Live: Donald Trump acquitted in impeachment trial

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BREAKING: US President Donald Trump has been acquitted of all charges in his impeachment trial.

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I think Britain dodged a freaking bullet in losing the revolutionary war against the colonies. A lucky excision of a cancer before it metastasised.

Aquited doesn't mean innocent

Acquitted and innocence are two different things !!

Look at all these losers jump around in masturbatory self-congratulation like they themselves have won something. LOL

Nobody is surprised by this

Can he be charged with crimes when he leaves the presidency?

HOW GR8 IS AMERICA I mean, really.....

The only impeachment where no witnesses or evidence was allowed. It was a sham & a shambles😩How the Republicans can continue to do this disgusting, misogynistic narcissist, detestable excuse for a Human Being bidding is beyond me.🤬

Bulshit! The whole thing was a sham!

What a huge waste of time and money that was.

Trump got off, who didn't see that coming 🤦‍♂️

One party concocts impeachment charges, the opposing party dismisses them. The politicalisation of the impeachment process is where the real crime is here.

One partisan act got shat on by another.

Time for Australia to side with China, corruption is corruption, we might as well go with the side that we will benefit most from. Auspol

Unfortunately is doesn't surprise me They are all as crooked and money hungry as each other How much tax payer money can he spend on his re-election campaign I wonder? USA has it wrong you elect your leader by how much cash they can splash Here in OZ it's a democratic vote

whatajoke How can TrumpImpeachment be cleared of abuse of power, when the whole world has heard serious, credible testimony that there was?!

Land of the free. Haha

Just appalling. Lost for words lately to explain how this corruption is making me feel

Now what is their ABC going to fantasize and propaganderise about,but you still should be able to get plenty of mileage from the GlobalWarmingHoax until it's finally exposed as a con job,your journos will be snookered then and will have to actually start to think for themselves

Impeached for life Out on bail On probation Headed for jail

So that is how democracy works in the US.

Wow what a surprise. Didn't see that coming... The US is the most corrupt nation on this planet.

So much corruption, it’s friggin’ scary! Every day people can get the sack for doing one wrong thing, but apparently politicians keep the jobs after committing unspeakable crimes. There’s no justice or logic in today’s world.

The left is dying a slow and painful death around the globe becoming irrelevant

Lefties round the world getting crushed 😂

In the South, most white jurors would acquit white defendants against negro complainants. So nothing new here.

Surprise surprise

Well, that's a surprise 🙄 they all told everyone in no uncertain terms that no matter what they were told, shown or seen and heard they were going to back him without being impartial. They should all have to explain why they made the decision to support him publicly!!

What a joke

USA. Basket case.

Guaranteed another term and will be even more erratic and bullying.

hahaha 'aquitted' is that what they call it when his party wants him to stay?

What a broken joke of a system. Everybody knows he is corrupt and guilty and he gets off free due to process issues and corrupt team mates. A very sad day for the US system.

When the GOP Senators refused to hear relevant witnesses and declared him innocent before even hearing the evidence, you know they’re not interested in justice

USA is now one of the most corrupt countries in the world - leader of the free world my ass ...and Aus and the UK are running along behind trying to catch up.

Surprise surprise 🙃🤣😂


Ok. Let the triggering

The ABC Australia is so out of touch. It's been known from the very start That President Trump would be acquitted. The democrats are not fit to ever hold office again. Trump will have a landslide victory in November.

Of course he was acquitted! I think we all knew that would happen 🙄

Celebrating this would be like celebrating a winning a game of monopoly that you quite obviously cheated at and the rest of the players quit.

Disgusting and corrupt self serving decision by the senate. The world is watching this.

Knew that wouldn't happen the smug horrible man

What a joke. Good to see that justice has been neatly exorcised from the system.


IDIOTS!!! they will be sorry, very sorry

we saw that coming

Innocent innocent just a witch-hunt by Pelosi and her cohorts

No surprise but don't know how the world is going to stand this fkwt for another 4 years

yeah the Republicans endorse a sex pest, thief, grifter and spoilt traitor in order to keep a bit of power. Pathetic

Is it just me but is there not an uncanny similarity between US and UK Politics, just different levels of incompetence right across the board? realDonaldTrump TheDemocrats ABC

The US judicial system, to maintain this logic, will no longer be able to call witnesses to any prosecution from today’s chaosrules

Sad but not unexpected unfortunately

Of course he has. Funny that when there no actual trial trumpcrimesyndicate

We all knew this was going to happen

The USA has just anointed its first King!

And the scum that is tRump continues to roll on.

At least we won't be invading any country this week👍

No suprise there, the TheDemocrats just helped him win 2020election. First Muller now this, when will they learn.

Signs your country needs a new consitutions. If only the Democrats grow the balls to fix it in power.

hmm not great

Now build the wall,but build it right around the USA.

Now watch as he uses the US Federal budget as his personal re-election fund. Democracy has been broken under the weight of propaganda.

Another step in the decline of the capitalist experiment of America

I wonder how little those Pelosi pens are worth now?

No surprise. Generally happens when you have a partisan impeachment with no crimes charged. Democrats blocked witnesses in the house and Republicans did the same in the senate.

R I P freedom in America.

It's no doubt a sombre affair over at the ABC this morning, chin up, you've got four more years of Trump living in your head to look forward to!

What an enormous waste of time and money.

just like the 2016 Election, if all you do is follow TheirABC you will be wondering WTF ! However, there is whole other bunch of information out there if you are brave. The truth is somewhere in the middle... always.

Please. Republican Senate, witnesses not allowed to testify, no surprise 🙄

How much did that cost

America's Reichstag moment.

Guilty As Sin...YANKS are A Joke 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤡🤡🤡🤡

Fake trial



He will probably win 2020. Expect TrumpTV after he leaves office.

Well that's what democracy is. Remember the standard's you vote for are the standard's you except.

Watching the leftist snowflakes fake outrage here is gold. Are surprised by this outcome or did you honestly believe he would be found guilty by his own party? The democrats are sealing their own fate by not focusing on beating Trump in an election.

Planet America still goes on though

Democracy trashed....Australia follows

4 more years!

Amazing start to the decade, I truly wonder how it'll end 2020SoFar

Hardly breaking news, GOP Senators should be accountable for making a false oath. The system there and here has been corrupted by partisan politics, media and corporate lobbying. No longer 'for the people by the people's

Shame America, you're justice system is pathetic.

The final nail in the coffin of US democracy. To all Americans out there ... do what you want, build a wall, shoot each other, establish a monarchy for the House of Trump ... just never ever tell the world about democracy again. N E V E R E V E R

The GOP were never going to vote for impeachment, even though they know his guilty..... the excuses made for tRump are pathetic 😒

So pretty much half the elected representatives think he is guilty. The GOP representatives too coward to show integrity even though they know he is guilty.

Along party lines.

Hard to tell where Trump's arse stops and the GOP senator's lips begin....

American political system at work. Trump guilty but acquitted by a partial Senate. Democracy in US just died.

R U OK ?

AmericansFindTrumpGuilty ImpeachedForever

Because they’re all scared of him.

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