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Malaysia warns Australia nuclear sub project could 'provoke other powers' in Asia

Malaysia warns Australia nuclear sub project could 'provoke other powers' in Asia

18/09/2021 5:31:00 PM

Malaysia warns Australia nuclear sub project could 'provoke other powers' in Asia

Malaysia joins criticism of Australia's plan to build nuclear-powered submarines, warning it could spark a renewed arms race in the region, while the diplomatic crisis with France sparked by the decision continues to escalate.

Print text onlyPrintCancelMalaysia has joined criticism of Australia's plan to build nuclear-powered submarines, warning it could spark a renewed arms race in the region, while the diplomatic crisis with France sparked by the decision continues to escalate.

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Key points:Malaysia and Indonesia have criticised Australia's decision, while Singapore and Japan added supportFrance will cancel a planned trilateral meeting with Australia and India at the UN next weekBut a top diplomat for the EU says it remains committed to building its relationship with Australia

Prime Minister Scott Morrison rang Malaysia's new Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob last week as part of a broader high-level diplomatic push designed to reassure regional leaders.He wanted to explain Australia's rationale forscrapping a $90 billion submarine contract

with the French company Naval Group in favour of nuclear submarines with US and UK technology.But in a public statement, Mr Yaakob said he had raised concerns about the project with Mr Morrison, and warned that the nuclear submarine project might heighten military tensions in Asia.

"At the same time, it will provoke other powers to take more aggressive action in this region, especially in the South China Sea," Mr Yaakob said.Ismail Sabri Yaakob became Malaysia's ninth Prime Minister on August 21.(AP: Lai Seng Sin)"The [Malaysian] Prime Minister urged all parties to avoid any provocation, as well as an arms race in the region."

Indonesia has also criticised the nuclear submarines announcement.A spokesman for its foreign ministry issued a statement earlier this week saying it was "deeply concerned about the continuing arms race and power projection in the region".However, other South-East Asian countries have responded more warmly.

Singapore has raised no public objections to the announcement, while the Philippines defence ministry issued a statement saying Australia had every right to boost its defences.Japan also welcomed the move, with Japan's Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi praising the new US-UK-Australia defence pact — known as AUKUS — which will allow Washington and London to share the technology which will power the new submarines.

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Several politicians in Taiwan have also vociferously welcomed Australia's announcement.Ambassador Jean-Pierre Thebault left Canberra on Saturday after being recalled by Paris.(ABC News: Matt Roberts)Meanwhile, the federal government is still facing an intensifying fury in France over its decision to scrap the contract with Naval Group, with the French government announcing yesterday it was withdrawing its Ambassadors to both Australia and the United States in retaliation.

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. You do know it's nuclear powered, not nuclear weapons... right... Excellent bring it. The military war business is needing another war now to keep profits up, need to provoke someone and create enough fear to get the $. Apparently aliens are after that. Shhhh Malaysia… listen to the sound of the subs you can’t hear

At the end of the day if it came to war in the Indo Pacific we all know China could easily coerce our Asian neighbours to side with it against us. This is independent of our choice of subs. It would be a case of survival for them. Who could blame them? Yeh well consider yourself lucky ANZAC soldiers fought and died to protect your soil from Japanese invasion

I don’t see how, they’re only going to be nuclear powered NOT nuclear armed. Doesn’t the ABC know this? (ABC is exaggerating the actual…) This will be a hard race to stop Why were voters not consulted? Why do we have NO say in this decision and was LABOR consulted and involved? If not why not? Albo did you approve of this disastrous move? What about our soft power in the region? LNP dismantled it. Say something!

Suck it up, buttercup. The government RWNJs have sent our standing in the region back 50 years. As our neighbours became independent nations, we've revealed ourselves to still be colonial puppets.

PM hails nuclear sub deal with stark warning of 'new era' for regionThe landmark defence deal has drawn a furious response from China, labelling the pact 'irresponsible'. DETAILS: ElizaEdNews AusPol 9News GenoveseMichael I don't think the French are too happy either. ElizaEdNews yea, because if we have nuclear power submarines, the chinese will think twice about invading us or other countries.. GenoveseMichael If China is upset then it's a good deal.😜👍🏻

Anyway. 'Mala' who? The cause of WW1. Countries form different alliances. Eventually all drag into wars by small accidents. Still excited about AUKUS? The world has the tools of global destruction, but it lacks the tools of global unity. Balance is urgently needed. Just look at the map. When OZ owns nuclear weapons, which country will have to catch up? For Malaysia, Which country is the biggest threat? Lots of pp feel excited abt AUKUS. But do you know how WW1 triggered

Like the ones who greedily grab tens of millions of $ of our foreign aid? Malaysia doing their usual hand wringing. Suck up to China by criticising the sub deal but not too much because they don't want to get offside with the USA. Pathetic. AUKUS securing the Indo-Pacific - for who? The countries in the region are speaking. This is less to do about their security and more about Uncle Sam’s vested interests. The countries in the region are fodder for their domination ambitions. Onward from Afghanistan to a new war.

