Meeting with Folau does nothing to change rugby union bodies' stance on sacking

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Australian and NSW rugby union authorities remain unmoved in their intention to sack Israel Folau, after meeting with the former Wallabies star over his controversial social media posts.

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but RA took a much harder line when, having repeatedly warned him against it, the player repeated the offence.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who is a Pentecostal Christian like Folau, said whether to sack him or not was a decision for only the rugby authorities to make. "Some of the comments which have been seen are far closer to hateful than I think appropriate for what people should be doing on social media."

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Why stop! Ban him from Twitter & Facebook. Ban him from flying, having a bank account buying food and using public transport. And this leftist fascist want us to believe they are tolerant.

Outrageous violation of Folau’s right to freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

Crap Rugby union . Go play for. A club that deserves you Falau.

I’m confused. I’m an atheist. Am I going to hell?

I can see how Israel Folau wouldn't fit into the NRL culture. He isn't up on any charges that I know of.

I hate what he says, but sacking him? Seems to be a human rights violation. If you don’t believe in Hell, who cares if he is condemning you to it?

Curious one, might be unlawful given its following his faith.

I don't understand that sentence. But that's on me.

Still intend.....haven’t done....tough talk but no axing 🤷‍♂️

About time RugbyAustralia took a stand on this issue. Good call. Ridding the game of idiot religious bigots at the elite level sets an example for the rest. And other codes. Well done.

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Rugby Australia to sack Israel Folau over homophobic commentsRugby Australia has announced it intends to terminate Israel Folau's contract following his latest online comments that homosexuals and other sinners will go to hell. Good decision About time. So you're not allowed to express you're religious beliefs now, big win for radical cultural marxists, congrats
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Israel Folau referred to rugby integrity unit over homophobic commentsRugby Australia denounces homophobic comments made by Wallabies star Israel Folau that warned homosexual people they are destined for hell. And what on his hatred of drunks eh? Appalling. Surely the guy is entitled to his opinion !? This prick is ruining the name of the game played in Heaven, they have to throw him out now. RugbyAUS rugbyworldcup
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Folau 'fails the NRL's inclusiveness culture', ruling out rugby league returnThe NRL is ruled out as a possible destination for Israel Folau after ARL Commission boss Peter Beattie says the former Kangaroos star fails the code's inclusiveness culture. Free speech has consequences Thats the HELL of it . Off to the NFL he goes... Did Beatie mention that he heard the complaints, was sorry, and was working towards an improvement? That seems to be all he says.
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'Saddened' gay rugby club backs Israel Folau sackingBrisbane's only gay and inclusive rugby club believes the impending termination of Israel Folau's contract sends the right message to other players. Keep your mouth shut and your sweet,eh?🤔 We have gay rugby clubs? When will these guys learn that what they say and do has repercussions this is the right decision
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Until Israel Folau repents, Rugby Australia has no choice but to let him goAll of the dynamics that applied last year – outrage in the rugby and wider community, sponsors looking at tearing up their contracts – apply this year, but there is one difference. Peter_Fitz The Australian Constitution guarantees freedom of religion as does anti discrimination legislation in all States/Territories. It is not the place of the national rugby code to be policing anyone's freedom to express their religious views. End. Of. Story. Peter_Fitz Can Rugby Australia overrule common law? Peter_Fitz For what LOSERS! I'm glad at the Christian hate and intolerance to personal beliefs. His post listed many SINS but you single this out. Christians are always persecuted. Well go love you ISLAM! Hypocrites!!!
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'Don't be influenced': Union stars lead criticism of Folau over anti-gay commentsIsrael Folau's rugby future is in doubt following his latest online comments warning homosexuals and other sinners they are destined for hell, and now rugby union figures have let their views be known via social media. Does it need to be said that being good at running and kicking and catching does not mean that you're smart, or have opinions worth listening to? Folau quoted the Bible. Are you seeking to ban the Bible? True Christians are fed up with the anti-Christian bigotry of the main stream media and are speaking out against the evil which God hates and Folau is lovingly warning people. If you don't hate evil then you are evil! So he is a bible basher with his own view of things. Hasn't hurt anyone. Everybody just chill out pfft.🙄
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Folau's future uncertain following homophobic social media post | Sky News AustraliaFULL INTERVIEW: Former Wallabies great Tim Horan says Rugby Australia face a 'very difficult decision' whether to stick with star player Israel Folau after the 30 year-old posted another inflammatory post on social media.\n\nRugby Australia confirmed an internal investigation is underway after Folau condemned 'drunks, homosexuals, adulterers, liars, fornicators, thieves, atheists and idolaters' on an Instagram post on Wednesday.\n\nSponsors, including Qantas, threatened to pull support from the Wallabies after Folau made anti-gay comments in 2017.\n\nMr Horan told Fox Sports that Rugby Australia must 'draw a line in the sand' and make a 'decisive decision' on Folau's future. \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n If the media don’t push him, he won’t walk around and preach this. That is what he believe, and that his right. Just leave him to be a good rugby player. They're stuck between a rock and a hard place. If they fire him because of his religious beliefs he'll take them to court. So what? Do you feel offended? That means you believe what he says.. Do I have to feel offended by what he said? Because 😅😅😅 u don't want to know what was happened in me life hahahaha definitely a sinner...
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