Live: ‘Extremely disappointed’ Novak Djokovic responds to court verdict

Novak Djokovic has spoken out after sensationally losing his fight against deportation in Australia. Follow our live coverage:

Prime Minister, Anti-Vaccination Sentiment

16/01/2022 11:04:00 AM

Novak Djokovic has spoken out after sensationally losing his fight against deportation in Australia. Follow our live coverage:

Novak Djokovic is set to be deported from Australia after the 20-time grand slam champion’s legal team failed to overturn Immigration Minister Alex Hawke ’s decision to cancel his visa.

Justice James Allsop said the three judges will now deliberate with a possible decision “later this afternoon or perhaps tomorrow morning”.They have argued the quote from the article used by the minister was “selective” and “misleading”.That’s a huge help to Stephen Lloyd, the QC for the minister, who laid out the government’s case for why the visa cancellation should stand.

Mr Lloyd has backed up the minister’s view that Djokovic’s mere presence in Australia could whip up anti-vax sentiment.[that’s the now infamousMr Lloyd said Djokovic was a known “icon” for anti-vaxxers.“The applicant’s views on vaccination are widely understood. So the minister has to make a decision about the risk in regard to how he has become an icon for the anti-vaccination groups,” Mr Lloyd said.


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One simple solution DjokerNole - GET VACCINATED! You will have to be to enter the countries is the remaining 3 grand slams I am so sorry my country has treated you so badly. God help us. It is time for the tyrannical laws and mandates in our beloved nation to end! You tried to cheat. Fair go mate. Your legal team obviously wrote all your media releases, sack em.

When some Australians couldn’t see loved ones….having a tennis racket in your hands should not be a greeen light to come into our country. You everything on you we had you on tv in papers every single day hate seeing your face didn’t care a fig about anyone but yourself were not man enough to get the hint you were not welcome here because you lied about going into other countries with the virus

Shame om you Australia! AustraliaHasFallen If he didn’t play games by delaying his acceptance for the AO, he wouldn’t have had that much media focus on himself. I’m guessing his lawyers or his PA wrote this. He never spoken like this at Press Conferences before. What a lazy. Waaaa waaaaa What a legend.. Australia is missing out.. country of Karens and Darrens

Novak Djokovic visa saga LIVE: Djokovic to miss 2022 Australian Open after losing court caseThe world No.1 is back in the Federal Court this morning as part of his fight to remain in Australia and compete in another grand slam .

He should of got vaccinated La ley es para todos. Sin favoritismos. Esa es la gran diferencia; entre un pais con instituciones democráticas y un pais con instituciones mediocres corruptas. To late… his influence on this has been globally… selfish 🤦🏻‍♀️ He cheated and knew it.. So leave I'm extremely sick of seeing this guy on my newsfeed.

With Victoria having been through the longest lockdowns due to the pandemic , And with Everyone must be vaccinated to go and watch the Australian Open at the Rod Laver Arena , then so should Novak Djokovic, Rules Are Rules. 70% of the Australian people AGREE Australia, a great place if you want to experience hyperfascism.

Shame on you Australië shame on you! Australia is back to being a prison colony DjokerNole well done, millions of people proud of you 👏 👍 🙌 Australia has fallen StopCovidRestrictions WorldWideFreedomRally BoycottAustralianOpen

Novak Djokovic faces deportation from Australia after federal court upholds visa cancellationCourt unanimously dismisses Serbia n tennis player ’s challenge after immigration minister argued his presence would stoke anti-vaccination sentiment Hurrah!! wasted out time. Let’s get back to tennis. He just find it appalling having to mask up even...

DjokerNole well done, millions of people proud on you 👏 👍 🙌 Australia has fallen StopCovidRestrictions WorldWideFreedomRally BoycottAustralianOpen But he doesn't live in Serbia and important things were happening besides a dude with a tennis racquet that he gets paid stupid amounts of money to smash if he misses a point?🤦🏼‍♀️💸💸💸 🎾

Now other tournaments and countries must do this for everyone who participates. Vaccine Ace! Vaccine Smash! Vaccine Lob! Vaccine in the line! Vaccine Won! Iedere zin begint met IK Narcist Your stance in regard to your medical choices is your right and is a credit to you. Blessings to you always. Djokovic is worth over $200m and Australians are paying for his legal fees. That money could go to the homeless, child poverty and struggling pensioners. But instead, it goes to a multi million dollar princess that thinks that he is bigger than anyone else. Prick.