Both Malaysia & Indonesia recieved 'donations' including Covid-19 vaccines from China. No wonder the public remarks. China says. Do as I say not as I do. Turning into a bit of a disaster for SaviourScotty. He might actually have to work out how to get the snake back into cage sometime very soon.

Nuclear subs have 'long history of accidents', environmentalist warnsEnvironmentalists are concerned by the public safety implications of Australia developing nuclear-powered submarines — but the retired naval officer who chaired SA's nuclear royal commission says the risks can be managed. So do petrol powered cars. Food powered humans. Coal fired boilers. Great observation. a floating Fukushima would spill radioactive water in Syd harbor Just what we need They should be banned in Syd n stay in Perth base Big boy sub

The French...drama queens... So far that’s Indonesia and now Malaysia pissed off with the nuclear subs issue. Great job Scott Morrison, well done you. Arms race was sparked by CCP, we're trying to catch up. USA's standard that we (Australia) follow. Iran/DPRK can't have nukes, China can't have 4 aircraft carriers but we can have nuclear subs, and of course, our master, the USA can have nukes and they can have 20 aircraft carriers. Let's not be Hypocrite like them!

Oh fuck Malaysia. Just google their purchase of French Scorpene submarines and how a Mongolian model/broker was taken into a rubber plantation and was blown up. There is a Malaysian in Oz immigration detention who was involved in the hit. Can't deport him death penalty awaits. Yep. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… The problem with the French subs deal is the same as the problem with their frogs. In the end it just didn’t have the legs.

Hmmm ... why is Malaysia's criticism not pointed towards China, whose Navy has 12 nuclear-powered submarines (not to mention nuclear ballistic missiles)? 🤔 Mind your own business Malaysia! NEXT to the Pact. Singapore. AUKUSS AustraliaUnitedKingdomUnitedStatesSingapore The initiative of AUKUSS is to help Singapore to Build 8 Nuclear Power Subs. 4 of which will be built in Adelaide as part of the Alliance. For a Stable Indo-Pacific

A classic Malaysian response. They’ll criticise us because they don’t want to criticise China. My former home has always struggled with standing up to other Asian nations

Australia’s nuclear sub deal ‘gravely undermines regional peace’ says ChinaChina says the new defence pact between Australia, the US and the UK “gravely undermines regional peace and stability”, while branding Australia’s acquisition of nuclear-powered submarines as a damaging setback to global non-proliferation efforts. ... Only if China does aggressive stupid shit Scotty Made it very clear. everyone in AUKUS made it very clear. It's a Nuclear sub, Nuclear engine sealed in a 'BOX', not nuclear weapons.. there is no contravention to the Nuclear Proliferation treaty.. Building DIESEL subs in 20th century is STUPID. because it's useless. Don't panic, it won't happen, we'll change again.

Australia switching to nuclear-powered submarines ‘common sense’PaulineHansonOz To match her Nuclear powered mouth PaulineHansonOz FFS you don't use the word commonsense in the same sentence as Pauline Hansen😂 PaulineHansonOz Well gee now, there's one heck of a tick. ✔️😅

Australia ‘regrets’ French ambassador recall but makes no apology for new subs dealThe Morrison government has defended the decision to dump a plan to purchase French submarines as in Australia’s national security interests. jamesmassola BevanShields Distraction. PorterGate auspol ScottyFromDamageControl christianporter jamesmassola BevanShields Scotty from diplomacy. jamesmassola BevanShields Costs should be released before election

France withdraws ambassadors from Australia, US over AUKUS allianceRelations with France are continuing to sour after French ambassadors were recalled from Australia and the United States in direct response to the nuclear submarine agreement announced on Thursday. Oh dear, how sad, never mind. fermer la porte en sortant. morrisonmustgo every day another blunder and insane decision that endangers and isolates Australia. From twisted interpretations of the Doherty opening up scenario to foreign policy, ScottyTheAnnouncer is ScottyTheTinPotDictator Boo hoo 😭... they probably need to urgently work out what to do with the $400mill cancellation fee