of too many people moving too often, going to work," he said.

Victoria COVID-19 snapshotConfirmed cases so far: 11,557Confirmed active cases: 6,322Suspected cases of community transmission: 1,962Cases in hospital: 385Cases in healthcare workers: 1,115, (649 active cases)Active cases linked to aged care outbreaks: 1,053

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Tests since pandemic began: More than 1.65 millionUpdated Sunday, August 2Latest information from the Victorian GovernmentAnxious businesses consider what restrictions could meanThe Australian Industry Group's Victorian head, Tim Piper, said the announcement had created "a huge amount of uncertainty and indeed panic with some companies".

"How are they going to stay open? How are they going to deal with interstate colleagues, how are they going to deal with overseas, how they're going to deal locally?" he said."How are they going to pay their employees if they are forced to stand them down? To what extent are they going to get any support for themselves?

"There are so many questions that remain unanswered around this, and the companies will be asking us all week as to what the next steps are."He said it was clear there would be more people out of work and JobKeeper would not be able to look after them all.

"There's going to be a lot of arrangements that have to be put in place over the next few days," he said.Mr Piper said interstate businesses were reliant on the Victorian economy and it was critical the Government carefully considered the impact of business closures on national supply chains.

"So, we can't just pull the pin on everything, we've got to be able to make sure the companies are still able to continue in at least some form or another," he said.Regional Victorian businesses back to stage threeIn regional Victoria, Mildura beautician Caitlin Grambeau is preparing for a return to stage three restrictions. She said she was expecting it to be mentally tougher the second time around, because she knew what she was in for.

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One is forced to consider one of two outcomes... 1. Victorians contributed significantly to their own restrictions; and 2. The Victorian government is inept, ignorant, badly informed and should be removed from office at the first available opportunity. BillClintonIsAPedo These measures were required 4 weeks ago, Vic would be looking at a flat line now.

It’d be nice if I could show up to work today knowing if they’re going to tell me to turn around and go home or not. Or if, given the supermarket I usually buy my lunch at is greater than 5km away from home, I can even go in there. PLEASE STAY SAFE PEOPLE OF MELBOURNE CORONAVIRUS KNOWN TO BE AIRBORNE ~ BURMA-GRAM

What has changed in Melbourne as Stage 4 coronavirus restrictions take hold?An overnight curfew is among the latest restrictions placed on Melbourne to fight its growing coronavirus contagion. PoliceState Curfews and Melbourne go together like peas and carrots now. Is the increase due more testing? Most people have at lest 2 tests, are they counted twice? How many people died directly from COVID-19? Where is the data proving that lockdowns work? Why hasn't done with flu which is deadlier? Australia Covid_19 NannyState

Victorians brace for another surge in casesVictoria is expected to see another surge in new coronavirus infections overnight as the state braces for tougher lockdown restrictions. Making up 0.03% of all deaths in the country. Shut everything down...🙄 Deadliest day Ever in Victoria? An insult to the 173 Souls lost on Feb 2009 Black Saturday Bushfires Lockdown aged care facilities is absolutely necessary,test their carers daily to prevent infections because of high mortality rate; Locking down down the entire state of Vic is a MISTAKE,this virus is very contagious,but deadly to only a few; Currently new cases are stable in Vic

Victoria records '650 new cases of coronavirus', as state braces for stage four lockdownThere are 650 new coronavirus cases in Victoria, and several more people have died overnight, sources say, as the state braces for tougher restrictions. Why are they stocking up when the supermarkets will still be open Idiots. So much for 'social distancing' the same thing happened last time and cases only grew. Lockdowns don't work, they are about nothing but ruling class control. Our media leads the way in community conditioning. Good job. Haven’t you guys learnt anything?

Aged care worker tests positive to COVID-19One new case of coronavirus has been confirmed in Queensland and has been linked to three women who allegedly flouted quarantine rules after returning from Melbourne. 9News 1 positive from 13,000 tests, the numbers are getting truly diabolical there. Concentration camp is needed to tackle idiotic ppl FAKENEWS

Australia's coronavirus death toll shoots past 200 while Melbourne braces for tougher lockdownThe national coronavirus death toll has passed 200 as Victorian authorities consider stricter lockdowns and new cases emerge in other jurisdictions. He is a fool, a puppet, a criminal. Dan better pay the price for how he has destroyed Victoria. We shouldn’t even be in a state of emergency!! If he had half a brain, or really cared, he would allow Hydroxychloroquine & zinc treatment. Then we could all get in with life!!!! “Could” he says, they could also have no effect on the virus as other counties have found, and we could be destroying our economy on purpose for no reason other than to keep the ruling class in power a bit longer. His he going to follow Fauci's shambles and make goggles mandatory?

Coronavirus: 12 new COVID cases in NSWTwelve new coronavirus cases were recorded in NSW overnight, including one from hotel quarantine.