I love the way that he says 'I respect the courts ruling'. What shit. He has run up a huge legal bill that Australian tax payers have to pay. If he is not allowed back in Australia for 3 years (which I hope he has been slammed with), Austraians will still be paying off his bill. Justice prevailed. Australia is totally f’ed up. Vaccine mandates for vaccines that failed completely.

Novak Djokovic visa case UPDATES LIVE: Court hearing starts; NSW, Victoria report 33 deaths Novak Djokovic ’s barrister said there was no evidence the tennis star ’s presence in Australia would foster anti-vaccination sentiment ; the NSW Premier says one in two ICU patients in are unvaccinated. Follow updates here. After all, it would be best for Novak to return home, and for the tournament and the reputation of AO, it would be better to stay.

Not welcome Australia is now officially a Nazistate. Australia has fallen… We can’t believe what’s happening in Australia AustraliaHasFallen NovakDjokovic Are you people stupid? Greetz from The Netherlands 🇳🇱 Well Well Well you had it coming. Shame you can’t stay Respect! There’ll always be another Slam DjokerNole

The Aussie government is a disgrace, he had covid so he is more and better protected then one with the vaccin. Stupid people within the government. Waving goodbye in joy You tried to be bigger than the game , showing no respect to a country you were invited to !

Novak Djokovic visa case UPDATES LIVE: Court hearing starts; NSW, Victoria report 33 deathsThree judges of the Federal Court have started hearing Novak Djokovic ’s visa appeal; NSW and Victoria reported 33 deaths and 63,000 new COVID cases on Sunday. Follow updates here.

DjokerNole there’s nothing else you could have done. AO will not be the same this year because of this controversy. Overall Australian government handled this so pathetically Um verdadeiro guerreiro! Sua luta contra a tirania jamais sera esquecida! Voce é o maior de todos os tempos DjokerNole NototyrannyNOW You mean his lawyers have spoken on his behalf. I’ve watched 1000 interviews during his career. He doesn’t speak like that.

Lol “I respect the courts decision”. Seriously, what absolute garbage. He didn’t respect the original court ruling (hence his appeal), nor did he respect our border rules (hence him turning up in the first place). He has no respect, and now very few of us have respect for him. Reflection of the day be fully accountable for your own decisions, do the right thing, and please, do not blame the other. If only the world could stop blaming the other but instead recognised our own mistakes, we will have achieved something instead of fighting with each other.

Lesson learnt, now that you know that the world doesn’t revolve around you we can move forward, and share new knowledge with all followers. Let's enjoy tennis 🎾 Shame on you Australia.. NoVaccineMandates He didn't 'sensationally' lose - he got exactly what he deserved. All this could have been avoided by simply getting two shots in the arm. Not that hard. Other countries have similar laws, so Djokovic has a decision to make.....

Kicked out by this, whatever he is

Novak Djokovic visa saga LIVE: tennis star back before court ahead of 2022 Australian OpenBreaking: A decision in Novak Djokovic 's visa cancellation case is expected to be made later today after the court adjourned to consider submissions. Follow our live coverage: Or later tonight or tomorrow morning. Report it as the Chief Justice said. It aint law, it's a joke. He's not a preacher. He's unvaxed. There's a difference. 🇦🇺 just added him to this negative group of 'Anti Vaxers'. Working each other up way beyond what this should be. He's a poster boy If that was my country I would be embarrassed. NovakDjokovic

sad Goodbye and good riddance “I am uncomfortable with the focus on me…: Shoulda got vaccinated then. Bye! The disappointing thing is that we first heard of this potential djokovic/tennis Australia/Australian Open/No Vax issue 3 months ago. Yes it has now reached a dramatic verdict. Do humans really live for drama like this? Who actually gives a fck? Everyone in this saga will be ok

Thanks … try to become a better human .. stop having a chip on your shoulder please Good riddance. A big thank you to all those tennis players that got vaccinated to enter Australia to help keep our country safer. You chose this DjokerNole .. every part of it!

