Loophole could save Folau’s millions

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Rugby Australia has reportedly left itself open to a legal challenge from Israel Folau that could see the Wallabies star earn his full $4 million.

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The Australian on Saturday reported two legal loopholes could force the governing body to backdownFolau met RA chief executive Raelene Castle on Friday, with neither party backing down in a feud that has threatened to turn ugly.

The Australian’s Wayne Smith reports Folau and his management privately believe RA’s handling of his dismissal may not stand up in court. Folau’s new contract, signed in October, reportedly included a social media clause that would allow rugby bosses to sack him if he was found to have posted any further offensive material on social media following his initial attack on homosexuals last year, where he publicly stood against same sex marriage.

He refused to talk when approached by a TV reporter, but it’s understood Folau told Raj he wanted to observe his right to challenge RA’s planned sacking at a code of conduct hearing.“Our joint position regarding Israel Folau is unchanged,” it said. RA and NSW Rugby had on Thursday night said Castle had been unable to “directly contact” Folau to advise him of her intention to terminate his contract.

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Oh boy let’s see who surfaces first out of this murky water.

The bigoted idiots at RA deserve it. Go Folau and Christianity! Don’t forget, be fire and brimestone aware! Please supply an audited copy of how many sponsors and members that left. I believe facts not feelings. Ask you Islamic players about sharia law.

What does this say of the management capabilities of RugbyAU ? Hope IzzyFolau takes them to the cleaners and the Board and castle get kicked out......... basic principle of management?

😂😂😂 ARU u need him the wallabies need him

Folau once said 'money is the root to all evil'.... There are extremists in every religion, and Folau is becoming one of them. Such a hypocrite justfkoffalready

Thats what happens when u do knee jerk reactions to everything .Dont agree with what he said , but someone should have been a bit smarter in the response

Espousing Christian beliefs to those who choose to follow you on social media means your job & your career must be destroyed. Another sport to boycott.

I don’t understand why he’s not entitled to an opinion

Good on him 👍 . I hope he gets the full 4 million .

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