Novak Djokovic 'extremely disappointed' as he loses bid to overturn visa cancellationDjokovic said he was 'extremely disappointed' with the court's ruling but stressed he will 'cooperate' with authorities in regards to his departure from Australia. PetraAu Bye Novax . GOOD !! DJOKOVIC GO HOME !! Does the Cancellation come with a 3 year ban?

Embarrassing to be an Australian. Just leave. Well done Australia, what does this say about our court system, when a minister can over rule a judge. Mate, you're disappointed you missed out on a few million dollars and winning a title! For the past 2 years, most Melbournians missed out on opening up their restaurants, attend funerals or get married unless they were double vaxxed.

All the dude wants to do was play tennis and leave, sad that taking a vaccine has become political and toxic Scott and Alex soon will be working for Hillsong after the next elections, never to be seen again. The statement is ‘fair enough’ but all concerned, including Novak could’ve avoided all this.

An honourable reaction, given against a sea of bitterness and hate (and rising Covid cases in Australia). MassHysteria Such a disappointing reaction and lack of solidarity from top players, excepting Kyrgios, Zverev and Medvedev. Imagine not wanting to compete against the best. Still all about him.. guess the refugees who are in same hotel didn't mean a thing to him.

Bravo Novak you are hero. Look after yourself 🙏❤️ Djokovic, Before you come here, you should respect Australia. Australian being one of the highest vaccination country and Melbourne being the most lockdown City in the world. You are unvaccinated not following Covid restriction want to bend the rules just because you are No 1?

And not one mention of anti-vax influence to incite people to commit crimes like HAWKE made him out to be doing. National disgrace that will set a precedent for every Australian that has opinions and makes personal choices that goes against Bureaucrats ideologies. Cute, but certainly doesn't reflect his self centered behavior. Did he write this or just his underlings? I suspect the latter and he just signed.

Rule of law must prevail - good for Australia DjokerNole Sadly, the drama you created was avoidable but it's your (selfish and arrogant) decision not to get vaccinated, and, you lied on your VISA app -- next time try American Express.🥳 DjokovicGoHome There's a line from Liar Liar about this... He spoke out? Or a draft by the lawyers ?

One way to win the Australian Open ..... by stealth rather than skill.

January 16, 2022 Waiting game for a decision The arguments have now wrapped up in the case. In short, Djokovic’s lawyers have questioned immigration minister Alex Hawke’s assertion the tennis player could fuel anti-vax sentiment, and suggested the minister unfairly relied on a single news article to determine his views. The Government’s counsel has said Djokovic’s views are well known and if companies pay him lots of cash to promote products because of his influence, it stands to reason that influence extends to his position on vaccines. Justice James Allsop said the three judges will now deliberate with a possible decision “later this afternoon or perhaps tomorrow morning”. If a decision is made today the judges may not lay out all of their reasons for it. Whether Djokovic can stay or go is needed swiftly, the reasons why can wait, seems to be the view. Blow to team Djokovic Lawyers for Novak Djokovic have been trying to persuade the three judges that much of the minister Hawke’s reason for barring the tennis star was down to alleged anti-vaccination comments and that he used a single BBC News article (see below for more on this) to make this case. They have argued the quote from the article used by the minister was “selective” and “misleading”. But in what could be a blow for the world No 1’s legal team, Justice James Allsop has said the minister can also draw on “rational and reasonable use of perception and common sense” in determining Djokovic’s views. So while Djokovic’s team is relying heavily on essentially throwing out the BBC article, one of the three judges has said the minister can assume the Serbian has anti-vaccination tendencies based on far more than one story and the minister doesn’t have to lay out all the sources for that conclusion. This is part of the text from the much-discussed BBC article. That’s a huge help to Stephen Lloyd, the QC for the minister, who laid out the government’s case for why the visa cancellation should stand. He has said Djokovic’s vaccination stance is indeed based on more than one quote in one article. “It’s not just the applicant’s public statements that he is opposed to vaccination, it is the fact of his ongoing non-vaccinated status,” Mr Lloyd said. “He could have been vaccinated if he wanted to be”. Mr Lloyd has backed up the minister’s view that Djokovic’s mere presence in Australia could whip up anti-vax sentiment. “The concern is that he’s a high profile person and in many respects a role model so that his presence in Australia would present more strongly to Australians his anti-vaccination views,” Mr Lloyd said. “The applicant has a history of ignoring safety measures. “When he was infected he [that’s the now infamous L’Equipe interview] which included taking his mask off and the minister took the view his presence in Australia would encourage people to emulate his apparent disregard for those kinds of safety measures.” Immigration minister Alex Hawke’s reasons fro cancelling Djokovic’s visa are under scrutiny. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Martin Ollman Mr Lloyd said Djokovic was a known “icon” for anti-vaxxers. He made that statement as he was being quizzed by Justice James Allsop on whether the minister had provided enough proof that the tennis star was indeed someone anti-vaxxers looked up to. Mr Lloyd said it was “common sense” and “uncontroversial” that celebrities could influence people, after all that’s why advertisers paid them to spruik their products. He called Djokovic an “icon” on at least three occasions. “The applicant’s views on vaccination are widely understood. So the minister has to make a decision about the risk in regard to how he has become an icon for the anti-vaccination groups,” Mr Lloyd said. Justice Allsop also pressed Mr Lloyd on a point raised by Djokovic’s team, that while the minister had raised the issue of how anti-vaxxers might be emboldened by the star’s presence the “counter factual” argument wasn’t investigated as to what the impact might be to the same people if Djokovic was sent packing. Mr Lloyd said Australia was not “bound to suffer” someone’s presence out of concern of what might occur after they left. ‘Grasping at straws’: Djokovic’s lawyers make their case Will he or won’t he play? (Photo by Kelly Defina/Getty Images) Lawyers for Novak Djokovic have tried to demolish the reasons for cancelling the tennis champ’s visa saying they were “wrong,” “extremely weak,” and “irrational”. Nick Wood SC, representing Djokovic, on Sunday said the statement of reasons given by Immigration Minister Alex Hawke regarding the visa cancellation were “grasping at straws”. “The Minister tries to cut us off at the knees,” Mr Wood said at today’s hearing, referring to the reference to Djokovic potentially being a rallying point for those against vaccination. But Mr Wood argued that the Minister overreached in this explanation and that the visa cancellation was “irrational, logical and unreasonable” as it could actually stir up anti-vax sentiment more than the Serb remaining in Australia. “The proposition we put is it’s quite obvious that (cancelling the visa) might be apt to generate anti-vax sentiment and the evidence before the minster went that way,” Mr Wood said. “Not a single line of evidence in the material before the Minister provided any … foundation whatsoever for the proposition that the mere presence of Mr Djokovic … in Australia may somehow, to use the minister’s expression, ‘foster anti vaccination sentiment’”. Djokovic’s legal team has also delved into a cited by the minister in his reason to cancel the visa. The article headlined What has Novak Djokovic actually said about vaccines? was published on January 6. A line in the article said: “In April 2020, well before Covid vaccines were available, Djokovic said he was ‘opposed to vaccination’.” However Djokovic’s legal team has said this passage was “selectively” chosen by the minister and was “somewhat misleading”. They pointed out that just under that line was another that said Djokovic “later clarified his position by adding that he was ‘no expert’ and would keep an ‘open mind’ but wanted to have ‘an option to choose what’s best for my body’.” Another line also stated that “Djokovic has never explicitly come out in support of (the anti-vaxxers’) more extreme positions”. But this section was not mentioned by minister Hawke in his reasons to cancel the visa. Mr Wood said it was “plainly wrong” to rely on one line to show that Djokovic was an anti-vax hero. “It was irrational for the Minister to only contemplate the prospect of the fostering of anti-vax sentiment that might accrue from Mr Djokovic playing tennis and yet not consider the binary alternative, which was the prospect of anti-vax sentiment being fostered by … coercive state action.” “The Minister is grasping at straws,” said Mr Wood, who added that elements of the cancellation reasons were “extremely weak” and there were “elementary errors” by Minister Hawke when he referred to press reports — some of which did not cite Djokovic at all. Djokovic on the move as bombshell claim addressed A Serbian health ministry official has denied there is anything untoward about Djokovic’s positive Covid-19 test result from last month after questions were asked about its validity. Last week reports emerged Djokovic’s positive Covid test on December 16 — the one he was using to justify obtaining a medical exemption to enter Australia —